1.20 "M.A.D."

Aired Apr 26, 2005


school parking lot: Cars are lined up and honking at an obstruction in the lot. The obstruction is Veronica who has her car hood popped up and is trying to get her car started. Dick, Beaver, and Logan walk over to her. Dick and Beaver make nasty comments about Veronica being white trash. Logan, cutting up an apple, says, "Guys, come on, huh?" Veronica starts making snarky comments about herself to cover up Logan's unusually nice behavior to her. She says she knows how it goes by now so don't bother. She grabs Logan's knife in the process, using it to get her car to start. Logan and Veronica exchange a look and the boys leave.

in front of the school: Carmen tells Tad that she's ending their two-year relationship. She says she doesn't want to date long-distance. He'll be in the Naval Academy for four years, then after that, he'll spend four years in the navy. Tad tries unsuccessfully to get Carmen to change her mind, including giving her a CD that has a song he wrote for her on it. She says it's over and turns to leave. Tad says she should look at something and shows her a video he has on his cell phone. Carmen looks stunned as she sees herself in the video, making noises and giggling.

girl's bathroom: Carmen is crying and talking to Veronica. She was skinny-dipping in a hot tub and had a Popsicle but doesn't remember doing this. Veronica asks if Carmen thinks Tad is serious. Carmen doesn't know, but asks Veronica to get Tad's phone. Veronica agrees.

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girl's bathroom: Logan and Veronica are having a hot make-out session. He stops and Veronica says she blockaded the door and hung an "Out of Order" sign on it. He says that it's wrong: a boy shouldn't be in the girl's bathroom. He also apologizes for Dick's behavior. Veronica says she doesn't care and that they need to keep up appearances. When Duncan comes back, he shouldn't hear about them from someone else. They kiss some more and then he says he has to go to physics class. Veronica gives him a tardy slip so he won't get into trouble. They talk about physics, kiss some more, and Logan leaves. Veronica says in her VO that she made a promise to Carmen and is glad for disposable cell phones.

school hall: Veronica is talking to Wallace who isn't happy about having seen their parents cuddling. She hands him a slip of paper and asks if he'll call the number on it halfway through sixth period. He agrees. She sees Tad and asks Wallace to help her with a bump-and-bait and hands him a cell phone when he nods. Veronica starts talking to Wallace while backing up. She bumps into Tad who turns around. She apologizes and he's not very polite. Wallace drops the cell phone into Tad's bag when he's talking to Veronica.

study hall classroom: Veronica walks in, talking loudly on her cell phone. The teacher, Mr. Wu, demands to know what she's doing. She asks if she's in study hall and says she was excused from gym. Mr. Wu questions if she's familiar with the school's cell phone policy and holds his hand out. She hands it to him and he says she can pick it up after school.

another classroom: Wallace, hiding his phone under his desk, dials the number Veronica gave him.

study hall classroom: Tad's bag starts ringing. He opens it, takes out his cell phone, and says it's not even on. Mr. Wu confiscates it anyway.

another classroom: Veronica asks her teacher, Miss Dunn, if she can leave a little early to help out with recycling in the cafeteria. Miss Dunn allows her to leave.

hallway: Veronica starts running when the bell rings.

study hall classroom: Veronica asks Mr. Wu for her phone back. He tells her this is a warning and that he'll keep it next time. She takes Tad's cell phone out of the drawer and says she's been warned. She rushes out, bumping into Tad who is on his way into the room. Tad goes to get his cell phone, but realizes it isn't in the drawer. Mr. Wu shrugs and Tad says, "Veronica Mars."

Mars Investigations office: Keith is smiling because the Kanes are offering $50,000 for information on the whereabouts of Duncan. Keith thinks finding Duncan will be very easy, but Veronica tells him it may not be. She says that she told Meg all of the tricks to use if one wants to disappear, including recycling passports on Ebay, and Duncan was there listening. Keith looks discouraged. Veronica says they can still do it but is interrupted by Alicia, who comes in humming. She says hello to Veronica who looks extremely uncomfortable. Keith says they're going out and for Veronica to get started on the passport thing. A little while later, Carmen comes into the office and asks if Veronica was able to get Tad's cell phone. Veronica hands her Tad's phone. Carmen thanks Veronica who says he could still have the video elsewhere. Carmen smashes the cell phone. Veronica gets an instant message from "Top Gun" and Carmen says that's Tad. A video starts to play and it's the video of Carmen licking the Popsicle.

school outside: Veronica tells Mac to see if passports were sold on any of the auction sites she's listed and shipped anywhere near Neptune. Mac says she'll get back to Veronica and leaves. Veronica sees Tad with Carmen and says in her VO that Carmen is back together with Tad so he won't send the video all over the internet. Weevil walks by and comments on how Carmen's wasting her assets on a white boy. Felix comments that Weevil had a crush on Carmen in eighth grade. They walk away. Seth sees the title for the next dance which is "Marooned." He snarks to a girl about it. Tad and his friend start being very nasty to him, making fun of the fact that Seth is gay. Seth gives it right back to Tad, implying that he is also gay. Carmen looks at Veronica, who is watching everything. A little bit later, Veronica and Carmen are walking and discussing what to do. Veronica says Caremen needs to have something that would ruin Tad back and prevent him from launching the first strike. Carmen doesn't think they'll get anything on Tad but Veronica says leave it to her. Carmen just needs to be able to get her hands dirty. She says Tad was different, but Veronica reminds her that he got her drunk and took dirty pictures of her. Carmen asks what she should do and Veronica says to invite Tad on a romantic afternoon on the Neptune boardwalk.

car lot: Veronica asks Weevil if his uncle can fix her car's alternator. Weevil brings up the fact that the Kanes are offering a lot of money for finding Duncan. Veronica asks if he found something when he broke into the Kane home or if he was covering his tracks. She says he used her but Weevil says they're always owing each other favors and he knows she doesn't really think he harmed Lilly. He says he heard something that might be worth 10% of her finder's fee. Veronica tells him it depends on what it is. Weevil says a certain spoiled white boy bought a crapped-out car from his uncle's friend a few weeks ago. Veronica says he'll get 8% if it pans out and he throws in the alternator for free. Weevil agrees. Veronica walks away and calls her dad, telling him to look into a '69 Impala that that was possibly bought by Duncan for $800 cash a few weeks ago. As she's saying this, Logan's car drives by and stops behind a large bush. Veronica gets in.

Echolls home: Logan and Veronica are kissing as he opens the back door of his house. While kissing her, Logan tells her that they have the house to themselves; Aaron is at a class and Trina is at a purse store opening. Veronica asks about Aaron's class. Logan says he's doing it as part of the "New Aaron Echolls." The classes include Spanish, ceramics, tae kwon do, and today, glassblowing. Logan shows Veronica an urn Aaron made in the glassblowing class that is filled with sea water, since Lynn's body wasn't found. They kiss some more and then Veronica asks if this "thing" will ever be normal between them. He says secrets are hot too and they start making out on the couch, only to be interrupted by Aaron clearing his throat. Logan gets up off the couch and Veronica sits up. Aaron, groceries in hand, apologizes, saying he didn't realize Logan had company. He says hello to Veronica who looks as if she wishes she was anywhere but there. Logan says he thought Aaron had class but Aaron replies that it was cancelled. Aaron says he'll get out of their hair and leaves. Logan and Veronica are both very embarrassed and Veronica goes to the bathroom to wipe lipstick off her teeth. The doorbell rings and Aaron lets Dick and Beaver in. Dick sees Veronica's bag and asks if Logan has a chick there. Logan says no, the bag belongs to Trina. Aaron sees Veronica in the hall turn and go around the corner. He says that he's supposed to take the bag to Trina. Logan hands him the bag and they exchange a look. Aaron walks out. Logan says he's going to go also but Dick tells him he can't; they need to talk about the weekend. There's an annual surf and chick fest in Mexico. There will be some cheerleaders right next door to where they are. Cut to Veronica, listening and waiting. Aaron gives her the bag and offers her a ride home.

Aaron's car: Aaron asks how Veronica is and she says embarrassed and uncomfortable. Aaron tells her not to be because he was a teenager once. He asks her how Logan is doing. Veronica says he's coming to terms. Aaron says Logan is a good kid but when Lilly died he became...Veronica says "Difficult?" Aaron says he can be difficult himself at times. Aaron tells Veronica their secret is safe with him and he appreciates whatever she is doing to help Logan through it. Aaron stops the car and tells Veronica that he likes what he sees in Logan when he's with her. Veronica smiles and gets out of the car. Her VO says the talk with dad means her relationship with Logan is off the ground just as Tad and Carmen's is about to crash and burn.

boardwalk: Tad hands Carmen cotton candy and she hands him a drink. He asks how much vodka she put in the drink. They buy silly hats and get their picture taken in a photo booth. Carmen also gets Tad to get a tattoo. She then asks him to talk to Seth, saying Seth has the best 'X' in school. She wants Tad to experiment with her on prom night. Tad agrees and goes to talk to Seth. While Seth and Tad are talking, Veronica takes pictures.

Mars home: Veronica's bedroom: Veronica has all of the pictures on her computer. She tells Carmen to call Tad and be intimate. Tad will tie his own noose. The cell phone is plugged into Veronica's computer. While on the phone, Tad says he wishes he had Carmen in his bed, that he can't wait for their exotic experiment on prom night, and that he always wanted to experiment. Veronica tells Carmen to meet her for lunch tomorrow and remember to bring Tad.

Mars home: kitchen: Later, Keith comes home, in a rush. He grabs his overnight bag and says he got a tip that the car Duncan bought was seen outside of Tijuana.

Tijuana: Keith sees the car parked in front of a house. He goes in. A woman who is in bed gasps and pulls the covers up. A Mexican cop is getting dressed. Keith asks him about the car and the cop asks if it's Keith's.

Keith's car: Keith tells Veronica on the phone that the car was abandoned at a bus station with a case of beer on the seat and a sign that said, "Free car" in Spanish. It was a decoy and Keith says maybe Duncan is smarter than he thought.

school hall: Veronica says Duncan did ace his PSATs and she'll see Keith at dinner? Keith says he's going out with Alicia and Veronica says goodbye.

classroom: Veronica asks Mac how long it would take for her to create a sexually explicit website. Mac says about 45 minutes. Seth walks in. Veronica hands Mac a package of material and says Seth will help her with the rest.

outside: Tad walks over to Carmen who is sitting with Veronica. Tad asks what Veronica is doing there. She says she's there to offer him a deal. He wants his cell phone back and Veronica tosses the smashed phone that is in a zip lock bag to him. She then says he and Carmen are broken up. Tad says what about yesterday on the boardwalk? Carmen says she was pretending, she doesn't love him anymore, and he can't blackmail her into staying with him. Tad says he didn't want to hurt her but she made him do it and if she makes him do it again...Veronica says Carmen will hurt him worse. Veronica opens her laptop to the website labeled, "Our Precious Secret." There are several pictures of Tad and Seth. Some are real, some have Carmen replaced by Seth. The song Tad wrote for Carmen is playing. Tad says no one will believe it, but Veronica plays a clip that she took from Tad's conversation and replaced Carmen's voice with Seth saying Tad should have told him he likes guys. Tad says he doesn't care what the school thinks about him. Veronica then tells him that she got the email addresses of everyone in his new class at the Academy. She will send the website to them if Tad shows the video. Veronica leaves. Tad tries to talk to Carmen but she says she never wants to speak to him again and leaves.

parking lot: Students, including Veronica, are waiting to get onto a bus. Logan gets her attention, saying he got his dad's driver to pick up her car. He tosses her the keys. Veronica says she'll keep this gesture in mind this weekend when he is in Mexico with beer and cheerleaders. Logan says he told Dick and Beaver that he couldn't go. He then asks Veronica to go out on Friday. She asks what about their secret? Logan asks her to skip school on Friday for a ride in his dad's boat. She agrees and comments that it's nice of his dad to let them use the boat. Logan says he thinks his dad actually likes her. And when Aaron heard about her parents...Veronica interrupts, not sure what he is talking about. Dick yells to Logan and he says to Veronica that there was something in the paper. He starts to walk away and says "So 10ish, Albacore Club, Slip 5," then leaves. Veronica smiles.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica is digging through the paper, trying to find what Logan was talking about. She finally spots a legal notice that says, "Notice of Service: Seeking Lianne Mars. Please contact this number immediately, legal proceedings have begun in your name." Veronica uses the phone.

courthouse: Loretta Cancun is telling Cliff that she knows what entrapment is, but he doesn't think she does. He answers his phone and Veronica asks him why someone would place a notice of proceedings in the classified section. He says it could be anything so can she be more specific? Veronica says a man seeking a woman. Cliff says it could be child support, civil suit, divorce. Veronica says, "Divorce?" Cliff says that California law says you must run a notice for seven days before you can file for divorce on grounds of abandonment. During all this, Cliff is trying to get Loretta to sign something. First she writes, "Screw you, pig" and then she throws the pen and clipboard.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica quickly looks up the ad in several previous day newspapers and sees that today is the sixth day the notice has run. Veronica calls the classified section's number, pretending to be Keith's assistant, and tries to cancel the ad. However, when she hears that she has to confirm his account password, she hangs up.

car: Veronica is tracking her dad's cell phone. She pulls up at a motel.

motel: The desk clerk tells her that there is no Mars or Fennel staying there. Veronica turns to leave, but hears big band music, similar to what Alicia was humming earlier. She sees several people dancing, including Keith and Alicia. She gets teary and her VO says, "Okay Dad, I get it. You're happy," and she smiles a little and leaves.

school outside: Veronica is walking with Carmen. Some guy asks Carmen if she's hungry because he thought she might want to suck on his Popsicle, which he pulls from behind his back. He and his friends laugh. Carmen and Veronica look shocked.

school hall: Weevil and the bikers are walking. Felix, looking at his cell phone, says that Weevil miss out because Carmen is freaky. Weevil grabs the phone and asks where that came from.

classroom: Veronica walks in and finds Carmen crying. She says she was waiting for everyone else to leave. She's upset, but glad she dumped Tad, and at least it's over. No more waiting. Veronica pulls out her laptop and says it's time for them to strike back. Carmen deletes the email message. Veronica says she can't let him get away with it, but Carmen says revenge isn't her thing. Veronica sees two freshmen watching the video and threatens them. They leave. She pauses the video when she notices the stars and Chinese lamps hanging in the background. She says in her VO that they are the only thing she remembers from that night. A year and a half ago, Shelly Pomroy had a party.

flashback: Veronica, the night of Shelly's party, stumbles past a hot tub toward a pool chair and lies down on it.

classroom: Veronica wonders in her VO if Carmen giving her boyfriend a sex show that she can't remember happened the same night Veronica was drugged and raped in a guest bedroom.

Mars Investigations office: Keith is at Veronica's desk. The newspaper is still open on it. Veronica walks in. He says he should have told her and Veronica says it's his business. Keith says that after a year, he just wants options. If he decides to move on, the service notice is only the first step. He says there won't be any more surprises, if he decides to take another step. She says she just wants him to be happy. Keith walks into his office. Mac comes into the main office and tells Veronica that someone bought Roberto Nalbandion's Argentinean passport and had it shipped to the airport Marriott. Keith, hearing this, steps out. Veronica introduces Mac to Keith. Keith is happy to hear the news. Mac wants to know if she'll getting a cut from the finder's money. Veronica says she will. She then asks Mac if she can find the date of a video. Mac says the video was captured at 3:23 AM, on December 7, 2003. Veronica looks shocked. Mac asks if the date means anything to her and Veronica says it doesn't. But in her VO, she observes that this means that neither Carmen nor Veronica remember the same night.

Kane Software: Alicia, on the phone with Keith, says she has a meeting. She walks into the conference room. Clarence Wiedman is there. He says he knows she's been seeing Keith Mars. He tells her that Keith has a known grudge with the Kane family and company and so she needs to stop seeing him if she wants to avoid problems with her job. Alicia gets very angry and says she's been a wonderful employee and the idea that he can tell her what to do with her personal life...Clarence interrupts her, asking her if she recognizes the object in his hand. She doesn't. He says it's a bug and he found it in his house plant that has been in his office for the past several weeks. He asks if she knows who delivered it. She does not. Clarence says it was her son Wallace, and she should reconsider her relationship with Mr. Mars.

school outside: Veronica says in her VO that she's at school an hour early to hand in her English report since she'll be out with Logan later. She sees Tad duct taped to the flagpole with the word 'scum' written across his chest. He's angry with her. Veronica asks what good it did for him to send the video. Tad says no one will want Carmen now and if he can't have her, no one can. Veronica says she'll cut him down if he tells her who gave him the roofies at Shelly's party. He says he doesn't remember, but Veronica says in about five minutes, everyone at school will see him up there and if he wants to get down, he'd better answer. Tad says there weren't any roofies. It was G.H.B. He also tells her that Logan Echolls gave them to him. Veronica looks stunned. She pulls the bandage off his tattoo and walks away. His tattoo is a heart with an arrow through it and Seth's name in it.

boat: Logan, waiting in vain for Veronica, checks his watch. He drinks some of the champagne from the bottle he has there and sits down, looking alone and upset.

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