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"The Morning After" (Music)

"I have 'There's Got to Be a Morning After' stuck in my head. If I start singing, kill me."

There's got to be a morning after
If we can hold on through the night,
We have a chance to find the sunshine
Let's keep on looking for the light.

It's funny how the most inappropriate lyrics can pop into one's head at the worst possible times. This song, the Oscar-winning love theme from the popular 1972 movie the Poseidon Adventure, isn't about that kind of "morning after;" it's actually a hopeful, sweet love song that Parker probably doesn't need to hear, especially as she's dealing with Sheriff Lamb. Fortunately, Mac has the social grace to keep her mouth shut. Of course, that doesn't mean she can't hum the song...

3.02 "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week"

Episode title: "There's Got To Be a Morning After Pill"

"There's got to be a morning after," warbles Maureen McGovern in the Oscar-winning theme to the 1973 movie The Poseidon Adventure (also known as "The Song from The Poseidon Adventure" — seriously). It's a hopeful note in a movie about a huge disaster, as whatever happens (a shipwreck, an unexpected abortion), tomorrow is a new day.

3.12 "There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill"

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