1.05 "You Think You Know Somebody"

Aired Oct 26, 2004


Tijuana, Mexico: Luke, an 09er, puts something in a dumpster. He has a piñata with him as he walks to a car where Logan and Troy are waiting for him in Troy's dad's car. Logan looks like he's going to be sick.

border: A border patrol agent asks if they're having a good time, then tells them to hand over their contraband. When they all just stare at the agent, he jokes, "It works sometimes." They decide to stop for something to eat.

restaurant near the border: Logan and Luke are are finishing eating as Troy returns from the bathroom. They leave the restaurant.

outside restaurant: The guys go outside and find the car is gone. Later, Troy says he better find the car before his parents come home. Veronica pulls up and gives them all a ride home. Troy tells her that his dad will be sending him to a Catholic boarding school in Albuquerque for losing the car.

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street: Veronica drops Luke and Logan off. She offers to try to find the car but Troy is skeptical. She suggests going back to his house to get car details: model, license number, VIN.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica is trying to find out what she can about the car. Wallace doesn't think she'll be able to find the car online. Veronica says he'd be surprised. She shows him a site called Prying Eyez which is for investigators to get background information on people. When Keith comes in, Veronica and Wallace discuss what to get Keith for his birthday.

Mars home: Veronica checks the answering machine for messages. She hears one from a woman who is talking about meeting up with Keith. She calls the number and gets Rebecca James's voice mail message. She is stunned.

gym: Luke is on a weight bench, straining to hold up a very heavy barbell. Hank Zigman asks him where his package is. Luke says it's in a friend's car and he'll give it to him tomorrow. Hank tells him that he better have it by 9 A.M. or he'll hunt Luke down. Hank lifts the barbell up and replaces it on the bench.

Mars kitchen: Keith says he's putting Lianne's stuff into storage. Veronica isn't interested in looking. She does ask, however, about Rebecca James. He apologizes for not telling her. She says she's okay with it. Keith leaves, and Veronica looks through the box of her mom's stuff. She's puzzled when she finds a safety deposit box key.

journalism classroom: Veronica makes a Certificate of Death on a computer. Ms. Dent reminds the students that they will be doing an interviewing exercise the next day. Luke runs into the classroom and tells Veronica that there's more of a problem than a missing car. He says there was a piñata full of steroids in the back of the car. He did a run for Hank Zigman to get pumped for baseball. Veronica is not interested in helping him recover his lost drugs. Luke tells her that Hank will seriously hurt him. Veronica says if she helps him, he'll have to return the money, not the drugs. He agrees. She says she'll figure out something.

bank: Veronica tells the bank teller that her mom died a year ago and she just found the safety deposit box key. She shows the teller the Certificate of Death. Inside Lianne's deposit box are several pictures of Veronica with crosshairs drawn around her face. Veronica's VO says that she thought mom left because she couldn't handle losing everything. Maybe she couldn't handle losing Veronica.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica is looking at pictures. Rebecca comes into the office. She says hi, but it's very awkward. Keith comes out of his office and tells Veronica that he and Rebecca thought it would be a good idea for Rebecca to stop by to see Veronica outside of school to make things less awkward. Veronica says she's okay with them dating.

Veronica's car: Veronica is driving as she and Troy talk about his dad's car. She tells him her friend mentioned the car is not at the impound lot. She asks if he saw anything suspicious in Tijuana. Troy gets annoyed and says of course he did, it's Tijuana. Veronica also gets annoyed and says she's just trying to help.

Beacon: Veronica tries to get Roger, a worker at the company, to turn on the stolen car's tracking device. Roger is finally convinced and just when he's going to turn it on, another worker asks him what he's doing. He tries to explain but she says if the car hasn't been reported stolen, they will not turn the device on.

Luke's house: Logan drops Luke off at his house. As Luke starts walking toward the door, Hank drives up. He jumps out of his car and chases Luke, who eventually gets away.

school hall: Veronica asks Logan about the steroids. He won't tell her anything. Troy comes along so Logan leaves. Troy puts his arm around Veronica and they walk away.

Mars home: Veronica arrives home to see Rebecca in her kitchen. She tells Veronica that she's making dinner for them which will include her favorite dessert: waffles and ice cream.

flashback: Lianne, while making waffles, tries to guess the identity of Veronica's new boyfriend. Eventually, Veronica says it's Duncan Kane. Lianne's face changes from happy to not pleased at all. Veronica tells her the waffles are burning.

Mars home: There is a crash, and Rebecca bends down to pick up a cup she dropped. Keith comes home but Veronica says she can't stay. She's meeting a friend for a school project.

car place: Veronica is with Weevil who asks his uncle, Angel, about the car. Angel, speaking in Spanish, tells Weevil that the car came and went. The client had the receipt and registration in order, and Angel doesn't remember his name. Veronica reminds Weevil to ask about the piñata. Angel says Mario took it, for his daughter's birthday party. Weevil and Veronica walk back over to Weevil's bike. Weevil starts to explain what his uncle said but Veronica cuts in, repeating the necessary information, letting on that she knows some Spanish. She asks Weevil if he knows where Mario lives.

Weevil's bike: Veronica gets off at a house with balloons. Kids are hitting a piñata. Veronica yells for them to stop, but the piñata breaks, and candy falls out. The women at the party look at Veronica as if she's crazy. Veronica, looking confused, apologizes and leaves.

school: girl's bathroom: Veronica pulls Luke in. She tells him there are no steroids, so he has to get the money some other way. Luke says Hank will hurt him, money or not, and where is he going to get $8,000? Veronica yells at him to figure it out and leaves.

school hall: Veronica sees the school office and pauses.

flashback: Lianne and Veronica exit the school office. Lianne tells her that they're going to visit her aunt in Palm Springs. Veronica protests, but Lianne tells her not to make this hard.

school hall: Veronica says in her VO that Lianne was gone three days later. At the time, she just added it to the list of strange things that were going on and thought it was the vodka's influence.

Veronica's bedroom: Veronica's VO says she is mailing several untraceable, disposable cell phones to her mom's closest friends and relatives. Keith comes home from his date with Rebecca. It's 3 A.M. Veronica asks him to do her a favor and get the company to turn on the security device for Troy's dad's car. Keith says he'll be nice to Troy if she's nice to Rebecca. After some hesitation, Veronica agrees.

Beacon: Keith comes in pretending to work for Troy's dad. He talks to the same lady that wouldn't help Veronica. He tells her to turn on the tracking device in L.T. Vandegraff's car, saying that she'll be named in a lawsuit if she doesn't comply. She turns on the device.

classroom: Veronica is reading, while Luke looks at the computer screen. He put a baseball signed by Barry Bonds on eBay to raise the $8,000 he needs. He's upset that he's not getting enough bids and that he's giving up his ball. Veronica tells him people will bid more near the end and to get his priorities right.

outside: Troy asks Veronica to come over to his house to play "detective" after school. She asks him how he can be taking this so lightly. Troy says it's like he's been told he only has 72 hours to live. He can look for a miracle cure or have fun instead. He chooses to have fun. Veronica chooses to find a miracle cure. Wallace asks why his parents don't just ground him. Troy says he'll have his parents call Wallace.

journalism class: For the interviewing exercise, Veronica is paired with an 09er, Ashley Banks. Ashley asks Veronica how she responds to rumors that Troy hooked up with strippers in Tijuana. Veronica retaliates by asking Ashley which parent she'll live with after the divorce and what she thinks of her father's choice in mistresses. Ashley is stunned silent. Ms. Dent calls Veronica aside after class and talks to her about the interview, asking her how she thinks Ashley will sleep at night. Veronica counters that she didn't tell Ashley anything she didn't already know, deep down, but Ms. Dent says the lies people tell themselves are sometimes for their own good. Veronica's VO says Ms. Dent is wrong and with love, you can't be too careful. She sits down at a computer and logs into the Prying Eyez website. She stares at the background check screen.

Mars Investigations office: Keith tells Veronica that Rebecca is going to cook for his birthday. Veronica hands him a folder and tells him to look at it. She sits at her desk. Keith looks at the file, and Veronica asks if he knew Rebecca was still married. Keith says yes and reminds her that he's still married. Veronica also says Rebecca was arrested for passing bad checks. Keith says Rebecca was 21. He gets very angry at her, asking what right she had to do this. They argue heatedly. Veronica says he let Rebecca into their life like it's not a big deal. Keith says he feels wanted in a way he hasn't in a long time. They tried to make Veronica comfortable but she was snotty. Veronica yells that her mom is still out there. Keith can find anyone, so why doesn't he find Lianne? Keith says perhaps he doesn't want to find her. Keith tells Veronica he turned on Troy's dad's security system and gives her the code. He slams the door to his office. Veronica cries at her desk.

Veronica's car: Veronica and Troy track the signal on the stolen car, only to find the tracking device has been attached to a dog's collar.

Mars kitchen: Veronica sullenly greets Keith. She sees a file labeled "Troy Vandegraff" on the counter. Keith tells her she can decide for herself whether or not she wants to read it.

restaurant: Keith tells Rebecca he can't see her anymore because Veronica is not yet ready for him to date someone else. Rebecca is sad but understanding.

school hall: Troy greets Veronica, who is waiting at his locker. She brings up the fact that he and his girlfriend Shauna were kicked out of two schools for drug possession and trafficking. She asks how she can believe that he knew nothing about Luke picking up steroids. Troy says he has no idea what she's talking about and says he got in trouble two years ago, and it's not relevant now. Veronica says it is relevant because he didn't tell her. He says he was going to tell her once he knew her better. He's very angry with her and walks away. Luke comes up to Veronica and says he has the cash. She grabs it and walks away, quickly.

gym: Veronica walks into the gym with Backup. She asks Hank if his car is the one with the "Z-Meister" plates. It is. She says she's there to settle Luke's account. Hank wants her to step into his office but she won't. He starts to give her a hard time but a combination of Backup barking at him and Veronica getting a phone call makes him stop. As she answers her phone, she takes a picture of Hank. It's Wallace. She tells him everything is going fine. She gives Hank the $8,000 cash and says he and Luke are square. Hank accepts the money but says Luke let him down so he has to pay. Veronica says he'll be sorry and leaves.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica prints the picture of Hank onto Mars Investigations stationery. She writes his name and license plate number on it then faxes it.

Troy's house: Troy's dad sends him away in a taxi, telling him that he needs to learn discipline.

Mars home: Veronica baked a lopsided birthday cake for Keith. Veronica asks when Rebecca is coming, but Keith says she isn't. He says he just wants to have a piece of cake with his daughter. He blows out the candle after making a wish.

restaurant near the border: The taxi driver drops Troy off . Troy asks him to keep this between them, giving him a wad of cash. Troy goes into the bathroom, gets a package out of the bathroom ceiling's air vent, and drives away in his dad's car. Shauna, obviously still his girlfriend, calls him, and asks him why a girl named Veronica called her. She told Veronica she would be seeing Troy soon. Troy hangs up the phone and rips open the package. He dumps out candy and a note. Veronica's VO reads the note. She tells him it took her a while to figure out where he hid the steroids but the bathroom was the only place he was alone. She also says that she flushed the steroids down the toilet and to say hi to Shauna for her. Troy angrily hits the steering wheel several times while swearing.

border: The border guard takes the paper Veronica faxed that has the information on Hank. He approaches Hank's car, shows him the fax, and asks him to step out of the car.

Veronica's room: Veronica is lying down, eyes closed, and headphones on. Her cell phone vibrates. It's Lianne.

outside an unknown place: Lianne leaves a message saying that she got one of the phones, but won't say which one. She tells Veronica not to look for her and that everything will make sense in time. She tells Veronica she loves her and she'll be in touch soon. She says to tell Keith she said happy birthday.

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