2.13 "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough"

Aired Feb 08, 2006


Neptune High School: health classroom: Veronica enters the classroom to get the decorations for the FBLA booth. Madison and J.B., a student very close behind Veronica in the race for the Kane scholarship, are making glitter-rich posters. Weevil and Corny are studying. Mrs. Hauser, who has no objection to Madison and J.B. chattering, chastises the two poorer kids for talking, wondering when her ship will come in and she will no longer have to deal with such nonsense. The extra activity is in aid of raising money for the senior trip. The rich kids want to go to Catalina, whilst the rest would prefer Magic Mountain. Veronica banters with Madison, collects her decorations, and leaves.

Neptune High School: parking lot: Jackie is subjected to taunts from Dick and others about her father and the bus crash. She keeps her head up. Cora catches up with her, and Jackie asks what the child of an alleged murderer wears to Winter Carnival. Cora says no one expects her to go, but Jackie reminds her that she volunteered in French club. Madison comes upon them and is particularly obnoxious about Jackie going, telling her not to because she'll ruin everything. This does not deter Jackie, as she tells Madison that is her plan.

Mars Investigations: Keith, in the middle of a meeting with one client, goes out to the main office to collect a fax. He is surprised to see Terrence Cook who wants to consult him. Terrence agrees to wait.

Neptune High School: Winter Carnival: There are booths and activities set up outside the main building. People are wandering about enjoying the events. Madison and another girl are selling pies for the pep squad. Veronica is manning the FBLA booth, selling slushies. Her patter is unenthusiastic and uninspired, and she has no customers until Logan, after some banter, asks for two of whatever will turn his tongue blue. He pays with a fifty dollar bill, which Veronica remarks upon. Logan's presence attracts a few more customers, and he leaves her to it. Elsewhere, Weevil is escorting his young niece and buys her a balloon. Thumper passes by, banging hard on the balloon, saying he thought it was Weevil's head. Dick and Logan wander around with their slushies. Dick spots Beaver and Mac all snugly. Back at the slushie booth, Jackie reckons Neptune High sucks, a proposition with which Veronica agrees. Mrs. Hauser appears to collect the cash, and Jackie wanders off. As Veronica is frantically getting it together, J.B. approaches Mrs. Hauser and asks for her keys so that he can get the staple gun to fix a falling sign. She happily hands them over, remarking on his reliability. Veronica hands over the cash, which Mrs. Hauser adds to the cash box she is carrying. Just then, a number of boys streak naked through the carnival, to the amusement of some and the intense irritation of Mrs. Hauser, who thrusts the cash box at Veronica, asking her to hold on to it while she runs to find Clemmons. Veronica places the box in the cupboard, sliding the door closed. She speaks briefly to Wallace and Jane who have wandered by before Mrs. Hauser returns and asks for the cash box. Veronica slides open the door. The cash box is gone. She reaches to the back. There's a sliding door on the other side. Mrs. Hauser freaks at the loss of $12,000, attracting Clemmons to join her at the booth. Veronica suggests that as the cash box is locked, the metal detectors should be placed at the exit to stop anyone from leaving with it. Clemmons agrees, having already ensured that all the rooms with tools that might open the cash box have been locked. Madison calls the teachers' attention to Jackie, who denies that "standing while black" means she was lurking. In another part of the carnival, Logan approaches a booth and flirts with the young blonde, Hannah, manning it with her friends. He eventually wins a stuffed toy, which he gives to her. In the meantime, Veronica, now relieved of duty at the slushie booth, comes upon Weevil and his niece, Ophelia, who is six. Veronica notes Ophelia's Powerpuff Girls backpack and with little subtlety, tries to feel it. Weevil invites her to look, news of the theft having spread. There's no cash box.

Mars Investigations: Terrence believes Lamb is using him as a scapegoat because Terrence is working to support Woody's incorporation plan which will leave the sheriff without much of a job. Keith says there has to be hard evidence. Terrence says that he saw the kids on the day of the bus crash and that he signed baseballs and the like. Lamb's forensic specialists have found cell phone and baseball fragments embedded in the driver's body. Lamb believes that Terrence planted the ball in a bag and detonated it by calling the cell phone. Terrence wants Keith to prove that he had nothing to do with the bus crash.

Neptune High School: Winter Carnival: Veronica returns to the slushie booth, which Beaver is now manning. Mac is keeping him company. He is struggling with the machine. Veronica advises that he use the screwdriver to break up the ice. He moans that he just lent it to Jackie, who is just disappearing into the school. Veronica follows.

Neptune High School: girls' bathroom: Veronica enters. Jackie is in one of the cubicles and Veronica can hear the scraping sounds of the screwdriver. When asked, Jackie claims to be changing into her bikini. She exits the cubicle, in her bikini and coat. She hands Veronica the screwdriver. Veronica checks the cubicle. There is no cash box. Jackie used the screwdriver to scrape off some offensive graffiti about her from the back of the door. She's in a bikini, because she signed up for the dunk tank. Dunkees were selected based on how much money they raised, and since her demonization, she raised the most. Veronica tells her that she is wasting her time trying to prove something to these people. Jackie reminds her that when people thought the worst of Keith, Veronica didn't take it lying down.

Neptune High School: Winter Carnival: Jackie arrives at the dunk tank, and after a brief word with Cora confirming her resolve, she climbs into the tank. The first customer shouts that one of his friends was on the bus and throws the ball hard at the target, dunking her. She climbs back up stoically and is dunked again by his second ball. Veronica watches from the sidelines for a moment before moving on.

Mars Investigations: Keith gets a couple of beers out of the refrigerator. He tells Terrence that he was a big fan and followed his career. Terrence hopes he still has one. Keith asks him about Ms. Dumass, showing him the photograph. He tells Terrence that if he wants his help, Terrence will have to be a lot more up front with him.

Neptune High School: Winter Carnival: At the dunk tank, Wallace, with Jane in tow, takes his turn. Jackie is a little devastated and fights to maintain her courage. Wallace aims, then deliberately throws high, sending the ball over the roof of the booth. The baying crowd is disappointed. Wallace does the same with the next ball but is moved on before he can do anymore. Wallace snarks at the crowd's bloodlust. Elsewhere, Beaver and Mac wander through the crowd, holding hands and being sweet. Dick confronts them, humiliating his brother with his warning to Mac to treat him gently. At a cotton candy booth, Hannah is paying for her confection. Logan comes up behind her and grabs some of her cotton candy. There is more flirting as Logan turns on the charm. He asks her to leave her friends and hang with him for a while. She does. Back at the dunk tank, night has now fallen, and Jackie is shivering. Madison throws but misses. Madison, her second ball in hand, walks into the booth, malevolently telling Jackie that the next time she is warned off attending, she should take heed. Madison pushes the target with the ball, dumping Jackie in the water. The crowd laughs. Veronica observes this but is then drawn to the ball pit by the sound of screams. Thumper is raising a ruckus, wanting to go into the ball pit to win a snake, saying that there is no sign restricting it to young children. Veronica realizes that the ball pit would be the perfect place to hide the cash box and advises Clemmons to empty it. Mrs. Hauser is skeptical and a little triumphant when, having emptied the pit, Veronica is proved wrong. She can't understand why Clemmons listens to Veronica. As Mrs. Hauser berates Veronica, a girl whispers in Clemmons ear. She has video footage of the carnival.

Neptune High School: Clemmons's office: Clemmons has gathered together all the likely suspects; that is, those who were in the vicinity right before the cash box disappeared. These are J.B., Madison, Weevil, Dick, and Jackie. Their lockers are being searched. J.B. points out that if they found money, there would be no way to trace it to the stolen money. Veronica puts him straight by saying that a fifty dollar bill she received had the name "Nancy" and a phone number written on it. Clemmons plays the tape, but it does not show much of interest, except to Mrs. Hauser, who alights with some glee on Jackie's bag, carried under her coat. Jackie says it was her gym bag, containing her bathing suit and towel. Mrs. Hauser is skeptical and rude, accusing her of being trash.

Neptune High School: Winter Carnival: Logan and Hannah are sitting in the Bounce House. They flirt. Dick is manning the slushie booth, talking to Madison. He mocks Beaver and Mac, who are poring over Mac's laptop. The couple is giggling at the entries at premiereescortz.biz, including one for Bambi_Gasm.

Mars Investigations: Terrence and Keith have moved to the small couch. Terrence explains about Ms. Dumass: she was supposed to be a final fling and turned into Fatal Attraction. She followed him to Neptune and broke up his engagement to another woman. Keith says her death is more of a motive than incorporation.

Neptune High School: Winter Carnival: Veronica is stumped. She looks up at the flagpole and has an idea. She finds Weevil, who refuses to let her search him and says if she has a question, she should just ask. She asks him how it worked the time he and Logan spindled a teacher's car, referring to the need for power tools. Weevil discloses that all the guys in autoshop have copies of the keys.

Neptune High School: autoshop Clemmons uses bolt cutters to break off the padlocks on the lockers. He searches and finds $3,000 in Thumper's locker, together with a bag containing what appear to be drugs. One of the bills is marked with the name "Nancy" and a telephone number. Veronica is surprised at this but covers it. She notices one of the other lockers, not broken into, which has no padlock. Clemmons is satisfied that they have found the culprit. A further search for the rest of the money reveals a wooden paddle with numbers and letters neatly engraved on its surface. It is unclear which locker this comes from. Veronica is interested in this, but Clemmons takes it from her before she can get a good look.

Neptune High School: Winter Carnival: Thumper, happily in possession of a stuffed snake, celebrates by scaring children with it. As he approaches the exit, Clemmons, supported by two security guards, faces him. Thumper is at a loss.

Neptune High School: Clemmons' office: Veronica thanks her lucky stars that she had the foresight to get her keys copied as she breaks into the principal's office again. She finds the paddle and identifies the engraving as a list of license plate numbers. She heads for the copy machine to take a copy. In the machine she finds a copy of Mrs. Hauser's health test, which is due to be taken the following week and worth 30% of the grade for the year. She smiles and puts it in her pocket. She copies the paddle.

Neptune High School: hallway: Veronica comes across a dejected Jackie on her way back to Mrs. Hauser's classroom. She invites her to come along to watch Mrs. Hauser squirm.

Neptune High School: health classroom: Mrs. Hauser, Clemmons, J.B. and Madison are there. Madison is moaning at the paltry sum available for the senior school trip. Veronica and Jackie arrive and Veronica takes great pleasure in asking Mrs. Hauser to apologize to Jackie. Mrs. Hauser does so with ill grace. Veronica pulls out the test, saying she found it in the copy machine. She evades Clemmons' question as to what she was doing at the copy machine and asks Mrs. Hauser who had her code for the copier. J.B. had it as her student aid. Veronica suggests he took it when he borrowed her keys. J.B. protests his innocence. Veronica asks for a moment alone with him in the hallway, after which time she knows he will confess.

Neptune High School: hallway: Veronica tells J.B. that she knows that he is a Triton, showing him one of the pictures she took the previous year, and, as such, he knew when they would do their naked run. He timed his borrowing of Mrs. Hauser's keys accordingly. J.B. argues that she has no proof. Veronica says the copier code will show the time. J.B. thinks she is bluffing. Veronica tells him he can call her bluff, in which case she will create a homepage for him and publish the picture, an event the Tritons will punish severely, or he can confess.

Neptune High School: health classroom: Veronica and J.B. return. J.B. promptly confesses. Veronica is showily triumphant. As Mrs. Hauser desperately tries to ascertain if J.B. was coerced, Veronica notices a footprint in the glitter on the desk. She looks up at the ceiling above the desk, and climbs up, turning over a metal trash can to gain access. Mrs. Hauser demands that she stop. Veronica ignores her and lifts the ceiling tile. It's an envelope containing a wad of cash. When asked how she knew it was there, she points to the distinctive footprint of a heeled shoe. It's a perfect match to Mrs. Hauser's shoe. She protests that she has been walking in glitter all day. Veronica posits that she has been skimming cash off the top of the cash box all day. Clemmons takes the money and Mrs. Hauser to his office, commenting that this is a prime example of why he considers the advice of some of his students. Veronica and Jackie leave a miserable J.B. and Madison, but not before Veronica crows at the fact that the seniors are going to Magic Mountain, where Madison will find a ride called the Viper, her mothership.

Neptune High School: parking lot: Dick heads towards his car, exchanging a few words with Madison which do nothing for his manhood. A divine creature is adjusting her thigh-highs, balancing her leg on his car. They flirt outrageously and disappear into Dick's car to make out. Behind them, Logan and Hannah walk along the cars. Hannah is being picked up. They arrange a date for Saturday and Logan kisses her just as the car collecting her arrives. The driver is Dr. Tom Griffith. Logan opens the car door for Hannah, who greets her father. Logan bends down to show himself, giving the stunned doctor a knowing wave. Back in Dick's car, all hell breaks loose as Dick bolts out of the back seat. She was a he, and Dick is wiping his mouth and spitting, horrified. Mac and Beaver are looking on, waving lighters in the air. Logan observes too, amused. Dick is furious and heads straight for Beaver, grabbing him by the throat, pushing him back down on a car and pulling back his fist to pummel the life out of him. Beaver warns his brother that if he hits him, he'll make Dick suffer worse. Beaver tells Dick to remember Sally. This seems to frighten Dick, who backs off in disgust.

Mars Investigations: Keith has fun telling Terrence about the time he got the ball from one of Terrence's home runs. Terrence is impressed, because he only hit three. Terrence makes to leave, assuming Keith will take his case. Keith says he won't because Terrence is still not coming clean. Keith plays him part of the conversation Veronica recorded between Terrence and Lamb, the part about Terrence doing favors for gentlemen who bet extensively on baseball. Terrence wilts and tells Keith that two of the Fitzpatricks broke in to collect money. Leslie Dumass overheard something that would ruin Terrence. She told him that if he ever left her, she would sell the story. What she heard was that Terrence threw an important game to wipe out a gambling debt. Keith is devastated that his hero has such feet of clay. He missed that game due to Veronica's chicken pox and the superstitious fan in him always thought it was because he wasn't there. Terrence sadly gets up to leave. Keith tells him of his rates. Terrence can't believe that Keith is willing to take his case now. Keith says that he's Terrence Cook, and that he still believes that Terrence wouldn't kill a bus full of kids.

Neptune High School: parking lot: Weevil pulls up in a big green car, no longer a bus rider. Veronica has been waiting and smiles on seeing the car. She tells him that she made up the name and number on the fifty dollar bill. He smiles and tells her that she has some skill. Veronica tells him that the sheriff let Thumper go because the pills weren't illegal drugs. She knows that Weevil broke Thumper's lock, planted the cash, and replaced the lock with his own, but she is no idea where he hid the cash box. He admits it was in the two places she looked — his niece's backpack and the ball pit. It started in the backpack, and then Ophelia went in the ball pit and hid it there. Weevil anticipated that he would be a suspect. Once Veronica checked the backpack, his niece retrieved it from the ball pit, and it went back into her backpack. He planted the cash in Thumper's locker while the ball pit was being drained and went back later to add the name and number to the fifty dollar bill. Weevil wants to know if it was love or lust that stopped Veronica turning him in. She tells it was love...of roller coasters and hatred of anything that requires her to be a sea with her classmates. She says it was nothing to do with him.

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