1.08 "Like a Virgin"

Aired Nov 23, 2004

Roundtable Reviews

Polter-Cow: Are you ready?

misskiwi: Yep, let's roll.

Polter-Cow: Go!

misskiwi: Going!

Polter-Cow: Oh, the Lilly Kane murder case! Oh, UPN! The days of yore.

misskiwi: Hee. Yay, Cliff! Those crazy kids and their visiting death row inmates

Polter-Cow: You're ahead of me.

misskiwi: It's going to be hard discussing the murder case without going ahead in the season.

Polter-Cow: It sure would suck to go to law school and only make twenty dollars an hour.

misskiwi: Hey, still more than I'm getting as a grad student. His clients are worse, but I bet his hours are better.

Polter-Cow: Veronica is a great judge of crazy. She dated Duncan!

Polter-Cow: Oh, this is the part where Veronica has no clothes. Eight episodes in, and they're giving the guys what they want.

Polter-Cow: MEEEEEEG.

misskiwi: You weren't an extra in that scene making the catcalls by any chance, were you?

Polter-Cow: Was that Shelly Pomroy?? Did you see the blonde hair?

misskiwi: OMG where?

Polter-Cow: She just passed by Veronica and Meg! Going inside the school!

misskiwi: Two girls in blue sweaters?

Polter-Cow: Whoa, continuity! They're referencing past episodes. CRAZINESS. This is television at its finest.

misskiwi: I don't think that was her. I'd have to check.

Polter-Cow: Duncan knows what a reverse cowgirl is.

misskiwi: You and Shelly is like...you and Cervando. You're just crazy.

Polter-Cow: That was totally Shelly! Whoa, Meg's skirt was short. They didn't show it enough.

misskiwi: Pervert.

Polter-Cow: I'm getting in-character.

misskiwi: Uh huh. Hee, I love the scene between Veronica and Wallace at his house.

Polter-Cow: Showing off your cleavage in front of your best friend's mom is, how you say....awkward.

misskiwi: Yeah, it... I mean, uh... never mind.


misskiwi: Dude, your high school wasn't like that?

Polter-Cow: There were fewer numbers.

misskiwi: They used that "I kinda can't wait for school tomorrow" line in the promos when they actually aired VM in Canada way back when. I thought it was a good use of it.

Polter-Cow: So they actually promote the show well in Canada?

misskiwi: Eh.

Polter-Cow: Meg/cartoon birds OTP!

Polter-Cow: Time to dance to the theme song.

misskiwi: Right, because I...wasn't already.

Polter-Cow: I told you you're ahead of me!

misskiwi: I was making a joke about dancing to the theme song. Dork.

Polter-Cow: The first thing Mac ever says is "Dammit!"

misskiwi: YAY, MAC ATTACK!

Polter-Cow: Trivia.

misskiwi: Isn't Veronica supposed to be this notorious slut? How does Mac not know who she is?

Polter-Cow: Everyone with blue hair is good with computers. It's a total stereotype. Mac doesn't get out much.

misskiwi: And has never visited www.bangmeveronica.com

Polter-Cow: Ah, genius.

Polter-Cow: My favorite line! "So that one day in your memoirs you'll describe me as 'inscrutable.'"

misskiwi: Ah, yes, a classic.

Polter-Cow: This is going to be totally incoherent. We should attempt to be more entertaining.

misskiwi: I'm actually juggling and singing right now, but I suppose that's not going to help.

Polter-Cow: LARS! Meg sure does like to wear pink.

misskiwi: And hang out with bitches.

Polter-Cow: And Veronica has pink pants.

Polter-Cow: I love how she explains slut-sneezing.

misskiwi: Speaking of sluts, could Lizzie dress any worse?

Polter-Cow: That probably breaks dress code.

Polter-Cow: Damn, Veronica sure is investigating apace.

misskiwi: And going into Ditz Mode™.

Polter-Cow: We're like total BFFs.

misskiwi: Is that the first time that shows up?

Polter-Cow: Possibly.

Polter-Cow: Meg's going to sing! I like girls who sing.

misskiwi: Does Alona Tal have a singing background?

Polter-Cow: Yeah, she did some musical show in Israel. She was possibly even a minor pop star. I know I've seen some magazine picture with her and a microphone.

misskiwi: This would have been a good excuse to have Kristen do some singing...although totally out of character for Veronica to, you know, participate in extracurricular activities. She could have gone undercover!

Polter-Cow: Veronica never goes undercover. Oh, poor humiliated Meg.

misskiwi: Except as a ditz.

Polter-Cow: Even the lights in that room were pink! Veronica's jacket is pink!

misskiwi: Haha, I love that line about "Second biggest."

Polter-Cow: Kristen Bell is so good at doing different voices. Oh my God, she could serenade T-Bag with that voice.

misskiwi: Really? I think her Southern accent is horrid.

Polter-Cow: Oh, maybe it is.

misskiwi: Meh, like I know what it sounds like.

Polter-Cow: Yeah, right, CANUCK.

misskiwi: Hee, pleasured the swim team while jacked up on goofballs. We all know that that's like.

Polter-Cow: I did that last week. Kind of overrated.

Polter-Cow: Dude, Wallace, do not attack the man with a heated frying pan at his disposal.

misskiwi: I don't really like this subplot with the crazy tennant. And I don't think "murked" is a word. Hee, yeah, "I hope murked means something bad."

Polter-Cow: Yeah, it does seem kind of out-of-place and shoehorned-in with the rest of the episode.

misskiwi: I should start using "murked" in day-to-day conversation.

Polter-Cow: Dick's second line! "All fours." Oh, nostalgia.

misskiwi: And it reflects on him...well, as expected.

Polter-Cow: Damn, Alicia! Stop being such a bitch! Keith can worry about ALL CHILDREN if he pleases. Keith worries about children in Africa. Your children, his children, Martian children, and...I think I missed something important about prison.

misskiwi: The line from Duncan about Meg being a "Britney Spears virgin" seems too mean for him.

Polter-Cow: Aw, sisterly love.

misskiwi: Haha, "you were always premature". BURN.

Polter-Cow: Seriously. Meg is hot when she's sick.

misskiwi: ...Wow, you haven't mentioned the pink in her room yet. Impressive.


misskiwi: And her shirt. And the pillows. And the lamp. AND THE DOOR.


misskiwi: Wait, that might be white, reflecting all the pink. The door, not her shirt.


misskiwi: Who wrote this one?

Polter-Cow: Someone named Aury Wallington wrote this one. And Guy Norman Bee directed. One of them LURVES pink.

misskiwi: Or maybe the wardrobe person.

Polter-Cow: But Veronica delivered her mission statement about getting tough and even.

misskiwi: Mission statement, motto, essence of her being.

Polter-Cow: Alicia's jacket is not pink, it's fuchsia.

misskiwi: Wallace is a really bad liar. And you have to be a really good liar to get anything past a Mars.

Polter-Cow: I'll bet Norman is a better liar than Wallace.

misskiwi: Hee, Wallace just said "whack." You know, that's really one of the few times we see Veronica bothered about people talking behind her back.

Polter-Cow: Keith is totally freaky in the dark.

misskiwi: Yeah, this is the only part of that subplot I like. He's not normally that intimidating.

Polter-Cow: And now Keith goes crazy.

misskiwi: A little over the top. And not nearly as scary as the scene in the kitchen.

Polter-Cow: Few things are scarier than opening the refrigerator door and seeing a stranger in the kitchen.

misskiwi: Next time, Keith should just use J. Walter Weatherman. "Oh my God, I left the gas on and this guy's arm...just came flying off." "And that's why...you don't take advantage of single moms."

Polter-Cow: BACKUP!

misskiwi: Okay, heee, I love it when he's just sitting on the porch all nonchalant, drinking his coffee and enjoying the fruits of his scary labor. Keith is very smug when he pulls something off, isn't hee?

Polter-Cow: With good cause.

Polter-Cow: Mac is so cute.

misskiwi: Mac's comment about "I know kids who have ordered dozens" is a bit of a clue, in hindsight. Of course she knows people who have ordered dozens. They ordered them from her!

Polter-Cow: Also, "You've seen my car, right?" Motive!


misskiwi: Crazy bastard. Fine, I'm rewinding to check.


misskiwi: Dammit. You're right.

Polter-Cow: I TOLD YOU.

misskiwi: I think. Fine, ONCE you're not crazy. If you get arrested for stopping blonde girls on the street and screaming "SHELLY!" don't come crying to me for help.

Polter-Cow: The Invisible Man is on the computer in the journalism room! Don't sit on him!

misskiwi: Okay, wait, how does Mac know about Veronica and Duncan but Veronica had to introduce herself? ANTI-CONTINUITY!

Polter-Cow: Well, did she actually not know? I mean, Veronica introduced herself.

misskiwi: I suppose, but Mac could have said "I know" instead of just introducing herself.

Polter-Cow: Aury Wellington, you're ON NOTICE. Except she also wrote "Clash of the Tritons," so...forgiven.

misskiwi: Oh. Definitely.

Polter-Cow: So, frogs are apparently French. I did not know this weird racial slur.

misskiwi: They're calling them "Freedom reptiles" now. Or amphibians. Whatever.

Polter-Cow: Veronica is awesome.

misskiwi: You're...just realizing this? Dude. I will grant the video camera is...pretty much my second-favorite outing of hers ever. Wait, third favorite. "Clash of the Tritons" and her "Ta da!" from season two are my two other favorites.

Polter-Cow: The video camera is great for the line that's about to come up.

misskiwi: Yeah, "Note to self: cue tape for client" is one of my favorite VMVOs EVER.

Polter-Cow: Although if she had cued the tape, she would have missed the Pam accusation. Mac has a sweet new car.

misskiwi: I don't see her as a lime green person.

Polter-Cow: Perhaps not.

Polter-Cow: Oh, hey, Meg is pretty! And not wearing pink.

misskiwi: Although Veronica is. Sort of.

Polter-Cow: Meg can be Veronica's friend! Aw, she's a nice girl.

misskiwi: And Veronica never really stops with the revenge and making people afraid of her.

misskiwi: Aw, Duncan's sense of humor makes a rare appearance.

Polter-Cow: Yeah, I like him when he's like that.

misskiwi: And Alicia comes to make nice with Keith. Awww. Hee, I like Keith's sense of humor.

Polter-Cow: Here comes the "Give Kristen Bell an Emmy, dammit!" ending.

misskiwi: One of many.

Polter-Cow: After Abel Koontz freaks us all the hell out. Oh, Christian Clemenson. YOU got an Emmy. For something else.

misskiwi: Something else...not on UPN, I'm going to wager?

Polter-Cow: Some TV movie, I think.

misskiwi: How come Abel only has an accent at the beginning of the scene?

Polter-Cow: To throw...Veronica off.

misskiwi: I love his delivery of "I know who you are, Veronica Mars." Very creepy.

Polter-Cow: Oh, totally. Because she has an awesome name. ...OR THE KING AND QUEEN OF THE PROM!

misskiwi: You can just see her world falling apart when he tells her about Jake. But trying to hold it together.

Polter-Cow: Nice legs, toots.

misskiwi: Sure, I'm discussing the scene, and you're checking out her legs. She looks like she's in shock walking out to her car.

Polter-Cow: This is what breaking down looks like.

misskiwi: Yeah, she does really well with this, slowly coming apart piece by piece. I love the score here, too. So sad. Awww.

Polter-Cow: Oh, poor black LeBaron. Focus of our pullaway ending.

misskiwi: I think that would have looked really cool to have the LeBaron without other cars around it.

Polter-Cow: Yeah, I was thinking that. I wanted to say, "Poor, solitary black LeBaron." But...it was not solitary. And that's a wrap.

misskiwi: Indeed! I think it might have been cool to have her, like, break down against a wall outside the prison, slowly sliding down to the ground, but it's more like her to get into the privacy of her car before letting loose. But it would have been a cool visual.

Polter-Cow: Yeah, the car was a good place for a steering wheel.

misskiwi: Oh yeah, the use of the steering wheel is good.

Polter-Cow: Something to grip, metaphorically, as her LIFE CAREENS OFF THE ROAD.

misskiwi: Oooh, metaphorical. I'm a really bad back-seat writer and director, in case you hadn't noticed. I was watching the Grey's Anatomy premiere tonight and I was all "Oh, I would have done it this way" and "That was good writing."

Polter-Cow: In conclusion, Meg is pretty.

misskiwi: This is definitely a good, solid S1 episode. Interesting developments in the Lilly Kane murder, as well as setting up the question of Veronica's paternity. I like the MotW, it gets us Meg and Mac, and the only thing I would have changed would have been the subplot with the tennant.

Polter-Cow: Also, the pink color palette emphasizes that Veronica is a girl.

misskiwi: Geez, don't get all intellectual on me now.

Polter-Cow: There was much cleavage displayed, for which I am thankful.

misskiwi: The flashing of the boobs and the wearing of short skirts and cheerleader outfits also emphasizes the point.

Polter-Cow: I think I can say, without a doubt and with the utmost certainty, that this was the eighth episode in the first season of Veronica Mars.

misskiwi: Huh, and here I thought you would end that sentence with "that Meg is pretty." But I guess we already covered that.

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