1.06 "Return of the Kane"

Aired Nov 02, 2004


Echolls home: Logan comes out to get the morning paper and is visibly annoyed when he sees fans arrive. A car pulls up, and Aaron Echolls, Logan's movie star father, gets out of the car. He is very amicable and tells Logan to smile for the people, since they are the ones who pay for everything they have.

school administration office: Jake Kane gives Duncan his soccer gear and suggests that he run for class president, as it will look good on his college applications. Duncan is not interested.

outside at lunch: Veronica complains that her dad is going overboard on father-daughter days. Wallace says he would love to go to the zoo with his father, if he were alive. Veronica feels guilty. Wanda Varner gets food from a delivery man. Madison Sinclair, an 09er, tells Wanda that she isn't allowed to get delivery. Wanda blows Madison off. Madison reports this to Mallory Dent, the journalism teacher. She explains to Mallory that Pirate Points are required for food delivery. They are earned by being a contributing member of the school. Ways to contribute include being on the student council, playing sports (which includes cheerleading), etc. Mallory looks skeptical and doesn't take action. Madison spots Vice Principal Clemmons and informs him of the situation. Clemmons tells Wanda to get more involved in school and that in the meantime, he's taking away her food. Wanda steps on Madison's pizza, and Clemmons tells Wanda to go to his office. Wallace asks Veronica who that was. Veronica tells him that's Wanda Varner. She and Veronica used to be in pep squad together.

Mars home: Veronica is eating ice cream for dinner when Keith comes home. The news is on TV. The story that catches their attention is that Abel Koontz has fired his public-appointed legal council and is scheduled to die by lethal injection next year. Old footage of the arrest is shown which includes Sheriff Lamb holding up two bags marked "Evidence." One bag has a pair of sneakers in them. Keith turns off the TV. Veronica asks him what he's going to do about it, but Keith is not planning on doing anything.

Veronica's room: The room is tinted green. Lilly appears and Veronica asks her if Koontz killed her. Lilly says she wishes she could tell her. Veronica says she misses Lilly, who smiles. Veronica wakes up.

school: Announcements are on the television. Mallory asks Veronica to cover the election. Veronica agrees, saying she'll do it now, since she knows how it will turn out. Mallory tells her to dig deeper, and Veronica agrees to take the assignment. The announcer introduces the first presidential candidate, Wanda Varner. Wanda says that if she's elected, she will abolish Pirate Points. Logan isn't happy about this and tells Duncan he has to run. Duncan refuses to do so.

outside: Corny shows Wanda a campaign poster. Veronica interviews Wanda for the paper. Wanda says the rich kids are the minority and are corrupt. She says the poor kids are disenfranchised only because they allow themselves to be. It's time to take action.

Opening credits roll over the action on the screen.

gas station: Logan Echolls, Dick Casablancas, and a couple of other 09ers pull up. A homeless vet cleans Logan's windshield. Logan tells him he won't be getting paid for it. Dick and Logan discuss something, and then Logan asks the vet if he was in the Army. The vet says no, he was in the Marines. Logan tells the vet that he's putting together an amateur boxing night and wants to pay the vet to fight. The vet not only declines the invitation but threatens that Logan better leave before he beats him up for free.

school: Video announcements are on, showing another presidential candidate. Logan, Veronica, and Duncan are among those watching the announcements. The next candidate is shown. Aaron Echolls is heard discussing Duncan Kane's merits which include his high GPA, honors, and extra-curricular activities. Aaron is then seen on the screen saying, "Duncan Kane for student body President." Duncan, however, doesn't look happy about this announcement. Logan is proud of his dad's work in the video. Madison hands a piece of paper to Mallory. Madison wishes Duncan good luck. Mallory gives instructions on voting and lists the candidates on the board. Duncan tells everyone not to vote for him, but Logan uses that to comment on how humble Duncan is. Veronica votes for Wanda.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica's VO says that if Lilly's ghost is going to haunt her until justice is served, she needs to get moving. She says that Keith didn't buy Abel Koontz's confession and thought the Kanes were involved. The Kanes all had airtight alibis for the official time of death. However, none of the Kanes have alibis now that the ticket proves that the official time of death is wrong. She makes a new computer folder for Duncan to go along with the ones she already has for Abel Koontz, Jake Kane, Celeste Kane, and Logan Echolls. Veronica opens the safe and looks through the case notes again.

beach: It's night and several cars have formed a boxing ring, which is lit by headlights. Logan is in charge of announcing the boxing match between two homeless men. Other 09ers cheer and shout.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica finds a folder that she hasn't seen before. It's labeled "Bedroom." She pulls out a picture of Lilly's bedroom from the night of her murder. Her sneakers are there. Veronica's VO is surprised, but then she hears Keith coming in. She quickly returns the file to the safe and puts the photo in her bag just in time.

school: lunch: An announcement comes on during lunch over the loudspeakers. Several students start chanting Wanda's name. However, they are all surprised and disappointed when they learn that Duncan Kane has won the presidential election. Wallace says there is no way he carried half of the student body. Veronica comments that now she has a story.

school: Veronica asks the teacher Mrs. Donaldson if the ballots can be re-examined. Mrs. Donaldson refuses and tells Veronica that she needs to be a gracious loser. Veronica says that according to the Student Charter, she can lodge a formal complaint. Mrs. Donaldson points out that to make the complaint official, a teacher's signature is needed. Veronica doesn't seem concerned about this at all.

hall: Mallory talks to Veronica and agrees to sign the complaint, cautioning her to be fair. Mrs. Donaldson talks to Mallory alone and tells her that Veronica is just manipulating her. She should not sign the complaint. Mallory says she already did and it's official, so she'd like to see the ballots now.

administration office: Veronica, Wallace, and Wanda are examining and recounting the ballots. They are discouraged when nothing seems to be wrong. However, Veronica sees one ballot that has "Wanda rulez" written on it, but that person voted for Duncan. Wallace looks up the student ID number on the computer and sees that the student has art first period.

art room: Veronica looks around for some clue as to what might have happened. She pulls up the overhead projector screen and sees the list of candidates. They are not in the same order as Mallory listed in the journalism classroom. Wanda's and Duncan's names are reversed.

Clemmons's Office: Mrs. Donaldson objects to the fact that Veronica claims someone cheated. Veronica tells them that classes with a lot of 09ers had the candidates listed in the right order. However, for the other classes, Wanda and Duncan were switched. The people who thought they were voting for Wanda were actually giving their votes to Duncan. Mrs. Donaldson still doesn't want to believe this, but Mallory tells her that the students from first period art class are there and will examine their ballots. Clemmons says to hold on and asks Veronica who she is accusing. Veronica says she isn't accusing anyone but all they need to do is look at the photocopier copy code to see who ran off the ballot instructions. Mrs. Donaldson says her aide did it. Veronica asks who that is.

flashback: Madison smiles smugly as she makes the copies. Mrs. Donaldson's voice says, "Madison Sinclair."

Clemmons's Office: Clemmons looks at Mrs. Donaldson, who isn't very happy.

hall: It is announced over the loudspeaker that there will be a runoff election on Thursday between Duncan and Wanda. Veronica tells Madison she heard that she lost her student aide job and her spot on the student council. She advises Madison to go for sloppy joes on Fridays.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica enlarges the photo of Lilly's room and focuses on the shoes.

flashback: Logan sits next to Lilly as Veronica draws on the shoes Lilly is wearing. Veronica's finishing touch is a heart with Duncan's name in it. Logan and Lilly aren't too happy about that.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica calls the local news station for a copy of the piece they did on Abel Koontz recently.

Burger Bar: Jake and Duncan are eating fast food without Celeste's knowledge. Jake wants to stop by his work and get his graphics guys to make some campaign bumper stickers for the runoff election. Duncan is not happy about the idea. He tells his dad that he knows Jake thinks that running for class president is a step on his way to the White House. Jake interrupts and says he doesn't care about the election but he just wants Duncan to be engaged in something. Jake says as long as Duncan is happy, he is happy.

school hall: As Veronica arrives at school, she notices that the word "Narc" has been written all over Wanda's posters. There's also a Kane bumper sticker on Veronica's locker. Wanda is angry about this and says it's more than the posters. "Narc" was spray painted on her car too. Veronica tries to encourage Wanda and invites her over to her house to work on new posters.

classroom: Veronica blames Logan for the Narc smear campaign. He says he doesn't have the time to be responsible for everything that goes wrong in her life. Veronica turns to Duncan and asks him, "So was it your idea or did you just play it your usual way?" When Duncan asks what his usual way is, Veronica replies, "You. Stand. Idly. By." and leaves. Dick tells Logan to check out the Smoking Gun website. The site has a picture of Aaron Echolls with an article and link titled, "A-Lister's Link to Twisted Pastime." It shows a video clip of Logan cheering during the homeless boxing match. Logan's face reveals that he knows he's in huge trouble.

Veronica's room: Veronica and Wanda have made several posters and are now doing their nails. Wanda asks Veronica what the story is with her and Weevil. Veronica says there's no story. Wanda says she thought Veronica might share Lilly's bad boy thing. Veronica says Lilly had more of a boy thing. Wanda asks if she's sure because she heard that Lilly and Weevil were together. Veronica tells her that it never happened. The subject changes to talk about colleges. Veronica doesn't even want to think about it yet, but Wanda says she really wants to go to Williams.

Echolls house: Logan comes home to a dark living room. Aaron is waiting there. He is very angry about Logan's skid row boxing stunt. He yells at Logan and throws him onto the couch, warning Logan not to ever embarrass him again. Aaron tells Logan that he'll get his first lesson in public relations tomorrow after school.

school: in front: Veronica is passing out bumper stickers for Wanda. When she offers one to Weevil, he refuses. He says Wanda is a narc. Veronica says that's just a rumor, but Weevil tells her that a week after Felix and Wanda hooked up, the sheriff found all of the "Welcome to Neptune" signs in his bedroom. Now Felix has four weekends of highway cleanup duty. Veronica looks thoughtful.

hall: Veronica tells Wanda that whether she wins or loses, they should celebrate. Veronica heard about a rave in the desert and says if they leave right after school, they'll make it. Wanda asks if they'll need provisions, Veronica says they'll need provisions with a capital E and that she knows a guy. Wanda says she wishes she did and walks away. Veronica watches her leave.

classroom: Clemmons announces over the television that the voting will be done simultaneously to prevent confusion. Veronica's VO debates who she should vote for: Wanda, who could be a narc, or Duncan, the hot-cold ex-boyfriend who is an 09er.

flashback: Duncan, Lilly, Veronica, and Logan are having lunch. A boy sits down who is clearly not an 09er. They keep talking, but then Dick moves the boy's lunch tray to another table. Duncan moves it back and tells the boy that he is fine where he is. Dick can sit elsewhere.

classroom: Veronica ponders her options.

gas station: On the way to a homeless shelter, Aaron stops to get gas. He is talking to someone, complains about the distance to the shelter, and asks if the cameras are ready. He tells Logan that he will be filmed doing some community service and will then apologize in an interview with the camera crew. Aaron gets a call from his agent. Aaron says the script is awful but when he finds out how much they'll pay him, he agrees to do it. The homeless Marine comes up to Logan and asks if he has found someone who'll make a bitch out of himself for cash. He walks away. Aaron gets into the car as Logan stares at him. They leave.

homeless shelter: Logan is serving food at the homeless shelter. A producer tells him they're ready. Aaron gets Logan and gives a heartwarming speech about how Logan has a good heart, even though he wasn't thinking. Logan apologizes and says he wants to live up to his dad's good example. They hug and the crew is touched. Logan then says Aaron didn't want to make a big deal out of this, but he has to tell them because he's so proud - Aaron will be donating half a million dollars to the shelter. Aaron is furious at this statement but masks it for the cameras.

Echolls house: Logan picks out a belt. He goes into a room where Aaron is. Aaron takes the belt and Logan pulls up his shirt. Aaron shuts the door and the sounds of the belt are heard. Lynn just sits listening and sipping her drink.

school: Veronica receives a note that a deputy is waiting to inspect her locker. Her VO says that she should stop being surprised at finding a knife in her back.

hall: Deputy Sacks and Clemmons are waiting for her. Sacks looks in her locker and bag. There are no drugs although, there is a Dr. Seuss hat. Mrs. Donaldson announces over the loudspeaker that Duncan has won the runoff election. Veronica sees Wanda and is angry with her. Wanda says she got in trouble last year for drug possession and that this was the only way to keep it off her record. Veronica is still mad but says no hard feelings. She didn't vote for her.

classroom: Duncan addresses the class and says that Pirate Points will stay, but that students participating in other activities such as band, art, and the school newspaper will receive points. This receives a less-than-enthusiastic reaction from the 09ers in the classroom. Jake is standing at the door, smiling and looking proud of his son.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica discovers that Keith has changed the combination on the safe when she tries to open it and fails.

Mars home: Keith is relaxing. He tells Veronica there is a package for her from the local news station. Veronica lies about it and starts to walk away. However, she changes her mind and comes back and tells Keith she's lying and that he knows she's lying. She also says she knows that he's still investigating Lilly's murder. Keith says he isn't anymore because it's not worth it. Veronica tells him that the tape she received is footage from the arrest and then shows Keith the picture of the shoes. She plays the tape and pauses it on the bag with the shoes that Lamb is holding. The shoes on the tape are the same as those in the picture. Keith asks, "What are those shoes doing in Abel Koontz's possession?" Veronica gives him a knowing look and says, "Good question."

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