2.16 "The Rapes of Graff"

Aired Mar 29, 2006


Her eyes have seen the horror of the college that is Hearst:
It is filled with drunken fratboys, things then go from bad to worst;
Troy is charged with shaving bald a girl, and that he raped her first:
His time is running out.

Veronica investigates and finds another girl,
Who a month before was raped and shaved of hair that had a curl;
Troy is cleared, and so is Logan who wants Hannah — she's a pearl:
His lives are running out.

While Cliff was cuffed, his escort date went off with his briefcase,
Keith did help him expose Mad/Lamb, so the hooker they could trace;
Tom hath stopped the Ha/Lo pairing, Vermont-bound she's in disgrace,
Her time has runneth out.

Veronica, she learns the baseball field's due to explode,
And C4 will be used to help achieve this mother lode:
And it's Danny Boyd who works on site and so now ends our ode:
Our space has runneth out.

-alliterator, Inigo

Important Parts

  • Veronica and Wallace visit Hearst University. Troy Vandegraff is also visiting. They all attend a party, and Troy leaves with a girl, Stacy. Later, Stacy is roofied, raped, and her head is shaved. Since Troy is the last person she remembers seeing before she passed out, he is charged with raping her. Veronica helps prove that Troy didn't do it. The real culprit remains unknown.

  • Wallace gets a scholarship to Hearst University, but Veronica isn't interested in attending a school in Neptune.

  • The charges against Logan have been dropped. He avoids Hannah for a while. However, after a little time, he realizes that he has feelings for her, so then tells Hannah about the deal with her father. He admits he dated her to get the charges dropped, but wants her to forgive him. She does.

  • Hannah and Logan start to make out in his room, but Tom Griffith enters, yells at Hannah, and threatens Logan. The next day, Logan finds out that Hannah was sent to a boarding school in Vermont.

  • Cliff's briefcase is stolen by a hooker. When Keith and Cliff track her down, she says she was paid to do it, but doesn't know who paid her or what the man did with the briefcase. Logan's murder case files are in the briefcase.

  • Madison Sinclair and Sheriff Don Lamb are filmed in a passionate embrace in a hotel elevator.

  • The old Shark Stadium is going to be demolished. Veronica visits the site, and one of the workers shows her that they will use C4 to blow it up.

  • Veronica sees Danny Boyd working there and wonders if the Fitzpatricks are connected to the bus crash and/or Terrence being framed.


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