1.15 "Ruskie Business"

Aired Feb 22, 2005


school: lunch outside: Veronica and Logan are talking about his mom's credit cards. Only one is still active, but it's under her maiden name: Lynn Lester. Logan thinks she may be hiding. Veronica nods and notes that a rental car is the only purchase. She says she'll let him know if there's anything else and walks away. Logan goes after her.

hall: Logan catches up to Veronica and walks with her. He thanks her for her help. She says she knows what it's like. Logan smiles and leaves. Veronica goes into the gym, which is currently being decorated.

gym: Duncan is organizing decorations for the spring dance, which has an '80s theme. Duncan says it looks like Logan just asked Veronica to the dance. Veronica says he didn't and that she's still pining away, waiting for a special boy to ask her. Duncan says, "You never know," and turns back to organizing. Veronica's VO says that he knows her heart was eclipsed a long time ago.

flashback: Veronica and Duncan are slow dancing to their song, "Just Another." Veronica's VO says it felt like love, but it was just...

gym: Veronica is pulled out of the flashback by Meg, who says she needs to talk to her. Veronica and Meg walk away. Meg says she thinks she has a secret admirer and wants Veronica's help to figure out who it is. Veronica's phone rings, but when she answers it, the caller doesn't say anything. She tells Meg this has been happening all week. She then asks Meg about her admirer.

flashback: On the way back from the basketball team's last away game, Meg got a text message saying, "U R kewl." When she turned around, only two boys were on their phones. Caz flirts with every female, and Martin is a bit moony.

outside gym: Meg asks Veronica to find out who her secret admirer is because it could be her soul mate.

Mars Investigations office: Keith has a client and comes out to greet Veronica who has just entered. Keith shuts his office door. He tells Veronica that they can really use the money, but he's too busy to take this case. He asks her to take the woman's information and says it shouldn't take very long to find the information online. Veronica agrees and talks to the client, a Russian woman named Katerina. Katerina says she made a mistake in love. She didn't realize what a good thing she had, and now she has lost him. He was her soul mate. Veronica isn't happy to hear this term again.

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Mars Investigations office: Katerina gives Veronica a photo of a guy with a dog and tells her that the man is Tom. She met him over the Internet and came to America to marry him. However, when she arrived, he wasn't what she expected. She got cold feet before they were married and left. After some time alone, she realized what she had. He was a good man but now she can't find him. He's an actor who changed his name, because it was originally Tom Cruz. Katerina gives Veronica a postcard, addressed to her as Catherine and postmarked Neptune. Veronica tells Katerina the charge and says that Keith should have something for her in a couple of days.

Mars home: Veronica cannot find Tom Cruz online and she's very puzzled by the fact. Wallace is there, watching TV. Veronica finally gives up and sits next to Wallace, to hang out. Two seconds later, she asks Wallace to do a favor for Meg, since he's on the basketball team. She wants to know if he can check Caz and Martin's cell phones to see if they texted Meg. He says he will, but the next time they hang out, she has to really hang out and not just do work. Veronica agrees and smiles.

school hall: Meg has flowers on her locker. She got a note from her secret admirer, asking her to the spring dance. Veronica takes the card and notices it's from Manny's Flower Hut. She takes a picture of the bouquet with her cell phone. Meg asks about the text messages. Veronica replies that she has her best man on it.

school bus: Wallace is left alone and looks in Caz's bag for his cell phone. Outside, Caz invites Meg to a party he's having. He boards the bus and catches Wallace holding his jock strap. Wallace doesn't know what to say.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica tells Katerina that Keith used all the usual searches and couldn't find Tom Cruz. If she wants, she can hire him for $250 per day, plus expenses. Katerina agrees. Veronica asks for more details about him. Katerina starts to describe his wonderful personality until Veronica clarifies, asking about his hobbies and interests. Katerina tells her that Tom likes hockey, detective movies, and Chinese food. He also plays guitar badly. Katerina gives Veronica the check and leaves. Veronica makes a call. Using a terrible New York type of accent, she places a casting ad for an ordinary guy of medium height and build with dark hair that is thin on top. He must be able to play hockey and the guitar. She gives a fax number to which the head shots can be sent. Later at night, Veronica looks at some pictures that were faxed in. Wallace comes in. He tells Veronica that she's on her own because he now has a reputation as a jock sniffer. Wallace looks at the picture Katerina gave Veronica and says that the dog is a freak show. Veronica asks if he thinks the dog is a rare breed. Wallace does. Veronica's phone rings and she reads a text message that says Lynn's credit card has been used again. Wallace asks her how many cases she's working on. Veronica looks up information on her laptop and notices that the credit card was used at the Sunset Regent Hotel in West Hollywood. She surprisingly reads that the amount is $1,200. She calls Logan and leaves a message about this.

hotel lobby: Logan is pacing. Veronica comes running up, apologizing loudly for being late and calls him honey. She gives Logan a kiss on the cheek and in a quieter voice, she tells Logan to let her handle things. They go to the front desk clerk. She tells the clerk that she and her fiancé are looking for a honeymoon suite. The clerk shows her the cheap rooms. Veronica, flashing a large fake diamond ring, pulls out her wedding scrapbook and shows the clerk some pictures of some more expensive rooms. Logan is impressed, and they giggle at each other. The clerk then shows them pictures of their luxury suites. Veronica pages through them, and chooses the most expensive looking one, which costs $1,200 a night and includes private elevator access. Veronica wants to see the room, but they can't because it's occupied. They leave the desk. Veronica says she has another plan, but Logan decides to stay in the lobby until his mom walks out of the elevator. Veronica has another case to work on, so she leaves him there.

Manny's Flower Hut: Manny looks at the picture of Meg's flowers on Veronica's phone. He says he recognizes his handiwork. Veronica asks if he remembers what the buyer looks like. Manny says he has a high school kid look. As this information isn't helpful to Veronica, she thanks him and leaves.

Mars Investigations office and outside somewhere: Wallace is looking up dogs in an encyclopedia. Veronica is working on her laptop. Keith calls from his car somewhere. He wants to know why he got a voice mail from Katerina asking how he's doing with the case. Keith says he is busy with the insurance fraud investigation. Veronica says it's harder than she thought. Keith tells her to drop it, but Veronica says Katerina agreed to the daily rate and they need the money. Having scanned the photo of Tom and his dog, Veronica zooms in on the dog's nametag and reads it: Steve. Wallace figures out what the type of dog is in the picture: a Catahoula leopard dog. She tells Keith they're getting closer.

outside: Keith says he has to go, after telling Veronica to do some normal teenage girl things.
Keith follows a guy on foot and passes two guys who are watching him from a car on the opposite side of the street.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica is going through the phone book, calling animal hospitals to inquire about the dog Steve. She finally finds the right one. She tells the receptionist that she met Steve a while back and she has a Catahoula leopard dog named Lulu and wants to breed her. She knows she can't get the owner's name, but asks the woman if the hospital could call the owner and see if he'll talk to her. Veronica observes the time of the call, which is a little after 4:00. Veronica uses her cell phone to call Meg and ask her if she minds leaving early for the party so she can make a stop. The office phone rings so she gets off the phone with Meg. The animal hospital receptionist has called back and she tells Veronica that the owner isn't interested. Veronica hangs up and again takes note of the time.

sheriff's department: Veronica and Meg walk in. Veronica wants a favor from Leo. She sees a picture of herself on the wall...with horns. Leo says a sketch artist came in from San Diego and drew it. Karl, the artist, comes in. He knows Veronica and tells her to say hi to her father. Veronica asks Leo to get the phone records of who the vet clinic called between 4:00 and 4:10 P.M. today. After some hesitation, Leo agrees. Meg and Veronica leave, and Meg comments that Leo seems quite interested in Veronica. Veronica ignores this.

Caz's party: Meg and Veronica look around. Caz comes by and tells them that this is one of his dad's model homes. He offers them drinks. Meg accepts, but Veronica isn't interested. Caz asks Meg if she was at the game. She stares at him, wondering if he is for real. She says she was because she was cheering. He talks to another guy about how great he was in the game and accidentally spills beer all over Meg. Meg goes to a cupboard to get a towel, but it's empty. Martin gives her Caz's sweater instead and talks to her. Veronica asks Martin if she can borrow his cell phone. She tries to see if he called Meg, but the battery dies. Duncan comes over and asks Veronica if he knows what's going on with Logan, like why he is camped out in a hotel lobby. Veronica says she'll take care of it. Duncan is surprised. Veronica tells Meg that she needs to go and then leaves.

hotel lobby: Logan is sitting on the couches, still waiting for his mom. The desk clerk tells him that the lobby is for paying guests only. Logan hands the clerk his credit card and says to book him a room. The clerk leaves and Veronica comes in. She makes a phone call to report her lost credit card, saying her name is Lynn Lester. A little later, a woman wearing sunglasses exits the elevator. Logan recognizes her. Logan goes up to her and says, "Mom?" The woman turns around and removes her sunglasses to reveal that it is not Lynn, but Trina, Logan's stepsister. Logan says she's supposed to be in Australia. Trina replies that it didn't work out. She sees Veronica and says hi to her. She starts to ask if she and Logan are a couple, but Logan angrily cuts her off. He says she's wearing Mom's hat and clothes. Trina says she was Logan's mom, but only Trina's stepmom. The two of them argue back and forth. Trina brings up the stories that Logan used to tell about cigarette burns and broken noses. Veronica looks concerned at this revelation. Logan brings up Trina's virtually non-existent acting career. Veronica finally steps in and pulls Logan away. Once Trina is out of sight, Logan breaks down in tears. Veronica puts her arms around him and tries to comfort him.

car: Keith is on phone with his contact. He says he has taken pictures of the man in the neck brace with a former lawyer who was disbarred for representing a fake accident ring. He looks in his rear view mirror and asks his contact if anyone else is working the case. No one else is. Keith hangs up and then pulls into a hotel parking lot and leaves his car for the valet. The other car follows. The two guys from the other car split up to look for Keith. He comes out of hiding, breaks into their car, and looks in the glove compartment. He then gets his keys back from the valet, saying he's at the wrong hotel. He makes a call to run the name he found, which is Russian.

Manny's Flower Hut: Veronica brings in Karl, the sketch artist, to help Manny remember the high school student who bought the flowers. Karl says he'll fax the results to her. Veronica thanks him and leaves.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica receives a call on her cell phone from Leo. The animal hospital made three outgoing calls between 4:00 and 4:10 P.M. He gives her the names.

car: Veronica's VO says that the first two names she checked out weren't correct. Veronica looks at the picture of Tom and his dog again. She sees the dog and then the owner, going out for a walk. She snaps several takes pictures.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica is on the phone with Katerina, and tells her that they found Tom Cruz. She's about to give Katerina the address, when Keith disconnects the call. He tells Veronica that Katerina's real name is Yelena Sukarenko. He shows her pictures of the two men who were following him. They are her brothers and part of the Russian mob in Chicago. Anthony Thomas Cruz worked for their father and then turned him in, landing him in jail. He's not a long lost love. He's in the witness protection program. Veronica is shocked. The phone rings. Veronica stares at the phone, then her dad. A few minutes later, the phone is still ringing. Keith tells Veronica to answer and do what they agreed on. Veronica answers and says she dropped the phone. She gives an address and hangs up. Veronica is upset and wants to know what will happen now. Keith says he'll take it from here.

outside a house: The two Russians who had been following Keith get out of their car.

house: The men pull out guns as they enter the house. They hear a noise coming from the kitchen and check it out. They see a bald guy with his face in the refrigerator. Keith turns around, greeting them in Russian. Leo and several other deputies, all in bullet-proof vests and holding guns appear. They arrest the Russians.

Mars home: Meg comes over. She is dressed as the main character in Pretty in Pink was for the prom. Veronica apologizes that she hasn't found Meg's secret admirer before the dance as she had promised. Meg says she doesn't care anymore. She gives Veronica the floral wristband that is supposed to be her admirer's signal at the dance. She then tells Veronica she's not going to the dance with a date, she's going with her. Veronica looks rather unsettled at the idea. Meg helps Veronica get dressed up as early Madonna. The fax rings and Veronica goes over to the machine. Veronica looks at the picture Karl sent and realizes that it's Duncan. She doesn't say anything to Meg, and throws the picture away. The leave.

school gym: People in '80s costumes are dancing to '80s music for the spring dance. Meg hesitates admits in '80s slang to having second thoughts. Veronica put the floral wristband on Meg's wrist and turns to leave, telling Meg she'll thank her. Meg says Veronica will miss her surprise, but Veronica isn't worried. She points, and Meg turns around as Duncan, dressed as Duckie from Pretty in Pink approaches Meg and smiles. Meg looks questioningly at Veronica, who smiles. Duncan holds out his hand and Meg goes to dance with him. Veronica leaves, no longer smiling. Her VO says that between being fooled by the Russian bride and finding out that Duncan has the hots for Meg, she's had enough of surprises.

car: Veronica gets into her car and cries. There's a knock on the window and she looks up. It's Leo. She opens the door. He asks what's wrong and gives her flowers. She smiles and gets out.

school gym: Leo and Veronica dance. Veronica looks over at Duncan and Meg dancing but Duncan doesn't notice. She looks away. Duncan looks over at Veronica and Leo dancing but Veronica doesn't notice. Logan appears dressed as a pantless Tom Cruise from Risky Business. He's completely drunk and starts pushing people around, telling everyone to Wang Chung. He walks out of the gym. Veronica sighs, saying she can't escape Tom Cruise. She and Leo walk out of the gym.

school hall: Veronica tries to get Logan's keys. Logan is being difficult. He wants to know who Leo is. Veronica tells him, for the third time. Trina shows up, saying she got a call to come get Logan. Just like old times. Logan leaves with Trina. Leo asks Veronica if she wants to go back in, but she doesn't. They kiss. Veronica smiles, but the moment is interrupted by Veronica's cell phone ringing. Once again, there is no one on the other line. Leo tells her to hit *69. She says she has done that but it just rings and rings. Leo takes the phone and dials *69. This time someone answers. Veronica grabs the phone and wants to know who it is. The guy on the other end tells her that this number is a payphone and she must be talking about that blonde lady. Veronica asks for the location and learns it's the Sagebrush Cantina in Barstow. Veronica asks Leo for a rain check and takes off running. Leo is quite confused.

Sagebrush Cantina: Veronica goes into the bar and sees her mom there, very drunk. Lianne is initially surprised to see Veronica, but that surprise quickly turns to panic. She says she can't be seen with Veronica and that they'll hurt her. Veronica says she knows who's been blackmailing them and that she's safe now. Veronica looks up and sees Clarence Wiedman's reflection in the mirror behind the bar. She quickly turns around and sees him walk away outside. Veronica stares in shock.

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