1.02 "Credit Where Credit's Due"

Aired Sep 28, 2004


school hall: Wallace and Veronica talk about what they are doing on the weekend. Wallace found an 09er party flier that is in code. Veronica explains that it's in code to keep undesirables, including Wallace and herself, away. She interprets the flier, saying she knows the code since she used to be one of them.

beach: 09ers are all around, partying and drinking. In a car at the beach, Duncan and a new boy talk about joining the party. They get out and see Logan talking to his new girlfriend Caitlin. She knows the new boy, Troy, and all about his father's job. Weevil and some bikers show up. Weevil asks what the 09ers are doing on the biker's beach. Logan isn't intimidated. He mentions that Weevil's grandma is the one who cleans the Echolls house. Sheriff Lamb and a deputy arrive and everyone takes off. The cops take the beer for their own party.

Weevil's house: Little kids play as Weevil and Chardo, his cousin, are playing video games. There is a knock on the door. Weevil's grandma answers the door. Lamb is there and he and a deputy arrest Grandma Navarro for credit card fraud. Lamb tells Weevil that someone took credit card applications out of the Echolls family's trash, opened accounts, and rang up charges. Lamb asks if Weevil heard about that and implies that he thinks Weevil did it.

Mars Investigations office: Cliff reads off charges from the credit card to Keith, although Veronica is also there. The charges include video games, limo rides, Magic Mountain rides, motorcycle gear, and a piercing. Keith says it must be Eli Navarro, also known as Weevil. The P.O. box was in Mrs. Navarro's name and she was wearing a diamond pendant purchased with a card. Veronica says Lamb could have set Weevil up. Keith says he started picking up Eli when he was 12 and thinks he did it. Veronica says Weevil helped her out of a jam recently. Cliff leaves. Keith asks Veronica to see what she can find out.

Weevil's house: Veronica pulls up. Veronica's VO implies that she thinks Weevil is the culprit. Weevil comes out of his house when he sees Veronica looking at his bike. Veronica says she's following up for his grandma's lawyer. Weevil says Cliff told him to confess. Veronica asks if he will, which makes Weevil mad. He tells her she's still one of the 09ers; she still thinks like one of them.

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diner: Veronica and Keith are eating and talking. Lamb comes in and is nasty to Keith. Keith asks Lamb why he can't track down the fugitive killer mentioned in the newspaper. Lamb says October 3 is coming up. He wants to know how Keith is going to celebrate the anniversary of Lilly's death. Keith asks Lamb to remind him how he solved the Lilly Kane case. Keith goes on to say that an anonymous tip led Lamb to the supposed killer's houseboat but nobody collected the $100,000 reward for that information. Lamb counters that Keith's version of Jake killing Lilly doesn't make much sense either, since all the Kanes were accounted for at the time of the murder. Lamb and Deputy Sacks leave. Veronica has to go because her guidance counselor wants to see her about her schedule and attitude.

school office: Veronica walks in. Troy is there and blatantly checks her out. His name is called and he goes to talk to the person. Veronica picks something up and turns to leave when Wallace walks in and asks why she's there. He tells her he's now an office aide. Veronica immediately starts taking advantage of this and asks Wallace to copy Weevil's attendance records for her.

classroom: Veronica enters. Ms. Dent, the journalism teacher, asks if she can help Veronica. Veronica says the counselor stuck her in that class. Caitlin is there and tells Ms. Dent that she's going to ask questions for the student poll. Ms. Dent tells Caitlin not to just interview her friends. Ms. Dent then welcomes Veronica to newspaper class. Veronica wants to take photos and says she has experience with a camera. Ms. Dent pulls out an old camera from the closet, but Veronica wants to use her own, much more advanced camera. Ms. Dent agrees and gives Veronica her first assignment: take photos of Bodie Chang, a surfer in their high school. Ms. Dent introduces Veronica to the guy who will be doing the article. It's Duncan Kane. After awkwardly saying that they'll drive separately, Veronica sees Wallace at the door. He holds up a folder with the attendance record copies.

lunch: Veronica and Wallace are eating while Veronica pores over the credit card statements and attendance records. She notices that half of the purchases were made online, with the school day ones made between 11 A.M. and 12 noon. This is fourth period. Veronica knows Weevil is in auto shop then and there's no internet connection there.

Mars Investigations office: Cliff and Keith are there talking. Veronica comes in and says she doesn't think Weevil did it because the attendance records prove it would be impossible. Keith interrupts, and Cliff says Mrs. Navarro has been released because Weevil confessed.

classroom: Caitlin and Logan talk about firing Mrs. Navarro. Veronica listens. Veronica tells them that relatives commit most identity theft. She finds out that both Caitlin and Logan have computer class during fourth period.

lunch: Veronica tells Wallace she printed out Logan's browser history from fourth period. Logan visited the Neptune Grand Hotel online and didn't make charges. However, there is a charge on that credit card for the Honeymoon Suite.

parking lot: Veronica goes to her car and discovers she has a flat tire. Logan walks by and says, "Bummer." Veronica's trying to change the tire when Troy comes by and starts talking to her. She tells him she's supposed to be taking pictures for the newspaper and this is her second mysterious flat tire since school started. Troy helps her and they introduce themselves. Logan and some 09ers are watching them. Caitlin shows up on a Vespa. She sees Troy helping Veronica and asks Logan if anyone has told Troy about her. Logan seems jealous. Duncan walks by, sees Troy helping Veronica, and also seems jealous. Since they're working on the same story, Duncan offers Veronica a ride. She's at a loss for words. Troy says he'll finish changing the flat.

Duncan's car: There's an awkward silence for a while before Duncan, in reference to the song playing on the radio, says, "Lilly loved this song."

flashback: Lilly and Veronica are in that same car. They talk about pep squad, then about Celeste and how she hates Veronica. Lilly says her mom would hate anyone she thought Duncan would love as much as her. Lilly warns Veronica that Celeste will break the two of them up if she can.

Duncan's car: Veronica asks Duncan to slow down. She sees Weevil on the side of the road on highway cleanup duty.

beach: Veronica takes pictures while Duncan interviews Bodie.

Duncan's car: Duncan and Veronica get pulled over by a deputy and are told to get out of the car. It's marked for impound since there are several unpaid tickets and a moving violation dated October 3rd. Duncan calls his dad and tells him the tickets are Lilly's. Veronica calls her dad. Later, when the car is about to be towed, Jake shows up and tells the deputy to call the Sheriff. Jake is surprised to see Veronica. Keith shows up. Veronica's VO says that the last time Keith and Jake were together was in the Sheriff's interrogation room.

flashback: In the interrogation room, Keith tells Jake he is sure Jake was somehow involved in Lilly's death. Outside, Jake holds a press conference. He stands with his arm around Duncan and tells everyone how much he misses his baby and that he was wrongfully accused. In the Sheriff's office, Keith packs his things and leaves because voters ran him out of office. Inga gives him a hug. Veronica's VO says she had a choice: she could stand by her dad or stand with her friends and the Kanes against her dad. She chose her dad.

outside: Veronica and Keith leave. Veronica says in her VO that she doesn't know the truth. Maybe Keith was wrong. The deputy says they won't be towing the car and apologizes to Jake.

Keith's car: Keith asks Veronica if she's hanging out with Duncan now. She replies, no, that it was for school. She asks if they can stop by the Neptune Grand for the Navarro case. Keith says that the crime is already solved, since the criminal confessed and is in jail. Veronica just looks at him, and he agrees to stop by there.

hotel lobby: Keith comes in, dragging Veronica. He's all upset and demands to talk to security. Veronica talks to the desk clerk. She says she came in a month ago with a guy and now she's pregnant. She says she doesn't remember the guy's name or what he looks like. Dad wants to know if they can look at a surveillance tape. Veronica gives the clerk the copy of the credit card bill, saying that she had to pay. The clerk goes to talk to a manager and when she comes back, she tells them that unfortunately, the hotel only keeps videos for two weeks. Veronica pretends to cry. The clerk says she has Veronica's detailed bill summary. They leave, and as they do, Veronica sees that Caitlin signed for room service.

classroom: Veronica tells Logan she knows it was him at the Hotel Grand, and that he made a mistake because he let Caitlin sign for room service. Logan says, "Prove it." Ms. Dent comes in and shows Veronica a proof of the newspaper cover with her picture of Bodie surfing.

Sheriff's office: Keith comes in with the fugitive Lamb couldn't find and asks him if he's going to alert the media. Lamb isn't very happy. Keith says hello to Inga and asks Lamb where he should go for the reward check.

lunch: Veronica and Wallace are talking. Troy invites her (and Wallace) to his party. Veronica says she'll see. Troy leaves. Logan walks by and points at her. Veronica leaves to prove that Logan committed fraud. Logan talks to Duncan and asks what he knows about Troy. Caitlin is talking to Troy at the moment. Duncan gives Logan Caitlin's purse for safekeeping.

classroom: Veronica looks at the credit card bill and starts calling the numbers on it.

outside: Logan sees Caitlin's phone in her purse and looks at her outgoing calls while making sure Caitlin is still talking to Troy.

classroom: Veronica calls someone who turns out to be Jessie Ford.

outside: Logan sees a number and wonders who Caitlin is calling at 1 A.M.

classroom: Veronica calls the last number on the bill at the same time Logan calls the number Caitlin dialed at 1 A.M. Veronica gets a busy signal.

outside: A male voice answers and is surprised that he's being called during school. Logan gets up and looks around.

classroom: Veronica calls her dad and asks him to run a cell phone number.

outside: Logan isn't saying anything. He's looking around to see who is on the other line. The male voice keeps talking. Logan finally sees that it's Chardo. Chardo says he misses her. Logan hangs up and is angry.

hall: Logan goes after Chardo, but Veronica gets to him first and pulls him into the girl's room. Veronica tells him he's busted. She says he found the Echolls's credit card applications in the trash, filled them out, and used them to take out Caitlin Ford. Since Weevil took the fall, Chardo gets promoted in the bike gang. Chardo says he has a plan to run away with Caitlin and then he'll write a confession so they let Weevil go. Veronica says that's not going to happen. She tells him Logan knows. Chardo says he won't go anywhere without Caitlin. He claims they're in love.

Navarro home: Veronica talks to Mrs. Navarro and asks why she is letting Weevil do the time for Chardo, since she knows he is the one who gave her the necklace. She answers that Weevil is 17, but Chardo is 18 and has a record. He'd go to jail. Veronica then tells her Chardo spent thousands of dollars to take out Caitlin Ford. Mrs. Navarro can't stand her. Veronica says Mrs. Navarro lost her job and Weevil went to juvie so Chardo could date Caitlin. Later, Weevil gets out of a cop car. Mrs. Navarro hugs him. He sees Veronica, thanks her, gives her a hug. She tells him an arrest has been issued for Chardo and that Logan and the 09ers are after him too.

outside the Ford home: Chardo gets off his motorcycle. He's on his cell phone, telling Caitlin it's time to go, and to look outside. She does and the 09ers surround Chardo. A car pulls up and Logan gets out. Logan punches Chardo. The bikers show up. The 09ers hold Chardo while Logan goes to talk with Weevil, alone. Logan says to let Chardo go and leaves.

beach: Chardo thanks the bikers. Weevil tells him he's out of the club and his life. The bikers beat up Chardo. Weevil tells Felix to hold them off before they go too far. Weevil drives off.

Mars Investigations office: Veronica asks Keith why he went after Jake Kane. Keith won't tell her. He says he wouldn't have done it if he had known how messed up everything would get.

Sheriff's office: Veronica says in her VO that she and Lilly got fake IDs made. They were sent to Veronica's house and arrived after Lilly was killed. Veronica forgot about them until the ticket was mentioned. The good thing about the weekends is that most people at the Sheriff's office are new and don't remember her. Veronica hands the clerk the license number and an ID to get the ticket info. Lamb asks why she's there. She says she's paying off a ticket. She asks if he's had any luck finding Chardo and says that he should ask her dad, who is really good at that. Lamb disappears into his office. The clerk says she can't get out of the ticket and gives it to her, Veronica says she'll mail the payment in. The clerk says, "Sorry, Miss Kane." Lamb comes out and looks puzzled.

lunch: Veronica looks at the ticket. Veronica's VO says that the camera caught Lilly running a red light at 6:02 P.M., almost two hours after her supposed time of death. Now none of the Kanes have alibis for her real time of death. Veronica's VO continues, saying that her dad was right; the case doesn't add up. She made a choice a long time ago to stand by her dad. Troy comes over and mentions that she wasn't at the party on Saturday. Veronica says she doesn't feel wrong or sorry. Wallace comes over to them. Veronica notices that as Caitlin approaches the 09er table, everyone shuns her. Troy, Wallace, and Veronica leave to play an arcade game.

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