2.08 "Ahoy, Mateys!"

Aired Nov 23, 2005


room: Meg is in a cloudy haze. She asks, "Do you love me? Did you ever love me?" She goes on to say that on the bus, her life didn't flash before her eyes: "You did." As she talks, the camera pulls back to reveal that Meg is wearing white and sitting in a chair in a white room. She says that she remembered their first kiss and the last perfect moment they spent together on the beach. Veronica walks by and says, "Please" in a nasty tone. Meg continues talking, saying that she was promised things and that she can be saved, if the person she is talking to wants to save her. Veronica leans over the back of Meg's chair and says she's heard enough. Veronica is wearing a sexy outfit: she's dressed in black pants and a sheer black top with a black bra. Meg starts to ask what Veronica has that she doesn't, but is stopped as Veronica covers her mouth with a gag. Veronica says she's conscious, for starters. Veronica approaches the camera and asks if that's really what the person wants. She nastily says to grow up and get over it, and then backhands the camera.

Duncan's suite: Duncan is startled awake. He's lying on the couch and looks over as he hears Logan and Veronica talking. Veronica tells Logan that Dr. Griffith went into a cigar shop, bought some cigars, and left. Logan reminds her that her dad said the shop was a front for drugs, so wouldn't that mean something? Veronica says not necessarily. Logan makes a comment and Veronica says it must be an even-numbered day because he's being a jackass. She prefers the odd-numbered days when he's kissing her ass. Logan says if she finds out why Dr. Griffith is trying to get him sent away for killing Felix, he'll remove all even-numbered days from the calendar. Veronica then notices that the couch is empty and asks if Duncan went to bed. Logan says he did and that Veronica should be giving Logan her undivided attention. He then wonders if Dr. Griffith could be a pipeline to prescription drugs. That's how his pediatrician lost his license. Veronica says it's easy to check on something like that.

Duncan's bedroom: Veronica and Logan are heard talking in the background. Duncan looks at the letter he took from Meg's air vent. It's addressed to Meg and the return addressee is Chris Talley, from Seattle. On the back of the envelope, it says, "Private and Confidential: This means you!" Duncan debates what to do, but then opens a drawer in a table and sticks the letter in.

Duncan's suite: Veronica says she found something. The EthicalMedical.net website lists any disciplinary actions taken against its members and Dr. Griffith was reprimanded for an inappropriate off-site practice. The patient's name was Danny Boyd. Logan asks what that means. Veronica replies that she doesn't know, but she will check it out tomorrow.

school parking lot: Weevil is getting off his bike. An 09er pulls up and asks him if the stuff has come in yet, or if he should take his business elsewhere. Weevil asks what stuff he's talking about. The boy says he ordered an eight ball. Weevil says he never sold coke to him. The boy looks confused. Weevil rips his shirt open, looking for some sort of recording device. The boy says he paid one of the biker guys. Weevil tells him to describe the person he paid. The boy isn't very helpful, describing him only as "brown." Weevil shakes his head, annoyed. He compliments the boy's rims, saying he was thinking of getting some for himself. The boy gets the hint, activates his car alarm, and leaves. Weevil doesn't look thrilled.

Mars Investigations: A couple is telling Keith that their son Marcos was killed in the bus crash. Carlos Oliveres says they've been grieving and trying to put their lives back together, but someone is harassing them. The person is breaking into their house and leaving toy buses. When they come home, the house will smell like the cologne Marcos used to wear. His pictures will be turned around in their frames. They've also been getting messages on their voice mail from their son. They don't believe in ghosts. The messages are old recordings of Marcos's voice. Maria Oliveres says they should take Ned's offer and sell the house. There is no reason for them to stay there. Carlos says they won't run away. Keith says he's assuming they want him to figure out who has been harassing them. Carlos says they know who it is. They want Keith to prove it.

outside Danny Boyd's home: Logan and Veronica pull up in his car. The place is a dump. Logan starts to get out, but Veronica tells him that he needs to stay there. This calls for subtlety, but if she needs someone punched in the face, she'll whistle for him. She goes to the front door as Logan looks on. She knocks and Danny answers the door. She asks if he's Danny Boyd and he says he is. She starts to say her name is Laurie Zaks, but he interrupts her, saying he doesn't need to know her name, just if she's 18. Veronica starts to talk, but Danny continues, saying that he doesn't care how old she is. She looks uncomfortable but says the reason she's there is because she was considering having Dr. Tom Griffith perform plastic surgery on her, and she likes to check a doctor out first. Danny tells her Dr. Griffith is a good man, but she doesn't need surgery, besides the obvious. She says she knows Dr. Griffith was reprimanded for a procedure he did on Danny. Danny interrupts her, asking if Tom got in trouble for that. She replies that she's guessing it had to do with his face. Danny laughs and says no, but he'll show her. He walks around the house, and Veronica follows.

River Stix: They enter a building. Music is playing, and Veronica sees the sign. Her VO says she walked right into the River Stix: home of the Fighting Fitzpatricks, Neptune's first family of crime. Danny walks over to a pool table and tells Veronica to come over there. He points to a large stain on the pool table, laughs, and says that's his blood. Veronica, looking unnerved, asks what happened. Danny replies that he got into a bar fight, but the other guy got it much worse. He pulls up his shirt to show a huge scar, saying that he got 45 stitches. Veronica is surprised that a plastic surgeon did that. Danny said he wasn't trying to make it look pretty, just stop the bleeding. He is at a loss for words when trying to describe the good Dr. Griffith, so he asks Liam Fitzpatrick if Dr. Griffith is a "friend of the family." Liam looks over at Veronica and Danny, gets up, and starts to walk over. Danny says his niece saw the blood, freaked out, and called an ambulance. He spent three months in the county jail and it seems like Dr. Griffith got in trouble too, according to Veronica. Liam asks Veronica who she is. She says she's Laurie. Danny tells Liam that she is thinking about getting plastic surgery from Dr. Griffith. A girl interrupts them and says that she's not Laurie, her name is Veronica Mars. She's Keith Mars's daughter. Liam says that Veronica better tell him the real reason she's asking about Dr. Griffith. If she lies to him again, she really will need a plastic surgeon. Veronica gulps nervously.

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River Stix: Liam demands that Veronica tell him why she is there. Did someone send her? Veronica plays it cool and says that no, she really does want plastic surgery. She just lied about her own name because it was too embarrassing. Liam tells Veronica she's a good liar and that it's going make things so much tougher. Veronica slowly tries to slip away, but she walks right into Danny, who tries to grab her arms. She uses the taser on him and escapes Danny but Liam pushes down cases of beer that knock Veronica to the ground. Veronica attempts to use the taser, but it is to no avail. Liam turns her wrist, forcing her to drop it. He picks her up and throws her onto the pool table that Danny showed her only minutes before. Liam is choking her, and Veronica is visibly frightened. He taunts her, and then calls to Mark to bring something over to him. Mark is giving another man a tattoo. He walks over and hands Liam the tattoo gun. Liam asks, with the tattoo gun held dangerously close to Veronica's face, what kind of tattoo she wants. As Liam continues to bring the tattoo gun closer and closer, he says once hears something resembling the truth, he'll stop. However, before he gets a chance to start, Logan's voice is heard. Liam turns around and sees Logan standing there, cell phone in hand, saying he's got 9-1-1 on the line. He wants to know who can give him the address. Everyone looks over in Logan's direction. Getting no response, Logan tells the operator that he's wearing an ankle monitor, if that helps. He replies that yes, it is the River Stix and there is blood everywhere. He hangs up and says to Veronica that it's time to go. Liam, still holding onto Veronica, tells his men to see how much damage they can do in two minutes. Logan tells them to stop and pulls out a gun. Liam looks at him, trying to determine if he will use the gun or not. Logan looks steadily at Liam and says that he's had a very bad year. Liam, convinced that Logan is serious, slowly lets go of Veronica. She jumps off the pool table, grabs her bag, and exits. Logan remains for a bit more, staring down Liam, then turns and leaves.

street: Logan's car pulls up.

Logan's car: Logan looks at Veronica in silence. Veronica is still shaken. She puts her hands over her face and begins to cry. Logan tries to console her. Tears are the only response he gets from Veronica so he continues by putting his hand on her back and telling her that she'll be okay. Veronica quickly moves his hand away and is extremely upset that he has a gun. She tells him that he's going to get himself killed. Logan tells Veronica that it's not even loaded. While putting the gun in the glove compartment, Logan explains to Veronica that Dick's dad gave it to him, given his situation. Veronica interjects that, given his situation, he should just move out of Neptune. Veronica begins to open the door to exit. Logan shows her the ankle monitor and says that he can't. Veronica doesn't care and just closes the door to the vehicle. Logan watches Veronica as she crosses the street.

Mars Investigations: Veronica arrives and sits at her receptionist desk. She begins to cry again. When Keith calls out from his office, asking her if she knew Marcos Oliveres, she quickly tries to compose herself. She asks if she should know Marcos. Keith walks toward her desk and replies yes, because Marcos was on the bus. Keith asks if she's okay, and Veronica nods and says she's had a tough day but is fine. Veronica asks about Marcos Oliveres. Keith tells Veronica that his parents were just in and that they are suing the school district over negligence over their son's death. He explains that since they've filed the suit, they've been harassed. Keith gives her the details of the harassment. Veronica thinks the school administration is harassing them to get them to drop the suit. Keith tells Veronica that in his experience, most crime is personal and not weird conspiracies. Veronica smiles and agrees to ask around about Marcos.

journalism room: Veronica is asking everyone in the class about Marcos, saying it's for an article for the Navigator, but no one can tell her anything about him. Finally, a boy speaks up and says Marcos never said anything to anyone. He just goofed off with the equipment. No one really knew him.

Veronica's bedroom: Veronica sits in a chair, looking through a yearbook. She looks for Marcos Oliveres, but he is not pictured. Veronica wonders in her VO what it would be like to be simply forgotten. Veronica's computer alerts her of a new e-mail message. She hopes in her VO that it's Wallace, and that this time, unlike yesterday, he wrote more than just that he needs time to think. Veronica reads an e-mail from her dad. He asks her to go to the store and wonders if she'll be home for dinner. Veronica read another e-mail from a person who heard she's doing an article on Marcos. The person figures that she didn't get much information, so they are writing to let Veronica know that Marcos was great once you got to know him. The person didn't sign the e-mail because of a jealous boyfriend. Veronica's ears perk up at the sound of Keith's risen voice.

Mars kitchen: Keith's tirade continues as Veronica enters the kitchen. He yells to the person on the phone that he sent it back two weeks ago. Keith motions Veronica to remain quiet, Veronica raises her eyebrows while Keith continues to yell. He finishes the call and hangs up. Keith shows Veronica an MP3 player and explains to her that he found it taped under Mrs. Oliveres' car, playing a loop of her son's voice over her car radio. He says it was paid for by the Neptune School District. He hands Veronica the MP3 player and asks if she minds talking with the Man tomorrow. She takes the player and responds that she'll visit with tech support too. Keith smiles.

school administration office: Veronica is in the midst of telling Vice Principal Clemmons about the "article" she's doing for the Navigator about the parents' reactions to the bus crash. Clemmons tells her that he's just the vice principal. Veronica says she should just visit Principal Moorehead then and Clemmons agrees and disappears into his office.

principal's office: Principal Moorehead is speaking with Veronica, who is scribbling down notes. He tells her that it's a horrible tragedy, and he really sympathizes with the families. They made settlement offers, but the Olivereses insist on suing. If the Olivereses win their suit at the sum they're asking for, Neptune won't have any band or art classes and will have fewer staff. Therefore, they are taking this very seriously. Veronica asks Moorehead if he is aware that an MP3 player registered to the school was found broadcasting Marcos Oliveres' voice in his mother's car. Moorehead tells Veronica that the school would know nothing about that, and if she has any further questions, she should speak to the district's lawyers. He hands her a business card. She recognizes the name, "Simon and Stern," and comments that they're big. Moorehead reiterates that they take this very seriously.

classroom: Veronica and Mac are staring at a Mac. Veronica asks if it is possible to determine when and where the recording of Marcos was made. Mac plays the recording and immediately recognizes the voice as Cap'n Krunk, one of the hosts of the the pirate radio show "Ahoy, Mateys." Mac tells Veronica that Cap'n Krunk and Imitation Crab talked a lot of smack about Neptune High. Veronica is stunned that the normally tactiturn Marcos is really the Howard Stern of Neptune High. Veronica and Mac browse the "Ahoy Matey's" website. A sound clip of one of the hosts making a "walk my enormous plank" joke plays. Veronica isn't overly impressed by the witty repartee of said radio hosts. Mac proceeds to download a couple of previous episodes for Veronica. While looking over the list of episodes available to download, the eagle-eyed Veronica notices a four-week gap in the radio broadcast. Mac explains that the hosts went on a little sabbatical. When the show returned, Captain Krunk did not, so she stopped listening to the bastardized, sub-par version of the show. Veronica wants to know if there is any way to find out where they are broadcasting from. Mac tells Veronica she is happy to be the Q to her Bond, but she wants Veronica to shell out some cold, hard cash for the equipment. Mac finishes downloading the episodes to Veronica's iPod. Veronica puts on the ubiquitous white headphones and listens to the episodes.

school: lunch outside: While listening to the broadcast, Veronica surveys the lunch crowd. Her eyes jump to each student that the hosts discuss. They are nasty and insulting about each student they name. Cut to a shot of Logan. The hosts name Logan as this week's "Cock of the Walk." He has won this prestigious honor for 40 weeks in a row. Cut to shots of three other students. Veronica wonders in her VO if one of the kids at school found that out Marcos was Cap'n Krunk. Veronica raises her eyebrows at the idea that everyone and anyone at the school has a motive for going after Marcos. The hosts' next victim is Duncan Kane. They wonder if he has dark secret. Veronica wonders in her VO why Duncan is ignoring her.

school hall: Logan meets Veronica at her locker and asks Veronica for an update on Dr. Griffith. Veronica tells him that it's pretty clear that the fighting Fitzpatricks own Dr. Griffith. As far as Logan knows, he hasn't done anything to get their Irish up. Veronica says she is looking for a connection. Veronica and Logan snark at each other...again. Logan then tells Veronica that she is the only one who can help him. He walks away. Veronica sees Weevil staring at her from across the hall and she walks over to him. Veronica throws a few mild jabs at Weevil for staring at her. Weevil says she should be nicer to him. She then angrily accuses him of lying to her and working with the Fitzpatricks. Weevil laughs off the suggestion and says he would rather die than work for those micks. Veronica brings up the fact that the key witness against Logan is a Fitzpatrick puppet. She knows the Fitzpatricks are scratching the bikers's back; she wonders what the bikers are doing to return the favor. Veronica rolls her eyes and walks off in disgust.

outside in a neighborhood: Veronica is standing outside at night with a cell phone in one hand and a radio signal detector in the other. Veronica asks Mac via the cell phone how to use the detector. Mac, who is wandering around in another part of the neighborhood, holds another detector and says the detector only has a two mile radius. She tells Veronica to walk in the direction that gives the strongest signal.

outside on an empty road: A gaggle of PCHers are standing in the middle of a deserted road holding a quorum. Weevil asks his fellow bikers if he is still in charge. The other bikers nod in agreement. He tells them that a couple of days ago, an 09er asked him for the coke that he had ordered. He also reveals that a little birdie told him that the star witness against Logan was bought and paid for by the Fitzpatricks. He angrily asks if one of the bikers tried to make some extra cash by going into business with the potato heads. No one says a word. Weevil dismisses them. All of the bikers leave except Thumper. Weevil asks Thumper if he saw the guy who called the cops the night Felix was killed. Thumpers says he did not. Weevil questions Thumper about why he told the cops he saw the caller. Thumper admits the cops don't have the whole story.

flashback: After Weevil's one-kick knockout, Felix takes charge of Logan's multi-stomp beat-down. He orders Thumper and Doddie to take Weevil home. Hector looks annoyed at Felix and asks why he doesn't take Weevil home himself. Felix replies that they have an extra bike now. Thumper and Doddie pick up the unconscious Weevil and leave. Felix orders Sully to go get Cervando from the Texaco, so he can drive Weevil's bike back to his place. Zoey leaves. Felix starts rummaging through Logan's pocket. He hopes to fulfill his life long wish of owning a bright yellow SUV. As Felix kneels over Logan's body, proudly showing Hector and Bootsy the keys to his new dream car, Logan pulls out a knife and stabs him. A vehicle approaches and the driver honks the horn. Hector and Bootsy get on their bikes and leave.

outside on an empty road: Weevil rubs his forehead as he tries to digest the news that Thumper didn't see Felix's final moment. Thumper doesn't understand why Weevil is making a big deal about him not being there; Hector and Bootsy were there and their story should be accepted as the truth. Thumper says he lied about being there because they needed as many witnesses as possible to testify that they saw Logan stabbing Felix. He says they lied to Weevil to protect him so that he wouldn't have to lie. Weevil says he is going to get to the bottom of this.

street: Mac is walking on a sidewalk, her detector blinking. She meets Veronica, who observes that the signal is strongest where they are standing. Mac deduces that it is coming from the house behind them. They decide to move in for the kill and go over to the front entrance, continuing their Bond-themed banter. While Veronica knocks at the door, Mac asks her if she has a plan, which Veronica answers evasively. The girls are feeling victorious until they discover who lives in this house: it's Vice Principal Van Clemmons who opens the door dressed half-decently in a bathrobe. He shoots them a skeptical look and greets Veronica inquiringly. Thinking fast, Veronica asks him if they can use his phone. Clemmons does not appear to be too impressed and begins closing the door on them when Veronica shouts out that they are here to see his son. Clemmons reacts positively and Veronica slyly indicates that Mac made up an excuse to be able to see Vincent. Bewildered, Mac begins to protest, but her friend interrupts her and claims that Mac was going on and on about Vincent. While Mac seems to be reeling from this unexpected development, Clemmons is markedly pleased that someone could be romantically interested in his offspring. He mildly states that they should call first next time and invites them in.

Clemmons home: As the vice principal leads the girls to Vincent's basement room, Mac lightly slaps Veronica for the story she made up, though hardly able to keep herself from giggling. Clemmons knocks and calls out to his son. After a second knock Vincent answers that this is his private basement time. Both Veronica and Mac are desperately trying to keep a straight face. Smiling paternally at Mac, Clemmons tells Vincent that Veronica Mars and a friend have come to visit him. Vincent asks his father to deny that he's home, only to be informed that the girls are standing right before the door. Frustrated, Vincent opens the door a little, only to be ambushed by Veronica, who greets Clemmons's son exaggeratedly and rushes past him into the room. Clemmons, immensly enjoying his son's newfound popularity, offers the girls snacks and soda. He beams at Mac, who helplessly grins back at him.

basement: Vincent is not happy about Veronica intruding into his little kingdom and disgustedly asks what she is doing there, all the while trying to keep her from entering further. Taking out a small transistor radio, Veronica lightly explains that they were hoping to bust a move, but sadly the song is almost over. Vincent tries to convince them that this is a bad time to visit by claiming that he was just painting his tin models, which will be ruined if he lets the paint dry before they are finished. Quizzically looking at her radio, Veronica observes that the song has stopped and wonders why the station isn't playing another one. Vincent tries to appear commanding and orders them out of the room, only to make Veronica ask him why he is so "crabby." Vincent is momentarily distracted by Veronica's crab-like hand gestures and cannot prevent Mac from moving past him into the rear end of the room. While she mockingly tells him that his blankie is blinking, Veronica removes the indicated blanket to reveal a small radio station and looks at Vincent triumphantly. Busted, he turns off the red light. Veronica declares that she has a theory and springs into Poirot mode to explain it to her audience. As she sees it, Clemmons discovered that Vincent and Marcos Oliveres were producing "Ahoy, Mateys!" together, and when the Oliveres sued the school district he made a deal with his son to get recordings of Marcos, a key to the Olivereses' house, and Vincent's radio expertise in exchange for letting him continue the show. Bewildered, Vincent tells her that Clemmons knows nothing about his pirate show and that he would kill Vincent if he knew that his son ragged on his school. Veronica asks him why Marcos quit the show a month before he died. Vincent explains that Marcos suddenly went to a camp and just as suddenly quit the show after he came back. He mentions that Marcos had completely changed, but that he didn't know what had happened. After a little bantering, Vincent finally succeeds in getting rid off the two girls.

Mars Investigations: Veronica pretends to put some files away while eavesdropping on Keith explaining Marcos's secret hobby to Carlos. The latter seems rather proud that his shy son has found something as enterprising as a radio show to express himself. Keith, not as impressed by Marcos's achievements, dryly points out that the boy poked fun at his classmates and possibly offended someone who now holds a grudge. Carlos strongly doubts that a student would take revenge on grieving parents. When Keith mentions that Veronica thinks something happened to Marcos in summer camp, Carlos brushes him off by stating that this isn't kids' stuff and has nothing to do with summer camp. He again insists that the school district caused the situation to prevent him and his wife from continuing their lawsuit. Keith stands up and closes the door on Veronica, mildly explaining that he just wants to make sure they are looking at every possibility. His client cannot be swayed, however, stating that they already know who the culprit is and just need to find evidence to prove it. As Keith and Carlos are leaving, Keith tells Veronica that he will head over to the Olivereses' house to do a little stakeout while the couple is out for their bowling night. Alone at last, Veronica investigates the Olivereses' credit card bills. In her VO, she explains that Carlos didn't keep in mind how brutal teenagers can be when he dismissed her idea about the summer camp. She finds out the name of the camp, SelfQuest, and researches it on the net. She finds the website of a organisation claiming to be able to re-program teenagers who are struggling with their sexual identity. Shocked, Veronica realizes that Marcos must have been gay.

Oliveres home: An alarm starts ringing as someone enters the house through the back door. The intruder enters the alarm code and moves through the kitchen to switch on the light. Just as he is about to turn around, Keith grabs him from behind and slams him onto the dining room table. Searching the man for weapons, Keith casually asks who he is. Sweating with fear, the intruder hastily explains that he is just the neighbor, causing Keith to sarcastically inquire if he always comes visiting on the Olivereses' bowling night. The man tells him that he is keeping his beer at the Olivereses' house, since his wife won't allow him to have it in their own home, and that he occasionally comes over to take a drink. Keith grimaces thoughtfully and eases his grip. He isn't finished with the neighbor yet: he speculates that he comes over, drinks some beers, turns some pictures over in their frames, and sprays some cologne to scare the Oliveres out of the house, which he then could buy to appease his wife by increasing the size of their property. Still bewildered, the man stresses again that he only came for the beer and that Carlos could confirm this. Keith, probably feeling a little doubt, invites the neighbor to get his beverage. Clearly fed up with this lunatic stranger, the man pointedly refuses and moves toward the back door, throwing disgusted glances at Keith before he leaves. Embarrassed, Keith chuckles and buries his face in his hand. As he tiredly turns to the dining room, he spots a toy bus in the fish tank. He takes it out, and discovers another clue: there is a crumpled piece of paper in the wastebasket, on which the detective's eagle eyes have spotted the Olivereses' alarm code written in pencil. He turns the paper around to find the letterhead of Simon & Stern, the school district's law firm, printed in the corner. Keith takes out his cell phone and calls Mr. Oliveres, confirming the neighbor's story and informing his client about the new toy bus and the piece of paper. He promises to bring the new evidence to the deposition. He ends the conversation and looks thoughtfully into the fishtank, obviously still chewing on a problem.

street corner: Logan walks around the corner with a brown paper bag in his hand and sees a white van blocking his car. He wonders what is wrong with people and goes around to the driver's side of the white van. Someone hits him in the face and then someone in a black outfit dumps him into the back of the van. Two black-clothed people close the van doors.

room: A guy wearing all black, including a ski mask, wakes up Logan by tapping him on the face. Logan looks at the guy and then at his hands, which are tied down. He struggles, but can't escape. Logan asks where he is. The black-clad person tells him that he's in the People's Court and that he's being tried for the murder of Felix Toombs. The black-clad guy says that he doesn't have a Bible for Logan to swear on, but that he'll get the truth and nothing but the truth. The guy lifts Logan's head up to look at another black-clad man on the other end of the room. The first guy says that he is the prosecution and the second guy is the Judge and Jury. The "prosecutor" tells Logan that he's going to represent himself. The prosecutor then dials a number on his cell phone. He holds it up to Logan's face and asks what happened to Felix that night on the bridge. Logan says he doesn't know and shakes his head. The prosecutor holds the cell phone up to his ear and listens to somebody. He says okay and motions to the judge and says Logan's all his. The judge approaches Logan as he spins the chamber of a revolver, then holds the gun to Logan's hand. Logan shouts "no" repeatedly as the judge cocks the gun. The prosecutor says that Logan has to take a bullet as Logan yells in protest. The judge fires, but it turns out that the first chamber was empty. Logan sighs in relief. The prosecutor asks Logan again, but Logan insists that he can't remember what happened. Logan swears it's the truth, but the prosecutor says that he's a killer like his father. The judge cocks the gun again and Logan shouts in protest. As the judge pulls the trigger, Logan gives a short scream, but the second chamber is empty as well. Logan sighs again and then repeats to the prosecutor that he doesn't know anything. The prosecutor says that it's the judge he has to convince and Logan swears to the judge that he didn't so anything. The prosecutor listens to the cell phone for a second and then declares that the problem is that Logan doesn't care about his hand and that they are going to try to more valuable "real estate." The judge points the gun at Logan's knee and cocks it. Logan screams in protest some more and asks them why he would lie as the prosecutor listens to the cell phone. The prosecutor tells the judge that they're done for tonight and closes the cell phone.

white van: The van drives to an isolated area and the doors open, revealing an unconscious Logan, his face bruised. The prosecutor handles him and Logan discretely reaches into the guy's pocket and takes out his cell phone. The prosecutor asks the judge for help and says that Logan might have wet himself. The judge and prosecutor pick up Logan and toss him down a small hill. Then they close up the van and drive away. Logan takes a breath and then gets up and looks around. He opens the cell phone in his hand and presses redial, holding the phone up to his ear. Weevil answers, asking if "it's done." Logan says that it's just getting started and that Weevil has no idea of the hell he just brought on himself.

school: lunch outside: Veronica walks next to Butters and comments on his lunch of fish sticks and chocolate milk. As they sit down, Veronica asks him what he knows about Camp SelfQuest. He doesn't even know what the camp is and Veronica explains that it's the deprogramming camp Marcos's parents sent him to to make him straight. Butters says that Marcos wasn't gay and Veronica asks if he's sure about that as she eats one of his fries. Butters says that Marcos talked about chicks all the time and that he wasn't a "fairy," but a "playboy-loving booty hound." Veronica asks him for a favor: to never describe her. Butters says that Marcos was all about girls all the time and that he almost got his ass kicked about it once. Veronica asks if it was by the girl, but he clarifies that it was by her jealous boyfriend. Veronica says okay and leaves as she steals another one of his fries.

journalism room: Veronica rereads the email she got concerning Marcos, then starts typing her own email as she says in her VO that the secret admirer might be able to give her an answer. As she types the email, her VO reads it. It's about free concert tickets for doing a Radio Broadcast Alliance survey in concert promoting and whoever is interested should call (619) 555-0127 immediately.

courthouse: The Olivereses sit on a bench as Keith approaches. Keith apologizes about being late, but Carlos says that's okay and that they need him to sign a few papers as well as testifying about what he found. Keith excuses himself to talk to Carlos privately. Keith tells him that before he's deposed, there's something he needs cleared up and Carlos asks what it is. Keith says that he found fish food floating in the aquarium and he can't make sense out why. Carlos speculates that the guy who broke in decided to feed the fish, then seems to immediately realize how stupid that sounds. Keith says that he knows the harassment must have been terrible for Carlos and he feels bad that he didn't catch him red-handed, but he wonders if the last bus and scrap of paper was planted for him to find. Keith says that Carlos doesn't want him to testify and suggests he take the settlement. Keith leaves.

school classroom: Veronica sits in class writing with one hand and holding her cell phone in the other when it rings. Veronica answers it, pretending to be the Radio Broadcast Alliance, but the person on the other end has hung up immediately. Veronica looks at her phone contently.

sidewalk: Veronica walks down the sidewalk, looking at houses. Her VO says that with one "reverse phonebook," she now knows the address of Marcos' secret admirer, which is 8875 Crescent. Veronica knocks on the door and Roxie answers. Veronica says that she has a couple of questions about Marcos and Roxie asks what they are. Veronica says that Roxie sent the email and called and hung up on her, but Roxie protests. Roxie then leans out the door and asks her brother Ryan if he forgot her milkshake, then asks Veronica if she has an idiot brother, too. Ryan sees Veronica and walks quickly to hand some bags of food to Roxie. He tells Veronica she can get him later, but Veronica says she'll talk to him now. A bit later, Veronica and Ryan are leaning on the front of his car. Ryan says that he used to listen to the radio program religiously, but didn't know Marcos from school. Ryan says that Marcos and Butters checked out a reverb mic from journalism and when he heard it used in the show, he knew it was them and told them he was a fan. Ryan says that was the start of their "beautiful friendship" and Veronica asks if they were a couple. Ryan says that he was in love with Marcos and 100% gay, while Marcos just wanted to be friends and was on the fence vis-à-vis his sexuality. Ryan says he tried subtly pushing him over and that he was giving him a backrub one time when Marcos's parents came home. He says that was why they shipped him off to Camp "Homophobe." Veronica says that then he died, but Ryan clarifies that he was first forced to do "normal" things, like go on field trips to baseball games. Ryan says that Marcos died for one reason: he was trying to win back his parents' approval. Veronica tells him that the Oliveres lost their son and that those pranks hurt them, but Ryan tells they were meant to.

Duncan's bedroom: Duncan, in bed with a blonde girl, apologizes for being so out of it. The girl, revealing herself to be Meg, says she doesn't know why Duncan is so confused. Meg says that he either wants to save her or he doesn't and that he's the only one who can. They kiss and Duncan wakes up. He sighs, then gets out of bed and retrieves the letter from the drawer and turns on the light. He contemplates it for a second, then opens it, removing the paper within. He reads it and looks concerned, then leans forward and says, "Oh my god."

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