2.12 "Rashard & Wallace Go To White Castle"

Aired Feb 01, 2006


Java the Hut: Veronica serves Wallace a piece of German Chocolate Nut-gasm as stress relief. Wallace has decided to do the right thing and is about to implicate Rashard Rucker, the next LeBron James, in a hit-and-run. Veronica needs a project after her boyfriend fled the country with his dead ex-girlfriend's baby and is there to provide moral support. Ernie Sayers, the reporter from the Chicago Statesman, arrives at the coffee shop to meet Wallace.

Sheriff's department: Keith appears at the front desk. He tells Inga that he is being audited and asks her to get him copies of old expense and salary documents. She warns him that it will take some time. He tells her that he is content to wait as he has a book and his iPod. Inga disappears to get the documents, leaving the front desk unmanned. Keith starts up the iPod, but it is not music playing, it is the recording of his interview of Sacks during the investigation into the theft of the Aaron Echolls/Lilly Kane sex tapes. As per Sacks' account, Keith checks Inga's drawer for the current code and makes himself a card. Upstairs at the door to the third-floor evidence room, Keith, now listening to Leo's account of the lax security, notes that the camera is not in use and shakes his head. Keith enters the room and finds the box containing evidence on the bus crash. He purloins the interview tapes, hiding them in the hole he has cut into the pages of the book. When Inga returns to the front desk with his papers, Keith is waiting innocently.

Neptune High School: lunch area: Veronica meets up with Wallace, who confirms that there have been no reactions to his confession as yet. Elsewhere, Weevil slides into a seat at Molly Fitzpatrick's table. Molly is not welcoming, so Weevil gets straight to the point. He asks if she was dating Felix. Molly denies it until Weevil shows her the pictures that he obtained from the tattoo artist. She is offended when he asks if Felix was working for the Fitzpatricks, saying that Weevil didn't know Felix well if Weevil thought that. She explains that it was a secret because her uncles and cousins would have killed them both had they known. She and Felix met at St. Mary's Catholic Church. Weevil recalls this is the one place where the Fitzpatricks and the bikers mix without violence. Molly says her uncle Patrick is a priest there.

Fennel residence: Wallace receives a call in the early hours. It's his father, Nathan Woods, who is reading the newspaper. Nathan reminds Wallace that he advised Wallace to keep quiet. The newspaper reports that Rashard and the other two boys in the car are claiming that Wallace was the driver.

Neptune High School: hallway: Veronica and Wallace check the library's copy of the Chicago Statesman, and the headline confirms that Wallace has been blamed. Veronica is angry and thinks Rashard is a weasel, but Wallace defends his friend, putting it down to his manager/uncle. They walk outside, continuing their discussion.

Neptune High School: lunch area: Wallace reads that Rashard is coming to California because UCLA is trying to recruit him. He thinks if he can just talk to Rashard alone, Rashard will do the right thing. Veronica is skeptical as they find a table. Jackie approaches in a conciliatory mood. She makes an attempt to set up a date with Wallace, but he blows her off. After she leaves, Wallace tells Veronica that he's not sure he can deal with someone like Jackie at this point in his life. Veronica agrees that what he needs is a good lawyer. Wallace asks if she knows one. Veronica says she knows a lawyer.

Mars Investigations: Cliff finishes a phone call. He tells Veronica and Wallace what he has arranged — self-surrender. Wallace has to turn himself in to the sheriff's department in five days time, whereupon he will be transferred to Chicago. If he doesn't, he'll be arrested and most likely convicted, so he should be punctual. Veronica adds the other option — prove his innocence. Cliff exits. Wallace is happy that if he is cleared, he can play against Pan High. Veronica is bemused that Wallace can even think of that. She pulls up Rashard's UCLA schedule on her computer, having obtained it from a former Neptune High cheerleader, Tracy James, who is is now a cheerleader for UCLA. Tracy has advised Veronica that their best chance to get to Rashard is at the Booster dinner. Their planning is interrupted by Keith shouting for Veronica from his office. Wallace quietly reminds Veronica that she has his future in his hands and leaves. Keith asks Veronica to destroy one of their files because the couple concerned have reconciled. Veronica cynically reckons that it wasn't true love that led to this result, but a million dollar "Sorry I banged the maid" ring. She nonetheless proceeds to do as Keith asks. She is shredding photographs when she spots something of interest. She shows Keith. Behind the target, they can see Terrence Cook and Ms. Dumass, the journalism teacher killed in the bus crash. Keith asks Veronica what Cook was like the day she met him. Veronica says he was fine, but adds that he has a serious gambling problem. She confesses that she did something Keith won't approve of but that he has to hear a tape she has.

Neptune Grand Hotel: Presidential Suite: Logan is playing the same video golf game that he and Duncan played when they reconciled. Weevil is telling him about St. Mary's Church and Father Fitzpatrick but becomes irritated that Logan seems more focused on the game. He pulls out the plugs to get the 09er's attention, and they bicker. However, Weevil does get to the point, which is that he thinks Patrick Fitzpatrick — who did his fair share of carnage before discovering his vocation — is running the drug transactions out of the church. Weevil leaves the suite but is observed by a young Latino man.

Venue: Rashard has a girl on either arm. He asks where the party is, and Tracy says it is wherever he is going. He invites them to join him in the limo that is waiting for him. They all climb in. They are seen by an older man who sets out to follow them.

Limo: As Rashard and the girls flirt in the back, Veronica, sitting in the front with the driver and dressed in a UCLA blazer, phones Wallace, telling him that they are on their way to the Forum Suites Hotel. The limo's progress is halted by a truck. This allows the man who followed to catch up with the vehicle. He opens the doors and pulls the girls out. It's Rashard's uncle, Monte Rucker. He is not happy with Rashard's behavior and tells him that the girls are leeches. He tells Rashard to mind him or he could blow the money that is coming his way. In the front of the limo, Veronica tries to warn Wallace but cannot get ahold of him. Rashard is assured by his uncle that he can still go to the Alpha Rho Nu thing on Thursday but that he has to start thinking with his brains and not another part of his anatomy, which Monte grabs, much to Rashard's discomfort.

Forum Suites Hotel: Having arrived in the underground garage, Veronica directs the limo driver forward between two cars so that the limo passengers are trapped between them. Veronica gets out of the limo and races to one of the blocking cars. It's Wallace's car, and he knocks on the window of the limo. Veronica tries to warn him, but Wallace discovers the problem quickly enough when Monte opens the window. He tells Wallace not to mess with his boy and issues various threats before he and Rashard are driven away. Wallace asks Veronica if she has any other ideas. She wants a cheeseburger before her shift starts. Her mention of a drive-through reminds Wallace that five minutes before the accident, they went to a White Castle drive-through. Wallace excitedly realizes that there is a witness — the guy who took their order (and got Rashard's autograph) — and maybe surveillance tape of Rashard driving. He sets off to contact Nathan.

Java the Hut: Lars is trying to impress another girl friend with his karaoke skills. Veronica cringes as she hurries in, spots Weevil and reckons he wants a favor, and introduces herself to a customer in need of help. She pours the customer a coffee. He is Britt, the next karaoke singer and when he gets on stage, he acknowledges her assistance by choosing Elvis Costello's "Veronica." He starts to sing it well and Lars's date reacts with a tear. Poor Lars is pissed. In the meantime, Veronica heads for Weevil's table. He asks her to bug the confessional at St. Mary's Church. She says no. Logan, sitting at the next table, says that it is not just for Weevil. Veronica marvels at the coincidence and asks if they are roomies now who aren't speaking. Logan bitterly comments that he's just lost his and doesn't suppose she can help. Veronica quips that it is only one favor for customer. Impatient, Weevil steers the conversation back to why they are there, because if they are seen together, that would be bad. Veronica is derisive as to their efforts to be sneaky. They explain why they think the church is where the traitor gets the drugs and that he is the one who probably killed Felix. Logan asks if she could save his ass without comment. Veronica, buoyed by Britt's choice of music, says that the comments work for her. She again refuses to bug a confessional but may consider video without sound.

Mars residence: Keith is listening to the tapes he took from the sheriff's department. The first is of Lamb's interview of Dick Casablancas. Dick tells Lamb about the smell that led to his decision to get the limo. Dick confirms he knew Curly Moran because he worked on Big Dick's Aston Martin. In the next interview, Beaver confirms Dick's account and that he had met Curly, even though Big Dick usually only took Dick with him when he went to the garage. Veronica arrives home, and Keith stops the tapes. Keith suggests to her that maybe the purpose of the rat was simply to cause a smell that would drive anyone off the bus who could afford another ride. Keith tells her to keep in mind that she is not the only possible reason the bus crashed.

Neptune High School: hallway: At her locker, Veronica ponders Keith's words as she watches Dick give some passing kid a wedgie. She still believes that she is the only target who makes sense. Wallace joins her, and they walk down the hallway. He reports that they have identified the White Castle employee but that both he and the surveillance video have disappeared. As Monte appears to have paid him off, Wallace asks if Veronica has any other ideas.

St. Mary's Church: Veronica stands in the church, uncomfortable. Father Patrick passes by her, and she notes that he doesn't look very ecclesiastical. She lights a candle, apologizes to a statue of Mary, and goes into the confessional before confessions are due to start. As she plants the camera, she tells herself aloud that she is going to hell. She is startled when Father Patrick responds, having also entered the confessional early. Veronica is forced to "confess" to doing things that are not on the up-and-up, God-wise. She admits to doing improper things when she knows someone is bad and should be punished. Father Fitzpatrick says he knows the feeling and that he wasn't always on the up-and-up, God-wise either, but reminds her that vengeance is for God. He adds that she should succor her enemy and overcome evil with good. Veronica leaves, but not before she hides the storage part of the camera in one of the pews.

Alpha Rho Nu: Wallace and Veronica arrive at the fraternity where Rashard is expected. Noting that it is a black fraternity, they agree that Veronica is not going to blend in, and she decides to wait in the car. Inside, Wallace finds Rashard and tries to persuade him to do the right thing. Rashard is not persuaded and tells Wallace to get out of his life. A little later, a disappointed Wallace sees Jackie flirting with Rashard. He tells her to stay away from Rashard. Jackie refuses, pointedly remarking that he's the one who, by his lack of contact, made it not his business what she does. Rashard steps in and asks Jackie if Wallace is bothering her. She confirms that he is. A couple of fraternity guys oblige Rashard by dragging Wallace into the closet. Jackie pouts that she's not into this party anymore and suggests they go to a club she knows. After expressing a little reluctance because his uncle told him to stay there, he agrees. Outside, Veronica watches them leave and follows. Wallace, out of the closet, wanders around the party somewhat disgruntled until spotted by Monte. Monte warns Wallace again not to approach Rashard and to keep his mouth shut. He then demands to know where Rashard has gone. Wallace says this might be fun and that he knows where Jackie likes to go.

Club Thin: Deputy Bouncer is in charge of the metal detector. Monte is required to put his metal objects, including his phone, in a small tray as he goes through. Deputy Bounces swaps the phone with another before returning Monte's things. Monte disappears into the club. Veronica is waiting for the phone, which the deputy hands over. He invites her to stay, but Veronica tells him she has to go to church.

St. Mary's Church: Veronica recovers the film from the empty church.

Mars residence: Veronica watches, noting that it is disturbing to see the fa├žade come off a supposedly good person. She sees Liam go into the confessional, but as she watches, she can't see how the drugs are being distributed.

Neptune High School: classroom: Veronica joins Weevil in an empty classroom. He complains about being made to come in early, particularly as she is late. She brushes off the complaint and shows him the video. She explains that it took her a while to spot how it worked, but tells Weevil to watch Liam's hymnal. He leaves it in the confessional. A number of worshippers go in and out, ignoring the hymnal, until finally a biker enters. He takes the hymnal. It's Thumper.

Neptune High School: lunch area: Veronica presents Wallace with Monte's phone, saying that now they can pass all the numbers to Nathan to track down the White Castle witness, Guy Abruti. Wallace high-fives Veronica as Jackie approaches and asks if she gets some. After a moment's hesitation, she does, and they all smile. Wallace says that Jackie was good and that Rashard never had a chance. Jackie's hopes that this means Wallace will go out with her are dashed, however, when Jane (of injured knee and sneezing in SexEd fame) approaches and Wallace confirms their date. Veronica is sympathetic towards Jackie.

Industrial site: The bikers gather in the sultry night. Weevil accuses Thumper, who is curiously nonplussed. It becomes clear that all the bikers have been making money selling drugs for the Fitzpatricks. Weevil can't believe that they would work for the people who made the Reaper, their old leader, disappear. Thumper asks if Weevil has a problem working with enemies. Weevil emphatically says it is. Thumper asks why then is Weevil working with Logan Echolls. Hector's cousin is the one who saw Weevil leave the suite. The bikers are angry, and Thumper has affected a coup d'etat. The bikers beat Weevil up and leave. Hector and Thumper remain behind. Thumper tells Hector to drive Weevil's bike into the ocean and that Thumper will come and pick him up. Hector looks reluctant but takes off on Weevil's bike. Thumper faces Weevil as the latter tries to get up. Weevil accuses him of killing Felix. Thumper says it is an interesting theory but that before he spreads it around, he should see something. Thumper shows Weevil his cell phone. He has video of Weevil "nearly" kicking in the head of one Curly Moran. If Weevil doesn't keep his mouth shut, the video will end up with the cops.

Hotel: A pantsless Guy Abruti is jumping around his suite, performing for two bored and unimpressed girls. He urges them to liven up on the promise of whatever they want from room service, because he is not paying the bill. There's a loud knock on the door, and he opens it to Nathan, who starts to question him aggressively. Guy cowers.

School bus: Weevil's on it. He's not happy.

Neptune High School: parking lot: Dick sees Weevil get off the bus and is just about to quip when Weevil forestalls it by threatening Dick's teeth. Dick shuts up, but it doesn't stop Dick gesturing behind Weevil's back.

Neptune High School: hallway: The hallway is full of basketball players and students heading for the pep rally. Veronica and Wallace meet up. The cell Wallace has rings, and he answers. It's Monte. Wallace tells him that he doesn't know how he got Monte's phone and how sorry he is to hear about Monte's legal troubles. Enjoying the moment, he tells Monte that it's what can happen when you open your mouth, then hangs up. Veronica agrees that was good.

Mars residence: Keith is listening to the tapes. The television is on in the background. He has Lamb's interview of Gia Goodman. She knew Curly as the only mechanic who could fix her Fiat. She confirms that there was a bad smell on the bus, but it wasn't why she didn't get back on. Her dad, who she thinks was being psychic, told her not to. Veronica arrives home, and Keith puts the iPod away. She chastises him for having the television on while he is not watching. Veronica starts to tell him about the basketball game where Wallace performed magnificently when they both catch the news report. Lamb has pulled Terrence Cook in for questioning about the bus crash.

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