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Humphrey Bogart (People)

"Grab your lip gloss and your pepper spray, sweetheart. Your date's here."

When sending Veronica off on her date with Leo, Keith channels Humphrey Bogart's classic movie roles from the 1940s, where he usually referred to women only as "sweetheart," "doll," "honey," or "angel." But Keith wants his little girl to be prepared for love and war, so he tells her to bring supplies for both.

1.16 "Betty and Veronica"

"Thanks, Keith, for coming. These days, my husband and I are just logistics. Can't remember the last time I just hung out and talked."
"Sure. It's great talking to someone for whom Bogart isn't a verb."

Humphrey Bogart was perhaps one of the best actors of all time. Though he acted in all kinds of movies, he's best known for his detective roles, men he always managed to make sympathetic and human, while also being tough and mean. While Keith ended up where he was from a bizarre series of events, it's pretty likely he was an avid Bogart fan and saw the romance in working as a private eye.

3.06 "Hi, Infidelity"
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