2.07 "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner"

Aired Nov 16, 2005


Duncan's suite: Veronica and Duncan are watching The Big Lebowski. Veronica is quoting it. Duncan shuts it off so they can kiss without distraction. Logan comes in and asks why they didn't wait for him to watch the movie. Duncan says he didn't know when Logan was coming home. Logan says he thought Duncan asked him to live at his suite so they could spend more time together. Veronica turns the movie back on. There's a knock on the door and Logan gets up, saying it's his room service. He also tells them that they should come up with some sort of a code so he will know when to leave Veronica and Duncan alone. Veronica says, "Scram?" Logan says he was thinking "awkward," but "scram" will work. He answers the door and Kendall is there. She walks in and Veronica covers her face with her hand in embarrassment. Kendall recognizes Veronica, calling her "iPod girl with the waxy-eared boyfriend." She comments that it's a small world, and Veronica indicates that it's very tiny indeed. Kendall walks into Logan's room. Logan says his code word will be "endurance," waves, and walks into his room. Duncan tries to pick up where he left off with Veronica, but she has lost interest. She says that Dick and Beav's stepmom just came in to sleep with his roommate and wants to know why that doesn't bother Duncan. Duncan replies that he's a guy. Veronica makes a face. Duncan says if it was Dick and Beav's real mom, it would bother him, but Kendall is their age. Veronica says Kendall is 25, but Duncan says she's hot. Veronica makes some scoffing remarks and turns the movie back on.

school classroom: Mr. Pope is talking to the FBLA club about their progress in their investments. Gia has joined the group, and Dick is writing on her hand. Beaver and Veronica are doing the best out of the group. Dick asks about his porfolio. Mr. Pope says he told Dick to invest in more than one thing, yet Dick put it all in Casablancas Realty. Dick says he's keeping it all in the family, but Mr. Pope replies that he now has nothing. Logan is doing poorly, but he says he's not worried because he always bounces back. Mr. Pope says that maybe it's better Duncan doesn't know how poorly he's doing. Veronica shoots a look at Logan, who doesn't seem to know where Duncan is either.

golf course: Woody Goodman misses a putt and laughs. Keith smiles but asks if there is any news on the bus crash. Woody says Lamb has assured him that he's working on it. Keith asks if there has been progress and if Lamb is following up on leads. Woody says absolutely. He changes the subject and wants to tell Keith about his vision for Neptune. He wants to have a cleaner, safer Neptune, and he plans to do so by incorporation. He will turn Neptune into a city like Santa Barbara and Carmel did by upping the tax base. Keith asks what the boundaries would be. Woody replies south to the marina, north to the airfield, east to the reservoir. Keith chuckles and says that's not a town, it's a country club. Woody says he's exaggerating. Nine thousand people would reside in the City of Neptune and they'd need a Chief of Police. He points to Keith. The county would still have Lamb, but now there would be twice the police protection. Everyone wins. Keith says he wouldn't be able to afford to live in the town that he was protecting and serving. Woody smiles and says they'd make it worth his while. He pats Keith on the shoulder and drives away in his golf cart.

school hall: Veronica leaves a message for Duncan, wondering where he is. She looks puzzled as she sees a very familiar "Out of Order" sign on the girls' bathroom door.

girl's bathroom: She walks in and Logan is there. He asks her if she remembers when they made out against the sink and she had her legs wrapped around his waist. She deadpans, telling him to stop because he'll make her blush. Logan asks if her life wouldn't be much easier if she was indifferent to him. She says it would be so different since she's really struggling. She asks him what he wants. Logan says in case she didn't notice, he got arrested. He tells her that a guy came forward, saying he made the 911 call on the night of Felix's murder and is now attempting to ruin Logan's life. He was wondering if Veronica could do some investigating for old times' sake. Veronica is sarcastically excited. Logan says he at least got to enjoy asking her for help and starts to walk away. Veronica changes her mind and tells Logan to give her something she can work with. He tells her that the witness said he threatened him. Logan says the guy set him up and he needs to know why. Veronica asks what the guy's name is.

school hall: Veronica comes out of the bathroom and takes down the sign. She sees Duncan and tells him she just tried to call him. He takes her arm and says he needs to talk to her. He sees Logan coming out of the bathroom but leads Veronica into an empty classroom. Veronica starts to say that Logan wanted her to help him, but Duncan interrupts, saying he's not thinking about that right now. He reminds Veronica that Lizzie gave him Meg's hard drive to hide it from her parents. He downloaded some of the files last night and read some of her emails. He hands Veronica some papers. She asks why Meg is emailing someone at Child Protective Services. Duncan says Meg found out that one of the kids she babysits for is being abused. She's emailing the agent to try to get help, but she doesn't have proof. It's not sexual and they're not beating him. They're mentally tormenting him. He's gone through the emails several times, but she never says who he is. Duncan, clearly upset, says they have to find the boy. Veronica, also upset, nods in agreement.

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Mars Investigations: Duncan says the boy is between ages seven and ten and his parents are psycho. This will not narrow things down. Veronica reads that Meg asks if one of the books will help. Duncan says they make him write admonishments hundreds of times, such as "I was bad. I deserve to be punished." He thinks Meg stole one of the books. Veronica says then they need to get the book. Duncan says this will be hard, getting it from a home where there's someone always home and the parents hate them. Duncan says the only time Meg let him come over was on Sunday nights, when her parents went to church group. Veronica says that they'll go Sunday night then. In the meantime, she says they need to figure out who Meg babysat for. Duncan lists multiple families and Veronica looks at him, surprised. Duncan says Meg babysat a lot. They joke about having a job and not an allowance. Duncan says Meg's parents didn't want their kids to be spoiled. Veronica looks at the list and says that the Goodmans don't need a babysitter now that Gia's home and she'll just have to convince the others to let her babysit long enough for her to get a writing sample. Duncan asks if the sample is to compare it to the book that they'll steal. Veronica nods. Duncan says they'll get this after breaking into Meg's house. Veronica tells him yes. He looks grim. Keith comes in then, looking through his mail. He says he got an invitation to the sheriff's department's fundraiser/bachelor auction. They laugh about this, and Keith shows Veronica the invitation. Keith asks what's going on, if Veronica has Duncan working now too. Duncan just laughs a little.

Casablancas home: Kendall, Cassidy, Dick, and lawyer Barry Randall are sitting in front of the fireplace, discussing the financial situation of the Casablancas family. While Barry drones on about how the house and car are paid for, Cassidy nervously jiggles the glass table until Kendall slaps him, snapping that he makes her think there is an earthquake. Irritated, Cassidy glares at her. Dick smirks and leers at Kendall, which earns him an irritated look from her. Barry mentions that all of Dick Sr.'s other assets have been frozen pending trial, which causes Kendall to bitch that her husband is probably lying on a beach somewhere safe, enjoying his wealth, and certainly won't come back. Ignoring her, Barry explains that both Dick and Cassidy have a trust fund that they cannot access before their twenty-first birthdays. While Cassidy doesn't seem thrilled, Dick is clearly pleased and virtually high-fives his Dad. Impatient, Kendall asks where she is in all of this. Barry informs her that Dick Sr. didn't put any property in her name, prompting Kendall to ask if she can have some of the boys' money since she is their mother. Barry clarifies that the only remaining trustee for the funds is Dick's and Cassidy's biological mother. Frustrated, Kendall asks what she is supposed to do. Barry admits that he does not know and politely asks what she did before she was married to Dick. Kendall looks horrified.

schoolyard: Veronica is on the phone with Mrs. Fuller, mentioning that she helped out Sabrina a while ago and asking if she can take over Meg's babysitting job. While Duncan joins her, Veronica verifies that she does have excellent references and knows CPR.

school classroom: The teacher, Ms. Hauser, talks about STDs, while one of the girls in the front row, Jane, constantly sneezes. Thinking that Jane is making fun of the seriousness of the topic, Ms. Hauser sends her out of the room. She then orders the class to team up in pairs and work on an assignment. Veronica pairs up with Gia and they bond a little, culminating in Veronica deftly maneuvering Gia to invite her to a sleepover at the Goodmans' house. Dick and Gia gossip about Ms. Hauser, who apparently was recently left by her husband.

After the bell rings, Veronica approaches Ms. Hauser's desk. Ms. Hauser was Mrs. Hauser, but she has papered over the Mrs. on her nameplate. Veronica asks if she can take over Meg's babysitting job with Ms. Hauser's son. Frustrated, Mrs. Ms. Hauser recounts the woes she has to endure as a single working mother, brushing off Veronica's attempts to offer her services. Before she leaves, Veronica notices a book on Mrs. Ms. Hauser's desk entitled You're Forty and He's Gone.

Fuller home: Mrs. Fuller shows off Sabrina's college achievements before handing Veronica a schedule for Edwin's evening. She explains that Veronica and the boy will have time to get acquainted by making cookies, then Edwin will read after dinner and later color pictures until bedtime.

The door opens, and Stuart Fuller and little Edwin come in. Mr. Fuller greets Veronica and mentions that Edwin should be tired from playing ball. Mrs. Fuller points out that there is a phone number list on the fridge in case of emergencies and warns Veronica to not bring any boys over. She mentions that she almost fired Meg because of "that boyfriend of hers." Edwin kisses his parents goodbye, and the elder Fullers make their exit. Turning to the boy, Veronica asks him what he would like to do now. Edwin dryly responds that they are supposed to make cookies.

Later, Veronica is watching Edwin in the library while he is absorbed with Moby Dick. In her VO, she observes that Edwin is a very obedient child who seems to delight in his boring occupations and asks herself if she needs to look for puppet wires. Checking the time, Edwin returns his book to the shelf and asks if he is allowed to color his pictures now. Veronica tells him to knock himself out.

While Edwin leaves the room, Veronica's Sidekick rings. It's Duncan, who promptly gets a recap of Veronica's status. She tells him that she has grabbed a writing sample and will snoop around after he goes to bed, mentioning Edwin's perfect behavior and the weirdness of her experience on the job. They banter a bit about how babysitting does not seem to fit Veronica, and she has just moved the conversation to Meg, when there is a knock on the patio door. It's Logan, who impatiently beckons Veronica to let him in. Veronica tells Duncan she will call him back and opens the door for Logan, snapping at him that he was supposed to come around later. She moves to the kitchen, asking the happily drawing Edwin if everything is okay, and picks up a folder from her bag.

Back in the library, Logan goes through the file, which contains information on the mysterious witness, Tom Griffith. Veronica tells him that Griffith is a respected plastic surgeon. Logan snarks a bit and then sets eyes on a picture of the doctor, claiming that he does not recognize him. After Logan admits that he lied to the police about how much he remembers from the night of Felix's death, Veronica is pissed. Before she can lecture him, though, noises from the returning Fullers can be heard from the front part of the house. She urges him to go and rushes out of the room over his protests. Logan sighs and turns to the patio door.

Veronica arrives in the hallway just in time to greet the Fullers, who have come back early. Mrs. Fuller asks her how everything went, and Veronica gushes that everything went perfect, claiming that Edwin is a dream.

outside the Fuller home: Mr. Fuller escorts Veronica outside, pays her, and says that they will call her again. While specifying weekdays on which Veronica would be most likely babysitting Edwin, he casually mentions that he wouldn't mind pot smoking and makeout sessions on his yacht on Saturdays. Veronica blinks at the suggestion, and Stuart, not missing a beat, hands her a piece of paper, explaining that it is something Edwin drew for her. While Fuller goes back into the house, the still perplexed Veronica unfolds the drawing, which shows a surprisingly accurate depiction of her having been brutally beheaded.

Mars home: Veronica keeps Wallace up on events by writing him an email. In her VO, she tells him that in the nineteen hours of her last email, she has grown four inches, changed her name to "London," and has found out that Duncan has another "love of his life" besides her. She also begs Wallace to finally answer, since their one-way conversation is beginning to remind her of Doogie Howser's journal.

school mailroom: Ms. Hauser collects her mail from her cubby-hole. She finds an invitation for the sheriff's department's bachelor auction sporting a shirtless and rather buff-looking Sheriff Lamb on the front page. Ms. Hauser seems very interested and smiles to herself. On her way out she collides with Veronica, who is blocking the door. Ms. Hauser snaps at her that this is hardly the place to stand, to which Veronica meekly apologizes, saying she was only hanging up flyers, a couple of which can still be seen in her hand. Noticing that Veronica is looking for babysitting jobs, Ms. Hauser asks her if she has references. Veronica verifies this, and Ms. Hauser, smiling to herself, takes one of the flyers.

Casablancas home: The doorbell rings insistently. Kendall, still in her bedroom apparel, makes her way downstairs, trying to rush in her high heels. She complains all the way down. She throws open the door and a woman enters, ignoring Kendall completely. It is Cassidy's and Dick's mom. She calls out for them. Kendall huffs in frustration. Cut to a little later as Betina serves up hearty sandwiches, asking her sons the last time they had such a lunch. Dick says not since he was a Brady. In the background, Kendall dusts and listens. Cassidy is pleased his mom is there and tells her so. Betina says she is there for them whenever they call, and that the only time she can act like their mother is when Big Dick isn't around. Dick reminds her that they want her to sign something, as funds are running low. Betina gets in another Big Dick dig by referring to his ability to think about the glory but forget the day-to-day. On the other hand, she says, it's a lot of money and she doesn't want them to waste it, even if it is all there is. She says she has to think of their future. Cassidy suggests they live with her, an idea that causes Dick to slap him to register his horror at the idea. Betina is reluctant since they spend most of their time in Europe. Cassidy, being needy, tells her that he likes Europe, and Betina fondly ruffles his hair.

Mars home: The doorbell rings. Veronica walks towards the door, slowing to ask Backup, who hasn't reacted at all, if he is taking a day off. Veronica opens the door. It's Ms. Hauser with her son Albert. She is dressed up to the nines. She is carrying a paper bag, which she thrusts into Veronica's hands. Albert, aged about eight, sizes up Veronica as his mother instructs Veronica that he may not eat or drink anything that is not in the bag and that they do not have television, a rule she expects to be maintained. She says Veronica can play with him but not to get him wound up. Ms. Hauser assures Veronica that if she follows all these rules, Albert will be well-behaved. She finally introduces them and races off. As soon as the door is shut, Albert demands ice cream. Veronica reminds him of what his mother said. Albert demands it again and, on Veronica's failure to comply, starts to scream. Cut to later. Duncan rushes in with ice cream. Veronica shushes him as Albert is in front of the television, transfixed. Cut to later again. Veronica searches Albert's school bag and obtains a sample of his writing. Cut to later still. Ms. Hauser arrives and is stunned and pleased to see Albert fast asleep on the sofa. She says it is unlike him. Veronica, who looks shattered, speculates that he was bored. Ms. Hauser, in an extremely good mood due to having obtained a date with Deputy Sacks, gathers her son and departs.

Dr. Griffith's office: Veronica reads the citations on the wall. Griffith enters and introduces himself. Veronica chirps that she is pleased to meet him and knows there is a lot of work to be done. Griffith looks at her quizzically, and they sit down. He asks what work she wants done. Veronica indicates her breasts as "the obvious," although she doesn't want clown boobs, just a "generous C." She points to her nose, referring to a bump. Finally, she thinks her lips could use some work. Griffith tells her that she doesn't really want these things. She assures him she has been promised the money for her eighteenth birthday. Griffith says she is gorgeous and doesn't need to change anything. He refuses to perform surgery on her. His assistant calls him to his surgery. He gives her a leaflet on body dysmorphic disorder on his way out.

car: Logan's inspirational message is courtesy of Ben Franklin. Veronica starts to leave a message, saying that the good news is that she is perfect as she is but the bad news is that Griffith is a mensch. However, she is surprised to see Griffith on the move in the rearview mirror. She ends the call. In her VO, she wonders if his next patient was also perfect or if he was trying to give her the slip. She prepares to follow him as he drives away.

Casablancas home: Kendall is lying under an umbrella by the pool. Dick drops a carrier bag on her and tells her not to say he never gives her anything. She quips that it's not on fire and reaches into the bag. It is a sexy French maid outfit. Unimpressed, she asks what it is. Dick tells her it is what she is going to wear when she dusts his armoire. He informs her that their mom signed over their trust funds, having become accustomed to life without her sons. Dick squeezes onto Kendall's chair as he tells her that Beaver is heartbroken. He puts his arm around Kendall, saying he sees it as an opportunity to bond with his new mom. Kendall looks at him with distaste.

car: Veronica has been watching a cigar shop for a half hour, the site of Griffith's "emergency." She decides it is time to go in.

cigar shop: Veronica looks around but doesn’t see Griffith. A man exits a booth, smoking a cigar, and asks if he can help. She pretends she wants to buy a gift for her father, who likes Cubans. He tells her to follow him, but before she does, she spots Griffith collecting a bag at from a man at the cash register. Griffith leaves. Veronica sighs.

Goodman home: Gia opens the door to Veronica, who is carrying a sleeping bag. Gia tells Veronica she has to take her shoes off as her mother won't let anyone wear shoes in the house. Veronica is surprised to see boxes and rails, all labeled, for holding shoes. She is horrified to see that there are many shoes in the area reserved for guests. In her VO, she notes that they kill their guests and steal their shoes. Then she hears giggling, and, with an inkling of what that means, her thought changes to hoping they kill their guests. Those hopes are dashed when Gia says she has a surprise for Veronica. She covers Veronica's eyes with her hand. Veronica's VO notes the tingling of her Spidey sense and that something bad is happening. Just how bad is revealed when Gia, having led Veronica into another room, removes her hand. It is a slumber party. There are five other girls there, including Madison Sinclair. Gia and three of them are dancing along to an inane video, and Madison is having her hair played with by another girl. Veronica's face indicates that this is hell.

Duncan's suite: Logan's bedroom: Logan and Kendall pant heavily after sex. Kendall stops Logan from getting out of bed, telling him it was perfect. She cuddles up to him, saying that she wants to be with him all the time. Logan is not fooled and advises her that if she is looking for a sugar daddy, she should pick the richest guy in the hotel suite. She lifts herself off of him, looking offended. He asks if he hurt her feeling. She questions whether this means anything to him. He says it means he is getting laid and he owes her village a goat. He laughs and grabs his underwear, sliding it on under the sheet. Kendall tries to persuade him that they have a connection, even though it started as merely sex. Logan scoffs, comparing the growth of her feelings with the shrinkage of her balance. He explains that the problem of sleeping with one of her stepson's friends is that information tends to leak. Logan gets out of bed and starts to dress. Thwarted, Kendall lays down an ultimatum: either they are done or she is going to need a few things. Logan snidely opts for the former on the basis that when the milk stops being free, he stops drinking it. She asks what she is supposed to do. He references Gone With the Wind in making it clear that he doesn't give a damn.

Duncan's suite: Kendall, now dressed, exits Logan's room. She notices the door to Duncan's room is open. She hears the shower. She walks into the room.

Duncan's bedroom: Duncan comes out of the shower. He is startled. Kendall is there. Duncan quickly grabs a towel and wraps it around his waist. Kendall is naked on his bed, asking that an itch she has be scratched. She mentions that she has fantastic nails if he wants the favor returned. Duncan blinks.

Goodman home: Gia and Veronica walk over to a table where Gia's little brother Rodney is writing thank you cards after his birthday. Veronica says hello but Rodney turns away. Gia is pondering the snacks when Rodney knocks a bowl of water and a sponge off the table and onto the carpet. He freaks. Veronica takes the opportunity to purloin one of the completed thank you cards. Gia tells Rodney that it is only water and tells Veronica that he is a little intense at times. Madison compares her butt to that of another girl as Veronica and Gia walk into the room. Veronica turns to look at Woody Goodman, who admonishes his son Rodney and says he'll have to tell his mother and to remember the rules. Woody then looks at Veronica and says not to worry, they're not spying on her. Woody tells Rodney to gather up his stuff, and they leave as Gia asks Veronica if she knows how to do dreadlocks. Cut to later. Gia says she loves pizza, as Veronica looks uncomfortable. The other girls talk about carbohydrates and pizza as Veronica continues to look uneasy, so when Gia says she thinks she hears her mother, Veronica quickly volunteers to check. Gia hides a bottle of alcohol as Veronica gets up. Veronica looks through a door at Mrs. Goodman, who is placing her shoes on the shoe rack. Mrs. Goodman walks over and talks to Woody, then walks past him to where Rodney is sitting down. Veronica ventures closer. We can't hear what Mrs. Goodman is telling Rodney, but soon he gets up and Mrs. Goodman leads him away. Veronica looks perturbed as Woody walks in the other direction to a different room and closes the door.

Duncan's suite: Logan is sitting on the couch, flipping through channels on TV when Kendall walks out of Duncan's bedroom. She wipes her lip as she walks past Logan, and Logan asks if she ever just thinks about getting a job. She replies that this is her job and then walks out.

outside the Goodman home: All the girls are gathered in a circle by the pool. Gia is on Veronica's left and Madison is on Veronica's right. Madison says that Pretty Woman is still her favorite movie and Vivian is her hero. Veronica points out that she was a hooker. Gia says it was only because she had to be. Veronica again points out (in a louder voice) that she was a hooker. Madison says Veronica should get a tattoo on her chest so people will have something to look at. Madison herself has a tattoo of what looks like barbed wire on her upper arm. Veronica turns to Gia and asks how things are with her and Dick, prompting Madison to ask if she's talking about her Dick. Gia asks if she dated Dick, and Madison replies in the affirmative. Gia says that that's so weird. As if on cue, Dick and Beaver climb up on a rock beside the pool. They're drunk, and Dick says he came here for the panty raid and they're staying for spin the bottle. Veronica looks disgusted as Madison looks delighted and the other girls voice their approval. Veronica says she's out of there and gets up.

Veronica's bedroom: Veronica walks in and drops her stuff, throwing her Ninja Turtles sleeping bag on her bed and then lying down herself. Keith walks in and says that when she leaves a sleepover early, he's supposed to put a trenchcoat over his pajamas and pick her up. Veronica says she drives now and isn't nine. Keith says she'll always been nine going on thirty to him. Keith starts sniffing her jacket and Veronica asks of they need to be alone. Keith says that he knows they had the smoking talk between the birds and the bees and the drinking and driving. Veronica says it was only one sentence between The Adventures of Pooh and Goodnight Moon. Keith hands her the jacket and asks her to explain. She smells it and says she went into a cigar shop to use the bathroom. Keith asks if it was on Ocean Avenue and when Veronica says yes, he says she should find other facilities, as that place is notorious for dealing drugs. Veronica looks thoughtful.

Duncan's suite: Duncan opens the door to Veronica. She sees he's wearing a black turtleneck and jokingly asks about a ski mask. He says she said to wear dark colors, and she points out that they're not breaking into a bank vault in a James Bond movie. He says he doesn't do this every day. Veronica says that she will gladly go back to the PI life from babysitting and that it's a sad state of affairs that she can't tell which child is being abused, because all the families are cuckoo. Logan enters the room and jokingly wonders if Duncan is going to a poetry reading, then asks if Kendall was bugging him yesterday. Duncan says no and Logan says that's good, because when he saw she was in his room for a little while, he was nervous. Duncan says she was just asking for his help with something. He tells Veronica they'd better get going and they turn to leave.

outside the Manning home: Duncan and Veronica approach the back door. Veronica asks if they leave the door open, but Duncan says no; he retrieves a hidden key under a potted plant. He says he's seen Meg do it a bunch of times because she always forgot her key. He unlocks the door and they enter.

Manning home: Veronica shines a flashlight up the stairs, and she and Duncan walk up them. She turns her flashlight off and pockets it.

Meg's bedroom: Duncan and Veronica enter the room. As Duncan picks up a stuffed monkey on Meg's bed, Veronica sarcastically says that this isn't weird at all. Veronica says she'll start with the closet and asks if Duncan wants to start with the dresser. Duncan goes to the air vent and starts to unscrew it. Veronica asks if he gave away one of Lilly's trade secrets, and Duncan replies that he thinks Lilly got it from Logan but he passed it off as his own. Duncan removes a notebook from the vent and hands it to Veronica, who takes the writing samples out. Inside the notebook is the sentence "The path to God is paved with righteousness" is written over and over again. Veronica says that people suck. As Veronica lays out the notebook and writing samples, Duncan looks back in the vent and takes out a letter. He looks at Veronica and, seeing that she's not looking, pockets it and puts the vent cover back. Veronica looks at the notebook and the writing samples. She notes that the handwriting is much neater and more perfect than the neatest of her samples, which is Rodney's. Veronica picks up the notebook and gets a look on her face. Duncan asks what it is, and Veronica says that this isn't a little boy's writing. She sees a picture frame with pictures of Meg, Lizzie, and Grace in it and the words "Sisters Are Forever" above them. Duncan says it has to be, but Veronica picks up the picture and wonders if Meg was covering. Veronica puts the picture frame down and picks up the writing samples, and then she and Duncan leave Meg's room and enter a hallway. Veronica looks across the hall and goes toward another room.

Grace's bedroom: Veronica and Duncan enter. She opens the closet door and moves some stuff to find stacks and stacks of notebooks. She looks through two of them, and they are filled with the same writing as the notebook in Meg's room. Veronica turns to Duncan, who says he can't believe this. There's a bumping sound and Veronica shushs him. The bumping sound is heard again, and Veronica moves aside some clothes in the closet to see a lock in the wall. She unlocks it and moves aside a hidden door. Grace is behind the door, inside a hidden room. She's wearing a nightgown, and she has shadows around her eyes. Veronica says, "Grace?" Veronica says it's okay. Grace says that they'll know if the door was open and they won't believe her. Veronica says she will take her out of here, but Grace says that Daddy said she wasn't ready. Duncan comes forward and asks if Grace remembers him. Veronica says that he's Meg's friend. Grace says she doesn't want to be tested and repeats that Daddy said she wasn't ready. Veronica goes to the middle of the room, pulls out her phone and dials a number. Duncan tries to get Grace to come out of the hidden room, but she won't do it. Suddenly, the lights turn on and Stewart Manning enters the room with a baseball bat. Duncan quickly gets in front of Veronica to protect her. Mr. Manning asks Grace to come out, and Duncan looks angry. Mr. Manning calls her name again, and she walks out of the hidden room. He tells her to go downstairs, adding that her mother is in the kitchen. She obeys. Mr. Manning tells Duncan and Veronica to get down on the floor. Duncan tries to talk to him, but Mr. Manning yells at him to get down on the floor. Duncan and Veronica do as his says. Mrs. Manning enters, and Mr. Manning tells her to call the sheriff. Cut to later. Lamb enters the room and looks at Veronica and Duncan. Mr. Manning says he came home from church and found them in his daughter's room, rifling through her things. Veronica gets up and tries to tell the truth about Grace being locked up in the closet, but Mr. Manning talks over her and tells her to shut her mouth and then calls her a filthy, lying whore. Lamb quiets him and goes to handcuff Veronica. As he does that, Veronica whispers to him that there's a small room inside the closet and that they locked Grace in there. He ignores her and motions for them to leave. He tells Mr. Manning that he'll be back for a statement.

outside Manning home: Lamb opens the door of the police car and lets Duncan and Veronica in. Veronica looks at Duncan nervously.

Grace's bedroom: As Lamb enters, Mr. Manning says he wants Veronica and Duncan prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Lamb completely ignores him and goes to the closet. He moves the clothes aside and opens the hidden door as Mr. Manning says that he has no right to just come into his house and start poking around. Lamb looks at the hidden room and then tells Mr. Manning that he heard his father say that exact same speech once. Lamb leaves.

police car: Veronica and Duncan are in the backseat. Lamb gets in the car and starts it, putting on his seatbelt afterward. After looking around, he turns the car onto the next street and pulls over. He gets out, goes to the other side, and opens Veronica's door. He tells Veronica and Duncan to get out. They do, and he unlocks their handcuffs. Then he gets back into the car and drives off. Veronica and Duncan look confused.

Manning kitchen: Mr. Manning walks by his wife, who is washing vegetables, and picks up a newspaper. Then he looks out the window and sees Lamb's car parked in front of his house.

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