2.14 "Versatile Toppings"

Aired Mar 15, 2006


  • Veronica: Dick, you totally nailed me.

    Dick: Oh, man, so you're the fingernails chick from my New Year's party. I did nail you. That's funny, I remember you taller and less uppity.

    Veronica: My car, just now.

    Dick: Oh, jeez. Maybe we should get the highway patrol down here and take some pictures or something. Gimme a break, I barely even touched your stupid door.

    Veronica: You left some paint. Look.

    Dick: That's only like the most valuable thing on your car.

  • Terrence: I got Lamb turning my house upside-down. I got the paparazzi following me day and night, just waiting for me to fall apart and make a run for it in my Bronco. I swear, there's a news chopper following me around.

  • Terrence: I mean, you said it yourself, if all it took was a phone call to blow up that bus, then anybody could've done it from anywhere. So, why not me? A gambler, a cheater, a deadbeat. Who's gonna—

    Keith: Stop. You had me at "gambler."

  • Keith: You don't remember anything you did in between five and eleven?

    Terrence: Nope. You got something to say?

    Keith: You remember nothing?

    Terrence: Where were you at 7:03 that day?

    Keith: I suppose I don't know.

    Terrence: Well maybe you blew up the bus.

  • Veronica: But why would a mugger want to out sweet little Marlena?

    Ryan: Because she didn't have the five thousand dollars he demanded from her to stay in.

    Veronica: Why can't the evil just get jobs like the rest of us?

  • Male Student: Hey dude, check it out.

    Dick: That. Totally. Rocks. Yeah. Dude, why are lesbians like so pissed-off all the time? Let your freak flag fly, ladies!

    Veronica: How progressive of you, Dick.

    Dick: Damn, what is it with you? Do you follow me around for fun, or what?

    Veronica: Would it help if I started making out with my girlfriend in the hall?

    Dick: Yeah, obviously. But look, I'll fix your car, whatever. You gotta learn to leave me alone.

    Veronica: And here I thought we were getting to be pals.

    Dick: Please. You date Logan, he's nailed for murder. You date Duncan, he's wanted for kidnapping. You get put on Robbie and Hunter's jury, they get sent to Chino. You're like rich dude kryptonite, Veronica. This rich dude wants no part of it.

  • Veronica: Hey, Carmen. Heard from our favorite videographer lately?

    Carmen: He called over Christmas to try to apologize for that whole popsicle thing, like people even remember my scandal anymore. Pleasuring inanimate objects was so 2005.

    Veronica: Yeah, this year's all about pulling kids out of the closet.

  • Dr. Griffith: What are you doing with my daughter?

    Logan: You want the complete play-by-play? That's kind of twisted.

  • Veronica: Jorge Zadia was a ringer. His name's on Carmen's list. So are you ready to be the bait, Corny?

    Corny: Hell, yeah. No one's better. I'm what you'd call a "master bait."

  • Veronica: It's a Neptune High gay chatroom.

    Mac: Veronica, you're not...

    Veronica: No. I'm just curious. Curious as to what's posted on the website, more accurately.

  • Mac: Ryan asked me to beef up their security.

    Veronica: Yeah? I work for Ryan too now, so if you could just—

    Mac: So then why wouldn't he have let you on it himself?

    Veronica: Damn you and your valid questions. Look, it's still private if I only see the usernames, right?

    Mac: A savvy detective such as yourself might deduce who the Pirate SHIPpers are.

    Veronica: Mac, the only way I can stop the Marlenas and Kylies of this school from being tormented is if I get on that message board.

    Mac: All right, stop it. You're embarrassing me.

  • Veronica: Okay, which one is Monday?

    Jackie: You laugh, but he pretty much used to have one for every day of the month.

    Veronica: Our lives are so similar. The Mars family hangar is a spitting image of this one.

  • Jackie: My dad told me that you're helping out with his case. That means a lot. Especially since he's already been convicted by half the people in Neptune.

    Veronica: Well, luckily, it's the half I don't like. So it works out.


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