2.09 "My Mother, the Fiend"

Aired Nov 30, 2005


school classroom: Ms. Hauser is teaching sex ed, phase two, to students including Veronica and Duncan. She opens a box, picks up a plastic baby, and welcomes them to parenthood. Veronica snarks to Duncan that now she knows where babies come from. Ms. Hauser explains the assignment: they will pair up and for the next five days, they will take care of a baby. The baby has several high-tech features that let the "parents" know when to hold it, feed it, and the like. Since each doll has a memory chip, Ms. Hauser recommends they give their baby lots of tender loving care if they want to pass the class. She hands Veronica a note. Veronica reads it and she tells Duncan she has to go see the Man.

Clemmons's office: Veronica enters Clemmons's office, wondering why he called her in. Clemmons tells her that she needs to open her purse and show him her keys. She takes them out. He clarifies that he wants to see all of her keys. She takes more out. He tests one of them out on the door to his office, and it works. She tries to explain why, but he won't hear it. He explains to her that the district put in a security system that keeps track of all after-hours visitors. Veronica says she can't see any cameras and that he can't prove she was there. He asks her how else she could have the drug test results. Veronica says that he means the fake drug test results. She starts to say that usually when she saves him, but Clemmons interjects again, looking at the keys and surmising that they can't all belong to Veronica. He picks a few keys at random and she coolly explains what they are for. He threatens her with suspension. Perhaps he will involve the local sheriff's department. Veronica panics and says that if she gets suspended, her chances for the Kane scholarship are blown. Clemmons knows this and tells her he might be inclined to let her off with detention. Veronica gratefully takes this.

computer lab: Students are working. Cassidy enters and calls for Mac, who is working with headphones on. It takes a few times to get her attention. When she finally notices him, she asks if he was talking to her. Cassidy is a little nervous too. He needs her help to build a website and design a letterhead logo for a real estate business he wants to set up. He is willing to pay her and wants it to be Fortune 500 caliber. She agrees to help him, but says she's really doing his homework. He says she's right.

administration office: Veronica is sitting in the waiting room, listening to Principal Moorehead over the P.A. system. Moorehead announces that there will be open audiotns for Hamlet all week. He is proud to announce that television and screen star Trina Echolls will be directing the play. Veronica's VO comments that if Trina's really back in town, she must have been the first one booted off The Surreal Life this season. Clemmons walks by, spotting Veronica. He tells her that school is not yet over. Veronica says she convinced her seventh period teacher to let her out early. Clemmons tells Veronica to follow him. He has a little project for her. Veronica does.

school basement: Clemmons explains that the janitor had a "dolly accident" last week when he was moving the permanent records. The student files are in disarray, scattered across the basement. Veronica's detention will be complete when she finishes putting every single student file into a cabinet, alphabetically. Time passes, showing Veronica working. Eventually, she comes across her mom's permanent record. Veronica leafs through it until she finds something interesting: Lianne was suspended for three days for spreading vicious and malicious rumors about another student. Certain information is blacked out, but enough is shown so that Veronica can read that teenaged Lianne appeared at a disciplinary hearing along with fellow student Deborah Philipina Drummond. Veronica's VO wonders if this Deborah is any relation to Deborah Philipina Hauser. Clemmons appears, telling Veronica that it will take her a very long time if she reads each file individually. Veronica tries to worm her way out, but Clemmons tells her that snooping through school property is what landed her in detention in the first place. He tells her to get back to work, then leaves. Veronica continues looking at her mom's file.

autobody shop: Weevil is working on a car when the power goes out. He calls out, telling someone they broke the tripper again. He walks outside and turns the power back on. He turns and Logan punches Weevil in the face. Several 09ers join in.

school parking lot: Veronica unbuckles the plastic baby seated in her car. She talks to her, asking if she's heard about genetics. Thanks to her "grandma" Veronica has a fifty percent chance of becoming an alcoholic. She continues talking to the baby until she sees Ms. Hauser. She tries to find out more about her mom. Ms. Hauser won't give Veronica much to go on, telling her it was an embarassment and she's sorry for listening to Lianne in the first place, let alone having repeated the gossip. Many people got hurt because Lianne couldn't keep her mouth shut. Ms. Hauser tells Veronica she might learn a lesson from this and walks away. The baby begins crying. Veronica bounces the baby roughly, trying to quiet her. At the flag pole, several students are gathered around to see Weevil, who is taped to it. Several students are gathered around. Veronica turns the baby's head to face Weevil and tells her that what goes around comes around.

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Clemmons's office: Veronica walks in, carrying her baby in a basket. She roughly plops her down, and the baby begins to cry. She says to Clemmons that he has been working at Neptune High for a long time and that she wants to know what her mother did to get suspended. Clemmons clarifies that Veronica wants follow-up on what he forbade her to do. She agrees. He tells her to do more alphabetizing and not work on cases. She sighs and stands up to leave, starting to pick up the baby. Clemmons begins to talk, saying that he was a young science teacher back then. Veronica stops to listen. He says he wouldn't have any idea and asks if she read the report. She says she did, but the important stuff was blacked out. She asks who else was there in 1980. Clemmons doesn't answer, and Veronica says she is just trying to figure out what kind of person her mom was. Clemmons tells her that Ms. Hauser was a student, Principal Moorehead was the vice principal, and Mary Mooney was a student. Veronica asks who Mary Mooney is.

outside: Veronica calls Mary's name twice, speaking to a lunch lady who is cleaning up. Mary doesn't respond or even turn around. A skater tells Veronica that Mary doesn't talk because she's retarded or deaf or something. Veronica's VO says that her mom learned to sign because she had a deaf aunt, and she taught Veronica the alphabet a long time ago. Veronica walks over to Mary and taps her. She asks Mary, speaking while signing, if Mary knew Lianne Reynolds. Mary shakes her head and turns away. Veronica turns around to leave, her VO saying that she apparently doesn't remember sign language. Mary pauses, and quickly goes over to Veronica and grabs her arm. She starts to sign rapidly. Veronica asks her to slow down. She reads Mary's signs as, "Lianne was a fiend." She says, "My mom the fiend," and isn't surprised. Veronica leaves.

school office: Veronica waits as Principal Moorehead takes some papers and walks out of the office. She gets his attention. He doesn't look happy to see her. He says Clemmons is failing in his main mission: to keep Veronica out of his face. They walk as they talk. She clarifies that he was the vice-principal in 1980. He was. She goes on to say that he suspended her mom for spreading a false and malicious rumor about another student. He says it's possible and asks what her mom's name was. She tells him, and he whistles an "oh boy." He says he saw a lot of her mother. Veronica asks him if he remembers why she was suspended and what she said that was so awful. Moorehead says he doesn't remember but wouldn't repeat it if he did. He's sure Lianne turned into a great person, but when she was at Neptune High, she was vicious. He continues walking. Veronica, taking this all in, follows him.

classroom: Moorehead opens a door, and Veronica walks in. She sees Trina Echolls there, with several students around her. She greets Veronica and Moorehead quite enthusiastically. She gives Moorehead a kiss on each cheek and calls him her favorite principal and a big teddy bear. Moorehead says it's great to have Trina back and then walks away. Trina kisses Veronica on each cheek and gushes about how fantastic she looks. She asks Veronica how she's been, besides the whole mess with her dad. Veronica says it's water under the bridge. Trina is glad to hear this. She excitedly tells Veronica that Evan Rachel Wood will be playing Veronica in The Aaron Echolls Story; however, she'll have a different name, since Veronica and her dad won't sign the release forms. Veronica politely wonders how she missed all this. Trina then has the brilliant idea of Veronica auditioning for the school play. She says they need some pretty girls. Veronica tries to decline, saying she can't act. Trina isn't worried about this, saying that acting is overrated. She tells Veronica that she has presence. She goes on to say that they'll catch up later because her company needs her. She takes a dramatic leave from Veronica, who makes a face of disbelief and leaves.

Duncan's suite: Duncan answers the door, and Kendall is standing there in a low-cut red, slinky dress. She immediately begins to hit on him. He makes it clear that he's not interested, but she doesn't give up easily. He tells her that Logan isn't there. Kendall waltzes in and tells Duncan to loosen up. She says she's been in both their beds and is therefore able to drop by. Her expression turns to horror when she hears a baby's cry. Duncan picks up the baby and cradles her, saying that it's for a class project. Kendall is appalled and thinks the baby is creepy. Duncan sits on the couch, holding the baby. Kendall sits close to him and asks if he wants to go for a ride. Duncan laughs and lays the baby in the seat. Kendall says that Big Dick's Maserati is downstairs and that Duncan would look hot in it. Kendall slides onto Duncan's lap and says she'll give him the car for half its regular price. She continues with the sexual advances. Duncan sits up and pushes her off his lap. Kendall continues hitting on him, wondering if they chemically castrate the boys at his school. The door opens, and Logan and Trina walk in. Duncan greets Trina, who says he's looking good. Kendall gets up and rushes over to Logan, calling him "baby." She grabs his jacket and wonders what took him so long. He gives her a quick kiss on the lips and says he would have come home quicker, had he known she was throwing herself at his roommate. He wipes his mouth. The baby starts to cry again, and Duncan picks her up. Trina, realizing what's going on, looks annoyed and amused at the same time. Kendall tells Logan that she brought him something that he can play with and even share with Duncan if he wants. Logan says Duncan's not into that sort of thing, but Kendall tells him she means Big Dick's Maserati. Trina interrupts, asking Kendall if she's sleeping with her little brother. Kendall asks Logan if this is his much older sister that she hasn't heard about. Logan introduces them, insulting them at the same time. Trina says she'd love to chat, but she has places to be. Kendall wants to know where, wondering if there's a bar where she meets with some other not-too-famous people who have famous relatives. Trina says there is, but Kendall wouldn't like it, since it's 21 and over. Kendall makes a face, as if she's disappointed. Trina continues, saying she can join them for the after-party at Chuck E. Cheese's if she's free. She tells Kendall to have Logan in bed by 10, since he has school tomorrow. She squeezes his cheeks, says goodnight, and leaves. Logan says she came to borrow his video camera but does love a good exit line.

Java the Hut: Veronica walks into the Hut, looking around. She says in her VO that she found one message in her mom's yearbook that could mean something. Patty Wilson thanked Lianne for all the good gossip, saying she made physics bearable. Fortunately, Patty still lives in the area and was eager to meet Veronica for coffee. She's glad someone remembers her mom fondly. Veronica sees a woman reading a magazine. She asks the woman if she's Patty. Patty gets up and shakes Veronica's hand, saying she looks just like her mom. Later, Veronica and Patty sit and drink coffee. Patty tells her that her mom was very popular. She says they were lab partners and would sit in the back to gossip and snipe. Veronica isn't thrilled to hear this. Patty goes on to say that the best part was about her mom's love life. Veronica asks what about it. Patty explains that Lianne and Jake were on-again, off-again during the summer before their senior year, but they were together for good by Homecoming, or so Lianne thought. Veronica asks what happened. Patty tells her that the spiteful shrew Jake dated over the summer told him she was pregnant. Veronica, shocked, repeats that Jake Kane got someone pregnant 25 years ago. Patty says Lianne didn't think so. She thought Celeste was lying. Veronica, shocked again, asks if she means Celeste Kane. Patty says yes, and she was Celeste Conothan at that time. Her family was moving out of the school district, so she had to come up with a way to break Lianne and Jake up for good. She finished her senior year at Pan, but she did come back to Neptune for the prom. Veronica guesses that Celeste wasn't pregnant then. Patty gleefully tells her that she's right; the baby magically disappeared. A waitress shows Patty some desserts. Veronica's VO says that either Jake dumped Lianne because Celeste said she was pregnant, or else Lianne said Celeste was pregnant because she was dumped. Patty makes her choice and smiles at Veronica. Veronica looks upset.

Mars home: Veronica comes in, baby in tow, and apologizes for being late. Keith warns that she almost missed out on his "chili surprise," the surprise being that he made chili at all. Veronica informs him that she had to stop by Duncan's to pick up her progeny, which she drops facedown on the counter before launching directly into a question about her mother. Veronica wants to know if Lianne was a "cool person" when Keith met her. Keith turns the baby rightside-up to cease its crying as he replies that clearly Lianne must have been cool since she married him. However, despite his somewhat flip answer, he senses that Veronica is particularly upset about something and inquires about it. Veronica tells him about Lianne's suspension, then asks Keith to check the county birth records in order to determine if there is any proof that Celeste really did have a child. Keith asks Veronica what she thinks investigating this further will prove. He tells her sincerely that she knows who her mother was, and despite Lianne's behavior over the past few years, Lianne loved Veronica and Veronica loved her. Veronica is thoughtful.

classroom: As she takes pictures of the play rehearsal, Veronica's VO ponders whether organizing files was more or less tortorous than listening to Shakespeare being slaughtered by Trina. Rehearsal is interrupted briefly by the crying of Veronica's baby, and Veronica apologizes, citing colic as the culprit. As the rehearsal continues, Trina steps on a prop skull and falls hard on the stage, hitting her head. Veronica rushes over to check on the semi-conscious Trina and sends a bystander for the nurse.

Java the Hut: Cassidy sits down at a table and wordlessly waves over Kendall, who has just entered. She smiles and declares his desire to have a meeting cute as she ruffles his hair. Cassidy fixes his hair, unsmiling, as Kendall asks brightly what this is all about. Casually, but clearly displeased, Cassidy opens an empty wooden box sitting on the table. When Kendall feigns ignorance about what the box is, Cassidy informs her that it is the box for his father's $15,000 Panerai Destro watch that Kendall sold to the Webbers for one-third that amount. Kendall doesn't respond, and Cassidy continues, telling her frankly that the Casablancas family has already been humiliated enough and she is to stop stealing and selling off their possessions. Kendall objects to the idea that she is the one humiliating the family when, Dick Sr. stole millions from his investors. Noting that she doesn't have a trust fund to take care of her, she tells Cassidy that she will do what she has to do to get by. Cassidy takes this in, unimpressed, but tells Kendall that he has a better solution to her problem. He is planning to use his trust fund to set up a real estate company and has already drawn up a prospectus and rented out office space, but he needs Kendall to be the figurehead of the company, meet with investors, sign documents, and other such things that his sixteen-year-old self cannot legally do. Kendall tells Cassidy that she didn't think he liked her. He confirms this suspicion, but adds that he finds value in her desperation. Kendall glances at the prospectus briefly before explaining to him that she goes out of her way to avoid having to work for money, and furthermore, she knows nothing about sales. Cassidy objects, saying that how to sell is all that Kendall knows, and if she goes along with his plan she'll have a salary of $1,000 per week, plus commission. Kendall pats Cassidy on the arm and insists that Dick Sr. will pull through these troubles eventually, but she thinks that it's darling of Cassidy to want to help. Cassidy wipes off his arm where Kendall touched him, and tells her that if their arrangement is going to work, she's going to have to stop patronizing him. Kendall salutes and calls him "sir" before asking when she gets her first paycheck.

Mars Investigations: Veronica is doing her homework when Keith comes in and tells her that according to his research, there was no baby born in 1980 under the names Kane or Conothan. Veronica assumes that Celeste was lying about being pregnant, but Keith suggests that she might have had an abortion. Veronica immediately wants to know if there's any way to check that. Keith sits and points out to Veronica that she and Duncan have a nice relationship and asks her if she really wants to go out of her way to dig up twenty-five-year-old dirt on his mother. Veronica insists that she just wants proof that Lianne wasn't the sort of girl that Veronica hates. Keith seems skeptical and asks if Veronica isn't also motivated by the chance to prove that Celeste is as awful a person as Veronica thinks she is. He points out that if Celeste hadn't broken Lianne and Jake up, Keith would not be Veronica's father and Veronica wouldn't be herself. They agree that that would be bad, and Keith tells her to keep that in mind once he's told her what he's about to tell her. Keith gives Veronica a document and explains that a Jane Doe baby was found abandoned in the girls' bathroom during the Neptune High prom. Veronica immediately assumes that it was Celeste's and Keith wonders aloud if she actually listens when he talks.

Duncan's suite: Duncan answers a knock on the door to find Veronica offering him their baby and a bag of cheeseburgers. Duncan declines, stating that it's Veronica's night, but she insists that she needs to get some sleep because she has a Civics test the next day. Duncan has plans and Veronica jokes that she doesn't remember him checking with her about said plans. The baby begins to cry, and Duncan rescues her from Veronica's care when she realizes that she left the bottle in the car. He notes that at least she remembered to bring the baby up this time. He says that he will handle this, but she has to leave quickly, because he's going out to dinner. As he tends to the baby, Duncan voices his surprise that his mother never got one for Lilly since she was always terrified that Lilly would get pregnant, which Veronica says is quite ironic. Duncan, smiling, asks Veronica if she's about to badmouth Celeste and Veronica denies this, asking sarcastically what unkind thing she could ever say about such a warm-hearted, good-humored, lovely, well-bred woman of impeccable social grace. Celeste thanks Veronica as she enters the suite. Duncan notes that his mother is early, and Celeste tells him, as a young woman carrying a laundry basket walks in, that she wanted to give him his clean clothes before dinner. Celeste then asks what Veronica is doing there. Veronica tells Celeste that she is appearing tonight in the part of Duncan's Secret Girlfriend and directs Celeste's attention to their "lovechild." Celeste declines the offer to become acquainted with her fake grandbaby and orders Astrid, the girl with the laundry, to put the clothes away and stop gaping. Duncan apologizes to Veronica for not telling Celeste about their relationship, and Veronica says that he could have let her know that his parents weren't aware of it. Celeste begins to rant about how she and Jake should have taken Duncan up to Napa with them to prevent such a thing from happening. Veronica says not to worry about her breeding with a Kane since if things don't work out, Veronica can just dump the baby at the big dance as that worked so well for Celeste. Celeste asks Duncan if Veronica ever makes sense. Veronica asks Duncan if Celeste ever thaws out. Duncan is distressed, and finally tries to separate his mother and his girlfriend when Celeste calls Lianne a drunken slut. Veronica adjourns to the bedroom to give Duncan a chance to talk to Celeste alone. Inside, Veronica asks Astrid how she puts up with working for Celeste. Astrid tells Veronica that she wouldn't put up with her if Celeste had not promised to pay her way through graduate school. Veronica latches onto this fact and begins to question Astrid about her natural hair color and her age. When Astrid reveals that she is not, in fact, a natural blonde and that she is, in fact, twenty-five years old, Veronica VO determines that Astrid is the prom baby and that Celeste assuages her guilt over abandoning her daughter by hiring her to fold laundry and paying her way through school. She further notes that if Astrid really is Celeste's daughter, she has a lot more coming to her than that.

journalism room: Logan asks Mrs. Murphy's permission to take a bathroom break. She comments that he always asks for such a break during this period. He says it's the twelve-pack he slams at lunch. She tells him to hurry back.

boy's bathroom:Logan is washing his hands. Weevil bursts in and blocks the door with a door stopper. Weevil checks that they are alone as Logan taunts him on the removal of the duct-tape. Weevil tells him he made the wrong play and that he shouldn't let Logan live. Logan retorts that the balance sheet is still in his favor, recapping events so far. Weevil denies he was responsible for the shotgun blast through Logan's car window, but does not deny the arson or the Russian roulette. Weevil shouts back that he thought Logan killed Felix, a view he no longer has. Logan sarcastically awaits the apology that is not forthcoming. Weevil claims they have something in common — needing to find out who killed Felix. Logan snarks about them teaming up with matching capes. That is what Weevil has in mind, after he salvages his reputation by messing up Logan's face. While Logan is wondering who's going to throw the first punch, Weevil hits him, and the fight is on. Students in the hallway gather around the door as they hear them pound on each other. Clemmons and two security guards march through the crowd to disperse it and break up the fight, which they do once they force the door open. Logan, looking decidedly bloody, and Weevil are led past the students, including Thumper and Hector. Thumper is pleased with Weevil's efforts, but Hector dismisses them, saying if it had been him, he would have put "Surfer Boy" in the ground.

Java the Hut: Mac shows Cassidy what she has created on her laptop. Cassidy is impressed with the flash animation route, causing Mac to blush/grin/preen. She then shows him the non-epilepsy-inducing alternative, a sleek graphic version. They agree sleek is the way to go. Mac shows Cassidy the letterhead she has created with Cassidy as CEO. Cassidy loves it. Mac flirts that a by-product is that chicks love acronyms. Cassidy tells her to change the CEO to Kendall. She complies and asks him to tip her off when he goes public. Cassidy comments that this is illegal. Mac, smiling, agrees, but says he's admiring her moxie. Cassidy smiles too.

Mars Investigations: Veronica, dressed like a young lawyer/Republican/Mormon opens the main office door to a middle-aged woman, Mrs. Mahnoviski. She shows her guest to her/Keith's office, replete with a desk plate: Veronica Mars, P.I. Veronica's VO explains that temporary foster parents are the weak link in the otherwise tight security of adoption agencies. Mrs. Mahnoviski remembers the prom baby. Veronica spins a tale that she was employed by the real parents who want to provide for their child financially. Mrs. Mahnoviski indicates the child won't need it as she ended up in a local wealthy home. She sadly adds that her recent history is less uplifting, what with her mom committing suicide and her dad in jail and all. Veronica is floored as she realizes what this means.

hospital: Veronica admits to herself that her motives are unworthy, as she just wants to humiliate Celeste Kane. But she carries on nonetheless. Veronica visits Trina, who tells Veronica that she is being kept another day for observation. Veronica fabricates another story — that of Veronica Mars, aspiring actress who needs Trina's expertise to prepare for her audition for the play. Trina is delighted to help. Veronica sets up the camera to record Trina's part in the mini-soap opera Veronica has concocted. Trina duly plays, with angst, a dying daughter pleading for her biological mother to come forward and provide her with a kidney. At scene end, Trina tells Veronica that she really is adopted. Veronica lies and says she didn't know that. She leaves the room but gets only yards away before realizing in her VO that what she is planning will make a public spectacle out of Trina. She re-enters Trina's room and admits her plot to Trina. Trina initially thinks she is on Punk'd. However, when Veronica tells her that she thinks her mom is Celeste Kane, she accepts she was abandoned at the prom and is positively enthralled by the news, since the Kanes have billions. Veronica says she was going to try to smoke out Celeste by sending the tape to the tabloids. Trina, grabbing the phone, replies that if they hurry, the tape will make the night's Entertainment News. She says Big Pat owes her after the nasty messages he left on her machine. Veronica is a little stunned.

school classroom: Veronica enters the room holding some magazines. Trina is standing in the center with a student who is practicing lines. When she sees Veronica, she tells everybody to take five and passes her script to the student on the floor and then approaches Veronica. Veronica hands Trina the magazines, which are tabloids, and Trina excitedly reads the headlines about her aloud. Veronica jokes about the headline saying Webster was found in Neverland. Mary Mooney enters the room and starts signing to Veronica. Veronica tells her to go slower. Trina calls her "lunch lady Doris" and says that she always used to be nice to her when she went here. Veronica tells Trina her name is actually Mary. Veronica interprets Mary's signing, saying she wants to help. Trina thanks her but says that it's a student production. Mary then makes a sign, indicating pregnancy, then motions toward Trina and pats her chest with her palm. Trina asks what she's saying, and Mary repeats the signs. Trina asks Veronica to tell her what's going on, and Veronica says that Mary wants to give Trina her bone marrow. Mary signs some more and then hugs Trina. Trina looks shocked as Mary lets go, then she smiles and hugs her.

lunch outside: Veronica is asking Mary questions by typing on her laptop. She asks if Trina is really her daughter, and Mary confirms, patting her chest again. Veronica asks if Trina was the prom baby, and Mary nods her head. Veronica asks what her mother did to hurt Mary, but Mary looks confused and types that Lianne was her friend. Veronica is incredulous, but realizes that she misinterpreted Mary earlier on and her VO says what a difference a letter makes. Mary types some more, telling Veronica that Lianne could sign and was the sweetest, coolest girl in school. Then she takes Veronica's hand and Veronica smiles.

school parking lot: Veronica and Trina walk past a school bus as Trina tells her that when she was younger, she used to imagine her parents were movie stars. When Veronica points out that her parents were movie stars, Trina clarifies that she meant her real parents. Trina asks Veronica why she is so interested in all of this, and Veronica tells her that twenty-five years ago, Mary told Lianne that she had an affair with a faculty member. Lianne asked Deborah Hauser's advice, and Deborah spread it all over school, so they were called into the principal's office. However, Lianne recanted because Mary begged her not to tell anyone. Trina is pissed that Mary just decided to dump her at the prom, but Veronica says that Mary left her on her father's doorstep. It was her father that panicked and left her at the prom, knowing that it would be assumed that a student did it. Trina asks what happened to her dad. Veronica smiles and says that he's even better than a teacher.

teachers' meeting room: Principal Moorehead is pointing at a board that says "Raise Academic Achievement Scores," when Trina walks in and calls him "Pops." Moorehead says he's glad that Trina is feeling better, and Trina cuts him off, asking him when he was planning on hooking her up with a little bone marrow. Moorehead wants to take this outside, but Trina evades him and walks to the front of the room, saying it's the least he can do for his daughter after dumping her in the john on prom night. Ms. Hauser shakes her head.

Mars Investigations: Keith enters and asks Veronica if she's grabbed dinner yet. Veronica says that she's not hungry as she walks toward the refrigerator. She opens the freezer, telling Keith that she was looking for a little study snack. She goes on to say that she's not a corndog kind of girl and pulls out a ziplock bag with a dead rat in it. She continues, saying this will put her off corndogs forever. She asks Keith if he's keeping a dead rat in their freezer, or if they have a slam-dunk lawsuit against the processed food industry. Keith says that he found it in the bus, and Veronica is surprised and annoyed that he that he checked out the bus and didn't tell her. Keith says that the rat was duct-taped underneath one of the seats. Veronica says that it was a message for her because she's the "rat." Keith says he doesn't know, it could be her or it could be someone else on the bus, but he says that she was right about him winning the election. He says he should have taken over the case.

Clemmons's office: Veronica enters and calls Clemmons a sly old dog. Clemmons tells her that her sentence is up, unless she's here to atone for something he doesn't yet know about. Veronica tells him that deducing she had a key to his office was brilliant, since he needed a reason to put her in detention so she could find her mother's file. Clemmons asks her what she's going on about and Veronica asks if he read Machiavelli over the summer. When Clemmons doesn't answer, Veronica says that not taking credit for it is even more badass. Clemmons says that it's a very imaginative theory, but he has paperwork to do. Veronica smirks and leaves.

attendance office: Veronica walks past the desk as her phone rings. She answers it, and it's the Neptune Memorial Hospital calling about Abel Koontz's belongings.

Clemmons's office: Clemmons removes the cover from his nameplate and inserts another one he takes from his desk. He puts it on his desk and now it reads, "Principal." Clemmons smiles.

Neptune Memorial Hospital: Veronica walks down a hallway with a box filled with Abel Koontz's possessions as her VO says how sobering it is to realize that the sum of a man's life fits into a cardboard box. Her VO continues, saying that now she's past security, there's one thing she wants to check: Meg's room. The door is open and she enters.

Meg's hospital room: Veronica goes to Meg's bed and looks at her, then looks at the heart monitors next to her bed. She looks again and sees that there are two monitors, one saying 180 and one saying 60. Veronica pulls back a tray over Meg's body revealing Meg's pregnant belly. Veronica looks shocked as she takes it in and then leaves. Meg slowly opens her eyes.

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