2.03 "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang"

Aired Oct 12, 2005


school hall: Veronica's VO says that since she has college applications to do, her guidance counselor suggested she do more extra curricular activities. Therefore, she is now a "Future Business Leader of America."

classroom: Veronica enters a classroom as Mr. Pope introduces Mr. H. Richard Casablancas, C.E.O. of Casablancas Enterprises. Her VO continues, saying that she joined this club because of Duncan. They kiss and Logan says that now he's lost his appetite. Big Dick smiles at Dick, who returns the gesture. Beaver Cassidy also smiles, but his dad doesn't pay any attention to him. Big Dick talks to them about real estate. He explains the principle of real estate investment trusts, or REITs, where smaller investors pool their money to buy a share in property. Veronica looks in a Casablancas, Inc. brochure and sees the Sandpiper Hotel, a high-class, expensive piece of real estate. Mr. Casablancas shows them a graph of their earnings. Veronica's VO comments that the rich get richer while the poor hope for scholarships.

school outside: Beaver Cassidy asks Veronica to investigate his gold-digging stepmom Kendall. He thinks Kendall is cheating on his dad because he found a condom wrapper under the couch. Her prenup doesn't allow her to cheat on her husband. Beaver Cassidy offers to pay Veronica $500 to get a picture of Kendall violating her prenup. She bargains for $1,000. He agrees and hands her Kendall's schedule.

parking lot: Veronica is walking, and her VO reads Kendall's schedule, which includes lunch, working out, facials, etc. She stops when she sees Deputy Sacks leaning on his car. He says that Sheriff wants to talk to her. She smart-mouths and he opens the door to the car.

interrogation room: After some silence, Lamb says he assumes she knows why she's there. Veronica says she has no idea. They talk for a little bit, with Veronica wising off even more. Lamb pushes a file over to her and asks what she knows about the man inside. Veronica opens the file and sees mug shots of David "Curly" Moran. She continues to be sarcastic and is interrupted by Lamb asking her if she has ever seen him. She looks at another picture in the file, this one with Curly leaning against a motorcycle. Her VO is surprised to realize that she has seen him before.

flashback: Veronica helps a man light a votive candle for the bus memorial on the side of the cliff. The man is Curly Moran.

interrogation room: Veronica looks surprised, and Lamb realizes she has seen Curly before. Lamb holds up an evidence bag. He asks if she's missing an earring, and she implies that it's not hers. Lamb says it was found outside the Road Hog, a biker bar up the P.C.H., which is the last place Curly was seen. Veronica asks what this has to do with her. Lamb tells her that her name was written on Curly. Lamb shows her more pictures: one of Curly's body and another of Curly's hand with "Veronica Mars" written on it. Lamb tells her that Curly's body was washed up on the beach. He had been beaten to death. Veronica looks stunned.

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Mars home: Alicia asks Keith if he's really going to run for sheriff. He replies that he is. They talk about his book, and he says he has a signing in Chicago this weekend. He asks Alicia if she'd like to go on a romantic getaway. Keith says he'll be staying at the Rossmore Hotel, and it has a nightclub that plays jazz. Alicia hesitates, and Keith asks what is wrong. She says it's perfect and they kiss. Veronica comes in and makes a comment about a child being in the room. Keith asks her how she is, and she says she's fine. Her VO says she's not going to tell him about the dead man with her name on his hand because she wants to be able to leave the house without an armed escort. Veronica goes into her room.

Veronica's bedroom: Veronica looks up information on Kendall Lacey Casablancas, originally Lacey Shiflit. She was an Arizona State University dropout who became a background dancer in a music video. She was then a Laker Girl until twice-divorced Dick Casablancas married her. She also looks up information on David "Curly" Moran. He was a stuntman but crashed his career in the '80s. He was also in jail for three years for assault. He had been working at Symbolic Motor Car Company until he died. Veronica's VO wonders what he has to do with her. Keith comes in, and Veronica closes the lid to her laptop. He asks her what's up. She says she'll tell him if he answers some questions. Keith takes a seat. Veronica asks if, now that he's started the proceedings to divorce Lianne, he's taking Alicia to Chicago to propose to her. Keith replies that there's no ring. Veronica persists in asking and Keith says he'll tell her as soon as they know what the next step is. Veronica says okay and says she has something to admit. She opens her laptop and says she loves unicorns.

outside: Veronica is trailing Kendall, and her VO comments on how easy it is. Kendall enters a gym and sits down at a table. A man joins her and puts his gym bag on the table. They grab something to eat. Veronica takes some pictures. They walk back outside. A car pulls up, and the man opens the passenger door. Kendall gets in.

outside hotel: Veronica continues to take pictures from her car as Kendall and the man go into a room on the second floor of a hotel. Kendall closes the curtains.

school: lunch outside: Wallace joins Veronica. She closes the folder with the pictures she was examining. He waves at Jackie, and she smiles and walks over to join them. Veronica says she didn't realize Jackie and Wallace were lunch buddies. He says he likes her and asks Veronica to help him out. He tells Veronica to retract her claws. Jackie sits down, and Wallace asks if they've met. Veronica says they did when Jackie asked her to step outside of her job description at Java the Hut. Jackie apologizes. Veronica still doesn't look pleased to be near her. Jackie complains about having to read Pride and Prejudice. Veronica's VO says she's going to help Wallace out. Veronica says that she and Duncan were going to rent the movie with Colin Firth and that Jackie and Wallace are invited. Jackie accepts, and Wallace winks as a "thank you" gesture to Veronica.

Java the Hut: Veronica shows some people to a table and then walks over to another table where Cassidy is sitting. She hands him the folder of pictures of Kendall. Cassidy comments that Kendall is doing it on one of his dad's properties. He tells Veronica that the pictures aren't good enough. There's nothing in the clause about swapping gym bags with someone. He thinks Kendall's probably stealing from his dad as well. Veronica says she'll get Cassidy the money shot. She hands him an iPod and asks him to put Kendall's music onto it.

Veronica's bedroom: She takes another iPod and uses tools on the back of it.

Symbolic Motor Car Company: Veronica walks into the shop and notices all of the very expensive cars. Her VO wonders if he left any clues lying around. A mechanic tells her that they don't service her type of car there. Veronica says she called earlier and is Curly's niece, Veronica Mars. She asks if he had mentioned her. The mechanic says he hadn't. He hands her a box of Curly's stuff that they were about to throw away. Veronica asks again if Curly ever said anything about Veronica Mars. The mechanic replies that he never said much about anything and leaves. Veronica looks through the things in the box. There are a few framed pictures in there, including one of Curly with Aaron Echolls. Aaron signed it saying, "All these years still on 'The Long Haul.'"

classroom: Duncan and Veronica walk into the FBLA meeting. Veronica's VO wonders if it's a coincidence that an ex-con shows up with her name on his hand when she's a key witness in his benefactor's murder trial. Maybe it's a coincidence that Curly Moran was following her that day on the cliff, but she doubts it. Duncan asks what's on her mind, but she doesn't give him any information. Logan moves over so Duncan and Veronica can sit next to each other. Mr. Pope tells them about the stock market game that he runs every year. They can invest their money in any way they see fit, as long as it's legal. The student with the most money at the end of the game will get a plaque. There is also a cash prize for anyone who can beat Mr. Pope's earnings. He invested in Casablancas, Inc. and has made enough money to retire in nine months. He has a nice sailboat that he'll be spending time in during his retirement. He would have retired earlier, but he had to reseal the hull twice. Logan makes a comment about not plugging her right the first time and looks at Duncan. Duncan makes a dive for him. The fight takes the guys into the hall.

nurse's office: The nurse tells them that whoever they're fighting over won't be impressed by this. She finishes bandaging Duncan's wounds and tells him the principal is waiting for him. She looks at Logan and says she'll be back for him. Logan says he thinks the nurse is wrong about Veronica. Duncan says Logan lost her; he didn't steal her. Logan says this isn't about Veronica. He wants to know where Duncan was this summer. He was accused of murder, and Duncan wasn't around. There's a war out there, and Duncan is on the sidelines. He used to have Logan's back. Duncan says he does remember the summer because he was dealing with the fact that Logan's dad murdered his sister. The nurse comes in and tells Duncan that the principal is waiting. Duncan leaves, very angry, but hears Logan say that he hates his father too. The nurse uses antiseptic on Logan's hand, sees tears in his eyes, and asks if it stings.

Duncan's hotel room: Duncan, Veronica, Wallace, and Jackie are watching Pride and Prejudice. Duncan tells Veronica that the fight isn't a big deal. Guys do that sometimes. They discuss the appeal of Colin Firth. Jackie talks about how she met him at an after-party in London. Veronica's VO comments that Jackie has gone on about herself all night and the wonderful things she's done. Clearly, Veronica still doesn't like Jackie.

hotel room bathroom: Veronica is drying her hands, and Wallace asks her if she thinks Jackie is cool. Veronica asks him if he can't find another girl that's more "him" in Neptune. Wallace is upset because he thinks she means that Jackie is out of his league. Veronica says that she thinks he's out of Jackie's league, but she'll help him out if he wants to slum a bit. Jackie comes over and asks what's going on. Veronica says they were discussing Wallace's hair. Jackie plays with Wallace's hair and kisses him. Veronica can barely contain her disgust and walks away. Later, Wallace helps Jackie with her coat while Veronica looks at Duncan's hands again. Jackie thanks them and tells Veronica, very sweetly, that she'll see her at school. Veronica tries to be pleasant. Wallace says they should finish watching it on Friday, but Veronica has to work. Jackie says she is busy too, but they'll find another night. They leave.

gym: Veronica is next to Kendall while they're working out. Her VO says that Kendall is constantly on the go, so this will probably be the best chance to make her move. She gets off her elliptical machine and takes her headphones out of her ears. She gets Kendall's attention and says they have the same iPod. Veronica says hers is acting funny, and she was wondering if she could try Kendall's. Kendall tells her to make it quick. Veronica takes the iPod and tries it, saying that her headphones work. Kendall becomes impatient and wants her iPod back. Veronica gives Kendall the one she had and keeps Kendall's. She says hers is busted and walks away.

beach: Veronica's VO says Kendall sticks to her schedule: lunch, bag switch, illicit sex at one of her husband's numerous hotels. Veronica sees Kendall go into the cheap hotel with a man. Veronica snaps some pictures. She calls Cassidy and leaves a message for him, saying that it worked. She tells him to steal back Kendall's iPod and meet her at work tonight. Veronica takes her camera out again and snaps a picture of the hotel name, Sandpiper Hotel. She pauses, remembering something. She pulls the Casablancas real estate brochure out of her bag and flips to the page that had an expensive five-star hotel on it called the Sandpiper Hotel. She looks at the hotel again and sees the man leave. Her VO says she doesn't know what's going on, but someone is getting screwed.

county assessor's office: Veronica follows the man into the office of the county assessor, Jack Montana. She tells the secretary that the guy who is meeting with the assessor hit her car in the parking lot, and she needs to get his name. The secretary says she must be mistaken because the only person in Mr. Montana's office is Mr. Montana. Veronica asks if he has dark hair and gives the man's approximate height, and the secretary replies that he is Mr. Montana. Veronica realizes something and leaves.

classroom: Veronica asks Mr. Pope about real estate fraud. He says it's hard to do because people don't usually buy property sight unseen. Veronica says it's different with a REIT. Mr. Pope agrees, but says there are other safeguards, such as the county assessor making sure that the property is sold at fair market value. Veronica says then even if you bribe the assessor, you'd still have to find an unsuspecting buyer. Mr. Pope says you could borrow against an inflated property to buy more property and inflate its value and so on. Veronica tells him to sell his Casablancas stock because Mr. Casablancas is artificially driving up his company's value. She shows Mr. Pope the brochure's picture of the Sandpiper Hotel and her own photograph of that same hotel. He says it must be a mistake, but she says she checked into it and it's not the only one. Mr. Pope is surprised and upset. She tells him to dump his stock, but he says he can't. He'd just be selling it to someone else and he can't do that. She leaves, and he takes down his sailboat picture and looks at it.

jazz nightclub in Rossmore Hotel: Alicia asks Keith what he thinks the kids are doing now. He doesn't care as long as they're not in jail or setting things on fire. It would look bad for his sheriff candidacy if Veronica got arrested. Alicia asks him if he really wants to be sheriff again. He says he does. Alicia asks how he thinks Veronica will handle it. Keith says Veronica is the one who talked him into running. Alicia says he has her vote. They kiss and decide to leave. They walk out and a man calls out, "Cheri? Hey, Cher?" Alicia looks worried and continues to walk quickly with Keith. The man follows them and calls, "Cher!" again. Keith and Alicia get into the elevator and it closes before the man catches up to them.

elevator: Keith asks if she knows the man, and she says she doesn't. He also asks if she gets called "Cher" a lot. She says more than he would think and changes the subject.

hotel lobby: The man observes what floor the elevator goes to. He goes to the desk clerk and asks him for the names of the white man and black woman staying on the third floor. The clerk starts to refuse until the man flashes a badge. The clerk looks for the names.

Java the Hut: A guy, Lars, is singing "Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair" for karaoke, in a very off-key voice. His girlfriend, watching, swoons. He finishes, and they call for Courtney to sing. Veronica quickly walks by. Courtney sings "Love Hurts." Veronica sits down at the table where Cassidy is. He gives her the iPod, which Veronica had programmed to take a picture every 15 seconds, and she plugs it into her laptop and loads the pictures. The county assessor is in the first few shots. Cassidy wonders what they're doing, as he sees the assessor pull out some papers. Veronica says she needs to tell him something about his dad. Cassidy notices she has customers. She leaves to take care of them, and Cassidy continues to look through the pictures on the computer. Veronica goes over to the customers and sees that it's Jackie, being flirty with another guy. Jackie introduces Veronica to Dave. Jackie says Veronica looks busy, so they'll just take a table over there. They walk away, holding hands. Veronica's VO says that Jackie looks too busy for Wallace. Veronica goes back to the table, only to see that Cassidy has left and taken the iPod. Veronica sees a pictures of a shirtless Logan on her computer screen with Kendall reflected in a mirror unbuttoning her shirt. Veronica is shocked.

school hall: Veronica approaches Dick at his locker and asks where his brother is. Dick replies that he didn't come to school today. She also asks where Logan is, but he didn't come to school either. Dick leaves, and Veronica pulls out her cell phone but stops when Wallace and Jackie walk up to her. Wallace asks Veronica if she's going to continue watching Pride and Prejudice with them tomorrow night. Veronica asks Jackie if she's busy, and Jackie replies that she's totally free. Veronica agrees to come, and they leave. Veronica makes a call.

Logan's bedroom: Logan's phone rings on his bed. He starts to grab it, but Kendall takes it from him. They're in the middle of having sex. She sees that the call is from Veronica and asks who that is. Logan says she's just a girl from school, tosses the phone, and they continue having sex.

school hall: Veronica hears Logan's voice mail message and rolls her eyes.

outside of a diner: The man who was following Alicia comes out of a diner. He goes over to a payphone and looks up Alicia Fennel in the phone book. He finds her name and rips that page out of the book.

Echolls home: Veronica rings the doorbell. She sees Logan's car in the driveway. She enters Logan's bedroom. A shower is running, then shuts off. Logan's room is a wreck. Logan comes out of the bathroom. She asks if his girlfriend is still here. He asks her to be more specific. She replies, the one whose husband is going to kill him when he finds out his son's friend is sleeping with his wife. Logan doesn't look worried at all. Veronica says she hopes he's scared on the inside: what if she had been Mr. Casablancas? Logan doesn't care. Veronica says he's a poor little rich boy with a death wish. She used to think it was bad luck that got him into all that trouble, but now she thinks he enjoys it. She also tells him that she only came there so she wouldn't have to feel responsible for taking pictures of him and Kendall. It was a job and nothing more. She leaves the room. On her way out of the house, she stops when she sees several framed movie posters on the wall. She notices one poster of a movie called The Long Haul, and her VO recalls that Aaron wrote about that on Curly's picture. The movie was Aaron's premiere and featured a stunt where a truck was sent veering over a bridge. The stunt was supervised and performed by David "Curly" Moran. Logan comes over and says she isn't storming out very well. Veronica rolls her eyes and leaves.

Big Dick's office: Big Dick looks at the pictures of Logan and Kendall and asks Cassidy where the pictures came from. Cassidy apologizes, saying he couldn't let her do that to him anymore. So he hired someone. Big Dick asks if he hired a private investigator and Cassidy says yes. Big Dick grabs his shoulders and says, "Oh son!" He quickly grabs his briefcase and puts some files into the briefcase. His secretary tells him over the intercom that some men from the S.E.C. are here to see him. Cassidy looks worried. Big Dick runs out of his office, and Cassidy runs after him. Big Dick tells all of his employees to shred everything. Cassidy stops and looks ready to cry. Big Dick goes out onto the roof and jumps into a helicopter, which takes off.

Duncan's hotel room: Duncan gets up from watching the TV and opens the door for Veronica. He asks if she heard about Dick's dad all over the news. She replies that it was her. Duncan asks what she means. She says that the bus crash was meant for her. They all died because of her. Duncan hugs her as she cries.

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