1.07 "The Girl Next Door"

Aired Nov 09, 2004

Cultural References

Snow Patrol (Music)

"Oh, your Snow Patrol CD. I'll get it back to you, I swear, I've just been so into it."

Snow Patrol is an Irish band, formerly known as both Shrug and Polar Bear at various points in its history. The album that Sarah borrowed could be Songs for Polarbears, When It's All Over We Still Have to Clear Up, or Final Straw, since Eyes Open wouldn't be released until Sarah's baby was over a year old.

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Dog outfits (Things)

"You are so lucky he's your dog. I would immediately put him in a little sailor's outfit."

Killer and Backup had better watch out. Veronica's turning cutesy! She seems to have a soft spot for the slightly disturbing trend (led by none other than Paris Hilton herself) of dressing dogs like people, putting them in little t-shirts, sweaters, hats, and even tutus. Fortunately for Backup, he's too big to be carried in a bag over her shoulder. Killer might not be so lucky.

"These Boots Were Made For Walking" (Music)

"Your father has generously offered to donate a pair of boots for our school fundraising auction."
"Not the ones made for walking? God, I love those boots."

Although this classic girl-power song was originally recorded by Nancy Sinatra, Logan's probably more interested in Jessica Simpson's, uh, cover (or lack thereof, having seen the Daisy Duke shorts in the music video) than he is in the original. Who could blame him, though? For all her lack of brains, she's got an enviable bottom.

High school rituals (Things)

"And somewhere amidst the 'most likely to succeed' and 'class sweetheart,' my mom, Lianne Reynolds, 'most likely to disappear off the face of the earth.'"

Ah, the senior class votes — that ritual of all high-school seniors, the popularity contest that turns into one last chance to perpetuate stereotypes for posterity. The vote usually happens in time to be published in the yearbook, announced at the prom, or even displayed at graduation. Neptune High's Class of 1979 must have been strangely prescient to vote Lianne Reynolds "Most Likely to Disappear Off the Face of the Earth."

The Bible (Religion, Folklore, and Urban Legends)

"How do you people not make yourselves sick? I mean, it's like you walk on water in this school. For what? It's nothing that you do. I mean, all that matters is who your parents are and the zip code your mom shot you out in."

Walking on water is one of the miracles attributed to Jesus in the Gospels, when he freaked out his followers by walking across a lake to them while they were riding out a huge storm in a fishing boat. Weevil thinks Logan has Messianic tendencies, but as we all know, he's anything but the next Messiah. Apparently, Weevil's Catholic education wasn't as thorough as it should have been.

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Alfred Hitchcock (Movies, People)

"I don't know. It sounded like a falling body. It really freaked me out."
"A falling body?"
"Yes. A falling body."
"Would you describe the sound as Hitchcockian?"

Keith seems to be doubting Veronica's investigative skills — or maybe he thinks she's just hearing things that go bump in the night — when he teases her about the noise that she heard from Sarah and Andre's apartment in the middle of the night. Alfred Hitchcock was an iconic filmmaker, best known for such suspenseful films as Psycho, The Birds, and Dial M for Murder, all of which include strange noises, so chances are good that something like the sound of a falling body could have been heard at one point or another in one of Hitchcock's many films.

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Blood is thicker than water (Words, Sayings, and Slogans)

"Love is Thicker Than Water," the prom theme when Lianne graduated, is a play on the old phrase "Blood is thicker than water," meaning that family ties are stronger than anything else. In this case, it's more than a little ironic, considering the fact that Lianne and Jake were just seen at the Camelot much more recently than prom night 1979.

Sid Vicious (People)
Nancy Spungen (People)

"They fought on the phone like Sid and Nancy."

Once upon a time, Sid — Sid Vicious, a member of the Sex Pistols band, to be exact [em and his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, fought. A lot. Their fights were violent, public, and legendary. She was murdered, presumably by him, and he overdosed before the trial. A movie was made, and now their names are forever linked as the definition of a really, really bad fight between lovers. And everyone…lived happily ever after?

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Clue (Sports, Games and Toys)

"That must have been when I cracked her head open with a candlestick and she crumpled to the ground. No, wait. That was Professor Plum in the study."

When playing Clue, also known as Cluedo, the point is to figure out whodunit, where they dunnit, and with what it was dun. Andre seems to have the solution figured out well before Veronica this time. If only the solutions to all her mysteries were displayed on game cards, it might make sleuthing a whole lot easier.

Pablo Picasso (People, Art)

"Let me know when you're ready for me, Picasso."

Pablo Diego José Santiago Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Crispín Crispiniano de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz Picasso (wow, that's a mouthful of a name!) was a predominant and prolific artist of the early twentieth century, pioneering several movements and developing a specific, recognizable, and some would say bizarre, style. Depending on Joanna's artistic tastes, calling Andre "Picasso" could probably be considered a compliment, but if he emulated the way Picasso painted faces, one can only imagine the way Andre would paint Joanna's naked body.

Who's Who bio: Pablo Picasso
William Shakespeare (Literature, People, Plays)

"Would that it were Mr. Daniels' head!"

Logan speaketh in ye Olde English! He doth speak i' the parlance of The Bard himself, and verily, he quoteth not, but createth his own sentence, which doth mimic in form and sound the words in "Toilus and Cressida: IV, ii": "Did not I tell you? Would he were knock'd i' the head!"

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Casino (Movies)

"I was thinking more like that scene in Casino. With the vice grip"

While Logan uses his Old English to express his desire to kick Mr. Daniels' head across the room, Weevil has more modern analogy. In the movie Casino, mobsters stick someone's head in a vice grip to make him talk. Yeah, that seems to be more Weevil's style than The Bard.

Punk'd (TV)

"I mean, people are gonna be talking about that punking for years"

Before he married Demi Moore but after he got the floppy haircut on That 70s Show, Ashton Kutcher was famous for playing practical jokes on his fellow celebrities — including our own Kristen Bell — and catching it all on camera. If only Mr. Daniels was famous, his car could have been on TV! Oh, wait…

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