2.13 "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough"

Aired Feb 08, 2006

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"Ain't No Mountain High Enough" (Music)

Episode Title: "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough"

This 1967 Motown hit song was written by Ashford and Simpson and performed by Tammi Terrell and Marvin Gaye and later covered by various singers. It tells the story of undying love that surpasses all geographic boundaries. This episode is chock-full of sappy romances. Could they be the stuff of Motown legend? Time alone will tell.

Magic Mountain (Places)

"Their senior trip. The rest of us want to go to Magic Mountain."

Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, is one of 30 theme parks across North America that are owned by the Six Flags chain. Veronica and most non-09er seniors at Neptune High want to go there for their class trip. Unfortunately, park officials at Magic Mountain have come to dread the rowdy behavior of teenage park-goers, which they feel keeps many adult visitors away. Rowdy behavior on a class trip with Weevil, Dick, and Corny? Nahhh.

Batman: The Ride (Sports, Games and Toys)

"It's Catalina. And you're crazy. I am not spending my senior trip watching you hurl hot dog and orange drink off Batman: The Ride."

A popular rollercoaster found at several Six Flags theme parks, this ride is based on the world of Batman, the comic book superhero with no real superpowers. Madison informs Weevil and Corny that she has no appreciation for fine dining and doesn't know how to have a good time at an amusement park. The girl needs to lighten up.

O.J. Simpson (People)
Claim Jumper (Places)

"How lucky am I that I got Terrence Cook to sign that ball for me before he blew up my classmates. It's going to be worth so much more than that napkin O.J. signed for me at the Claim Jumper."

O.J. Simpson was a football hero who fell hard from grace after he was accused of murdering his estranged wife and her friend. Dick informs Jackie that the autograph from her baseball-legend father, an accused murderer, will be worth more than the autograph from an acquitted murderer football legend.

The Claim Jumper is a family restaurant franchise that has 37 locations throughout the United States. Based on California Gold Rush lore, a claim-jumper is a person who illegally seizes someone else's property (back then, a gold mine). O.J. wasn't a claim jumper, but he could be considered a police jumper since he took the Los Angeles Police Department on a high low-speed chase in his white Bronco.

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Grease (Movies)

"School carnival? Me, you, and the Shake Shack doing a little 'You're the One That I Want'?"

The final scene in this 1978 film, one of the most memorable sequences in the movie, involves a catchy song, "You're the One That I Want," two wacky kids in love, and a school carnival complete with a funhouse called the "Shake Shack." Jackie is sure her school carnival experience won't be as fun, but she still serves up the snark to Madison.

Speed Zone (Sports, Games and Toys)

"You said he's in such pain he can't get out of bed. But three times my kid said he saw him at the Speed Zone, on the go kart track. You ever try climbing into one of those little cars? I'm not paying this guy a dime."

This amusement park race track is famous for its go karts that can go from 0 to 70 mph in 3.5 seconds. Sounds like a recipe for whiplash, not the playground for a bed-ridden man. Keith's client does a little P.I. work of his own and refuses to reward a fraud.

Noah's Ark (Religion, Folklore, and Urban Legends)

"Two by two. Apparently you can only enter the carnival as if it were the Ark."

In the Bible, God commanded Noah to build an ark and fill it with male-female pairs of every animal on the planet, saving them from an impending 40-day rainstorm. Veronica's voiceover likens the couple-dom of the winter carnival to Noah's matchmaking venture.

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Jerry Maguire (Movies)

"You had me at 'ice cold.'"

One of the most famous lines from this 1996 movie, along with "Show me the money," is Jerry's declaration of love to Dorothy: "You had me at hello." Logan declares his intentions of buying a slushie from Veronica's booth at the school carnival. Admit it, Logan — you luuuvvvv Veronica. Stop lying to everyone, including yourself! She pulls on your heart strings and won't let go, so quit fighting it...Uh, sorry. Just fantasizing a bit.

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Hoi polloi (Words, Sayings, and Slogans, People)

"The hoi polloi. They don't know what they want until I have it."

This is a derogatory term for working class people — the masses. Originally an ancient Greek expression, it also can be translated to mean "riffraff," "the herd," and "the common people." Logan switches from declaring his love for Veronica (her slushies, anyway), to insulting her working-class status. He's a complicated guy, to say the least.

Ghost World (Literature, Movies)

"Why is the Beav all snuggly with that chick from Ghost World?"

This 2001 film about two social misfits has become a cult classic. Dick doesn't specify which "chick" from the movie reminds him of Mac, but our money is on the black hair, pale skin, brooding Enid. Dick always goes out of his way to insult and humiliate his brother. He's such a...loser.

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The Breakfast Club (Movies)

"It's not a carnival until somebody shows butt cheek."

This 1985 film has many memorable quotes, including, "It ain't a party till something gets broken." Veronica shows her support for the annual Triton streak, and the Veronica Mars writers show their age once again. Endless references to 1980s movies and music among kids who were born in the late '80s? It's certainly possible in this age of retrospective television specials, but it's suspect nonetheless.

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Driving while black (Ideas and Concepts)

"We all saw her, lurking around."
"Lurking? Uh, you mean, standing while black?"

Racial profiling in the United States is often described by the affecionate term, "Driving While Black." It refers to the tendency of police officers to suspect black and Latino drivers of committing crimes based solely on race and the kinds of car they drive (or the neighborhoods where they drive). Jackie's political statement is lost on the finger-pointing Madison but not on the hearts and minds of viewers.

Newton's Laws (Ideas and Concepts)

"Uh, you don't take physics, do you?"
"I have a tattoo of Newton's second law right on my heart."

Newton's second law of motion states that the acceleration of an object increases when increased force is applied to that object and decreases when the mass of the object gets bigger. That's a lot of information for Logan to tattoo onto his chest. Perhaps he simply wants to impress Hannah with the girth of his pecs.

Powerpuff Girls (Movies, TV)

"Nice backpack. You like the Powerpuff Girls, huh?"

Veronica questions Weevil's niece Ophelia about the characters on her backpack, three little superheroes with their own cartoon and movie. All the while, she's feeling Ophelia's bag for signs of the missing cashbox. Perhaps Veronica is inspired by this group of girl crimefighters who are outcasts in their hometown. More likely, she really, really doesn't trust Weevil.

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AAA League Baseball (Sports, Games and Toys)

"I saw you pitch three times in Triple-A back when you were 19. I mean, there wasn't much to do in Fresno as a 22-year-old deputy. Never saw you give up a run. After that, I followed everything you did in the bigs. Your whole career."

The AAA leagues make up the elite division of the minor league baseball system. As opposed to major league baseball, or "the bigs," AAA leagues don't feature celebrity players or annual salaries that outpace the gross national products of small countries. Often, AAA players eventually end up in the bigs, as Keith reminds Terrence Cook.

Milf (Words, Sayings, and Slogans)

"M-I-L-F" is an acronym for Mother I'd Like to F***. It's a popular quote from the 1999 movie American Pie, where one friend lusts after another friend's mother. Since Logan and Dick were in a similar situation, perhaps the term "Step-M-I-L-F" would have applied here.

Fatal Attraction (Movies)

"It was supposed to be the final fling. The next thing I know, I'm living Fatal Attraction."

This film featured Glenn Close as a mistress-turned-psychotic stalker of a very married Michael Douglas. Terrence says his "last fling" with Ms. Dumas turned into a Fatal Attraction and caused his fiancée to break off their engagement. This could be a motive for murder, especially if Ms. Dumas also stewed his daughter's pet rabbit in a pot of boiling water.

American League Championship Series (ALCS) (Sports, Games and Toys)

"I threw a game. It was game four of the ALCS. Three-run homer Baylor hit off me."

The American League is one of the two divisions of major league baseball (the other being the National League). The American League Championshop Series (ALCS) determines which American League team meets the National League representative in the World Series, the major league baseball championships. Terrence took a dive that kept the San Diego Padres out of the World Series, and Keith can't hide his disappointment once he learns the truth. We almost had to watch a grown man cry.

Curveball (Sports, Games and Toys)

"70-mile-per-hour curveball. Didn't break. Pure meat."

In baseball lingo, a good curveball breaks when reaching home plate, meaning it drops just before the batter swings. The result is usually a strike. If a curveball does not break, the slowly-pitched ball is in the perfect position and has the perfect speed for a home run hit — it's pure meat. But what if the batter is a vegan? Will he allow the ball to pass by him simply because he loathes the idea of making contact with meat? Terrence will never know, since his no-curve-curveball resulted in a three-run homer.

The Thomas Crown Affair (Movies)

"So, when you rented The Thomas Crown Affair, McQueen or Brosnan?"

When Veronica confronts Wevil about his elaborate (and successful) plan to steal the school carnival money, she asks him if he prefers the cool, romantic McQueen from the original 1968 film or the suave and charismatic Brosnsan from the 1999 remake. He never responds, but he probably would have said neither. In the movie, Thomas Crown orchestrates the art heist purely for the sport of it. In Weevil's case, it really was all about the money.

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