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Geneva Conventions (Ideas and Concepts)

"These are the rules of the Neptune Conventions."

The Geneva Conventions, adopted between 1864 and 1949, set the standard for international law for humanitarian concerns, particularly in times of war. This included the treatment of wounded members of the armed forces, civilians in wartime, and, most significantly for Logan and Wallace's sociology class, prisoners of war. Dr. Kinny must have a high estimation of these freshmen (or maybe he's just assuming that they actually paid attention in their high school history classes) if he expects them to know all that in their first week of college.

3.02 "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week"

"Football. The systematic violation of the Geneva Convention made into a sport. I'm surprised the ASPCA doesn't protest."

The Geneva Conventions were held in the early 20th century to determine policies for the treatment of prisoners and victims of war and have now been ratified by 194 countries. The ASPCA is the oldest humane organization in the United States and works to prevents cruelty to animals through awareness, intervention, and shelters. All-around good things, those. The only question that remains is this: What are football players, Veronica? Prisoners or animals?

3.03 "Wichita Linebacker"
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