2.10 "One Angry Veronica"

Aired Dec 07, 2005

Cultural References

Twelve Angry Men (Movies)

Episode Title: "One Angry Veronica"

Sidney Lumet's stunning 1957 film version of Reginald Rose's television play observes, in humid and claustrophobic detail, a jury as it deliberates. Deceptively simple, the jury discusses and argues the evidence that has been presented to it, and through its considerations, gradually change its view on the verdict. But so much more is learned of the men who comprise the jury — their prejudices, their fears, their approach to the responsibility they bear, their very identities. It's a classic not-to-be-missed movie referenced and adapted in a not-quite-so-classic episode of Veronica Mars.

The Party of the Century (Events)

"But I just wanted to make sure you got your vaccinations, because the New Year's bash of the century is just a scant week away."
"Of the century? Does Truman Capote know?"

Truman Capote's Black-and-White Ball at the New York Plaza in 1967 was dubbed as "the party of the century" by the slathering press, who salivated at the guest list — the elite from the worlds of politics, high society, the arts...and Hollywood. Dick's do? A few 09ers on a party boat with a keg of beer and some firecrackers. Truman is turning in his grave.

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Awkward (Words, Sayings, and Slogans)
Uncomfortable (Words, Sayings, and Slogans)

"I say it sounds awkward and uncomfortable, but we need those tapes."

Television Without Pity's Couch Baron, the regular Veronica Mars recapper, frequently uses "awkward" and "uncomfortable" in describing "Whoops!" moments that occur on the show. Creator Rob Thomas is a fan and reader of the recaps, and Keith's reaction to investigating the sheriff's department is a shout out to the recaps. At least, so claims the duke of the davenport. If he's wrong — AWKWARD!

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Mommie Dearest (Movies)

"Can you seriously imagine me conspiring to save Daddy dearest?"

How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child! Thanks to Christina Crawford's 1978 bestselling autobiography, the image of movie star Joan Crawford beating her adopted daughter with a wire hanger is forever burned into the public consciousness. The image of movie star Aaron Echolls beating his son with a belt is forever burned into the minds of the conscious public, that is, the three million or so who watch Veronica Mars. Maybe the other 294 million will wake up one day.

A Christmas Carol (Literature)

"God bless us, every one."

The final words from the perennial short story by Charles Dickens, spoken by Tiny Tim, celebrate the enlightenment of Ebenezer Scrooge. Veronica repeats them to celebrate the endarkenment of Keith Mars when it comes to the nature of the liquid in her wine glass.

Daria (TV)

"Yeah, I thought I'd saved the Daria marathon on them."

Animated TV show featuring a deeply pessimistic, cynical heroine, and the best thing to come out of Beavis and Butthead. Hmm, pessimistic...cynical...almost sounds like a girl Logan used to know. No wonder he's crying.

Who's Who bio: Daria Morgendorffer
A Streetcar Named Desire (Plays)

"Why, sir, I've always depended upon the kindness of strangers."

Face still wet from tears of self-pity, how appropriate that Logan should channel another drama queen, Blanche Dubois, the faded Southern belle of Tennessee Williams' bleak play. Blanche creates her own world, one that belies the truth of her seedy life. She charms, she floats, and she looks for love to rescue her. Her brutal brother-in-law sees through her and takes pleasure in destroying her fragile hold on her fantasy and, ultimately, her sanity. So if Logan sees himself as Blanche, who is Stanley?

William Randolph Hearst (People)

"I don't know if you've made plans for college, but I think you'd fit right in at Hearst."

This is a maybe reference, one that will be pulled if Veronica ends up at Hurst, but assuming it is actually "Hearst," then it may be a reference to WRH. It's tempting to think so. The powerful and controlling newspaper magnate, who dominated the publishing industry in the first half of the twentieth century, was the model for the central character in Citizen Kane — and it's a deft connection, if true.

Times Square Ball (Events)

"But...Dad, you'll miss the ball."
"Oh, I saw it the past forty years or so. It, you know, drops. You'll see."

Keith misses an annual event when he goes to bed early, leaving Veronica to celebrate New Year's Eve with the TV...and Wallace. With the exception of two years during World War II, a ball at the top of the flagpole at One Times Square, New York City, had descended to mark the new year. Watching it on TV is as American as apple pie. It's shiny.

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