1.21 "A Trip to the Dentist"

Aired May 03, 2005


Previously on Veronica Mars: After she was raped at Shelly's party, Veronica walks by her car and sees a circle on the driver's side of her windshield with the word, "Slut" and an arrow pointing to the circle. On her rear windshield are the words, "Abel, it should've been her."

Havana, Cuba: A waiter hustles some kids away at an outdoor cafe. He walks by a man reading a newspaper. The man folds the paper down and it's Duncan with a beard. He is surprised to see that Keith has been sitting at his table. Keith says, "Buenos dias" to him. Duncan asks Keith if he thinks Duncan killed Lilly. Keith says he doesn't know who killed Lilly, but it wasn't Abel Koontz. Duncan says it wasn't him.

school parking lot: Dick is showing Logan his brand new surfboard. Logan sees Veronica walk by and runs after her, trying to talk to her. She walks quickly by him. Logan is stopped by Weevil who says he's protecting Veronica. They start to argue when Weevil brings up Lilly until Coach steps in.

Mars home: Veronica is taking a shower and hears Backup barking. She goes to the door in a robe and Logan is there. He says he's not leaving so she opens the door. Logan asks what he did. Veronica wants to know why he was the one with GHB the night of Shelly Pomroy's party when she was drugged and raped. Logan is shocked and tries to get closer to her, but she won't let him. Logan wants to know what happened and Veronica says, "You tell me." Logan realizes she thinks he is the one who raped her. He says he, Luke, and Sean went to Tijuana and got some liquid 'X' to have fun at the party. Logan asks what he can do to make it better, but Veronica says she will find out who raped her and make him pay, even if it was Logan. She then says she has to go throw up and shuts the door on him.

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school hall: Veronica says in her VO that there were about 100 people at Shelly's party, but most hate her. She does have some 09er resources that she can count on, though. She walks up to Meg and asks her if she was at Shelly Pomroy's end-of-the-year party. Meg says for a little while, so Veronica wants to know if she saw her. Veronica says her memory of that night is fuzzy. Meg says that might be a good thing and Veronica wants to know what she saw.

flashback: Cole tells Meg he wants to leave, but draws her attention to boys doing body shots on Veronica. Meg says they should help her. Cole doesn't want to, so when they see someone else step in to help, they leave.

school hall: Veronica asks if Meg knows who helped her, but Meg doesn't. Meg says she should forget about the whole thing.

airport: Celeste is waiting for Duncan who gets out of their private jet with Keith. Clarence Wiedman tells Keith he did a good job. Keith isn't very polite. Celeste thanks Keith who says she can stop by the office later to give him the reward. Celeste tells Keith to talk to Veronica about that. She and Veronica had an arrangement and Keith met Veronica's end of the bargain. Celeste gets into the limo and talks to Duncan. She hands him a water bottle and his medication and tells him to take it the next time he runs away.

school: lunch: Veronica talks to Luke, reminding him how she saved him from the drug-dealer and now wants some help. She asks him about the GHB that he got from Tijuana with Logan and Sean. He confirms it but says that was a year ago. She asked what he did with it and he says he gave it to Dick Casablancas.

flashback: Dick is with Luke and Sean and sees his little brother, Beaver, hitting on a girl. Dick is annoyed because his girlfriend isn't giving it up. Luke says his girlfriend is hot and just wait until she gets a few drinks in her. Dick says his girlfriend is on Atkins but he heard that they got stuff from TJ. Sean says he's saving it for a special occasion. Dick looks at Luke who just laughs. Madison walks over to the boys, wanting to know who invited Veronica. Veronica walks through the crowd as everyone looks at her. Dick tries to massage Madison's shoulders so she'll relax but she yells at him and leaves. The boys laugh at Dick and Luke hands the GHB to him.

school: Veronica asks if Dick drugged Madison. Luke says he asked for 2 doses and he assumed that meant Dick would take one and give Madison the other. Luke says he's pretty sure she didn't take the GHB. Veronica asks how he knows and Luke says she won't like this part.

flashback: Luke sees Madison take white shoe polish and write "Slut" on Veronica's car.

school: Veronica asks Luke why Madison did that. He says he doesn't know.

girls bathroom: Veronica asks Madison why she wrote "Slut" on her car last year. Veronica says she never did anything to Madison...yet. Madison said she made out with her boyfriend in front of everyone at the party. Veronica looks confused, but then Madison says she made out with everyone that night. Veronica doesn't believe Madison.

flashback: Veronica, singing along to "I Touch Myself" grabs Dick, pushes him onto the couch, plays with his hair and kisses him. Dick looks at Madison who is incredibly pissed. Dick tells Veronica that's not cool. Veronica asks Casey if he thinks it's cool and crawls over onto him and starts kissing him.

bathroom: Veronica is quite surprised and Madison says she made out with the garage door. She also says not to tell her she was wasted. Veronica says she wasn't but someone drugged her with GHB. Madison looks stunned, but then scoffs unbelievingly.

Mars home: Veronica walks to her door and hears Alicia arguing with Keith about how Veronica put a bug in a plant and had Wallace deliver it to Clarence's office. Keith is defending Veronica, saying she had her reasons and she's not a normal 17 year old. Alicia says she can't be when Keith treats her like she's 40. Veronica walks in, apologizes to Alicia, and tries to explain why she did it. Keith won't let her and yells at her to go to her room. Veronica is shocked. She leaves, but as she's walking out, she says that Clarence bugged her first. Alicia repeats her statement to Keith, questioningly.

Veronica's bedroom: Veronica is lying on her bed, listening to music through headphones. Keith comes in and tells her that Duncan is safely home. His parents are going to keep him home for a few days so he can rest. Veronica starts to apologize but Keith stops her. He asks her if she made a deal with Celeste Kane that he doesn't know about. Veronica says she told Celeste that she'd help look for Duncan if she released Weevil. Keith says Celeste is saying they're even now and she won't pay. He says she will but she's enjoying the moment. Keith suggests that Veronica look for another job. He thinks her life would be better if she wasn't working for him. Veronica tells him he's the best father in the world and that she's healthy, happy, gets good grades, has all her own teeth, and fancy shoes. She says she couldn't have gotten through the year without him. Keith says if it weren't for him, she wouldn't have had to. He kisses her on the forehead and leaves.

school parking lot: Veronica asks Casey if he remembers Shelly's party last year. He says not really and that he has stuff to do. He starts to leave. She asks him how he's been since his grandmother died. He comes back and says he's been good and has gotten his priorities in line. Veronica asks if she hit on him at Shelly's party. He says no. Veronica then asks if it got ugly at Shelly's. He says yes.

flashback: Dick is dancing and he grabs Veronica as she walks by. He sings "I Touch Myself" to her and pulls her on the couch. She tries to get up and her hand touches his hair. He asks if she likes that and kisses her. Madison looks pissed. Dick pushes her over to Casey who says he likes his girls to stand on their own power.

parking lot: Veronica says she's going to go drink bleach now. Casey tells her that if she doesn't remember that night, maybe she should leave it that way. Veronica asks if that means he saw something else.

flashback: Veronica says she has to go home, but Dick and Sean are feeding her shots, trying to get her to make out with Shelly.

parking lot: Veronica asks if they were feeding her shots and Casey said he guesses they were afraid she was sobering up. He leaves and Veronica looks very upset.

school hall: Veronica is cleaning out her locker. She apologizes to Wallace for getting him in trouble for the bugged plant and she wouldn't have done it if she hadn't thought she'd get away with it. He tells her that he knew it wasn't just a plant and he could have said no. Wallace also says that he always does things for her and never asks her why because he knows she wouldn't tell him. Veronica says she'd do the same for him. He then says that Logan Echolls used one of the absent slips Wallace got for her. He wants to know why he's helping out someone who doesn't even know his name. Veronica says she needed him to tie up some loose ends on his mother's case. Wallace doesn't believe her and leaves.

classroom: Sean is talking to another guy. Veronica grabs a chair, pushes the guy out of the way, and sits down in front of Sean. She tells him that she and Shelly Pomroy were thinking of getting together for some girl-on-girl action and wants to know if he wants to come. Sean looks like he's screwed. Veronica threatens to tell her favorite deputy about Sean having GHB at the party unless he tells her what happened. Sean says he wasn't feeding her drinks, Dick was.

flashback: Dick carries an unconscious Veronica into a bedroom and puts her on the bed. Beaver and Sean are also there. Beaver nervously asks if Dick is serious and if he's trying to get him to do something stupid. Beaver sits on the bed and tells them to leave. Dick hands him some condoms and he and Sean leave.

classroom: Sean tells her she should be mad at Dick and Beaver.

school parking lot: Veronica's front tire is on the edge of Dick's new surfboard. He asks what she's doing and insults her. She tells him that's not a good idea and so he asks what she wants. Veronica asks him if he gave her GHB the night of Shelly's party. He says he didn't have it and Veronica revs her engine. Dick clarifies that he had it but didn't give it to her. Veronica says she knows he took her into the guest bedroom for Beaver. Dick says he found her there.

flashback: Veronica is on the bed, pulling Beaver toward herself. Dick walks in and sees them.

parking lot: Veronica wants reality from Dick. Dick says that's what he saw and not to blame him that she got wasted and slutty. Veronica drives right over his surfboard, shattering it.

hall: Beaver shuts his locker and Veronica is there. He is not happy to see her. She tells him she found out that the dream she had where she was locked in a bedroom with him was true. Beaver says nothing happened and walks away. Veronica said something did happen. She may not remember the details but she remembers the morning after. Beaver says he swears he didn't touch her. He tells her that Dick was trying to get him to. Beaver was supposed to hook up with an easy freshman named Cindy but she left early with Logan. Then Dick brought him to the guest bedroom with Veronica. Beaver just wanted Dick to leave him alone.

flashback: Veronica is unconscious on the bed. Dick is rubbing her leg, pulling her dress up. He asks Beaver if he needs help getting started. Beaver stops Dick's hand and tells Sean and Dick to leave. Sean throws condoms onto the bed and they leave. Beaver pulls Veronica's dress back down and asks her if she's ok. All of a sudden, he feels sick, runs out of the room, and throws up all over Carrie Bishop's shoes.

hall: Beaver says he swears that that was the last time he saw her and she was passed out on the bed. Veronica sarcastically thanks him for leaving her there and punches him in the arm.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica says in her VO that the ritual-cleaning is for a reason. During this time you're in control and everything is the way it should be, at least on the surface. Keith comes in and asks if there are any messages. She says there is a fax that states that his package he's been waiting for is in Vegas. He tells her that it is the entertainment lawyer he's been seeking for the past year. He has to leave as soon as possible and wants to know if she'll stay with a friend. Veronica says not to worry, that she'll be fine.

Echolls home: Logan comes home and Aaron tells him that he's made crab cakes for dinner. Logan says he's allergic to shellfish. Aaron says he forgot but Logan says he never knew. Aaron says Logan seems to think he doesn't know anything about him but he does. Logan asks Aaron when his birthday is. Aaron responds February and Logan says he got a vowel right. Logan starts to leave and Aaron goes after him, grabs him, and says Logan's pushing it with the wise-ass remarks. Aaron catches himself, asks if it matters that he's trying, and says that Logan will see that he's committed to his family. Logan tells him that when he turns 18, Lynn's inheritance will come through and he's going to leave.

Food place: Veronica orders from Carrie Bishop and asks if she remembers Shelly's party last year. Carrie does. Veronica says she does not remember anything between passing out in the backyard and waking up in the bedroom. She thinks Carrie saw her. Carrie did.

flashback: Veronica is on the bed, making out with Duncan. She pulls his shirt off and he pulls her underwear off. Carrie walks by and says to shut the door next time. She pulls it shut.

Food place: Veronica is stunned.

Kane home: Veronica rings the doorbell and Duncan answers. She tells him that Carrie Bishop said they were in bed together at Shelly's party and she wants him to elaborate. Duncan asks her if she has any idea how wasted he was that night and that everything is a blur. Veronica, crying, says Carrie said she saw him on top of her, naked and that he was the one who raped her. Duncan is shocked. He says to her that she thinks he's a murderer and a rapist now? He wants to know why she's acting like she wasn't there. He thought they had an unspoken rule about not talking about it but now she says he raped her.

flashback: Duncan stumbles into the bedroom where Veronica is asleep on the bed. Duncan touches her face and arm and she wakes up, smiles at him, and tells him she misses him. He hugs her and they lie back on the bed.

Kane home: Duncan sees Veronica doesn't remember and says it's a bad feeling. Veronica asks him why he left her there. She asks why she woke up alone, searching for her underwear. Duncan, getting upset, says he had to get out of there because he realized what he did.

flashback: Duncan wakes up, sees Veronica lying next to him, gets up, and leaves. Over this, Veronica yells, asking what he did that was so bad. He said he slept with her.

Kane home: Veronica yells that if it was consensual, what was so wrong about it? Duncan yells that she is his sister. He yells that even after his mother told him, he tried to cut her out of his life but he loved her and even though he tried not to, it won't go away. They both cry, then Veronica sees Celeste standing there, watching. Veronica leaves and Duncan sinks down on the ground.

Fennel home: Veronica is in her car in front of Wallace's house. Wallace comes out and jokes that he was about to call the police on her and that she's a stalker. Veronica starts to cry.

Wallace's room: Veronica, calmer now, asks Wallace if he sees why she keeps things to herself. She wipes her tears and says she can go home. Wallace says maybe she should stay there but Veronica says she feels better. Wallace says he wishes he could do or say something, but Veronica says he doesn't have to. She shows him the files on her computer about her Lilly Kane murder investigation. A while later, Veronica takes her things and starts to leave. She sees Alicia in the kitchen. Veronica apologizes and says not to hold her dad responsible for her boneheadedness. She also says that Alicia and Keith are good together and that she makes him happy. Alicia says she didn't make him happy before he left for Vegas and she's afraid she ruined things. Veronica says she knows how Keith feels about Alicia and not to worry.

Vegas hotel: While looking at an ad, Keith calls Cheyenne, a Vegas escort, saying he wants an appointment.

Mars home: Veronica apologizes to Logan for accusing him of raping her. He says he doesn't care, he just cares about her. He asks if she found something out, but says she doesn't have to tell him. She says she was drugged but not...she says she was with Duncan. Logan looks surprised. Veronica says Duncan was wasted and she was out of it and things happened. Logan says he's sorry and Veronica says she's glad he's there.

Vegas hotel: Keith opens the door and Cheyenne walks in. She wants to get right down to it, but he asks her to talk about Abel Koontz. She is not happy to hear that. He tells her that he is a private investigator from California. He says he's been looking for her for a year and he knows she was with Abel Koontz at the time of Lilly Kane's murder. Cheyenne says she doesn't know what he's talking about. Keith says there is a phone record. Abel called her at the same time every week, but by the time Keith traced the number back to her, she had moved several times. Cheyenne says she packed up her whole life trying to get away from that and is angry that Keith found her. Keith says an innocent man's life is at stake. Cheyenne says he confessed, for whatever reason and that if she comes forward, she'll be the most famous working girl on the planet. She says she has a five-year-old son who thinks she's a stewardess. Keith says a girl was murdered and doesn't Cheyenne think the one who killed her should be in jail?

Echolls home: Logan tells Veronica that Aaron thinks he's a gourmet chef so humor him. He sees the dark house and says Aaron's making them eat to candlelight tonight. He and Veronica start kissing while walking into the house. As they do, the light turns on and Aaron yells, "Surprise!" Several 09ers are there, including Duncan, Meg, Dick, and Beaver, and everyone looks stunned to see Veronica. Veronica makes eye contact with Duncan who looks down. Aaron comes over to Logan. Logan asks if the party is nine months early or three months late. Aaron says he has a lot of lost years to make up for and this is his way of getting started. Logan walks away from his dad and holds his hand out to Veronica, who takes it. Duncan just stares at them, numbly. Meg watches him. Dick walks up to Logan and asks what he's doing. Logan tells Dick to leave, that if he has a problem with her, he has a problem with Logan. In fact, if he has a problem with Veronica, then he is dead to Logan. Logan says louder, that anyone who has a problem with his girlfriend can leave. Meg, holding Duncan's arm, asks if he's okay. Duncan walks away and sighs. Logan tries to talk to him, but Duncan doesn't stop. People start to mingle. Madison turns around from the punch table with two cups in her hand. She, very nicely, asks Veronica if she's dating Logan. Veronica replies that she is. Madison then starts wondering if Aaron will do another movie. Veronica looks puzzled. Madison hands her one of the punch cups. Veronica walks away and is about to drink it, but Meg tells her not to. She says she's betting Madison gave her "a trip to the dentist" because she does it to people she doesn't like. Veronica looks confused. Meg says she spits in a drink and calls it "a trip to the dentist." Veronica quickly goes back over to Madison and grabs her arm, asking if she gave her a "trip to the dentist" on the night of Shelly's party. Madison pretends she doesn't know what she's talking about, but Veronica asks if she spit in her drink.

flashback: Dick hands a drink to Madison. She recognizes that it's regular soda and won't drink it. She sees Veronica walking by, spits in the cup, and sticks her arm out behind her, holding the drink. Veronica takes it.

Echolls home: Veronica says Madison has no idea what she did to her. Madison says it's not a big deal that she spit in her drink and walks away.

outside the Echolls home: Duncan can't get into his car and starts to punch and kick it. He grabs a shovel and smashes the driver side window. He continues to pound the car with his shovel and yells. Meg comes out and tells him to stop. She asks if it's about Veronica, if he's still in love with her. He keeps yelling and pounding. Meg says to answer her.

Echolls home: Aaron thanks people for coming. Logan goes over to Veronica, and takes her by the hand. They leave the party and go into another part of the house. They start making out on a bed. Logan says he has to tell her something.

flashback: Logan is helping some other boy do a body shot on Veronica.

Echolls home: Veronica says she knows about that and will ignore it. Logan says there's more.

flashback: Duncan angrily pushes the boy off Veronica and picks her up. Logan puts GHB in a drink and gives it to Duncan, pretending to apologize.

Echolls home: Logan says he just wanted Duncan to have some fun because he had barely even smiled since Lilly...Veronica says Logan didn't know what would happen. Logan says he's the one responsible for what happened to Veronica and he can't take that he hurt her. He just wants to protect her. Veronica starts to kiss him. Logan says he wants her to trust him. She says she does. They kiss again and Logan says he could use some refreshment. He opens a drawer and takes out a screwdriver. He opens a heating duct on the wall. Veronica says he learned that from Lilly but Logan says Lilly learned that from him. He takes out a key and tries to open the liquor cabinet, but breaks the key in the lock. He kisses Veronica and says he'll be back in two minutes. While lying on the bed, Veronica sees a hole in the fan. She traces a covered line on the ceiling to a book shelf that she opens. Behind the shelf, she sees a player. When she hits a button, two screens above it turn on and she realizes there's a video camera in the room she's in, right above the bed.

outside the Echolls home: Weevil asks if she's okay and she thanks him for coming to get her. They leave on his motorcycle.

Mars home: Veronica opens the door, saying, "Honey, I'm home." She sees Lianne sitting on the couch with Keith. Lianne says, "So am I, honey. So am I."

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