2.11 "Donut Run"

Aired Jan 25, 2006


Aaaand they're off! Duncan takes the early lead by very publicly dumping Veronica and absconding with his new baby colt, onto the back straight and invisible behind the screen. Coming up close behind, it's the FBI, but it's hard to tell how much ground they've made. Closely following is Lamb - the showy gelding is struggling to keep up. Can he go the distance? Weevil and Logan seem to be on a different track entirely, chasing after Druggie Biker, whose sire is unknown. Waiting now to see who emerges from behind the cover. It's...Lamb, but Duncan seems to be trailing right behind him. Wallace is out, I repeat out of the race, having forfeited for some reason unbeknownst to us. The FBI, meanwhile, seem to be veering off course. This race was a close one, folks, but the winner seems to be...Duncan! His trainer, Veronica, looks proud with tears in her eyes as Duncan leaps across the border.

Tune in next week! Just remember: there is no racing without betting!


Important Parts

  • Duncan kidnaps his daughter and runs away. Lamb arrests Veronica as an accomplice. She tells him that she knows nothing about it and that Duncan broke up with her.

  • Celeste hires Vinnie Van Lowe to find Duncan. The FBI is called in and don't get along with Lamb.

  • Veronica was helping Duncan all along. Keith discovers this, along with the information about Meg's abusive parents. He is very angry at Veronica for lying to him and says he can't trust her anymore.

  • Veronica puts the FBI on the wrong track. Lamb does trace Duncan but isn't able to capture him.

  • Duncan gets away with the help of Vinnie Van Lowe and Astrid, Celeste's maid. He named the baby Lilly.

  • Weevil and Logan are working together to figure out who killed Felix. Weevil thinks it had to be Hector or Bootsy. Weevil and Logan work together to find out which of those bikers is selling drugs, but the answer doesn't take them any further forward in discovering Felix's killer.

  • Weevil discovers that Felix was dating Molly Fitzpatrick when he was killed.

  • Wallace left Chicago because while he was on the basketball team, the star player hit a man while driving drunk. This was covered up, and instead of reporting it, Wallace left and returned to Neptune. An investigator from Chicago confronts Wallace about the situation.


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