1.13 "Lord of the Bling"

Aired Feb 08, 2005


Bone's home: Bone Hamilton sits by the pool and grumpily talks to his wife, Vanessa. Bryce, his son, wants to drop PE to take an independent study in physics. Bone thinks Bryce could use some toughening up. Yolanda, Bone's daughter, took riding lessons at their country club. He starts grumbling about life on the streets when he was young. Bryce comes up to him and tells him that something's happened to Yolanda.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica and Wallace are talking about Lynn Echolls's suicide while reading a tabloid. It says Lynn left a note on her BlackBerry. Logan hasn't been to school since. Keith slowly enters the office, in pain because of his back. Veronica gives him his back medication. Keith walks into his office. Bone Hamilton comes in and wants to talk to Keith. Veronica informs him that he's in his office. Wallace is surprised to see Bone. Veronica has no idea who he is. Wallace tells her that Bone is a hip-hop producer and mentions that he reportedly held a man out of a window in order to get him to sign a contract and has been in jail twice.

Keith's office: Bone says his daughter is missing, and he needs Keith to get her back.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica is surprised that Bone is Yolanda's dad. Wallace says he didn't realize Veronica knew her. Veronica replies, "We used to be friends...a long time ago."

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Keith's office: Bone tells Keith that Yolanda's friend, Gabrielle, said she was studying with Yolanda until midnight. Bryce found Yolanda's car up the block with the light on and door open. Keith advises Bone to go to the police, but Bone refuses, saying he doesn't like them. When Keith asks if Bone has any idea who might have done this, he gives Keith a long list of people. Keith stares at it, and Bone tells him that's just in Southern California. If Keith hears about anything elsewhere, Bone will give him more lists. Bone suggests he start at the top, with Sam Bloom.

Mars kitchen: Veronica is cooking. Keith says he checked the car and came up empty. No one in the neighborhood heard anything either. Veronica says she can ask around at school, since Yolanda is a senior there.

school hall: Veronica stands in the hall. Her VO says this isn't the first time she's helped Yolanda.

flashback: Duncan, Logan, Lilly, and Veronica are standing at lockers. Yolanda walks in and the boys take notice of her. The bell rings and Veronica goes over to Yolanda to introduce herself and help Yolanda find her class. Veronica and Yolanda walk by present-day Veronica on their way to class.

Sam Bloom's office: Keith goes to see Sam Bloom at his office. Bloom tells him that his kids and Bone's grew up together. Now he and Bone hate each other. Bone likes to tell people that he climbed his way to the top from the streets. However, he didn't tell people that most of his success was due to Sam, his lawyer. Sam found out that Bone was evading his taxes. He refused to cover it up, which is why Bone went to jail. Keith says it sounds like Bone is the one with the grudge. Sam tells him there is more to the story. He moves out from behind his desk, and Keith sees that he's in a wheelchair. Sam tells Keith that one day, when he was leaving work, a car drove by and fired ten shots into his car. He's convinced that Bone arranged for the drive-by shooting, although Bone denies this.

lunch outside: Veronica questions Gabrielle about the night Yolanda disappeared. As Gabrielle talks, Veronica's VO says that having an ex-cop for a dad has led to a discussion about how to tell if people are lying or not. Indirect eye contact and an insincere smile are two ways to tell if a person is lying. Gabrielle is demonstrating both of these mannerisms. Veronica tells her that Yolanda is in danger and to stop lying and tell her what really happened. Gabrielle tells Veronica that she went with Yolanda to a club in Los Angeles. Gabrielle has been seeing a guy, Jamie, and met up with him there. When she and Jamie left at midnight, Yolanda was still there, but she had her car. Veronica says she hopes Yolanda is okay. Gabrielle gets defensive and says she's Yolanda's friend. Who does Veronica think she is? She takes off. Veronica calls her dad, and her VO says she was Yolanda's first friend at Neptune.

flashback: Yolanda is sitting at a table with Veronica, Duncan, Logan, Lilly, and Dick. Dick asks Yolanda what her dad does. She replies that he's one of the Dixie Chicks and that he makes more money than his dad, since that's his real question. Logan starts talking about his big party coming up. His parents will be away. Lilly and Veronica invite Yolanda, who says she'll be there.

lunch outside: Veronica is still on her cell phone.

Echolls home: Logan gives Aaron his suit, calling it a costume. He makes other snide remarks, implying that Aaron isn't really grieving; it's just an act. Aaron starts reminiscing about Logan's 10th birthday. He and Logan told Lynn that they were all going to dress up as their favorite animal and go to the zoo. Lynn dressed up as a mermaid and was the only one in costume. She wore it anyway. Logan says he remembers that day because Aaron gave him a bloody nose when he spilled a milkshake in the car. Aaron says Logan smacked his head against a window when Aaron tried to grab the milkshake. Logan says they apparently remember it differently. Aaron asks if he has heard from his sister, Trina. Logan bitterly replies that he got a telegram from her saying she can't come back from her shoot in Sydney, but, she sent a floral wreath. Aaron stares at a picture of Lynn. The doorbell rings and Logan says he'll get it.

Mars Investigations office: Keith says Marcel, a bouncer at the L.A. club, was Bone's bodyguard until he hit on Yolanda. He's number four on Bone's list. Veronica takes Keith's keys because he's still on medication for his back and says she'll be driving.

car: Keith tells Veronica to stay in the car and gets out. Veronica sees a box where the valet tickets are kept.

outside club: Keith talks to Marcel, who said he wasn't mad. He got smart instead. Marcel tells Keith that Bone must not know who was there that night.

car: Keith tells Veronica that Dime Bag was at the club that same night. This is the rapper Bone reportedly dangled out of a window to get him to sign a contract. They're staying at the Duke Hotel. Keith sees a bag and asks Veronica what it is. She answers that they are clues: valet stubs. Keith gives her a look, and she replies that she knows; stay in the car.

parking garage: Keith is in the parking garage of the hotel where Dime Bag is staying. He tells Veronica that Dime Bag won't talk to him. Veronica opens a briefcase full of bugs (listening devices) and asks Keith which ones he wants.

hotel lobby: Veronica is there waiting. Her VO says that when she met Yolanda, she would never have thought that a year later, she and her dad would be looking for her. She thought she, Lilly, and Yolanda would still be hanging out like they did for that first month.

flashback: Lilly and Veronica are visiting Yolanda at her house. They see all of the records on the walls and are amazed. Yolanda says her dad is just a producer. Bryce, sitting in the corner, previously unseen by the girls, adds that he's away a lot. Yolanda calls Bryce an eavesdropping freak and tells him to go away. The girls go into Yolanda's room. Lilly is looking at a magazine and asks what her next boyfriend should be like. Veronica asks about Logan, but Lilly says Logan is jealous all of the time and it's getting on her nerves. Yolanda says she likes a jealous streak in a boy, to keep him in line. Lilly says, "All yours." She's ditching Logan's party. However, she still wants to go to Fleet Week in San Diego, and she and Veronica want Yolanda to go with them. Yolanda says she's glad she met them. Lilly replies that she should be, because they're the best.

lobby: Dime Bag and his ghetto boys return to their hotel early and complain about the size of their room. They want to switch. A hotel clerk gives room 1411, the hotel's biggest room. In a VO, Veronica realizes that Keith is bugging the wrong room. She takes off her jacket and grabs a clipboard from the desk. She introduces herself as Melinda, their hospitality hostess. She apologizes for the new help and offers to take them to their new room. Dime Bag and boys follow Veronica into an elevator.

room 1411: Dime Bag is much happier with the bigger suite. Veronica shows them around, pointing out obvious uses of the items in the room. She goes to a table behind the couch and plants a bug under the table while showing them the phone. She leaves.

parking garage: Keith asks where she's been. Veronica says was taking a bathroom break. Keith sets up the laptop and tries to listen in via the bug, but only hears a couple arguing. Veronica switches it to the new room. Dime Bag and his friends discuss Veronica's hotness. Keith isn't happy, but doesn't say anything. He closes the laptop and says now they get Bone to beg.

Echolls home: Aaron and Logan are getting ready to go out the door. Aaron says he knows Logan blames him for Lynn's death. Aaron says their war is over from now on, and that they're a team. This is what Lynn would have wanted. Logan doesn't reply. He puts on his sunglasses and gives Aaron a peace sign. As they open the door, they hear the click of a camera. Logan chases a hiding paparazzo and catches up with him at the gate. There are more people outside the gate. Logan throws the man to the ground and smashes his camera. Aaron catches up to them and tries to stop Logan. Logan yells at Aaron, saying that Lynn wouldn't have wanted Aaron to sleep with all of her friends. Maybe they both wish they'd been better, but she's only gone because of Aaron. Logan leaves. Aaron asks the crowd, sarcastically, if they are enjoying the show.

lab: Bryce is working on a water erosion project when Veronica comes in. She introduces herself, but he says he remembers her. She says she's looking for information on Yolanda. Bryce says Yolanda isn't lost; someone's got her. He blames her abduction on his dad. Bryce says his father thinks he's soft. Bone has been in jail for one-third of Bryce's life, yet Bryce is the embarrassment. He asks Veronica if that's why she stopped being friends with Yolanda, because she found out about Bone being in jail. Veronica says she had no idea. Bryce concludes that they just drifted apart. He says that's too bad, because Yolanda really liked them.

flashback: Logan's party is going on. Logan, Duncan, Veronica, and Yolanda are playing a drinking game. Logan's mad that Lilly didn't come. Veronica says Lilly's sick, but Logan doesn't believe her. Duncan tells Veronica that they'd better get her home. They start to leave, but Veronica realizes that she forgot her purse. She goes back to get it and finds Yolanda and Logan kissing. The next day, in the school hall, Veronica tells Lilly about the kiss and offers to talk to Yolanda about it. Lilly is angry and says to Veronica, "I don't know a Yolanda, do you?" Veronica looks upset.

lab: Bryce continues working on his experiment, and Veronica leaves.

Bone's house: Keith and Vanessa try to persuade Bone to call Dime Bag, since he's the best lead they have so far. Bone reluctantly makes the call. Dime Bag makes Bone beg, but then tells him that doesn't know anything. Bone slams the phone down and breaks something. Keith tells him to be quiet. They listen to Dime Bag through the bug in his room. Dime Bag calls Yolanda "Little Miss Princess," and he and his boys talk about how hot Yolanda is. Bryce is nearby, hearing all of this. Finally, Bone can't take anymore and slams the laptop down. He yells at Bryce, who stares at him then walks away.

Veronica's bedroom: Wallace helps Veronica go through the valet stubs. Veronica sees that a Bloom was at the club. She looks up Bloom on her computer and discovers that Sam's son, Benjamin Bloom, was at the club on the same night as Yolanda.

Echolls home: Many people are there for Lynn's wake. Logan thanks everyone enthusiastically for attending the wake. Outside, Harvey Greenblat, Aaron's agent, is telling Aaron that the studio keeps calling him and wants to know if Aaron will take a part in the movie or not. They can't wait any longer. Aaron informs Harvey that this is his wife's funeral. Logan, who has been listening, asks Harvey if next time, they can have a funeral in the board room. Harvey looks uncomfortable. Logan makes another comment and walks away. Harvey tries again to get Aaron to decide but Aaron stops him, saying that he doesn't want Harvey to negotiate any deals for him anymore. Harvey asks if he's being fired. Aaron says that no, he's done with acting.

Logan's room: Logan is playing a video game. Duncan comes in and asks Logan what he's doing. He says to Logan that it's his mom's funeral reception. Logan it's not his mom's reception, it's for Aaron. Duncan tells Logan he's worried about him. Logan replies that none of this matters because Lynn's not dead. Logan shows Duncan a lighter that Lynn's father got in the Korean War. He held onto it, even when he was captured. He escaped and had it engraved with the words, "Free at Last." Lynn always carried it with her, but she left it on her dresser the night she disappeared. Logan tells Duncan that it's a sign that she's still alive. He says his mom hated all this, and she hated Aaron. No body was found because she's not dead. She escaped. Duncan looks very worried about Logan.

Bloom's office: Keith asks Sam about Ben. Sam claims Ben doesn't hang out at hip-hop clubs and that there must be a logical explanation for his presence there that night. Keith tells Sam that Ben received a traffic warning last month when a neighbor called the police because someone was watching the Hamilton house. Keith asks Sam how Ben felt about the shooting. Sam replies that he was outraged, of course. Keith asks where Ben is now. Sam says he's at college at USC, but at the moment, he is in Mexico hiking with some friends, and can't be reached. Keith tells Sam that if he hears from Ben, to give him a call. Keith leaves, and Sam looks worried.

Mars Investigations office: Keith asks Veronica to call Ben and pretend to be a sorority girl. She talks to his roommate who says he had been acting weird and left alone last week. But he saw a hotel confirmation number for Vegas on Ben's desk. Keith calls a friend, Tom, in Vegas. He gives him Benjamin Bloom's license number and says he might be staying at one of the hotels. Keith tells Veronica she's been working overtime on this case and asks if Yolanda is a friend. Veronica doesn't really reply.

flashback: Yolanda catches up to Veronica and asks her to talk to Lilly and tell her that what she heard is not true. Veronica says she saw what happened. Yolanda says Logan kissed her, and that she would never throw herself at him. Veronica starts to say she doesn't know because Lilly can be and is interrupted by Lilly honking. Veronica looks over and sees Lilly with some other girls in her car. Lilly asks Veronica if is she's in or out for San Diego. Yolanda says Logan kissed her and it didn't go anywhere. She doesn't want to blow it here. Lilly honks the horn again, and Veronica tells Yolanda that she should have known better. Veronica walks away with a distressed look on her face. Her VO wonders what her dad would think if he knew she caved to peer pressure and left a new girl on her own.

Mars Investigations office: Bone comes in with a ransom note the next day. Keith says a note is a good thing. However, it's strange because the details of the drop are already in the note. Usually, the details are given at the last minute, so it can't be staked out. Bone says the kidnapper is stupid. He points out that the note calls Yolanda "Little Miss Princess," which is what they heard Dime Bag call her over the bug. He says if he doesn't get his daughter back, someone is going to die.

Bone's home: Bone is packing money into the briefcase along with the GPS tracking device and dye pack that Keith put in there. Keith advises Bone to call the police, but Bone refuses. Three thugs come into the room, and Bone says he has his justice right here. Keith says that's not the way to deal with this, and if he cares about his daughter, he'll go to the police. Bone still refuses, and Keith says he can't be party to this. Bone tells Keith his check is in the mail. He hands the briefcase to one of the men and they leave. Keith isn't happy, and neither is Vanessa.

outside: It's raining, and Keith and Veronica share an umbrella. Veronica wants to know why they're there if Keith was fired. Keith says he wants to save Yolanda. He says the kidnapper is either the dumbest one ever or the smartest. Not only did he give the details ahead of time, but it's the worst possible spot. It's open to surveillance, and there are no escape routes. Getting away with the money will be impossible. Veronica has an idea as she looks around and notices the storm drain.

car: Veronica and Keith have several rubber ducks. Keith tells Veronica this is a stretch. She starts the car. They drive, following the signal of a tracking device.

outside: Bone is pacing, holding the briefcase. His thugs are standing nearby. His cell phone rings. The caller asks Bone if he sees the taxi up the street. Bone does. The caller tells Bone to go to the trashcan on the corner and retrieve the football there. Bone does so. The caller says he can keep the cash, but must put his quarter-million-dollar ring into the football and throw it down the drain. He says the cab won't stop until he does this. Bone follows the directions. The taxi moves forward. The caller hangs up. Bone yells to his thugs to stop the taxi. They open the cab doors, guns drawn, but no one is in there, except for the frightened driver. Bone is angry.

beach: Rubber ducks drop out of a drainage pipe. Bryce looks confused, but smiles when he sees the football. He looks very pleased with himself as he picks it up. Veronica comes up to Bryce. He asks how she found him. She says whoever did this was either really smart or really dumb. She picks up one of the ducks and retrieves a bug from it. She says he's really smart. Bryce says she is also. Keith joins them. Later, as they're walking back, Bryce tells Veronica that Yolanda wasn't kidnapped; she ran off. Bryce says he hears things. Yolanda was on the phone, talking to someone about meeting someone at the club and running away. Bryce hid in her trunk when she left Gabrielle's for L.A. He then drove her car back and made up the kidnapping. Veronica asks why, but Bryce says she wouldn't understand. She asks if Yolanda is okay, and Bryce says she is as far as he knows. Keith is on his cell phone talking to his friend in Vegas. He tells Keith Yolanda is okay.

Bone's home: Bone and Vanessa are waiting. Bone has his head in his hands. Bryce comes in and puts Bone's ring down the table. Bone looks stunned. Keith says Yolanda wasn't kidnapped; she ran away. Bryce is the one who wrote the note. Bone and Vanessa are shocked. Bryce tells Bone he can be mad at him, but he can't call him soft. Vanessa wants to know where Yolanda is. Keith sets up his laptop. He tells them she can see them through the webcam. Yolanda appears on the screen. She says she's fine and that she's married to Benjamin Bloom. She tells her parents that they had better make up with the Blooms or she and Ben are not coming back. Bone says he didn't order the drive-by. Yolanda says it doesn't matter because he let everyone think he did so it would give him street cred. However, he didn't consider how it would affect his kids She asks Bone to give them his blessing, and they'll come home after the honeymoon. Bone doesn't reply. Yolanda gets tired of waiting and shuts off the webcam.

Veronica's bedroom: Veronica uses the laptop to talk to Yolanda. She congratulates her and apologizes for not being a better friend. Yolanda says she would have done the same thing in Veronica's position. There's a knock on Veronica's front door. She goes to answer it and is stunned to see Logan standing there. She asks what he's doing there. He says he wants her to find his mother.

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