1.14 "Mars vs. Mars"

Aired Feb 15, 2005


Mars home: This starts where episode 13 left off. Logan asks Veronica to find his mother. Veronica invites Logan inside. She asks Logan what makes him think his mom is still alive and about the woman who saw Lynn jump. Logan dismisses this, saying that not everything on TV is true. He adds that Lynn's credit cards are missing. Veronica asks Logan why Lynn would have left a note. Logan says she wants people to assume she's dead. However, if she really wanted to kill herself, she'd do it with wine and pills. Veronica says she'll see what she can find. Logan says he just needs to know that his mom is OK.

classroom: Chuck Rooks is doing a game-show style history review with his students. Veronica and Wallace are both in his class. He asks a question and calls on a few people, ending with Carrie Bishop. However, instead of giving an answer, she shocks everyone by telling Rooks that she's not pregnant so he can stop avoiding her calls, and can keep his money to "take care of it." She tells him she won't need his key anymore and tosses it to him. The class is stunned into silence. Mr. Rooks looks surprised, and Veronica looks worried.

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classroom: After class, Veronica asks Rooks if he is okay. He claims Carrie is lying. Veronica believes him. Nevertheless, he says it doesn't matter; the gossip is all over the school by now. Veronica says she's going to help him.

lunch: Some mean 09er girls sing the first few lines of "Don't Stand So Close to Me" to Carrie, who silently gets up and leaves. Wallace and Veronica look on as this happens. Veronica says she's not at all sympathetic, since Carrie is the gossip queen of Neptune High. Veronica asks Wallace to do something for her. Wallace correctly guesses that Veronica wants him to borrow Carrie's permanent file. Veronica sees Duncan and goes over to talk to him. She asks him for the name of his doctor, claiming that her doctor just retired and moved away. He says his doctor is Al Levine and his number is in the book. He tells her that Dr. Levine is expensive, but Veronica says she has insurance. Duncan leaves, and Veronica's VO says that it's time to find out what Duncan's mystery illness is.

school outside: Later that day, Wallace gives Veronica Carrie's file. They joke about the top secret mission, and then he leaves. Veronica starts to read it, but Logan interrupts her and asks if there's any news on his mom. Veronica says she put notices on Lynn's credit cards and ATM card. Her dad's friend who works at the Echolls's bank will send her a text message if any of the cards are used. Also, the woman who claims she saw Lynn jump will be giving a statement tomorrow at the sheriff's department, so Veronica is planning to stop by. Logan wants to accompany Veronica, but she says she's going alone, since he's not exactly subtle. They argue, and eventually she relents but makes Logan agree to stick to her plan. Veronica sees Carrie and goes to talk to her. She tells Carrie that this is her chance to recant before she proves Carrie is lying. Carrie asks why Veronica cares. Veronica says Mr. Rooks is one of the few good teachers at Neptune High. Carrie says yes, if you ignore the fact that he seduces his students. Veronica says she doesn't believe her and that she knows Mr. Rooks called her parents in for a conference. This isn't something an illicit boyfriend would do. Carrie tells Veronica that she can believe what she wants. She doesn't care what Veronica thinks. Carrie then gets into her car.

Mars Investigations office: Keith asks Veronica to find out information on Chuck Rooks. Carrie filed a sexual harassment claim against him, so her parents hired Keith to investigate because they want him fired. Veronica is so upset that she's speechless. She shakes her head in disbelief. Keith asks why she's so upset. Veronica thinks Rooks is a wonderful teacher, and she's going to help him, not Carrie. Keith says Carrie deserves to be heard. Veronica disagrees, calling Carrie a liar, a gossip, and a manipulator. Keith wants to know why she thinks that, but Veronica doesn't say. Keith says he's still proceeding with the case. Veronica replies by telling Keith that he can answer his own phone. Keith stares at her.

flashback: Carrie Bishop and Susan Knight are in the girl's bathroom, primping and gossiping about Duncan and Veronica. Veronica is in one of the stalls, listening. Susan is surprised that their relationship lasted as long as it did. Of all the girls he could have gone out with, why did Duncan pick Veronica? Carrie says Duncan is crazy. Susan says she feels sorry for Duncan because Veronica got her claws into him and is just after his money. Carrie clarifies, saying that Duncan is literally crazy. She heard he was brought into the hospital kicking, and screaming, foaming at the mouth, and calling out Veronica's name. It took three orderlies to put him in a straightjacket. Susan scoffs at this, but Carrie says that's what she heard. Veronica flushes the toilet and comes out of the stall, much to their discomfort.

sheriff's department: Logan and Veronica are sitting and waiting. The witness walks by them. Veronica keeps Logan from talking to her and gives him an earpiece. Cliff talks to the woman, Ms. Stanton, pretending to be from a tabloid. She says she's getting a lot of offers and wants to know what his is. Cliff says it depends, and asks if Lynn was drunk, drugged up, or bruised. Stanton says if he wants, sure. Logan jumps up and yells at the woman, insulting her. Stanton leaves and Logan tries to go after her, but Veronica stops him. He turns around in frustration. Veronica thanks Cliff. She starts to talk to Logan but sees Deputy Leo walk by. She tells Logan she has to talk to someone and to remain calm. Finding out what that woman is about is good news. She goes to talk to Leo. He's not happy to see her, but she says she wants to explain. Lilly was her best friend. Leo cuts her off and says she used him, and that he knows all about the murder investigation and Keith's part in it. Veronica corrects him and says he knows the version everyone else knows. She fills him in on the evidence she's found so far: Kane Software's head of security is the one who made the call that got Abel Koontz arrested, the two police photos of Lilly's shoes that don't add up, and the speeding ticket that proves Lilly's time of death is three hours off. She says she's been doing everything to get to the truth, including using Leo, for which she's sorry. She then says she used Leo, then fell for him, not the other way around. Leo looks pleasantly surprised smiles, happy that she fell for him.

Rooks home: Veronica knocks on the gate. Rooks opens it and invites her into the backyard. He introduces Veronica to his little daughter Olivia, who refuses to talk to Veronica. He tells Olivia to finish coloring, and she goes inside. He tells Veronica that he's divorced and gets Olivia on the weekends. Veronica asks him about the conference with Carrie's parents. He wants to know how she knows about that, but she says she can't reveal her sources. Rooks tells her this is an adult matter. Veronica tells him that Carrie's parents have a private investigator running a background check on him and that there's going to be a hearing. If he's found guilty, he'll be finished as a teacher. Rooks tells Veronica that the conference was about a C that Carrie got on a midterm. She was mad that the grade would look bad on her high school transcript and keep her out of Cornell. When Veronica asks, he tells her he will be representing himself at the hearing.

Mars Investigations office: Keith enters and asks for his messages but Veronica ignores him. He says he admires her for standing up for her convictions but that Rooks is no good. She says she believes Rooks. Keith tells her that Carrie kept a detailed diary of her affair with him, including times and dates, like the time he took her out to celebrate her victory after a public speaking competition. Keith says he crosschecked Rooks's credit card history, and the charges match Carrie's diary. Veronica looks upset. Keith tells her to stay away from Rooks. Later that day, Veronica calls and sets up an appointment with Dr. Levine. Logan enters unnoticed and makes some sarcastic comments. He shows Veronica a tabloid that says a woman named Sondra Bolan saw his mom get out of her car and into a van with a "mysterious stranger." Veronica is skeptical and doesn't want him to get his hopes up, but Logan says he's paying her to follow leads. Veronica calls Directory Assistance to get Sondra's number. She then calls Sondra, pretending to be from the tabloid and convinces her to meet Veronica that day in person to answer some follow-up questions.

coffeehouse: Sondra claims she wasn't paid for her story; she thought people should know the truth. She said she was so excited to see Lynn. She thought someone was shooting a movie. Veronica asks if she had ever seen Lynn before. Sondra says she saw Lynn once before at a movie premiere, with Aaron, and that she must have seen the movie 100 times. Veronica is incredulous. Sondra brings out a scrapbook filled with movie ticket stubs and photos of Aaron and Lynn. Veronica asks her for details about the van and Sondra says it was the exact van from The Pursuit of Happiness. Veronica asks if she means it was the same kind of van, but Sondra says that no, it was the actual van. She goes on to say that Lynn and Aaron met on the set of that movie and they were so young and happy then. She doesn't understand why anyone thinks Lynn would have killed herself because she's the luckiest woman in the world. Logan, who has been sitting nearby listening all this time, gets upset and leaves. Veronica excuses herself and follows him. Veronica tells him that if she were in his shoes, she would have let herself believe that woman's story too. Logan leaves, bumping into Weevil who is on the way in. Weevil asks what's wrong with Logan. Veronica says he just lost the last glimmer of hope that his mom was still alive.

Mars kitchen: Keith is cooking. Veronica says she knows pity food when she see it and asks what the bad news is. Keith says that Rooks got fired from his last job at a private school. His file is sealed, but the complaint came from the parents of two girls. Veronica tells Keith she wants to see Carrie's journal, but Keith refuses to show it to her.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica's VO says that in order to save Rooks's job, she must see Carrie's diary. She tries to get into the safe and cannot. Her VO says Keith changed the combination again. She goes on to say that he taught her that most people pick lock combinations that consist of numbers that are significant to them. In addition, many keep the combination written down somewhere. She looks through a page-a-day calendar and finds the new combination. She opens the safe, and finds a box labeled "Bishop." She opens it and is sprayed with blue ink that covers her face and clothes.

Mars bathroom: Veronica is cleaning herself up. She's mad; Keith is snide. Veronica tells him she wants to see the diary. She knows Carrie's lying. She tells Keith to just give her the times and dates only, not the actual diary. She asks if he wants to be responsible for taking a good man down and destroying his reputation, wondering if he can relate. Keith finally gives in and agrees to give her just the dates and times.

school hall: Veronica looks at the trophy case. Weevil comes to talk to her. They banter a little, and then he tells her he has some information for her: A freshman has been telling everyone that he has proof that Lynn jumped. He’ll make millions. Veronica asks Weevil to investigate.

classroom: Veronica talks to Rooks after her class, asking him why he was fired from his last job. Rooks is surprised, and asks how she knows this. Veronica doesn't say. He tells her that is was an all-girl's school and he was fired for not being conservative and for riding a motorcycle.

school hall: Veronica gives Carrie another chance to recant and drop the charges. She says that Carrie must not be that shook up if she's still in his class. Carrie claims she needs the class to graduate, and that Rooks will be leaving soon. Veronica asks Carrie why she's trying to destroy Rooks for just giving her a C on a paper. Carrie says he is now more popular than ever, while everyone hates her. She asks Veronica if she wants details and tells her that he has black silk sheets and likes to set the mood by playing the Rolling Stones. Veronica says there's a problem with Carrie's story that on April 23, she was staying in a hotel. Carrie was at an overnight track meet in Sacramento that same weekend. She was part of the winning 1600-meter relay team. She leaves, and Carrie is speechless.

Dr. Levine's examining room: Doctor Levine enters the examining room that Veronica is in and tells her that her sniffles are just allergies. He leaves, and she gets dressed.

bathroom: Veronica then sneaks into the bathroom and waits for Dr. Levine to leave. The nurse checks the bathroom, sees that nobody's there, and leaves. Veronica climbs out of the cabinet under the sink and admits in a VO that her petite size does came in handy every now and then.

Levine's office: She finds Duncan's file and makes copies of its contents. Upon returning the file, she spots Abel Koontz's file. She hears someone entering. Her VO says that when the Kanes share a doctor with Abel Koontz, it's too much of a coincidence for her, and she can't ignore it, even if it means getting caught.

examining room: The cleaning lady opens the door only to see Veronica sitting there with the gown on. She asks if the doctor will be in soon.

school room: Veronica enters the hearing, taking pictures for the Neptune Navigator. Rooks is at the podium, facing the school board. He says this experience has ruined him. The board chairman, Jessica Fuller, asks why Carrie would file this complaint. Rooks says that Carrie is a solid B student in his class. She made it clear to him that she needed an A but the work didn't merit it. Later, Carrie is at the podium. She says that her dad left her mom a year ago. Rooks started giving her rides home after the Mock U.N. meetings. She claims he said they had a lot in common. Initially they just kissed, but then it was more. He blew her off when she told him she thought she was pregnant. When she saw him flirting with other girls, she realized that this is what he does and decided that she couldn't let him get away with it. Fuller wants to know if Carrie has proof, since the charges are very serious. Carrie reads off her cell phone some lewd text messages that Rooks supposedly sent. Fuller asks to see the cell phone and Carrie hands it to her. Fuller notes that they're addressed to SK. Carrie says Rooks called her Sweet Knees because he always wanted her to wear knee socks. Fuller says that this isn't necessarily proof that Rooks sent the messages, but Carrie tells her to hit the call back button. Fuller does and Rooks's cell phone rings. He shuts it off. Veronica gets up and whispers to Clemmons, asking to borrow his cell phone, claiming that her car broke down in the parking lot. He gives it to her.

outside the room: Veronica uses Clemmons's phone.

school room: Clemmons is at the podium. Fuller asks him about his interaction with Rooks. Clemmons says Rooks is a popular teacher. Veronica comes back in and whispers something to Rooks. Clemmons continues, saying that Rooks has been voted Best Teacher three of the four years that he's been there. He sits down. Veronica returns Clemmons's phone to him. Rooks asks Fuller to check her own cell phone for messages. She says she has three new ones, which she reads aloud at Rooks's request. All are suggestive. Veronica smirks in satisfaction. When Rooks asks Fuller to hit redial, Clemmons's phone rings. He turns it off. Rooks then says that this proves it's easy to fake text messages. Later on, the board returns to deliver their verdict. Fuller states that the burden of proof is on the accuser, and that there is simply not substantial evidence to prove Carrie's claims. Rooks will continue to teach. Carrie is upset. Veronica is triumphant.

Rooks home: Rooks answers the door and Veronica gives him his cell phone back. She enabled the password protection on his cell phone. He asks her if she wants a slice of pizza because he has way too much to eat. She accepts and asks to use his bathroom. On the way she passes his room and notices his unmade bed with black silk sheets. She hears some music, and her VO asks if that is Mick Jagger. She turns around and tells Rooks that it's late and she needs to get back to the journalism room. She'll take a rain check on the pizza.

computer room: Veronica's VO says she's looking up the medicine that Duncan is taking. She discovers it's for Type-IV epilepsy, whose symptoms include hysterical, violent, and emotional fits that can't be controlled, blackouts, and loss of memory. Duncan comes over to her, and Veronica quickly switches screens. He asks what she's doing and she replies that she's Googling herself. Duncan picks up Carrie's picture that is on the table next to her. The copy of his medical file is under it, so Veronica discreetly covers it with another picture. She asks Duncan where the school keeps its old newspapers. He replies that they're in the supply cabinet and wants to know why she asked. She says she wants to know if the person who won the public speaking competition had sweet knees. Duncan gives up trying to figure out what this is about and leaves.

school hall: Veronica is on her cell phone with Directory Assistance. She requests the number for the Knight family.

home: Susan Knight is surprised to see Veronica. Veronica tells her that she suspects Carrie's story is true, only it didn't happen to her; it happened to Susan. The cell phone belonged to her and the "SK" stood for her: Susan Knight. Susan steps out from behind the door and is noticeably pregnant. She says her parents disowned her because she wouldn't reveal the father of her child. She knew they'd press charges for statutory rape, and she didn't want that. Veronica wants to know why Carrie told her story. Susan said that when she told Rooks she was pregnant, he gave her $500 so she could take care of it. Carrie thought Rooks's actions should have consequences, but Susan wasn't brave enough to come forward. Veronica tells her that the students put Carrie through hell and she just took it. Susan is surprised because Carrie told her most people were supportive. Veronica says they weren't. Veronica says that Susan can make everything worth it by making one phone call. She happens to have the School Board President's phone number. She gives the phone to Susan who takes it and looks thoughtful.

school: lunch outside: Veronica apologizes to Carrie, who says it doesn't do her much good. Weevil brings a freshman to Veronica. He's the one who claims to have proof that Lynn jumped.

journalism room: Logan comes in, saying Veronica paged him. Veronica tells him that Hart has something to show them. Hart explains that he and friends were making a movie, and they noticed something during editing. He puts a CD into a computer. At first they don't see anything, so Veronica tells him to play it frame by frame. Hart tells them to look at the right side of the bridge. They see a figure fall into the water. Logan is shocked. Hart says the time on the video matches the time of Lynn's supposed jump. Veronica tells Hart that this footage better not make it out into the public. Weevil says he'll make sure of that. Logan stumbles out in a daze. Veronica's phone rings, and she runs after Logan.

outside school: Veronica catches up with Logan and tells him that Lynn's missing credit card was just used. Logan smiles.

classroom: Clemmons enters. He tells the class Rooks resigned and that he'll be taking over until a replacement is found. He's interrupted when Rooks walks in to get his things. He glares at Veronica and leaves. Carrie gives her a small smile.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica tells Keith that Rooks resigned. Keith says that if he were in trouble, he would want her on his side. She says that's where she'd be. She says she'll be home for dinner and his messages are on his desk. She walks out.

prison: Veronica visits Abel again. He starts off by being sarcastic to her and asks what she wants to know now. She says she doesn't want to know anything from him. She just wants him to know what she knows. She holds up his medical file for him to see and says he's dying. He stops smirking. She says he knew he was dying when he confessed to Lilly's murder. He didn't kill her. He's just somebody's patsy. She leaves. Abel looks stunned.

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