2.15 "The Quick and the Wed"

Aired Mar 22, 2006


Mars residence: As he has his morning coffee, Keith is gutted when Veronica confirms that she saw explosives.

Sheriff's department: Lamb can't quite believe that Keith is reporting Veronica's discovery of explosives hidden in the hangar where Terrence keeps his cars and is more than his usual obnoxious self about it.

Neptune Grand Hotel: Presidential Suite: On the television: Tinseltown Diaries, with a feature on Aaron Echolls. A litany of what Aaron was — such as choir boy, mega-star, adulterer and murderer — precedes the question, "Who is the real Aaron Echolls?" On screen, Aaron denies murder. Dick is enjoying the show, but Logan is squirming and tells him to switch channels. Dick jokingly refuses, forcing Logan to listen as the announcer refers to the sordid lives of the rest of the Echolls family — Lynne's suicide, Trina's terminal illness hoax and Logan's own history of bum fights and upcoming trial for murder.

Denenberg residence: At the home Hannah shares with her mother, Steph Denenberg, Hannah is watching the same broadcast. Her mother responds with horror at the idea that this is the boy Hannah is dating.

Java the Hut: On screen, Aaron doubts the existence of the sex tapes, which cannot be produced, and claims that it is Duncan — with a history of violence and now wanted for kidnapping — who killed Lilly. Veronica is watching at work, a tray of coffees cradled in her arms. Jane approaches her and gently asks Veronica to serve the coffee. Jane is out with her sister, Heidi, on a bachelorette night in celebration of Heidi's wedding to Paul Mann, the heir to one of the oldest fortunes in Neptune. Heidi is fun-loving and gives a raunchy karaoke performance before rejoining her sister and friends at the table. As one friend pours alcohol into the coffee in one cup, another comments on the very large diamond on Heidi's hand. They are at the start of the evening of pleasure, following a scavenger hunt, the first item of which was to sing a slutty song publicly. Heidi has also completed the second task: to talk a man out of his underwear.

Hangar: Keith watches behind a barricade as a bomb squad vehicle drives out of the hangar. Lamb sees him and accuses him of being a lookie-loo. Lamb refuses to confirm what has been found, telling Keith that he'll have to wait for the press conference. Keith notices a truck from Magic Touch, a detailing company, approach the hangar and be waved off. It drives away.

Neptune High School: hallway: Jane approaches Veronica for help. Heidi is missing.

Neptune High School: lunch area: Jane explains that Heidi's friends dropped her off at 2:00 in the morning, but she hasn't been seen since and has missed a dress fitting. The wedding is in three days. Jane is afraid that her sister, whom Wallace describes as a dingbat, is going to mess up her life.

Sheriff's department: Lamb announces at his press conference that a warrant has been issued for Terrence for eight counts of murder after explosives of the type used on the school bus were found in hangar space he used. Lamb confirms that Terrence has not been arrested yet.

Neptune High School: lunch area: Veronica is on the phone to Keith, requesting his help. He agrees to run Heidi's phone, credit card, and ATM activity. Veronica tells him that she is sorry about Terrence. He is too. As Veronica finishes her call, she frowns as she watches Logan and Hannah sitting intimately on one of the lunch tables. Logan asks if Hannah wants him to come over to her place that night. Hannah teases that she knows what he said but all she heard was "let's have sex." Logan does a double-take and says all he heard was "let's have sex."

Neptune High School: hallway: Logan closes his locker to find Veronica waiting for him. She tells him that toying with a sweet little girl's heart just to screw with her dad is a new low, even for him. He responds that Veronica is cute when she's jealous.

Java the Hut: Veronica interviews Heidi's three friends, Maggie, Jen, and Kim. They describe Heidi as being impetuous, having once tattooed the name of Nick, a previous boyfriend, on her ass — which she had to have removed before she would let Paul sleep with her. They laugh that Paul thinks he's found the last good girl. Jen mentions that Nick's mother has been injured in a fall, but Veronica asks her to stay on topic. She asks if anything unusual happened the previous night. Kim says she lost her cell phone. Heidi reported a guy who she thought was following her around and had him thrown out of one venue. None of the girls saw him but Jen gave Heidi a novelty camera and a lot of pictures were taken. Veronica resolves to find the camera.

Heidi's apartment: Jane lets Veronica in, explaining that the mess is not the result of a ransacking but is how Heidi lives. Veronica notices two wine glasses, one of which is broken. They don't find the camera, and Jane thinks Veronica is kidding when she asks if Jane can tell, despite the chaos, whether Heidi packed a bag.

Elevator: Kendall and Beaver board an elevator while the man exiting ogles Kendall. Beaver reports that he has added six more properties to the portfolio and that they are out of capital. He advises Kendall to find new streams of revenue. She comments that the investors think Big Dick is pulling the strings, which is no surprise to Beaver. She also suggests that they buy the Kane house. Beaver tells her it's on the wrong side of town; all the deals are south. Kendall insists they should buy it, but Beaver warns her against thinking. Kendall suggests that her nice package is a means to outwit adversaries and reminds him that everything is in her name. He confirms with a smile that it is.

Neptune Grand Hotel: Presidential Suite: Cliff suggests that Logan take a plea-bargain for involuntary manslaughter, which would reduce the maximum sentence from eleven years to four, and advises that he would be out in half that. Logan refuses to consider it. Cliff reminds him of the eye-witnesses who, despite their faults, are more likely to be believed than a smug, rich boy that nobody likes. Logan reminds him that in any event, there is a case for self-defense. Cliff tells him that the doctor didn't see a gang, he saw three bikers, one of them bleeding to death, and a knife in Logan's hand, so the doctor will testify that Logan wasn't in peril when he stabbed Felix. Cliff will argue it but thinks that Logan is being stupid.

Perry's Cafe: Veronica and Wallace exit into the night. Heidi made three maximum cash withdrawals at three different ATMs in an hour. Wallace asks if she is considering that someone forced her to do it. Veronica suggests they shouldn't panic until they find something concrete. Wallace points to Heidi's abandoned car. Veronica agrees that it indicates something serious and phones the sheriff's department. They refuse to help until Heidi is missing for 48 hours. Veronica breaks into the car and finds the camera.

Magic Touch: Keith approaches the man who he saw approaching the hangar earlier, who is cleaning one of a number of cars outside the building. Keith explains that he is working for Terrence and asks about his visit. The detailer goes every month and uses the locker where the explosives were found. He never saw them there. He confirms that Terrence expected him there that day.

Neptune High School: lunch area: Veronica has had the photos from the camera developed, without the novelty penis border. Jane looks through them, confirming that she didn't get a good look at the man Heidi thought was stalking her. Veronica has ascertained that Heidi got two calls that night at 2:55 and 2:57, which were short. With no messages left on the answer machine, Veronica assumes Heidi took the calls. The first ATM withdrawal was about twenty minutes later and Veronica believes that it was connected to the calls. She also tells Jane that the numbers, unusually, can't be traced. Jane finds a photo of the man's torso. Veronica notes that he is wearing a bowling shirt.

Prison: Aaron has a visitor. It's Kendall looking foxy, her splendid chest front and forward. She tells him she is there to tempt him with huge tracts of land. Aaron suggests Big Dick is behind the scenes, and she doesn't disabuse him in her attempts to get his investment. Aaron recognizes that she is cash-strapped and insists on a quid pro quo, asking her to visit Logan's hotel room.

Shop: As Logan makes a purchase, he notices Arturo and another Latino kid glare at him. They leave, and he does as well soon after. In the parking lot, the boys ride past on their bicycles, and Arturo spits at him, telling him to go to the devil.

Denenberg residence: Later, Logan and Hannah are watching Easy Rider. Hannah notices that Logan is down and teases him into horseplay by pinching his nipple. A tight-faced Steph stands before them and asks Hannah if she can speak to her in the kitchen. Logan attempts to be charming. He mistakenly calls her Mrs. Griffith, and she sourly informs him that she goes by Ms. Denenberg. Logan asks if he can use her computer to check some fantasy scores while they are in the kitchen, and Steph points him in the direction of the den. Once there, Logan drafts an email to Dr. Griffith, from Steph, saying that she found condoms in Hannah's room and that they have to talk. In the kitchen, Steph warns Hannah that Logan is bad news, citing the bum fights and the fact that he is awaiting trial for manslaughter. Hannah accuses her mother of being judgmental. Steph bluntly tells her that Logan is phony, ugly on the inside, that he only wants sex, and that he is going to break her heart. Logan overhears this, as well as Hannah's impassioned response to the effect that her mother and everyone else don't know Logan as she does. Logan walks into the kitchen to forestall further argument, offering to take out the trash.

Bowling alley: Veronica shows the picture of the bowling-shirted torso to an attendant and is directed to the One-Eyed Ducks, a team comprised of four players, only one of whom could be the man in the photo — Vinnie Van Lowe. He's none too happy to see her. Veronica puts to him that he was the stalker and that he was doing a pre-nup background check. Vinnie doesn't argue but denies kidnapping Heidi, quipping that kidnapping is Veronica's racket. She asks who hired him to check on Heidi's party-girl past, but he claims P.I.-client privilege and returns to his bowling team.

Denenberg residence: Logan leaves the house. Hannah follows, asking if Logan overheard her mother, who, she adds, is bitter about the divorce. He confesses he did and says that maybe she is right. Hannah suggests they go to his place. Logan teases that all he hears is "let's have sex." Hannah responds positively, which deeply affects Logan, who nearly chokes before agreeing and kissing her.

Sheriff's department: Keith catches up with Lamb, who has been ducking his calls. Keith tells Lamb about the detailer, posing the questions as to why Terrence would keep the explosives and why he would store them where they would be found. Lamb says he'll ask Terrence when he comes out of surgery. Terrence had been shot by Leslie Dumass's father while Terrence was breaking in to the Dumass family home in San Francisco.

Neptune High School: classroom: An FBLA meeting is in session. Hannah passes the open door and blows Logan a kiss, which Veronica sees and mocks. Pope is talking to the students about the effects of incorporation. The polls show that 57% of the population of Neptune is supporting incorporation. He cites the example of Palo Alto, where incorporation resulted, after a very short time, in an ultra-rich center surrounded by the crime capital of America. He tells the student that those who were smart dumped their unincorporated property to suckers before the bottom fell out. Property values in the city skyrocketed while land outside the incorporation became worthless. Beaver goes pale.

Neptune High School: hallway: As Veronica exits the classroom, she gets a call from Keith. Heidi has used her cell twice to call Paul Mann. Veronica thinks she may pick up if the number is unfamiliar. Keith reckons it's cold feet. Veronica calls Heidi's number. She gets a fax tone.

Heidi's apartment: Jane again meets Veronica to let her into the apartment. Veronica asks whether Heidi has a fax. She deduces that the first call the night she disappeared was a fax and that Heidi switched the line over when she heard the tone. The second call was the fax, and the line has been on fax ever since. Jane finds the fax, and Veronica uses the memory function to print off the last fax. It's a flyer with tour dates for the band XLR8, with a note that reads: "Babe, I need to see you. Nick." Jane confirms that XLR8 is the band of Heidi's ex-boyfriend.

San Luis Obispo: Veronica approaches a club bouncer, who directs her to the band's tour bus. Veronica finds Heidi with Nick on the bus. Heidi is bemused by Veronica's youth and commission to find her. Veronica explains the concern of finding her abandoned car and the two wine glasses, one of which was broken. Heidi laughs these off — she had parked near the bus station and broken the first glass, therefore using another glass. Heidi says it doesn't matter because the wedding is off. She says Nick ran off to his old flame, according to the text messages she received from Kim. Heidi responded to Nick's fax because his mother was hurt. Nick looks sheepish when Veronica asks how he faxed from a number that didn't exist. Nick admits that he didn't send any fax but that he was so pleased to see Heidi that he didn't deny it when she came in response. Veronica realizes that Kim, whose phone was stolen during the bachelorette party, didn't send the text messages either. Vinnie was responsible for them and the fax. Heidi asks why.

Mann residence: A pagoda is set in the garden. Paul Mann and a reverend wait inside. Jane, another girl and two older couples are standing in a semi-circle in front of the pagoda. Everyone looks around uncomfortably as the reverend mentions he has another wedding. Paul assures him that his free-spirited bride will turn up. Heidi runs to the pagoda in her wedding gown, ready to get married. Veronica follows and watches events. Paul challenges Heidi as to where she has been. She says they can exchange stories after they marry. Paul lets rip and asks how she can expect him to love a used-up groupie like her. Heidi asks if he is breaking it off and Paul says yes before his father can stop him. Heidi exposits that she gets to keep the ring as he was the one to break it off. She tells him that had he just said he wanted to end things, she would have given the family heirloom back, but that now she'll take it in payment for the two years she spent trying to prove she was worthy. With that, she takes Jane's arm and leaves, wondering about pawn shops.

Neptune Grand Hotel: Presidential Suite: Kendall is attempting to persuade Logan to buy into the Phoenix Land Trust. Logan isn't biting, noting instead the unusual fact that Kendall is talking with her clothes on. There is a knock on the door of the suite. Kendall asks to freshen up while Logan opens the door. She goes to Duncan's bathroom and, using tweezers, extracts hair from the shower drain. In the main room, Logan opens the door to Dr. Griffith, who tells Logan he's won before barging into the suite. Kendall exits, leaving Griffith in no doubt as to her relationship with Logan. Logan smirks at the doctor who tells him that someday, that smirk's going to be wiped off his face. Logan snipes back about a coke-snorting liar lecturing him on karma. Griffith agrees that karma has caught up with him and that his evidence will go away. Logan asks about the Fitzpatricks. Griffith says he'll worry about the Fitzpatricks but for Logan to just stay away from Hannah. Griffith says he assumes they have a deal. Logan just barely nods and Griffith exits. Logan, despite having achieved what he set out to do, is striken.

Java the Hut: Veronica is working. Vinnie appears before her. He complains that she lost him a $5,000 bonus. Veronica is not apologetic. She repeats the demand she has already made by telephone that he return Kim's cell phone. He hands it over, and Veronica tells him that despite everything disturbing about him, he's a halfway decent private investigator. Vinnie blushes and exits. Veronica walks over to where Jane is sitting with Wallace and asks her to pass the phone to Kim. Jane shows her a picture on her own phone of Heidi and Nick, back together after Heidi hocked the ring. Wallace asks Veronica what it feels like to play Cupid. Veronica says it feels uncomfortable and that it better last. Jane tells her that one never knows where true love will find one. Veronica says if it comes looking for her, she'll be by the espresso machine. Veronica walks back to the espresso machine when Logan appears. He's upset and tells her that he thinks he's done something horrible.


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