1.04 "The Wrath of Con"

Aired Oct 19, 2004


outside Mars home: Troy and Veronica kiss as they end their date. He asks her to the homecoming dance. She just smiles without answering and goes inside.

inside the Mars home: Keith pretends not to be interested in Troy, but then he says he wants to meet him. Veronica isn't thrilled with the thought. Keith complains that they don't have quality father-daughter time. Veronica goes into her room in a very good mood.

flashback: Lilly tells Veronica she shouldn't have picked out her homecoming dress without her. She asks Veronica why she insists on suppressing her hotness. While looking through Veronica's closet, Lilly asks why she even has a yellow cotton dress because that's not her personality. Lilly tells Veronica that she should wear strapless red satin. Veronica says there isn't time to get another dress before the dance, and Lilly informs her that they aren't really going to the dance. The dance is an excuse for a new dress and a limo party. Logan will supply the refreshments and they'll have an unforgettable limo party. Veronica worries about getting grounded but Lilly brushes that off saying she'll remember the night for the rest of her life.

attendance office: Wallace and Georgia are working on alphabetizing attendance files. Georgia, struggling to lift a huge pile of papers, drops it on the floor. She apologizes, but Wallace doesn't look upset and tells her it's okay. Georgia says she thinks she did something stupid and hugs him. Wallace looks goofy-happy. She says she got an email...

school: girl's bathroom: Georgia tells Veronica and Wallace that she got an email from a guy, Karl, who ran into some financial trouble from gambling. He's very rich, but it's all in a trust fund that he can't access until he is 21. She hands Veronica the email she printed out. Veronica notices that the email domain name is grantastictech.com. She comments that it's a pure nerd address, not something a trust fund kid would use. He was offering 200% interest on the loaned money. He was supposed to have paid Georgia back two weeks ago. Veronica gives Georgia a look of complete disbelief, wondering how she could have bought this scam. Wallace reassures Georgia that they will "get" Karl. Veronica gives him a look but still takes out her cell phone and dials the number in the email. Changing her voice to ditzy-blonde, she tells Karl that her name is Amber and she got his email and thinks she can help him out. She leaves her number and hangs up. She tells Georgia that she wants ten percent of whatever she recovers. As Veronica is leaving, she changes her cell phone voice mail message to say, "You've reached Amber."

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school: journalism room: Morning announcements are being broadcast over a television set. One announcement is a reminder to get homecoming tickets; another is that there will be a memorial service for Lilly to kick off the homecoming festivities. Logan and Veronica exchange a look of sadness.

hall: Troy asks Veronica if she wants to play mini-golf on Thursday. Veronica tells him he has to meet her dad. Troy says it's not a problem because he gives "good parent." He again asks her to the homecoming dance. She agrees to go with him, but it doesn't look like her heart is in it. Veronica's VO says that she should be happy, but she's already lived the dream.

flashback: Duncan, Veronica, and Logan are waiting for Lilly at the Kane house. It's before the homecoming dance. Lilly finally comes out in a tight, low-cut, gold, sequined dress. Celeste starts to take pictures but wants Lilly to cover up her chest first. Lilly moves the fabric to expose more cleavage. Celeste takes pictures of the four of them doing funny poses. Jake records the whole thing with Veronica's camcorder. Duncan sees that the limo has pulled up, and they all walk out.

back to the present-day hall: Wallace is happy about the fact that he's talked to Georgia a lot recently. Veronica gets a call from Karl. They agree to meet up later that day. Logan sees Duncan at his locker with several videotapes. Duncan says his mom wants a video tribute to Lilly for the pre-homecoming memorial. Logan really wants to do it and Duncan agrees.

outside on a bench: Veronica is sitting on the bench. She's wearing a short skirt and her hair is curled with a flower in it. Karl gets out of the car. Georgia and Wallace stand nearby, watching. Georgia doesn't think that man is the same Karl she met up with. Karl approaches Veronica and thanks her for saving his life. Georgia tells Wallace that he is definitely not the same guy but he has the same jacket and backpack. Wallace plants a tracker on Karl's car. Veronica starts to write a check for Karl. He tells her that it has to be cash because all of his accounts are frozen. She says it was a blonde moment, and they agree to meet tomorrow at the same time.

car: Veronica tails Karl to a community theater.

theater: Veronica uses her flower clip to open a window case so she can take out a picture of Karl. Several of Karl's roles are typed on the back of the picture. At the top, in handwriting is "Duped! Role of Karl - Recurring." Later, after dark, Karl emerges from the theater. Veronica is there, sitting on her car. Karl looks confused about why she's there. Veronica thinks Karl is involved in the email scam. However, he was told he was part of a hidden camera show called "Duped" and that he would be paid to meet Veronica in the park. Veronica explains that he got scammed and that her friend got ripped off recently as well. Karl says they called him today to tell him he got the job. Veronica asks if he still has the number on his cell phone. He says he does, and she uses it to call the number back.

school hall: Veronica tells Wallace the number goes to a payphone that doesn't accept incoming calls at a place called Gameland. Wallace says it's a gaming club where nerds go to blow each other up. He tells her that the only girls they see there are Japanimated, and so she won't blend in. She has no intention of blending.

Gameland: Veronica elicits stares from every guy in the place as she enters Gameland dressed as Sailor Moon. She hands the counter employee her student ID and plants herself between two geeks, watching to see how to play. When she has the hang of it, she gets up to sign in to play. While doing so, she sees the username "Grrrant." Remembering that the domain name on "Karl's" email address was grantastic.net, she puts two and two together and joins Grrrant's team. When she starts playing the game, she deliberately shoots Grrrant several times. He gets mad since they're on the same team. When she stands up and shouts, "Ownage!" it's more than he can take. He stands up and yells that it's not ownage because they're on the same team. Veronica takes a good look at him and sits back down, smiling smugly. Later, Veronica goes back to the counter to retrieve her ID and gives the clerk a fake name. He obviously can't find it, so she takes the box and says it will be faster if she looks for it. She takes her ID and Grant's as well.

college hall: Veronica's VO says that Grrrant is living in Lannigan Hall at San Diego State University. She pulls a party flier off the wall.

Veronica's bedroom: Veronica is putting different nerd glasses on Wallace. Veronica gets him to tell her how much he likes Georgia. She tells him that he's going to play a prospective freshman to the college. Veronica, also dressed like a nerd, is going with him. Wallace and Veronica start to leave but Veronica turns around to grab her phone from her desk. She sees a picture of herself, Duncan, Lilly, and Logan from homecoming.

flashback: Veronica, Duncan, Logan and Lilly are playing truth or dare in the limo. Lilly wants to know what Logan thought of Veronica when they first met. He admits that he thought she was hot. Logan dares Lilly to kiss someone in the limo. Lilly pretends that she's going to kiss Logan but gives Veronica a quick kiss instead. Logan is very excited about the girl-on-girl action. Duncan isn't as impressed, considering it's his sister and his girlfriend. Logan says he's sure that it is in Duncan's fantasy rotation. Duncan sprays Logan with champagne. Logan goes after Duncan and they jump out of the limo and guy-fight on the beach. Lilly and Veronica laugh at their classy boyfriends.

Veronica's bedroom: Wallace tells Veronica to hurry up.

college dorm: People are dressed in costumes. Veronica and Wallace are getting a short tour by the RA. Veronica says she recognizes Grant. The RA tells her that Grant and Liam, one of the boys Veronica sat next to at Gameland, are called the Silicon Mafia. Later, some college students tell Veronica and Wallace that a kid looked at Grant's laptop was put on academic probation the next day when his GPA dropped from a 3.8 to a 1.5. Grant and Liam have a security system in their room with laser beams.

RA's room: Veronica asks the RA if people are allowed to set off Roman candles. The RA grabs a key out of a drawer and runs out of the room. Veronica prevents the drawer from closing with her purse. She digs through the drawer until she finds the key to Grant and Liam's room.

party: Back at the party, Grant and some others are questioning Wallace about what he's going to major in. He replies math. Grant grills him on some high level mathematics questions that no high schooler would know. Wallace bluffs his way through.

Grant's room: Veronica tacks up Karl's picture on a bulletin board outside Grant's room. Veronica uses the key to enter, but the alarm goes off.

party: Wallace can't answer Grant's next question.

Grant's room: Veronica can't shut off the alarm.

party: Grant's cell phone goes off.

Grant's room: Veronica walks farther into the room, trying to figure something out. Liam comes to the room and asks what she's doing in there.

party: Grant runs out of the room.

Grant's room: Liam escorts Veronica out of the room. She protests and says she was told their room was Sri Lanka and she was looking for a drink. Liam sees the picture of Karl on the bulletin board and shows it to Grant. Both look upset. Wallace comes over to them and Veronica pretends she's going to be sick. They leave.

school hall: Veronica tells Wallace that Grant and Liam have to be hiding something big to need that much security. Wallace drools over Georgia, who is at her locker. He goes to talk to her.

classroom: Logan is working on the video tribute.

school hall: Veronica hears Lilly's voice and follows the sound of it into a classroom.

classroom: Veronica asks Logan what he's doing. Logan says he's making a boring memorial video of Lilly. It includes footage of Lilly in ballet, choir, as a debutante, etc. Logan comments that the video is not really about Lilly, but it's for Celeste. It would piss Lilly off.

flashback: beach: Veronica, Duncan, Logan and Lilly are playing "I Never" as a drinking game. Logan is videotaping. They play several rounds. Veronica has never gone skinny-dipping, Lilly saw her parents having sex, and Veronica and Duncan are virgins. The four of them hug.

computer room: Veronica looks thoughtful and leaves the computer room.

outside San Diego State: Keith, wearing a DEA jacket, walks with Backup. He says this doesn't count as quality time, but Veronica tells him she never loved him more.

dorm: Keith tells the RA that they came across high intensity discharge lamps and think someone is growing pot. When Liam answers the door, Keith flashes his badge and pushes past Liam into the room. He pretends to be looking for drugs but actually plants a bug in the room.

outside school: Veronica listens to Grant and Liam. She hears the beeps of the alarm code being set and uses her cell phone to match the beeps to the numbers. Veronica listens to the wiretap for a while then gets a phone call. She's surprised, glances at her watch, and says she'll be right there.

Mars home: Keith tells Troy that Veronica hasn't told her anything about him. Keith grills Troy about homecoming night. Troy tries to kiss up to Keith but it doesn't work. Troy insists that he will bring Veronica home straight after the dance, making no detours. Keith says, "So you won't mind then that I cancelled your reservation at the Four Seasons?" Troy doesn't know what to say. Veronica comes home and cheerfully asks who is ready for mini-golf. She then realizes that what took place before she got there must not have been good.

Grant's room (flashing back and forth between Grant's room and Mars Investigations): Grant gets a call from admissions. Keith is on the other end of the line as the admissions employee. He asks Grant to show someone around campus. Grant's not interested until Keith says he'll throw in free tickets to a private screening of the new Matrix online game. Grant agrees.

classroom: Veronica asks how Logan's doing with the tribute. Logan says it's very Wonder Years. Veronica hands him a tape labeled, "Fun with Lilly." He looks at her and they seem to share a moment of understanding. She leaves.

outside college: Grant and Liam walk with Wallace to the private screening. Wallace texts a message to Veronica that says, "All clear."

Grant's room: Veronica enters the room and punches in the alarm code, which works just fine. Her VO says that Grant and Liam invented a computer game that will make "Quake" look like "Asteroids." Since they are getting money by swindling people, they won't have investors and will therefore make millions. She disassembles the computer and is about to leave when she remembers to retrieve the bug Keith planted. While doing that, she notices wires running from the computer to a closet. When she opens the closet, she discovers there are backups. She opens their mini-fridge, takes out a Red Bull, and sits down to think.

Gameland: When Grant and Liam arrive at Gameland, they aren't happy to find out that there is no screening. Wallace says he feels so duped. Grant's and Liam's phones go off and they race away. While on their way back to their dorm, they wonder how the backup alarm could have gone off without the room alarm going off.

Grant's room: Grant and Liam enter to find the computers disassembled and the backups drenched with the soft drink. Grant takes a note off the computer. He reads the note, which is worded the same way as the email scam.

park: Grant's voice continues to read the letter. It tells them where to meet Veronica and how much money to bring if they want their hard drives back. Grant and Liam walk toward Veronica, Wallace, and Georgia. Liam gives Veronica the money who hands it to Wallace. After ensuring that the money is all there, Veronica tells them their backups are in the garbage. Grant and Liam start digging while the other three walk away. Veronica mentions how the fraud agency in the F.B.I. was very interested in the information she had on Grant and Liam. Georgia kisses Wallace as a thank you. Veronica smiles and pulls out her car keys along with the flier for the Lilly Kane Memorial.

flashback: Veronica, Duncan, Logan, and Lilly return to the Kane house the morning after homecoming. Keith is waiting for them, along with Jake and Celeste. Lilly proclaims this to be, "The best dance ever." The four kids get out. Celeste starts yelling at Lilly who wants to know why Duncan isn't being yelled at as well. Celeste says that Lilly has been the root of any trouble their family ever had. Duncan tells his mom that the whole thing was his idea. Jake tells Duncan and Lilly to go inside. Lilly defiantly kisses Logan before going inside. Veronica apologizes to her dad. Duncan waves to Veronica before Jake pulls him around to go inside.

school outside: "Wind Beneath My Wings" is being played by the school orchestra. Celeste gives a sentimental, if inaccurate, speech about Lilly. Duncan and Jake aren't showing emotion. The memorial fountain is revealed and turned on. Logan uses a remote to start the video tribute. Lilly's mild side, as a child, is shown. Celeste smiles. However, the soft music changes to rock music. The video then shows scenes from the limo party last year. Duncan smiles at seeing the real Lilly. Celeste is mad at the change. Jake laughs, then cries, and Duncan comforts him. Logan gives Veronica a smile. Weevil wipes away tears.

limo: Veronica, Troy, Wallace, and Georgia are on the way to the homecoming dance. Veronica, wearing a strapless, red satin dress, asks them to stop at the beach. Veronica walks to the water, sheds her dress, and goes skinny-dipping in the ocean in tribute to Lilly's memory.

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