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"Hey, have you seen Mac?"
"She and Parker just left wearing workout stuff. Maybe they're going on the StairMaster."

In the '80s, exercise enthusiasts picked up on what evil coaches had known for years — running up stairs is awesome exercise. The StairMaster gave ordinary people the benefits of running up as many stairs as they wanted without having to buy or build their own stadium. Coach Fry could have made Kurt run on one of these as punishment, but it wouldn't have had the same dramatic effect.

3.03 "Wichita Linebacker"

"I heard noises, I started knocking, and then...then, like, Chip whips open the door, pissed off and out of breath."
"'Cause that's where his StairMaster is?"

This is the second time this season that the popular exercise machine has been referenced on Veronica Mars. We know Rob Thomas installed a new shower in his office at UPN The CW. Perhaps he put a StairMaster there as well. Veronica ponders sarcastically if Chip's huffin' and puffin' could be from the frat boy's efforts to get in shape. More likely they're from his efforts to get into some girl's pants.

3.04 "Charlie Don't Surf"
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