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In a panning shot of the Neptune High parking lot, we see a Jeep Wrangler with a suction-cup Garfield stuck to its plastic window. Jim Davis' Garfield, Guinness World Record-holder for being the most widely syndicated comic strip, is a comic strip depicting the role-reversing relationship between cats and their owners. For some inexplicable reason, in the early '90s, a suction-cup version for a car window was all the rage, and all the cool kids' parents had one. Sadly, this Jeep Wrangler is about 15 years too late to be "cool," and it is more along the lines of "sad" or "wondering if the suction cups got stuck."

1.20 "M.A.D."

"So, anyone read the paper today? Garfield. I mean, will he ever learn? Oh yeah, and there was this other thing. I guess Abel Koontz didn't kill Lilly. Let's open the floor for discussion on that one, what do you say?"

In print since 1978, as of 2006, Garfield was in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's most widely syndicated comic strip. The titular character is an overweight, orange cat whose interests are basically limited to sleeping, gorging himself on lasagna, tormenting his dim-witted pseudo-sibling Odie (a dog), and mocking their owner, Jon.

1.22 "Leave It to Beaver"
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