2.14 "Versatile Toppings"

Aired Mar 15, 2006


You get pizza with red-herring muggings and a nice helping of high-school-coming-out story when Kylie, a lesbian cheerleader, orchestrates a blackmail scheme to get her girlfriend out of the closet, with a side order of cash to fund her escape from Neptune. For the smooching couple, you get a nice wholesome veggie pizza with a kick as Hannah finds when she gets played by both the manipulative Logan and her lying dad, leaving her with a bad taste in her mouth. And you get the Bussy special — smothered in melted Keith-and-Terrence machinations, crisp Veronica-and-Jackie friendship, and a cherry tomato on top when Veronica finds detonator caps in a hangar that Woody owns and Terrence uses. Dude, now I'm hungry.

-Inigo, funky-donut

Important Parts

  • Pizza delivery guys are being robbed. Veronica discovers that the mugger is a guy trying to get into the PCH bikers.

  • Someone is blackmailing the gay students of Neptune High. Veronica figures out that one of the gay students was the culprit. She did it so her girlfriend would come out.

  • Logan is secretly dating Hannah. He goes to her house for a date. While exiting the bathroom at the Griffiths' house, Logan is confronted by Dr. Tom as to his true intentions, which are to force the doctor to recant his testimony. Later, Tom tells his daughter that Logan stabbed Felix. Logan tells Hannah that her dad lied, has a cocaine addiction, and is tied to the Fitzpatricks. Hannah finds cocaine in her father's bathroom and believes Logan. They go public with their relationship.

  • Keith gets pictures of Terrence in a casino, owned by the undesirable to whom he owes millions, around the time the bomb on the bus was activated, and he confirms that cell phone signals are blocked.

  • Keith brings the pictures to Lamb to clear Terrence of suspicion in the bombing. Lamb is unmoved even when faced with the recording of his own blackmailing of Terrence, saying that Terrence has much more to lose if the recording is made public.

  • Veronica finds some explosives and a detonator in Woody's hangar that Terrence uses to store his cars.


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