2.05 "Blast from the Past"

Aired Oct 26, 2005


Fennel home: Wallace comes into his house. Alicia is taking something out of the oven and tells him dinner is ready. Wallace says he's not hungry. He tells his mom he met someone out in the driveway from Chicago who knew her. He asks if the name Nathan Woods rings a bell. Alicia says he was never supposed to see that man. Wallace is very angry at her. Alicia tells Wallace that she married Nathan when she was 21 years old. Wallace interrupts, saying Nathan was a narcotics detective. Nathan told him all of this already. Alicia says that's how Nathan started out, but he went undercover and soon became a heroin addict. He came home high and had heroin and guns stashed under the bed. Alicia says she's sorry that Wallace had to find out like this, but his real father is Hank Fennel. Alicia goes to a drawer and looks for something. She says she wants to show Wallace his birth certificate, but when she can't find it, she realizes where it went. When Hank asked Alicia to marry him, he signed his name on Wallace's birth certificate, calling him his son. Wallace is upset but understands. Alicia and Wallace hug.

school classroom: Veronica comes in and sits next to Wallace. Wallace looks upset, but Veronica doesn't know why. Mr. Wu tells his homeroom class that it's time for Homecoming. Each homeroom will nominate one boy and one girl. The top five vote-getters will be the Homecoming court. The Homecoming King and Queen will be announced at this Friday's dance. Mr. Wu asks if anyone has someone to nominate. Wallace slouches in his seat. Veronica nominates him. He gives her a look.

another classroom: Corny nominates Veronica Mars. Ashley Banks makes nasty comments about her. Corny justifies his nomination by saying Veronica is hot and a badass. Mandy chimes in, reminding the class how Veronica helped her find her dog and Polly the Parrot. Logan makes some snide remarks. Mandy tells Jackie, who is sitting in front of Logan, that if she ever needs help, ask Veronica. Jackie is amused and gives a snotty laugh, sharing the moment with Logan.

lunch: Jackie and her friend Cora are discussing Homecoming. Jackie says she doesn't see the appeal but does still want to go. She sits next to Wallace and notices that he's not acting like himself. She snaps her fingers to get his attention, and he smiles. He then notices Veronica sitting at another table and says he needs to talk to her. He leaves. Jackie is upset. Over at Veronica's table, Wallace fills her in. Veronica asks what his bio-dad is like, but Wallace doesn't give an answer. He asks if she can keep this to herself so he can figure things out. They're interrupted by Jackie. Veronica says hi to her, and Jackie says bye, ignoring Wallace. Jackie leaves. Veronica makes a face, showing she's not happy with Jackie. Wallace says he'd better take care of that and leaves.

Mars Investigations: Veronica walks in and sees several "Keith Mars for Sheriff" posters all over the office. Keith says his friend found them in a dumpster. He's not worried, though, because he has a 12-point lead over Lamb.

psychic place: Jackie is with a psychic, Madame Sophie, who is talking to her about her grandmother. She gives her advice on love. Later, when Jackie is paying, the psychic tells her that her credit card has been declined.

girl's bathroom: Jackie comes in and sees Veronica. Jackie tells Veronica that she's in some trouble. Wallace said Veronica could help. Veronica looks stunned.

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girl's bathroom: Jackie tells Veronica that someone stole her credit card and maxed out the bill. Veronica tells her to call the company and erase the charges. Jackie said she did that, but she's not worried about the bill. Her friend Cora borrows her clothes all the time. She noticed her card was missing after they went shopping together. Later, she found it in her car, like someone had deliberately put it back. Jackie wants Veronica to prove that Cora didn't do it. She's the only friend Jackie has there. She gives Veronica the list of charges. They include several hundred dollars each from many stores. The purchases included a leather jacket from Nordstrom and vanilla scented candles from Tricky Wicks. Veronica asks what Consolidated Elemental Industries is, and Jackie doesn't know. Jackie asks Veronica what she would do first if she was going to help her. Veronica says she'll see if Cora has any of the things on the list.

Mars Investigations: Alicia walks in and tells Keith that she's there to pick up her papers. She says she's talking about the personal documents that he stole from her house. Keith says he didn't steal them. Alicia says she doesn't care what he's calling it, she wants them back. Keith hands them to her and asks why she didn't tell him her ex-husband was a cop. Alicia says she was trying to protect Wallace. She was young and scared, and Nathan was violent and high. Keith says he's sure she was trying to help, but he thinks she should have let Wallace know. Alicia angrily says that he shouldn't be giving her parenting advice. Keith asks what that's supposed to mean, and Alicia replies that she protected Wallace's childhood and didn't sell it out. She says she won't invite chaos into her house. Keith yells back, saying she did invite chaos, she just postponed it. Alicia is upset and leaves.

Sac N Pac: Nathan Woods comes in and sees Wallace. He walks over to him. Wallace starts singing "Papa Was a Rolling Stone." Nathan realizes Wallace talked to his mom about him. He says he's not going to defend himself. Nathan says he can barely remember those days, so he can't blame Alicia for running out on him. Wallace asks why he's there. Wallace said it took him almost 18 years to track him down. Nathan says he did try to track him down. Alicia's mom wouldn't tell him where they'd gone, but if it weren't for her, he wouldn't have known Alicia was pregnant. He hands Wallace a stack of letters that all say, "Return to sender" on them. Wallace says that his mom gave Nathan a choice of his job or being a father. Nathan says if she had given him that choice, he would have chosen Wallace.

classroom: The morning announcements mention the nominees for Homecoming King. They include Wallace and Duncan. Wallace looks happy.

another classroom: The announcements continue, naming the nominees for Homecoming Queen. Veronica is not one of them. Mandy looks disappointed. Logan tells her that there's always Winter Carnival. Veronica can be Ice Princess. Jackie asks if they can skate on her. Logan says that Jackie's name wasn't listed and that seems to be an oversight. He laughs, and so does Jackie.

hall: Veronica is looking at Cora's schedule. She sees Cora, and her VO notices the expensive leather jacket that she's wearing. Veronica bumps into Cora. She apologizes and then tells Cora that she has amazing taste. Cora is surprised that Veronica knows who she is. Veronica asks where she got it. Cora says it's a secret, but then says she got it at an outlet mall outside of Chatsworth. She is going later to get her Homecoming dress. Veronica asks if she can come. Cora is surprised but agrees. They both walk away. Veronica's VO realizes that she hasn't been asked to Homecoming yet.

parking lot: Duncan waits behind a van. A few seconds later, he comes from behind it as Logan walks by. He invites Logan to his hotel suite to hang out on Thursday. Logan is hesitant at first, but Duncan doesn't give up, so he eventually agrees. They walk away. Veronica and Jackie are talking. Jackie thinks Cora has to be the thief. Veronica tells Jackie to let her double check before she accuses her. Cora would have to be pretty stupid to wear stolen merchandise to school. Veronica should have an answer for Jackie by tomorrow.

convention hall: Lamb and Keith are having a debate. Lamb lists things that bug him, which include gang violence, illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and street racing. He has confidence that the voters will re-elect the Exterminator. The moderator then asks Keith if the nature of the Lilly Kane murder case colors his feelings for Neptune. He replies that he loves Neptune but is bugged by the subtle changes over the last few months. Lamb chimes in, saying that violent crime has dropped 11%. Keith says he's talking about the growing sense of resentment, of friction, and of polarization within the community. Veronica is in the back of the room, taking pictures. The moderator brings up the bus crash and says that many people feel Lamb was quick to attribute the accident to driver error. Lamb says that it has recently come to light that back in 1989, then-Deputy Mars pulled Ed Doyle over for driving under the influence. Keith decided to follow him home instead of following procedure. If he had given him a DUI, Doyle would never have been hired by the school district. The audience murmurs. The moderator asks Keith for his response. Keith says he's not familiar with it, but Lamb says he has a copy of his patrol log in case his memory needs to be jogged. Keith is silent. Veronica looks concerned.

Cora's house: Veronica spilled coffee all over her blouse, and Cora lets her borrow something to wear. Veronica looks around in Cora's closet for the stolen goods. Cora tries to stop her from opening one dress bag, but Veronica is successful. Inside it is a chicken costume. It's the Oh Boyo Pollo Chicken. Cora says that if anyone finds out about that, she'll have to kill Veronica. Veronica doesn't blame her.

car: Veronica drops Cora off at her house. Cora says Duncan will love her dress and goes into the house. Veronica calls Oh Boyo Pollo and asks to speak to the manager. She says she's Mae Hadwell the vocational ed coordinator at Neptune High. She wants to confirm some work hours for Cora Briggs. The manager gives her some times that Cora worked, including Sunday. She then calls Jackie and tells her that there's no way Cora could have stolen her card.

Duncan's suite: Veronica and Duncan have dinner. They kiss, and Duncan asks about inviting people over for an after-party. Veronica asks what the after-party is after. He says for the Homecoming Dance after the game. She asks him to tell her more, and he realizes he hasn't asked her to the dance yet. He says he's a dope and that of course he wants her to go with him. She says she'll need an orchid wristlet, a Rolls-Royce limo, and some Kane Software stationery. Duncan looks puzzled and asks why. Veronica says he's here for his looks, so let her do the heavy thinking. They laugh.

Mars home: Veronica reads the paper's headline entitled, "Sheriff's Race Heats Up." Keith walks in. She reads that Keith surrendered his early lead and is in a statistical dead heat with Lamb. Keith pulls out a bug in a glass container from Veronica's book bag and asks about it. She tells him to worry about the election, and she'll worry about her bio project.

Fennel home: Alicia comes out of her bedroom and sees that Wallace has a stack of letters in his hands. She asks what they are. Wallace says she should know, since her handwriting is on them. He says maybe they should see what his dad has to say. Alicia yells "no" and grabs at the letters. They drop on the floor. Wallace asks what she was thinking. She says she's still his mother. She told him to stay away from Nathan, and he should listen. Wallace says she told him Nathan had a choice. But she lied. He leaves.

hall: Wallace tells Veronica that his mom made her dad out to be a psychopath, just to cover her tracks. Wallace asks if he's so nuts, how has he been able to stay with the Chicago police department all these years. Veronica asks if he's a cop, why did it take all those years to track him down? Veronica tells him that she knows: the one who sticks with you is the one who cares.

Sheriff's department: Lamb opens a present, and the bug that Keith looked at before is in it. The note is on Kane Software stationery, and it is written to the Exterminator. It says to knock 'em dead on election day. Sacks knocks on the door. Lamb tells him that Jake Kane sent a vote of support all the way from Aspen. Sacks says the guys are in interrogation. Lamb asks if they're the two guys they picked up in Cliffside. Sacks says he wouldn't believe the story they're trying to sell. Lamb puts the bug on his desk.

car: Veronica is driving, and her VO says she is looking for Consolidated Elemental Industries, the first place someone used Jackie's card. She sees that it's a psychic crystal readings place. Veronica walks in, and Madame Sophie says she'll be out in a minute. Veronica looks around and sees several large vanilla scented candles. Her VO wonders if they're $500 worth. She looks on the bottom and sees a "Tricky Wicks" sticker. She leaves.

Veronica's bedroom: Veronica says it doesn't make sense how Madame Sophie got her card. Jackie says she got it from her. Veronica is surprised that she sees a psychic. Jackie says her grandma died two years ago. Even a person pretending to be her grandma, telling her everything is going to be all right, gives her comfort. Jackie says it's her secret shame and she's sure Veronica has one. Veronica asks if she remembers Mamma-Max. Jackie says it's the stuff from the infomercial that you rub on your chest. Veronica says she was a freshman. Jackie says she can get even by going on Madame Sophie's show.

Jackie's house: Veronica is surprised that Jackie TiVos this show. Jackie says everyone at Neptune watches it. The two of them watch it. Madame Sophie talks to a girl, telling her that someone special is trying to reach her, someone who passed before her time. The girl, crying, says it's her friend Rhonda who was on the bus. Madame Sophie gives her a hug. Veronica says she has a new life's mission: to destroy Madame Sophie. There's a knock on the door. Terrence comes in. Jackie introduces Veronica to Terrence, saying he remembers her. Veronica says they met at Shark Field. Jackie asks what the Sheriff wanted. Terrence said he wanted him to emcee the department's charity ball. Jackie laughs, thinking he's kidding. Terrence wishes he was. He leaves. Veronica's VO says that she and Jackie came up with a plan to expose Madame Sophie.

Veronica's bedroom: Veronica's VO continues, saying that since Madame Sophie already knew Jackie, Veronica would go on the show and expose her as a fraud. Terrence's visit with Lamb reminds Veronica to check in on Lamb. She uses the bug within the bug to listen to what has been recorded on her computer.

flashback: Lamb asks Terrence if he's interested in buying some tickets to their annual fundraiser. They're ten dollars each. Terrence wonders why Lamb had him come all the way down there just to give a donation. Lamb says he likes to get to know the more notable citizens. Terrence says he'll take two and is about to leave when Lamb stops him. He says he was thinking Terrence would take 1,000 tickets and that he could also emcee the charity ball. Terrence says that's a lot of money, but Lamb says it's not three million dollars. With a gambling debt like that, some men might be sent down to his nice Cliffside house to remind him that payment is due. Terrence says he never bet on baseball. Lamb says he has a guy in a holding cell that says Terrence did favors for gentlemen who bet extensively on baseball. Lamb says they have something in common: they'd both like to see him make it into the Hall of Fame. He gives a nasty smile, and Terrence looks worried.

Veronica's bedroom: Veronica is upset to hear about this.

school: lunch outside: Veronica sits down next to Michele. She says she saw her on TV and that it was amazing. Veronica says she's thinking about going on the show and wants to know what they did when she got there. She wonders if someone on the show asks who she wanted to communicate with. Michele says no. Veronica asks if anyone knew she wanted to talk to Rhonda. Michele says there was another audience member backstage that she talked to. Veronica asks what she looked like. Michele replies that she had big hair and rhinestone glasses. Michele says that before Madame Sophie contacted Rhonda, and Rhonda told her that she wasn't mad at Michele for not picking up, she couldn't eat or sleep. Veronica asks what she's talking about. Cora says Rhonda called her from the bus. She was painting her nails and so let it go to voicemail. Veronica asks her if she has the message from when the bus went over. Cora asks her not to tell anyone, but lets her listen to it. Veronica hears Rhonda says she can't believe Cora bailed on the field trip without telling her. She's interrupted when there's an explosion. Several voices are heard screaming, then there's a splash and the phone goes dead. Veronica is stunned. Cora asks if she's okay. Veronica pushes some buttons on the phone, under the table, and then gives the phone back to Cora.

Duncan's suite: Duncan and Logan play a video game.

TV studio: Madame Sophie hugs a girl, and the audience claps. Veronica's VO says she's here for advice from dead-before-his-time Uncle Roger who she gushed about to the crazy big-haired lady with the rhinestone glasses. Madame Sophie says she's looking for someone who's thinking about someone with beginning with an R. Veronica raises her hand. She goes up front. Madame Sophie says he was special to her and Veronica agrees that it's her Uncle Roger. Madame Sophie says she's receiving another voice. A young woman with the letter L who's holding out a flower— a lily. Veronica looks shocked. Wallace and Jackie are watching the show. Wallace looks worried. Madame Sophie says Lilly has a message for Veronica: she should have stayed away from her boyfriend. Duncan and Logan are watching and look stunned. Madame Sophie says Lilly has something else to tell them, something to do with infomercials. She says to be happy with your own body and that you don't need the Mamma-Max. The audience starts laughing. The look on Veronica's face shows she realizes what happened.

Veronica's bedroom: Veronica is listening to the recorded conversation between Terrence and Lamb again. Veronica puts in a CD and burns the conversation. Her phone rings. She answers it and says hi to Duncan. He asks how she is. She says she's slathering up her chest as they speak. She wants to call him back but asks who is DJing between sets tomorrow. He answers that Corny is. Veronica thinks this is perfect because she has a special request. She takes the CD out and labels it "Homecoming Request." There's a knock on her door. Wallace is there and asks if she's okay. She answers, asking if he means compared to how his girlfriend is going to be feeling. Wallace says Jackie was worried about her. Wallace doesn't understand why Veronica thinks Jackie had anything to do with this. Veronica replies that before tonight, Jackie was the only person alive who knew about the Mamma-Max. She's very angry and tells him to pick a side. Wallace is also angry and says no. He asks Veronica to do him a favor for once. Even if Jackie did it, he's asking Veronica to let it go. Veronica says she can't do that. Wallace asks why it always has to be about her. Jackie is right about one thing: it's Veronica's world and he just lives in it. He tells her not to do whatever it is she's going to do. He goes on to ask if she's been paying attention lately. He just learned that his whole life is a lie. He says he's always been a shoulder for her to lean on, but she hasn't given him any time or sympathy. He leaves, slamming the door behind him. Veronica looks stunned and upset.

Jackie's bedroom and Wallace's home: Jackie's cell phone rings. Wallace asks her if she set up Veronica. Jackie says it was supposed to be funny, just a punking. Wallace yells at her, saying she humiliated his best friend on TV. Jackie says she feels terrible. She just wanted to take Veronica down a peg for telling him about Dave, for being the person her boyfriend confides in, and for supposedly being a legendary badass. Wallace says Jackie has no idea what Veronica's been through. Jackie swears that the psychic came up with the Lilly thing on her own. She only told her about the Mamma-Max. She apologizes again and wants to make it up to him at the dance. Wallace says he's only going to the dance because of the stupid election, but he's not going with Jackie. Jackie, tears in her eyes, opens a drawer and pulls out some pills.

Mars home: Veronica is all dressed up, and Keith tells her she looks beautiful. She says there's something she needs Keith to hear. Veronica sets up her cell phone and presses some buttons. She says it's a voice mail from one of the students who died on the bus crash. She called just as the bus went over. The message plays. Keith listens to it and looks sick. Veronica asks if he heard it. He says there was an explosion. She says it was before the bus hit the railing which means the bus was sabotaged. She says this means Doyle didn't have anything to do with it and there's still time before the election. Keith interrupts her, saying that he's not going to use the deaths of seven people to win an election. Veronica says there are people who think the crash is his fault. Keith says they can think that, at least for now. If that sound was an explosion, those kids were murdered, and the guilty party is still at large. The information can't go public if they want the investigation to stay ahead of the game. Veronica interrupts, asking what investigation is there. She says the only way the killer will be put away is if Keith wins the election. Keith nods. There's a knock on the door. Duncan is at the door. Veronica tells Keith not to wait up. Keith says to tell Wallace he's pulling for him. Duncan says he's not feeling the Mars family love. Veronica quips that it's like rooting for the Yankees. They start to leave but Keith stops them and says she forgot her CD. After a pause, Veronica says she doesn't need it.

dance: The Faders are playing a fast song. Duncan and Veronica dance. Jackie comes in, looking drunk or stoned. A guy comes up behind her and tries to dance with her. A slow song plays. Duncan and Veronica kiss. Veronica notices Jackie dancing with Logan. She is extremely angry. She runs over to them and grabs Jackie. She says it's one thing if Jackie wants to go at it with her, but if she thinks she's going to break Wallace's heart, she underestimates Veronica's wrath. Jackie drunkenly says Veronica can't make up her mind and she should just pick one of them. Veronica notices Wallace watching them. He turns and leaves. Veronica pushes Jackie out of the way and goes after Wallace. She can't find him. Duncan says Wallace will be all right.

Sheriff's Department: Keith comes in to see Lamb. Keith tells him he's there about the crash. Veronica found a recording of a voicemail from one of the victims, left at the moment of the crash. He gives Lamb a CD and tells him it sounds like there was an explosion. Lamb thinks this has to do with Keith trying to clear himself and winning the election. Keith says it's about finding out what really happened with the bus crash. Keith says he could have brought the evidence straight to the local news station if he wanted to hurt Lamb. Lamb looks scornful. Keith notices Veronica's bug on Lamb's desk. He distracts Lamb and takes the bug and leaves.

Mars home: Keith gets a call late at night. It's Alicia. Keith tries to apologize, but Alicia tells him Wallace is missing. The next day, Keith comes in and tells Veronica that Wallace didn't come home after the dance last night. Veronica looks worried.

car: Wallace hears his cell phone ring and sees it's Veronica calling. He doesn't answer.

Mars home: Veronica leaves a message for Wallace, apologizing. She tells him she can't lose another friend and asks him to call her back.

car: Wallace looks upset. He's riding in the car with his dad. His dad looks concerned. They keep driving.

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