1.07 "The Girl Next Door"

Aired Nov 09, 2004


  • Veronica: You are so lucky he's your dog. I would immediately put him in a little sailor's outfit.

  • Clemmons: Mr. Echolls. I was wondering if I could have a word?

    Logan: "Anthropomorphic." All yours, big guy.

  • Clemmons: Your father has generously offered to donate a pair of boots for a school fundraising auction.

    Logan: Not the ones made for walking? God, I love those boots.

  • Clemmons: Unfortunately, I haven't been able to reach your father. I was hoping you could remind him.

    Logan: I'll have my assistant call his assistant.

  • Ms. Dent: Class of '79. Think of all the bad clothes you can mock. Velour shirts. Platform shoes.

  • Logan: They teach you manners in ESL?

    Weevil: If I was gonna cheat, don't you think I'd pick someone smart?

    Logan: If you "was gonna"?

  • Mr. Daniels: You know, the glow of your father's wealth and celebrity may be enough to sustain you through high school, Mr. Echolls, but do you know what it will get you in the real world?

    Logan: Please say high school English teacher. Please say high school English teacher.

  • Mr. Daniels: Mr. Navarro. I wonder if you'll find Mr. Echolls so amusing ten years from now. When you're pumping his gas.

  • Weevil: Let me ask you something, man.

    Logan: Is this detention, or Hell?

    Weevil: How do you people not make yourselves sick? I mean, it's like you walk on water in this school. For what? It's nothing that you do. I mean, all that matters is who your parents are, and the zip code your mom shot you out in.

    Logan: If I donate to the United Latino Pain-in-the-Ass Fund, will you shut the hell up?

  • Weevil: You like playing with yourself?

    Logan: Huh?

    Weevil: Or you wanna make things interesting?

  • Weevil: You're almost as bad an actor as your father.

    Logan: You know that you don't need a diploma to steal hubcaps, right? I mean, why do you even show up here?

    Weevil: I promised my grandmother. I don't break my promises.

    Logan: And I mean this: awww.

    Mr. Daniels: Is this Reno, or detention?

    Logan: Would you believe the best of both?

  • Mr. Daniels: This is punishment, gentlemen, not party time.

    Logan: Well that would explain the absence of balloon animals.

  • Veronica: It sounded like a falling body. It really freaked me out.

    Keith: A falling body?

    Veronica: Yes. A falling body.

    Keith: Would you describe the sound as Hitchcockian?

  • Veronica Voiceover: The people who say high school years are the best years of your life are usually on the yearbook staff. I just pray that bake sales and pep rallies aren't as good as it gets.

  • Lilly: He has been weird the past few days. Maybe his right hand finally said no.

  • Logan: Is this a joke?

    Mr. Daniels: No, Mr. Echolls, this is detention.

    Logan: I meant the car — oh my God. It's not yours, is it?

  • Veronica: I heard a noise come from your apartment last night. A loud thump.

    André: Thump. Hm. That must've been when I cracked her head open with the candlestick and she crumpled to the ground. No, wait, that was Professor Plum in the study.

  • Weevil: Well, if I thought you had the cojones to pull it off I'd tell you, but....

    Logan: Never underestimate the size of my cojones.

  • Clemmons: Mr. Navarro. Interesting artwork you left at the flagpole this morning.

    Weevil: Artwork? Looks to me like Mr. Daniels has a little drinking-and-driving problem.

  • Clemmons: A security guard will escort you to clean out your locker.

    Weevil: Wait! Does this mean I can't try out for the soccer team?

  • Nathan: You realize you're paranoid.

    Veronica: I do. Everyone reminds me. But it doesn't mean I'm not right.

  • Veronica: Hey. It's Veronica. Hear you have some free time on your hands. You wanna do me a little favor?

  • Weevil: Sometimes the girls get put off by this whole motorcycle jacket. Do you think something in suede might make me seem more...accessible?

  • Veronica: Guys! Remember, no white after Labor Day.

    Bikers: Aww!

  • Veronica: Nathan, did you happen to find that journal?

  • Veronica: Think I've got a future in the biz?

    Keith: I think you've got a future as a highly-paid, Ivy League-educated executive of some sort who never thinks about private investigation again in her perfect life.

  • Keith: Now, let's do something normal fathers and daughters do.

    Veronica: Buy me a pony?

  • Keith: I was thinking, I'd watch TV and you'd rub my feet.

    Veronica: Hm. Yeah, that's normal.

-Inigo, persnicketier, misskiwi

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