2.06 "Rat Saw God"

Aired Nov 09, 2005


Mars home: Several people are gathered at the Mars home to watch the election results. Veronica has a worried expression on her face. Her VO says that a week ago, she pictured her dad winning the election. She and Wallace would sneak some champagne and make crank calls to former Sheriff Lamb. Instead, it's a close election, and she's alone, since Wallace is in Chicago with his father. She only has Wallace's email address and he hasn't written back. Cliff is there and asks for a refill on his gin. The TV announcer says that Lamb has nosed ahead by one percent.

sheriff's department: Lamb looks ready to celebrate. A man walks in and tells Lamb that he has some information about the Mexican kid who was murdered. He says he made the anonymous call from the bridge. Lamb stares at him in surprise.

Goodman home: Dick asks Logan about sleeping with his step-mom. Logan apologizes, but Dick isn't too concerned. He says he drooled over Logan's mom often enough. Logan doesn't look happy about that.

Mars home: The announcer informs the people that Woody Goodman is the Balboa County Supervisor. He officially calls the sheriff's race, saying Don Lamb holds onto the position. Keith thanks everyone, and they start to leave. Veronica says it wasn't even a contest until Lamb used Keith as a scapegoat for the bus crash. She says they should have told people about the explosion. Keith disagrees, saying that keeping quiet was the best thing for the investigation. Veronica says that the best thing for it would have been a competent sheriff. Keith says it's over. He tells her to go to her friend's party.

Goodman home: Gia asks Dick if he even knows where his dad is. Dick says he's not at liberty to say. According to his dad's lawyers, he cannot set foot in the United States or will go to prison. Gia asks if it's cool that he's alone or weird. Dick says his mom has a family elsewhere, so he's the man of the house now and has to take care of Beaver. Gia sees Veronica walk in and goes to talk to her. Veronica asks if she's seen Duncan. She hasn't. Gia says she's sorry about Veronica's dad losing the race. Veronica congratulates her on her dad's victory. Gia then asks what Veronica thinks of Dick. Veronica, who is obviously not a fan, says Dick is just Dick. Just then, Deputy Sacks walks in. Veronica's VO is surprised that he would bust the mayor's kid's party on election night. Sacks walks over to Logan and tells him that the sheriff wants a word with him. He asks Logan to come with him, but Logan says he has to make it official. Sacks tells Logan he's under arrest for the murder of Felix Toombs. He reads Logan his rights while handcuffing him. Logan, who doesn't appear to be fazed, makes smart remarks. Duncan comes in as Sacks is leading Logan out and looks worried.

sheriff's department and Mars home: Keith calls the department, and Sacks answers. Keith asks to talk to Lamb. Lamb is in the interrogation room with Logan, so Sacks asks for a message. Keith says to tell Lamb congratulations and all of that. Sacks says things are busy, to which Keith responds saying he hopes they're following up the lead on the bus crash. Sacks says yes, that they're checking out the front end, the brakes, and everything. Keith is surprised when he realizes that they brought up the bus.

Mars Investigations: Veronica's VO isn't happy when she sees a man lying by their door. She starts to tell him that he's not allowed to be there, when he interrupts her by sitting up and saying her name. Veronica is shocked to realize that it's Abel Koontz. Veronica helps Abel into the office. He is extremely sick and coughs out that he wants Veronica's help to find Amelia before he dies. She starts to lead him to sit down when balloons and confetti fall down on them.

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Mars Investigations: Abel says Amelia signed the settlement papers last spring. Veronica asks what the going rate was to take the fall for murder. Abel replies that it was three million dollars, but it was for Amelia. Veronica says that Amelia making herself scarce was probably part of the settlement. Abel says he needs Veronica to find his daughter. Veronica wants to know why she should help him. He replies that he's begging her. He missed her twenty-first birthday and won't be around to see her twenty-second. Veronica makes a call. She says that broke or not, some hospital has to be willing to take him. Veronica asks the hospital where their emergency room entrance is. Abel says to forget about him and asks if she'll help him find his daughter. Veronica agrees.

sheriff's department: Logan's number is called and he steps forward. There are other guys there as well. He makes some very smart-mouth remarks, obviously not taking the situation seriously. A guard takes him away from the others.

interrogation room: Lamb tells him that he should get a lawyer. Logan doesn't see the reason. He tells Lamb to get him the first sober public defender that he finds in the hall, put the bail on his Black Amex, and call him a limo. Lamb tells him it's hard to get bail if he doesn't get a hearing. Even if he does make it before a judge, Lamb has influence and might declare Logan a flight risk. Logan is confused.

Loyola Marymount University: campus: Veronica recalls in her VO that Amelia was close with her boyfriend Mike.

Loyola Marymount University: dorm room: Veronica calls on Mike. He tells her that he and Amelia went to Ibiza together. She ditched him there, disappearing under a sea of foam and taking his phone cards. He has no idea where she is.

Loyola Marymount University: campus: Veronica talks to Dawn, Amelia's former roommate. She doesn't know where Amelia is and is surprised that Amelia went to Ibiza. She describes Amelia as not being the Girls Gone Wild type and says she had to be coerced into joining a Greek booze cruise the year before.

Loyola Marymount University: dorm room: Veronica's VO says that Keith won't approve her going to Ibiza. She gets the phone card numbers from Mike instead.

Veronica's bedroom: Veronica hits the big Ibiza website, listing Amelia as a missing friend with a sick father and asking for information.

interrogation room: Cliff tells Logan that electing to have a public defender will make Logan appear to be an arrogant jackass, and further, that if the witness's story holds, Logan will go to trial where his family name will do him no favors with a jury. Logan says the witness is lying. The witness alleges that Logan, with knife in hand, was ranting over Felix's body and that Logan threatened to kill the witness. They are interrupted by a call from Veronica. They banter about who owes a favor to whom and they are pretty equally matched until Veronica's mention of her discovery that a stripper was colorblind tops matters and he agrees to help her. Veronica asks Cliff to get information on one of the phone card numbers, which he does and has forwarded to her. He tells Logan to get a real lawyer, or three.

Veronica's bedroom: From the information forwarded to her, Veronica ascertains that Amelia's last call was made from a phone in Neptune the previous week.

sheriff's department: cell: Lamb puts Logan in a cell with another prisoner. He asks about a conjugal visit. Lamb bats his eyes at him and tells Logan that it is up to his cellmate. Aaron, who is also in the cell and unseen by Logan, calls his son's name. Logan is stunned to see his father. Aaron says he was transferred there that morning and this is what it takes to get a visit, Logan's emancipation paperwork not counting. Logan says he needs to work through how Aaron bashed his girlfriend's head in. Aaron denies murdering Lilly. He alleges that a ranting and raving Duncan found him and Lilly together arguing and that Aaron left. The next thing he knew, it was all over the news. Logan asks if trying to kill Veronica was his way of maintaining his innocence. Aaron says he just snapped. He sees that Logan does not believe him and acknowledges that a jury probably won't either but says that whilst his life might be over, Logan shouldn't throw his away. He urges Logan to let his lawyers help him. Cliff, arriving at the cell door, agrees with and reiterates the point but tells Logan that he got him bail after using his contact with a judge. Logan is pretty happy with Cliff.

outside Kane Software: Veronica's at a payphone. Her VO says that detective work is all about connecting the dots. She reasons that since Amelia took hush money from Kane Software and now used a payphone across the street, there's only one person to talk to.

Kane Software: Clarence Wiedman asks a female employee where she was and she replies that someone called to tell her they were towing her car. He notices the door to his office is ajar and enters.

Clarence Wiedman's office: Clarence walks in and finds Veronica sitting behind his desk. She asks what he's the head of again and then mentions that she thought that covering up Lilly's murder would have snagged him a better office, or at least a plaque. He asks what she's doing here and she asks if he knows where Amelia DeLongpre is. Clarence denies having any contact with her and Veronica says she popped up last week to make a call from across the street. Clarence denies that she called him. He says he has no further interest in Amelia and then says he has to get back to work. He threatens to have Veronica removed from his office, but she says she can escort herself out.

school hall: Dick is telling Duncan that if you drink "it," you get a shirt and Duncan wonders why he would want a Señor Shrimp shirt. Dick says the shirt has a shrimp saying "Eat me" and that it's awesome. Weevil and a bunch of other PCHers approach and Weevil asks them in a nasty, sarcastic tone if they're planning on visiting Logan in jail. Weevil says that they now have a witness to Logan killing Felix and Dick asks if it's now a crime to kill a Mexican. Duncan and Dick leave as another PCHer says Dick needs an ass-kicking. Weevil sees Hector approaching and asks why he has a long face and Hector says that Logan got bail in two minutes. Another PCHer says that white boys get away with everything and that they should have done something about Logan months ago. Hector says people are saying stuff, like his little brother who heard at school that PCH stood for Panty Club for Homos. Weevil says that maybe it is time they did something about Logan Echolls. Later, in another hallway, Veronica says "Hey" to Duncan, they kiss, and Dick "ew"s. Duncan asks her which better: Chasers or Señor Shrimp, and Veronica asks if they mean to watch sorority girls stumble. Duncan says Enbom is getting them new fake IDs. Dick says he saw them and that they're awesome, but that they're all from Rhode Island. Veronica gets a look on her face and Duncan asks if she disapproves. She says no, but that she left something and that she'll see him in class. Veronica walks away and calls Dawn, Amelia's roommate, and asks if Amelia had a fake ID on the Booze Cruise last year. Veronica learns she had her cousin's ID and then asks what Amelia's cousin's name was.

Veronica's bedroom: Veronica types in "Margot Schell" into Prying Eyez. Her VO says that "Margot" rented a car at the San Diego airport last week.

sheriff's department car: Logan says that the best part about being in jail two days in having two days worth of Ellen on his TiVo. Lamb hears something over the radio and asks Logan what his address is.

outside Echolls home: Logan's house is on fire. Lamb's car pulls up. He gets out and then lets Logan get out. They watch the fire and Lamb says that that's going to mess up his TiVo.

Lariat Car Rental Agency: Veronica walks to the counter and talks to Douglas, the car rental manager. Veronica asks for help and Douglas says that that's what he's here for. Veronica says it looks like she got the right guy and points to the "Employee of the Month" plaque on the wall with Douglas' picture. Veronica ditzes that her friend rented the coolest car and now that she and a couple of friends are going to see the Staind show, she'd like to find out what is was so she could rent one. Douglas asks for her friend's name and Veronica says it's Margot Schnell. Douglas says "schnell" means "fast" in German. Veronica, acting impressed, asks if he speaks German and Douglas replies "Jawohl." Douglas says that the car was a LeSabre and Veronica asks about the awesome color. Douglas says it was white. He says that that car is rented, but that he can get her a Regal with a moon roof in teal for $250 a week, not including tax and liability, and then mispronounces Staind. Veronica corrects him and then asks if they have anything in the $40 range. Douglas says no.

outside Lariat Car Rental Agency: Veronica walks outside and her VO says that this used to be a tag-team number, but with Wallace gone it's a one-woman-show as she switches jackets. Through the window, Douglas berates one of his employees, saying that he's "doubly here." Veronica puts on glasses and then hides her face as Douglas leaves. Then she walks into the car rental agency again.

Lariat car rental agency: Veronica tells the employee Douglas was berating that she has to help her. The employee, Stacy, asks what the problem is and Veronica says her colleague is an unbearable Nazi (as well as pointing to Douglas's picture and saying he's kind of like him) and that she's about to do a presentation and crush him, but she left her laptop in her rental. Stacy asks about the car and Veronica tells her it was a white LeSabre. Stacy looks it up and says it's rented out now. Veronica asks if they have a number and then asks about On Star and Stacy says there not supposed to do that. Veronica says the world isn't supposed to be totally unfair and that this jackass can't win. Stacy gives in and makes the call. Stacy says they're not getting a signal, which means the car is probably in a parking garage, but that they did a remote unlock and they have GPS coordinates. Stacy places a map on the counter and points out where the car was two days ago. Veronica's VO says that it was Waverly, California. Veronica thanks Stacy and gives her a card. Stacy says she hopes her boss gets canned and Veronica vice versas. Exeunt Veronica.

Lamb's office: Lamb is drinking something from a mug as Keith enters his office. He sits down and asks the sheriff what he has found. Lamb claims that he doesn't know what Keith is talking about, so Keith clarifies that he knows that the department has hauled up the bus. He asks if any signs of an explosion have been discovered. Lamb observes that Keith apparently thinks he is involved in the investigation, to which Keith answers that Veronica's recording of the voicemail from the bus crash prompted the sheriff to drag the wreck out of the ocean. Lamb assures him that the police are working on the case, and tells him to worry more about his daughter than about the bus. Now it's Keith's turn to ask for a clarification. Gleeful that Keith doesn't know what's going on with Veronica, Lamb taunts him a bit and then tells him that Veronica had been brought in to the station because of her possible connection to Curly Moran a few weeks back. He details that Curly had been washed up on the beach, and that Veronica's name was written on the dead man's hand. He then proceeds to mock the stunned Keith a little more.

Veronica's car: It's dark. Veronica is looking at a tracking device, while her VO specifies that she is in Waverly, California, the place where Amelia was two days ago.

Palm Tree Lodge motel lobby: Veronica enters the motel lobby, where the manager sits behind his desk looking at a computer screen. She tries to make a connection by pointing out a spelling mistake in his writing, which prompts him to dubiously claim that he is doing research. Embarassed by Veronica's continued attention to his computer the manager waves a sign at her, asking if she wants to rent a room for 30 dollars a night.
Veronica's explains that she is searching for someone. The manager jokes that unless she was looking for him there wouldn't be much choice in Waverly, though she might try picking someone up at the gas station. Veronica clarifies that she is looking for a friend and shows him a picture of Amelia. The manager recognizes Amelia and says that she rented a room several days ago. When Veronica asks to be let into the room, the manager once again tells her that the rooms are 30 dollars a night. Annoyed, Veronica gives in and reaches for her purse.

Amelia's motel room: Veronica opens the door with a keycard, and looks around. She asks in her VO why a girl with millions of dollars who had been partying all over Europe should end up in a motel as shabby as this one. As she is about to examine the closet, her phone rings, scaring the tense Veronica a bit. On the phone is Keith, who sharply asks where she is. Veronica claims to be shopping in an art gallery in Neptune for which Keith demands instant proof in form of a digital photo. He also tells her that when she comes home she has to talk about Curly Moran, and asks accusingly how she could keep this from him. Shocked that she has been caught, Veronica explains that she didn't want him to worry. Keith prompts her to tell him what she found out, causing Veronica to recount her theory that the bus crash, orchestrated by Aaron Echolls, and executed by ex-stunt coordinator Curly Moran, was meant to kill her, and that thus everyone on the bus died because of her. She feels that she has to find out more, otherwise the guilt would drive her crazy and she would obsess about it the whole time. Keith drily states that this sounds exactly like being a parent. He then ends the conversation by again asking for the picture and announcing that they will talk when she gets home.

Later: Veronica has arranged several paintings on one wall to imitate an art gallery, and takes a picture with her camera, which she then sends via laptop to her father. While her VO muses over whether modern technology is meant to provide a digital leash for nervous parents, her laptop's Bluetooth connection catches a signal from Amelia's Palm Pilot whose range is limited to thirty feet.

motel lobby: Veronica asks the manager if anyone is staying in the room next to hers. The manager once again points out the price for a room. Irritated, Veronica once again pays 30 dollars.

motel room No. 109: Veronica looks around: no Amelia, no Palm Pilot.

Palm Tree Lodge motel lobby: Veronica asks for the other neighboring room; predictably, the manager expects yet another 30 dollars.

motel room No. 111: Veronica looks around, and once again finds neither Amelia nor her Palm Pilot.

hallway: Thoughtfully, Veronica looks around, as she hears noises from an ice machine near by. She opens the machine's hatch and digs through the ice cubicles, only to reveal a human hand and a lock of red hair. Shocked, Veronica drops the hatch.

Amelia's motel room: Veronica enters, frantically grabs her phone and dials, as suddenly Clarence Wiedman rushes into the room. He shuts the door and coldly says that he thought he told her to mind her own business. Scared, Veronica lowers her phone.
She tells Wiedman in a slightly shivering voice that Keith knows where she is. Unperturbed, Clarence asks if it was Amelia in the ice machine. Veronica looks scared and begins to dial, as Clarence begs her to wait. He then explains that he didn't tell her the whole truth the other day. Amelia did sign the papers and disappear like he said, but then she called him again to get another 250,000 dollars from Kane Software. Veronica is bewildered that Amelia would need money again so soon. Wiedman tells her that he gave Amelia the money in marked notes, after making her promise that she would disappear again until the legal problems of the Kane family were settled. Amelia went away, but a week after she allegedly boarded her plane, the marked bills started showing up in Waverly.

motel lobby: The manager smirks that Veronica apparently did find someone at the gas station and that now the two of them need a room. Veronica and Wiedman stare at him. Veronica asks if Amelia had company when she was around, which prompts the manager to ask if Wiedman is missing a friend as well. Clarence says to answer the question or he'll break all of the manager's fingers. Impressed, the manager admits that Amelia had a man with her. When Veronica asks what Amelia's partner looked like, he describes him vaguely as brown-haired, medium-sized, and clad in a t-shirt. Wiedman, realizing that Veronica seems to recognize the description, thanks the manager in clipped tones, and motions Veronica outside. He makes sure that she knows who the manager was talking about, and then asks her to take him to this person. When she tries to mention Amelia's body, Clarence explains that he will deal with the cops, but that he needs a better handle on what happened before everything gets too public. Veronica follows after him, seeming a bit lost and confused.

interrogation room: Aaron is led into the room by a guard and sees Keith standing by the wall. Aaron, noticing there is only two chairs, asks where his lawyer is going to sit. Keith says it's an unofficial visit and that the guard will deny he was ever here. Aaron asks if Keith doesn't mind carrying the conversation then. Keith says he looks good and asks if he's working out. Aaron replies that he has a lot of free time; he just got his psychology degree, and is now reading the Russian masters. Aaron wonders what the visit is about and Keith says he's here because of his daughter. Aaron says he's there because of her, too. Aaron asks if Keith came here to thank him for all publicity from his book and then asks if he came here to gloat. He realizes that's not Keith's style, so he asks Keith why he came. Keith says that when a former employee of Aaron's turns up dead and a school bus goes off a cliff, he worries about Veronica's safety. Aaron laughs at this accusation and says if they gave Keith enough press, he would put Aaron on the grassy knoll. Keith says he doesn't care if Aaron set up the bus crash, but he just wanted to let him know that if anything happens to Veronica in the next seventy or eighty years, Aaron will be the one to pay for it. Aaron asks if Keith came all the way out there to give a tough guy speech. Keith replies that he came out there to show how easily he could get to Aaron. Aaron looks shocked. Keith tells him to file that away. Keith goes to knock on the interrogation room door.

Mike's dorm room: Someone's knocking on Mike's door. He looks through the peephole and opens the door to Veronica. He asks what's going on and Clarence Wiedman suddenly enters and stuffs a sock in his mouth. Veronica protests, but Clarence pushes him out of his dorm room window and holds him by his shirt. Veronica hysterically says that Clarence said he was only going to ask Mike a few questions. Clarence interrogates Mike, asking him yes or no questions while dangling him. Clarence asks if he's seen Amelia in the past two weeks and Mike shakes his head no. Clarence asks him if he conspired with her to blackmail Kane Software and Mike shakes his head no again. Veronica says Mike doesn't know anything and that if he falls, he's going to break his neck. Clarence repeats the last question about conspiring to blackmail Kane Software and Mike vehemently shakes his head. Clarence then asks him if he killed Amelia and Mike shakes his head.

dorm hallway: As they walk away from Mike's room, Veronica asks Clarence where he learned that interrogation technique. He says Harvard and then asks where Veronica learned her hysterical routine. She replies that it's from watching cheerleading tryout results. Veronica asks him if he thinks Mike did it and Clarence says that nobody's that good of a liar.

lunch outside: Logan shows off his ankle tag and says that he's in constant video contact with Martha Stewart. He's eating pizza with Dick. Weevil approaches and holds up a piece of paper while asking what the hell it is. Logan takes the paper and tries to translate the word "paper," even asking Dick, before saying he'll help Weevil cheat â€" just not to tell the ESL teacher. Logan then reads what's on the paper and says it's an eviction notice. Weevil says Logan bought his grandmother's house and Logan says he needs a new one now that his former domicile was burned. Weevil starts to threaten that if Logan kicks his family out, but Logan interjects that they'll live in the house together, like a wacky sitcom family. Logan then pretends to change his mind and says that he's kicking Weevil and his family out and that he wouldn't live in Weevil's house if you put a gun to his head. Weevil pushes Logan's hand, making him smear tomato sauce in his face. Logan says that he was enjoying that. Weevil says that it's not as much as he's going to enjoy this and they start to fight, before Coach intervenes. Logan wipes off the tomato sauce as Coach says that school is not the place for this kind of thing. Logan says that school is a place of learning and Weevil points out that he might want to think about what prison is a place of.

Veronica's bedroom: Veronica's VO says that she normally digests a week like this with a conversation with Wallace and she still does, but it's flat and one-sided. She starts typing an e-mail to Wallace (which her VO dictates), when she gets a video chat invitation from "enriqueFreaque69." She puts her webcam up and accepts. enriqueFreaque69 turns out to be a blonde girl with an accent. enriqueFreaque69 asks if she is Veronica and Veronica replies in the affirmative. enriqueFreaque69 says she saw Veronica's post in the Ibiza forum and then asks if this is the girl she's looking for. She sends Veronica a group picture with Amelia in the center. Veronica starts to explain that she's been found, but enriqueFreaque69 asks if she's still with "that boyfriend." Veronica sees Mike in the picture and asks if her boyfriend was the guy next to Amelia. enriqueFreaque69 says yes and that she's never seen such a two-faced liar. In the motel lobby, the motel manager sips coffee as the phone rings. He picks up the phone and Veronica's on the other end. He exclaims that the cops were just there and Veronica says she knows. Veronica guesses he's on e-mail and asks what his e-mail address is. He answers that it's nightman122@aol.com. Veronica sends him the group picture with Amelia and she asks if the man in the picture was the one with Amelia. He says yes, but he didn't have that beard thing and his hair was a lot shorter. Veronica realizes that it wasn't Mike, but the guy on Amelia's right in the picture that was with her. Veronica video chats with enriqueFreaque69 again and asks if Amelia's boyfriend has a little beard thing on his chin and enriqueFreaque69 says yes. Veronica then asks if she knows his name. Clarence Wiedman walks down a hallway and past some restrooms as he answers his cell phone. It's Veronica on the other end and she says Amelia's killer is Carlos Mercado. Clarence walks up stairs as he says that now he has a name and a place, because some of the marked bills showed up in Caesar's Palace. Veronica says that Carlos is a diplomat's son and he'll be extradited to Argentina, but Clarence says that depends on what happens in the casino. Veronica asks him what he's going to do and Clarence replies that whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Veronica is shocked into silence.

hospital hallway: Veronica's VO says that she did what Abel wanted her to do, but wonders how will she tell a dying man that his daughter is dead because of the money he gave up his life to give her. Veronica asks the nurse at reception about Abel Koontz and he replies that Abel has a day or two if he's lucky. Veronica thanks him.

hospital room: Veronica's VO says that the answer is you don't tell him. Veronica lies to Abel that Amelia is trying to make it, but they had an early snow and she's waiting for a helicopter. Abel asks if she's happy and Veronica says yes and that, though climbing the Himalayas isn't her idea of a good time, Amelia seemed to love it. Abel holds out his hand and Veronica takes it. She sits on his bed and Veronica's VO says that in a family of well-intentioned lies, one more won't hurt.

Duncan's suite: Veronica enters as her VO says that at the end of the day, she can curl up with her adorable and honest boyfriend. She smiles at the sight of the boy lying on the sofa, a magazine over his head. As Veronica lies on top of him, he pulls his arms around her, and Logan says that it must be the sweater â€" chicks can't resist argyle. Veronica pulls up the magazine to reveal Logan and then asks him to let go of her. Logan says that she's ever the tease. The real Duncan enters and Veronica asks him what Logan's doing here. Logan says that he's out of a house and that he lives there now. Veronica looks pointedly at Duncan and he apologizes for not telling her.

warehouse: There's a banging on a metal door and it opens, revealing Keith with a crowbar. He enters and closes the door, then he puts down the crowbar and takes out a flashlight. He walks toward the mangled bus in the center of the warehouse and climbs inside. Inside the bus, he walks down the center aisle and waves his flashlight around, looking for something. Someone outside asks if anyone's in there and Keith drops to the floor to avoid being seen. The person outside waves a flashlight and then leaves. Keith looks at the underside of a seat and points his flashlight. It shows a dead rat duct-taped to the bottom of the seat.

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