2.08 "Ahoy, Mateys!"

Aired Nov 23, 2005

Cultural References

Mash notes (Things)

"Is that really what you want? Teddy bears and mash notes? Grow up. Grow up and get over it."

Mash notes are grade school love letters, often hot and steamy in nature, or more realistically, sweaty. Colored ink is frequently favored. Dream devil Veronica is being very nasty in so describing Duncan and Meg's relationship.

Sigmund Freud (People)

"Sometimes a cigar store is just a cigar store."

Veronica is annotating a quote attributed to the renowned psychiatrist. Freud popularized the notion that the consciousness will frequently repress wants and desires that the subconscious will manifest in other forms. For example, a dream about a cigar may really represent a desire for a penis. It is reported that Freud, who was a confirmed and heavy cigar smoker, was asked about his addiction. His response — "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar" — may be taken to mean that not everything has a hidden meaning and some things can be taken at face value. Or maybe he was just looking for a laugh.

John DeLorean (People)

"Coke? Who am I, John DeLorean?"

DeLorean, or De Lorean, depending on one's mood, was an infamous car builder who was charged with selling cocaine. He was acquitted when a judge ruled that what was seen on the video showing the transaction amounted to entrapment by the FBI. In other words, he did it, but got away with it on a technicality. The kid looking to buy an eight-ball off Weevil is lucky to get away with his rims.

Who's Who bio: John De Lorean
River Styx (Religion, Folklore, and Urban Legends)

"I've walked right into the River Stix, home base for the Fighting Fitzpatricks, Neptune's first family of crime."

The hangout of the notorious Fitzpatricks gets its name not from the mother country, but from Greek mythology. Like the Irish don't have a rich enough mythology of their own. The river Styx is the best known of the rivers separating the world of the living from the world of the dead and is also known as the river of hate. Antipathy is certainly in full flood when Veronica and Logan drop in.

Lucky Charms (Organizations, Companies, and Products)

"Pink moon? Yellow stars? No? A green clover it is, then."

This popular American breakfast cereal started its long shelf life with marshmallow pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, and green clovers added to the sugared, toasted oats. Over the years, the colors and shapes have changed, but there was never a pink moon or yellow stars. This proves that Liam is dumb, but not so dumb as to forget the color of clover. Since Veronica is not keen on having one of the cereal's constituents tattooed on her cheek, Liam can't say, "They're always after me Lucky Charms!" Not this time.

Howard Stern (People)

"I can't find a single person at school who heard him talk and now you're telling me that he's the Howard Stern of Neptune High?"

Baba-booey! Shock jock Stern carved a very successful career being rude, lewd, crude, nude, and sued. Hey now! That makes him one rude, lewd, crude, nude, sued dude, dude.

Who's Who bio: Howard Stern
Q (Characters)
James Bond (Characters)

"Look, I'm happy to be the Q to your Bond, but crime pays."
"Excellent work as usual, Q."
"Right back at you, Mr. Bond."

In the Bond films, Q is the man who makes all the nifty gadgets for British Secret Service agent 007, James Bond. Mac and Veronica are a lot cuter, but can Mac make a car that turns into a submarine?

Who's Who bio: Q
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Radio Shack (Organizations, Companies, and Products)

"You wanna play 'find the crappy radio broadcast,' momma's gonna need a few things from Radio Shack."

Radio Shack is an electronics retailer and has shops throughout the United States and Europe. There is nothing funny to say about Radio Shack.

Rosemary's Baby (Movies)

"Rosemary's Baby: The Teen Years."

The titular baby of this 1968 scary movie was the devil, born to the deceived or deluded Mia Farrow. And she loved him anyway. Aww. And eww.

Who's Who bio: Rosemary
Abstinence pledge (Ideas and Concepts)

"So it seems Taylor read the fine print on her abstinence pledge and found a few loop...something? Oh, right, holes."

Also known as virginity pledges, these are teenage and young adult promises not to indulge in sex before marriage. Yeah, right. It's a fairly recent phenomenon which many of its advocates, usually church groups, claim works in reducing unwanted pregnancies and STDs. Others claim that whilst it works to delay the start of sexual activity, it does not decrease either. Some studies go on to claim that due to attempts to circumvent the pledge and due to not being taught sex education other than abstinence, the chances of pregnancy and contracting STDs is increased when former adherents do become active. Bill Maher, in an article for Salon.com says, "As news spreads that teens who pledge chastity have lots more kinky sex, millions of aging boomers ask: Where was Bush when I was in high school?"

Nip/Tuck (TV)

"Hey, any news on nip/schmuck?"

Logan's witty...ish play on words is marginally less disappointing than the reveal of the identity of the Carver was on the FX network show about plastic surgeons.

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Characters)

"Help me, Mars-wan Kenobi; you're my only hope."

The wise old bird of the original, fab Star Wars trilogy or Ewan McGregor in the less fab prequel trilogy. In the 1977 film — the first of the first three, that is — Princess Leia implanted a message in a droid — "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you're my only hope." Logan appeals to Veronica, as he does to many of us. Imagine him in the gold bikini. Or, you know, Logan appeals to Veronica for help.

Who's Who bio: Mars-Wan Kenobi
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Three Little Pigs (Literature)

"Or you'll huff and puff and burn my house down?"

This is a tale of violent and fatal retribution meted out on those so lazy or unwise as to build their security on ephemera. So, naturally, it is a popular story for very young children. The Big Bad Wolf rasps out, "Little pig, little pig, let me come in." From behind their doors, each complacent pig taunts, "Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin." The wolf gets huffy, and, uh, huffs, "Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house down." Only the pig with the brick house survives. Veronica, hairless of chin, risks her combustible house when she twists a warped folktale for a wolfish Weevil.

Strong like bull (Words, Sayings, and Slogans)

"The signal is strong here, strong like bull."

An unauthenticated account of the phrase goes something like this: Hans Conried played Uncle Tonoose in the 1950s and 1960s sitcom Make Room for Daddy, also known as The Danny Thomas Show. The phrase originated with that character, but it really became popular later on The Bullwinkle Show, where it was used not by Snidely Whiplash, voiced by Conried, but by Boris Badenov, voiced by Paul Frees, in a nudge, nudge, behind-the-scenes nod to Conried no doubt. The Bullwinkle Show was subversive like that. Unfortunately, Veronica isn't a true fan and fails to appreciate that to use it properly, a heavy Russian accent must be affected, making it "strong like boooooooooooooooooll."

When a Stranger Calls (Movies)

"I think it's coming from inside the house."

Um, yeah, okay. Albeit that it's hard to imagine what else Mac could have said to make the same point, some deluded people think that this is a reference to the 1979 horror movie wherein a babysitter is pestered by calls that get increasingly menacing. She calls the police. They trace the calls and report back to the terrified teen that "They're coming from inside the house!" So...not like the situation with Mac and Veronica at all.

Rocky Horror Picture Show (Movies)

"I'm glad we caught you at home. Would you mind if we used your phone? We're both in a bit of a hurry."

Using dialogue from this cult musical film, Veronica and Mac greet a bemused Vice Principal Clemmons at home. Sadly, he is not in the fishnets and high heels required to respond as sweet transvestite Dr. Frank N. Furter, but no doubt they are in the closet, ready for the next midnight trip to the late night, double feature, picture show.

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Bust a move (Music)

"Well, we were hoping to bust a move, but the song's almost over."

Veronica speaks in the tongue of rap, and it means to do a move. In other words, it is another way of saying "dancing." Why doesn't just saying "dancing" cut it? Young MC's hit "Bust a Move" in 1989 popularized this, um, shortcut.

Wanna hear it? Here it goes (Words, Sayings, and Slogans)

"I have a theory. Wanna hear it? Here it goes."

In the 1990s TV show In Living Color, Calhoun Tubbs was an old bluesman who would use every opportunity to say, "I wrote a song about it. Wanna hear it? Here it goes." Veronica may be channelling David Alan Grier, who played that character. Of course, had she actually sung "I have a theory," we might be directing you to another reference altogether. But there probably aren't too many dancing demons in Neptune.

Pump Up the Volume (Movies)

"He'd let you keep pumpin' up the volume, but he'd need recordings of Marcos, and a key to his house, and your radio knowledge..."

Was it wise for the writers to remind us of Slater's 1990 turn as an underground high school radio dj given that, you know, Christian Slater is so much prettier than Butters? Or perhaps they were referencing the UK's one-hit-wonder and first big house success by, wait for it, MARRS. Nah, it's the movie.

Sleeping Beauty (Characters)

"Wake up, sleeping beauty."

As applied to anyone else, a compliment. As applied to Logan, an axiom. Sleeping Beauty is a staple of fairy tales, a beautiful princess who is sent to sleep by a prick. She is rescued one hundred years later by a prince when he kisses her. So where's the kiss, then? What? You think the two kidnapping biker boys who tortured our boy are immune to his charms? You're deluded.

Who's Who bio: Sleeping Beauty
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The People's Court (TV)

"It's the people's court, junior. You're on trial for the murder of Felix Toombs."

The People's Court is a syndicated TV show that ran for-like-ever, between 1981-1993, and then was revived in 1997. It has been scientifically proven beyond any doubt that it will outlast infinity. The fact that it is a televised small claims court does not stop the thugs from paying tribute to it in their kangaroo criminal trial of Logan.

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Playboy (Literature)

"I mean, he wasn't a fairy, he was a Playboy-lovin' booty hound."

Playboy is the original tits-and-ass-but-serious-too publication, brainchild of Hugh Hefner. Butters didn't know that Marcos was one of those who really did buy the magazine for the articles.

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