2.14 "Versatile Toppings"

Aired Mar 15, 2006


Neptune streets: It's night. A battered car pulls up three feet away from the side of the street. Corny exits, grooving to the tune on his iPod, dressed in the red shirt and cap of Cho's Pizzas, and carrying three large pizza boxes. He spins in time to the music before walking on. Movement can be seen behind him. A tazer is shoved up to the back of his neck. He grunts and falls, unconscious.

Neptune High School: parking lot: Dick pulls his sports car into the space next to Veronica and dings the LeBaron when he opens his car door to get out. Veronica remonstrates with the unconcerned 09er until two baseball players stop and start ribbing Dick about his encounter with Milf which is now common knowledge. Veronica walks away in disdain.

Neptune High School: lunch area: Logan chases off a student lingering by the drinks machine before returning to the corner where Hannah is hidden. They kiss. Hannah comments on Logan's secrecy but he evades the point, wanting to know what her father said about their cuddling at the carnival. He hides his surprise when he learns Griffith has said nothing to her. They arrange that Logan will come to Hannah on Saturday, when she is staying at her father's.

Mars Investigations: Terrence complains to Keith about Lamb and the paparazzi. Keith says the frenzy will die away if he isn't charged and it is that with which they should concern themselves. He asks Terrence where he was when the bus went over the cliff at 7:03. Terrence can't remember.

Neptune High School: hallway: The students are giggling and gossiping over flyers containing a poem. Veronica observes Madison mock Marlena by reading the poem aloud whereby the latter expresses feelings for Madison. Veronica, disgusted, passes by as Marlena denies writing it and scurries away. Veronica is brought to a halt by Ryan who says he needs her help.

Neptune High School: journalism classroom: Ryan leads Veronica into the room and exposits that the attack on Corny was the fifth pizza boy mugging. Ryan was the fourth victim. A list of the posters on a website he set up, the Pirate's S.H.I.P. (Student Homosexual Internet Posting), was taken from him. He tells Veronica that Marlena's exposure was because she didn't have the five thousand dollars the mugger demanded to keep her in the closet. Ryan and the other posters have grouped together to hire Veronica to discover who is doing the blackmailing.

Cho's Pizza: Veronica talks to Corny and Ryan while they are working. They were both mugged in the same part of town. The addresses they were called to were real but the residents hadn't ordered pizza. Veronica asks Ryan to get her the addresses that were used.

Neptune High School: hallway: Dick and Logan walk past Hannah who is selling Pirate Pride stuff. Hannah chases after them to buy something. Logan does but he totally ignores her in the process, leaving her standing.

Neptune High School: girls' bathroom: Kylie, a cheerleader, follows Veronica into the bathroom and asks for her help. Kylie is a lesbian and is being blackmailed. She gives Veronica the email she received asking for $5000. Veronica tells Kylie to write back asking for 24 hours. Veronica says she'll handle the cash and the drop-off.

Mars Investigations: Veronica is a little surprised to learn that Keith is working for Terrence Cook, alleged mass murderer. Keith acknowledges that he might be swayed by being a fan of Terrence's but that he has a gut feeling. Keith thought she would be exited. Veronica admits she would like to be off the hook as she thinks everyone died because of her. Keith says he thought it would be because she was helping her friend's father. Veronica responds that Jackie isn't really her friend but that his gut is good enough for her. A little later Terrence arrives. Keith has had no luck in finding anyone to establish where he was. Veronica joins them with information about a Hank Melton who is a car detailer. After she leaves the men alone, Terrence advises Keith that if he saw Hank, that meant he was at the Seven Rivers Casino, owned by Leonard Lobo to whom he owes millions and who sent the Fitzpatricks to his house. Keith is pleased with the news as casinos are most photographed places on earth.

Neptune High School: classroom: Ryan slips in while the students are watching a school TV broadcast and hands Veronica the list of addresses. Veronica recognises one of them. Before she can tell Ryan, Kylie appears on the TV, reporting on the mugging of Kelly Kuzzio, a random victim and not a pizza boy. He reports that his watch, wallet and rims worth $6000 were stolen. Kylie signs off her news report by saying that she is gay, that she is Marlena's girlfriend and that the Pizza Boy Mugger can forget about collecting from her. Veronica reckons Kylie doesn't need her help anymore.

Neptune High School: hallway: Kylie and Marlena walk down the hall to the shouts and mockery of the other students including Dick and his friend. Veronica chastises Dick who tells her to stay away from him — she's rich dude kryptonite. Veronica spots Carmen Ruiz and shows her the list which Carmen's name is on, asking what the names have in common. Carmen tells her that they are all coconuts, a rude name for Latinos who date white people or join Honor Society. Veronica asks Carmen to make a list of everyone she can think of who might be labelled a coconut.

Neptune High School: parking lot: Veronica questions Kelly. She is most curious about how the mugger got the rims off his car, which must have taken some time, without anybody calling the police. Kelly, uncooperative, says he doesn't know and hurries away.

Griffith residence: Logan rings the bell. Hannah responds but doesn't let him in, angry about being ignored. Logan eventually placates her by saying that with one girlfriend murdered and another nearly shotgunned in a PCHer drive-by, he's trying to protect her. Later, as they cuddle on the sofa, Logan asks Hannah when her parents split up. The answer is a year ago and Hannah used to hear them arguing about money. Dr. Griffith arrives and Hannah introduces them. Griffith says "hello" tightly and leaves them. Later, he catches Logan coming out of the bathroom. He demands to know what Logan is doing with Hannah. Logan tells him that if he wants Logan out of the house and away from his daughter, Griffith had better rethink what he saw on the bridge, or rather what the Fitzpatricks told him to say he saw. Griffith calls Logan a punk and says he won't be threatened. Logan suggests otherwise else he wouldn't be there, courting Hannah. Griffith asks if Logan is prepared to tell Hannah that his motive for being there is to bully Griffith. Logan suggests Griffith tell her and tell her why he hasn't mentioned being the witness against Logan before. The stalemate ends and Logan goes back down to Hannah, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Seven Rivers Casino: Keith and Leonard Lobo walk through the casino to an unused room. Lobo is not enthusiastic about doing any favors for Cook given how much he is owed but Keith persuades him that he is unlikely to recover any money if Terrence is imprisoned. Lobo instructs one of his goons to check the tapes. He offers Keith credit to play while he waits. Keith turns down the offer but accepts a couple of bucks worth of chips.

Griffith residence: Logan and Hannah kiss goodnight on the porch. As Hannah watches Logan drive away, Griffith tells her he has to talk to her.

Seven Rivers Casino: Keith makes heavy weather of a hand of blackjack until he is collected by one of Lobo's goons.

Cho's Pizza: Corny takes a pizza order by phone. Veronica checks the address. It matches one on the list she has from Carmen. Corny is excited to be bait.

Seven Rivers Casino: Lobo gives Keith two pictures showing Terrence in the casino — one take at 7:03 and one at 7:06. Keith says the five missing minutes mean that they won't help. Lobo smiles and walks away. As he leaves the casino, Keith tries to use his cell phone. It won't work. The pit boss tells him that the casino jams calls within a hundred-yard radius. Keith is pleased with this information.

Neptune streets: Corny pulls up and gets out of the car, carrying pizza boxes. A dark figure races up behind him. Veronica, lying in wait, pulls and brings the figure down with a wire across the path. Using Backup as back up, she elicits the following from the boy: his name is Arturo and he devised the pizza boy muggings to impress Thumper and get into the PCH bike gang who are now "back in charge;" Kelly's mugging was not by him but by a copy cat; and he is not responsible for the blackmail. Veronica tapes his confession and leaves it, and Arturo, duct-taped to a lamppost to be found by Deputy Sacks.

Neptune High School: computer classroom: Veronica approaches Mac and after a tiny misunderstanding as to Veronica's motives for so doing, Veronica asks Mac to get her into the gay chatroom. Mac, who set up the security for the site, has to be persuaded and eventually is on Veronica's promise that she'll burn the hard copy once she is done. Veronica reads the board and prints out some of the posts. The coach enters and Veronica asks if she can ride the bus to the basketball team's game, as she promised Wallace she'd be there and her car is in the shop. The coach says no but Jackie overhears and offers to drive Veronica. She accepts. She is left alone to her researches for only a moment as Ryan comes in. Veronica tells him not to blame Mac for her accessing the board but that the mugger isn't the blackmailer and that she thinks it is one of the posters. She suspects a poster called MIZZ P, who posted about the "outing of all outings in Neptune" before disappearing. Ryan explains that it's not possible. MIZZ P was the screen name of Peter Ferrer who died on the bus. He continues with what he came to tell her — that there's been another blackmail letter. He won't tell her who the victim is although he did advise the victim to speak to Veronica. He doubts it will happen. Veronica is exasperated.

Neptune High School: classroom: It's a science lab and Logan is ready to make out but Hannah tells him that her father has told her everything. Logan says he's lying and was not on the bridge. He goes on to say that he didn't know who Hannah was at the carnival. She doesn't buy it. He then alleges that the reason her parents fought about money was because Dr. Griffith was spending it on coke. Logan tells her that her father is in deep with the Fitzpatricks. He asks her to look around the house and just keep an open mind.

Mars Investigations: Keith tells Terrence that the surveillance shots from the casino and the jamming of cell signals means he couldn't have blown up the bus. Terrence is less excited as the photos prove he was in a private meeting with Lobo, a League unsavory character and if that came out, he would be the next Pete Rose. Keith says he'll make sure they don't get out by approaching Lamb with some leverage.

Neptune High School: parking lot: Veronica sees Kelly driving a car with the licence plate KUZZIKAN. She stands into front of the car as it weaves through and gets in to talk to Kelly. She tells him that he is KIZZNKUZN and gay. He admits it is true and that he railed on Dick to survive in high school. Veronica has also worked out that he staged the mugging to raise the cash for the blackmail with the rims, getting the insurance company to replace them. Veronica assures him that she isn't out to out him. Kelly just wants to pay the money and for it to be over. He shows Veronica the blackmailing email. It requires him to send the money to an address.

Griffith residence: Hannah checks recent calls on the display window of the phone. Amongst the calls are a number from or to the Fitzpatricks and the River Stix. She looks in the bathroom and finds a bag of white powder in a box of band-aids.

Mars Investigations: Veronica explains to Ryan that the address Kelly was given was false and the payoff has been stalled at the post office for seven hours. She checks the tracker on her computer screen and announces that it has finally moved. She brings up the address. Ryan recognises it.

Neptune High School: hallway: Veronica confronts Kylie at her locker. Kylie was expecting her and returns Veronica's bug. She was the blackmailer, collecting the money from the dead letter office where her mother works. She agrees to return Kelly's money. Her motives were two-fold — to raise money for college and to force Marlena out so they could walk down the hall like a real couple. She asks to be allowed to tell Marlena herself. Veronica agrees. Elsewhere, Logan waits for Hannah to exit art class. Hannah sees him and hesitates before telling Logan that he was right about her father. She walks away but Logan catches up with her, takes her books and then her hand as they walk down the hallway together like a real couple. They pass Veronica and Mac. Veronica asks Mac who the girl is. Mac doesn't recall her surname but mentions that the girl's father is a plastic surgeon. Veronica immediately realizes who she is and is horrified.

Airport hangar: Jackie drives alongside and then into a hangar explaining to Veronica that she doesn't want to drive the Bronco all the way to the game. Inside the hangar are a number of expensive foreign cars. Veronica jokingly asks which one is Monday. Jackie says her dad used to have one for every day of the month. She goes on to tell Veronica that Woody Goodman lets Terrence use the hangar to store his cars. The girls pick one for their journey.

Sheriff's department: Terrence and Keith show Lamb the photos and tell him to announce that Terrence has been cleared of suspicion in the bus crash. Lamb refuses, unconvinced, saying Terrence could have used a pay phone. Terrence wants to know what Lamb's beef with him is. Lamb responds that Terrence killed a bus load of kids to tidy up his love-life. Keith becomes menacing, telling Lamb he's not going to press charges. He produces the cd of the recording of Lamb blackmailing Terrence. Lamb isn't intimidated, saying Terrence has more to lose if the tape is released than Lamb does.

Neptune streets: Veronica is driving Terrence's car. The top is down and the girls are reliving the game, commenting on Wallace's good performance. Veronica says they should say nothing to him so as not to inflate his ego. Jackie tells Veronica that it means a lot that she's helping out with her dad's case as half the people in Neptune have already convicted him. Veronica says that it luckily is the half she doesn't like.

Airport hangar: Veronica parks the car but the top won't go back up. Veronica says she needs a screwdriver. She searches a cupboard but is shocked by something she sees.

Mars residence: Veronica wakes up Keith and tells him the shocking news: she found explosives and detonators in the hangar where Terrence keeps his cars. Keith says so much for his gut.

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