2.04 "Green-Eyed Monster"

Aired Oct 19, 2005

Cultural References

"Mr. Brightside" (Music)

"Dad might be too busy for Miss Brightside, but I think I can pencil in some time to make a couple of quick G's."

I just can't look it's killing me
And taking control
Jealousy, turning saints into the sea
Swimming through sick lullabies
Choking on your alibis
…'Cause I'm Mr Brightside

This 2004 ditty by The Killers spells out the dark side of jealousy and is a fitting tribute to the paranoid heroine in this episode's Mystery of the Week.

Dungeons and Dragons (Sports, Games and Toys)

"You really are a basketball star, aren't you? I mean, I'm not just smacking the ass of some Dungeons and Dragons geek, right?"

Debuting in 1974, Dungeons & Dragons remains the best-known and best-selling role-playing game of all time. Players create fictitious characters who embark upon imaginary adventures and battle many kinds of fictional monsters, gather treasure, and earn experience points. This is all done while acting out scenarios using the voices and mannerisms of their characters. Sounds like Jackie is jealous that Wallace might have been invited to a game but she wasn't.

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The Big Lebowski (Movies)

"She's not my old lady. She's my special lady friend."

THE DUDE: She's not my special lady, she's my f****** lady friend.

One of several memorable quotes from this 1998 movie, the Keith Mars version, void of all profanity and hostility, is arguably the funnier of the two.

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Waiting for Godot (Plays)

"Dr. Godot, Nurses' Station Three. Dr. Godot, Nurses' Station Three."

The classic play by Samuel Beckett follows the (non) adventures of two homeless men who wait in vain by the roadside for Godot, whose identity is never revealed. Many have incorrectly assumed that this was an existentialist statement about the futility of having faith in God, but Beckett repeatedly denied that Godot represents The Big Guy Upstairs. It seems someone in the hospital is waiting for Dr. Godot, whose identity is never revealed to us. That's deep, man.

Scooby Doo (Movies, TV)


The cartoon character Scooby Doo had a unique language that was part dog, part human, and all hilarious. His most famous lines include, "Rooby-dooby-do!" "Ree, hee, hee, hee, hee," "Ruh-uh," and Veronica's personal favorite, "Ruh-roh." She uses the latter to warn…herself? about impending danger when her engaged, slightly crazy client shows up at her fiancé's Hebrew lesson during Veronica's stakeout.

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Martha Stewart (People)

"Yo, Martha. I heard you took a ride downtown behind the 187."

Fortunately, Veronica never had to choose between lying to the Grand Jury and confessing to insider stock trading, a choice Martha Stewart had to make in 2004. Unfortunately for Martha, both choices could — and did — land her in federal prison. Veronica manages to avoid doing jail time behind Curly's 187, police code for homicide. Too bad Weevil doesn't have high hopes for her future.

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Joseph Wapner (People)

"So did you flop for the cops, or did the local Wapner hook you up with some ankle bling?"

Judge Wapner presided over approximately 7,000 real cases for the television show The People's Court. The show was cancelled in 1993, though Wapner contends that he retired. A newer version premiered in 1997 and continues to air nationally. Weevil hopes his jive talk will scare Veronica into telling the truth about her recent trip to the sheriff's office. Or that she'll show off her shiny new house arrest bracelet.

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Aladdin (Characters)

"What's up with the hoops? If I rub your head, do I get three wishes?"

In the legend of Aladdin, someone would rub a lamp to release its genie, and the bald wonder would grant the person three wishes. Rubbing the genie's head does nothing but increase the glare on his shiny skull. Veronica teases Weevil about his earrings and his baldy and asks if he is her genie. Weevil's angry response (paraphrased): "I am not amused."

Goldilocks (Characters)

"You didn't ask how high. Didn't Goldilocks say 'jump'?"

The heroine (or is it antagonist?) of the fairy tale "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" claimed her 15 minutes of fame by eating, sitting, and sleeping on things that were not hers. Perhaps that memory, along with Veronica's blonde hair, make Jackie hot under the collar when Veronica manages to whisk Wallace away with a simple phone call.

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Pixy Stix (Organizations, Companies, and Products)

"I may have to have a talk with Miss Pixy Stix."

This nostalgic candy from Wonka Products is sold as a pack of nine-inch paper tubes of multiple colors that are filled with dye and flavored sugar. They should be called "A Dentist's Dream." If Jackie was implying that Veronica's legs are skinny like Pixy Stix, she'd be quite wrong. Veronica's got some nice gams. If she was implying that Veronica is sweet and colorful on the inside, she'd be quite right.

Toys 'R' Us (Organizations, Companies, and Products)

"Do you own these clothes, or did you just make a stop at Dirty-Co-eds-R-Us?"

Toys 'R' Us, the parent corporation for the toy store chain, the baby superstore chain, and even a children's clothing franchise, emerged in 1978. The 11 billion dollar company's claim to fame is that is has every toy, baby product, and apparel item that parents need for their children. But slutty, sorority girl outfits? That's a new one.

Lolita (Literature, Movies)

"Just go Lolita on his ass. Let me do my thing."

This 1954 novel by Vladimir Nabokov was made into a movie in 1962 and again in 1998. It's the story of a middle-aged man who becomes obsessed with a sexy young girl who eventually seduces him. Veronica's not twelve, but Wallace is convinced that her charm, girlish good looks and street-walker attire (complete with fishnet pantyhose) are enough get a rise (pun intended) out of a potentially-cheating fiancé.

Nicolas Cage (People)

"Your friend a big Nicolas Cage fan?"
"My friend is Nic Cage."

This actor and nephew of movie director Francis Ford Coppola is known for his roles in both comedies (Moonstruck, Raising Arizona) and dramas (Leaving Las Vegas). He's also appeared in action movies with the likes of Sean Connery and John Travolta (The Rock, Face/Off). Veronica begins to unravel the truth about the mysterious fiancé. Why didn't she know Nicolas Cage had a house in Neptune? Because the writers just thought it up for this episode. Clever.

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Google (Places)

"And while we're on the subject of men I failed to seduce today, time to see what Collin likes to Google."

The popular Internet search engine reported over six billion dollars in revenue for 2005. Its founders admitted they accidentally misspelled "googel," the mathematical term which refers to the number 1 followed by 100 zeroes. Somehow, the name stuck. If Veronica Mars were to google her name today, she'd get hundreds of hits. Of course, if she were going for quality and wanted to find the most comprehensive and informative site on the 'Net, she'd only need one. What do you mean, "which one?" Check out the site you're currently visiting...wait for it...Ah, yes. Thanks for playing.

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If looks could kill (Words, Sayings, and Slogans)

"Okay, so apparently looks can't kill."

"If looks could kill" is a common expression referring to a malicious, often angry, stare-down of another person. It was also a 1991 movie with Richard Grieco. Yeah, we didn't know either. It's hard to imagine why a nice, Catholic school girl like Lizzie would glare at Veronica thusly. She could be resentful that Veronica reunited with Duncan, who also happens to be her comatose sister's ex-boyfriend. Or seeing Veronica dressed only in a bed sheet reminds her of happier days as the Neptune High slut. Tough call.

Iggy Pop (People)

"Do you leave heroin out when Iggy Pop spends the night?"

The lead singer of the punk rock band "The Stooges" in the late 1960s-early '70s, he eventually left the group because of his growing addiction to heroin and other drugs. Veronica likens her curiosity about Meg's computer files to Iggy's carnal cravings. Today, Iggy Pop is alive (a feat in itself), clean, and sober, and he's still making music. He's generally credited as the Father of Punk. Does that make him the cousin of James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, or husband to Ma Rainey, Mother of the Blues? Just wondering.

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Lisa Marie Presley (People)

"He's house-sitting for Nicolas Cage. That's Lisa Marie in the framed photo on his bar."

She's a singer in her own right, but Lisa Marie is better known for her family tree than for her own career achievements. She's the daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley and the ex-wife of both Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage. She and Nic divorced in early 2004, which begs the question: why would he have a picture of her on display in his house in 2005?

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I-Spy (Literature, TV)

"And you don't get away with it all either."
"I know."
"Whether it's playing I-Spy after school or staying out all night at your boyfriend's hotel room."

The 1960s show on NBC starred Robert Culp and a young (and handsome) Bill Cosby as two CIA agents who worked undercover as a tennis pro and his trainer. It's also is a series of children's books that asks its readers to find hidden objects within crowded photographs. Lately, it's become a popular game for long car rides. It's hard to know which I-Spy Keith was suggesting, but it doesn't matter. Keith puts Veronica in her place and reminds her that he's the one wearing the big-boy detective pants in the Mars family.

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