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The Wrath of Khan (Movies)

Episode Title: "The Wrath of Con"

The VM writers played their part in creating a rabid fan base filled with geekish creatures who go to extraordinary lengths to support and celebrate their favorite show. So it's only right that homage should be paid to one of the earliest cult hits of them all — Star Trek. The show only lasted three years (and the third was on a wing and a prayer), but the maintained interest of the fans led to spin-off series and movies, the second and arguably best of which was The Wrath of Khan. Khan's lust for revenge and Spock's sacrifice made it well worth the ticket price, even for non-Trekkies. As for we...Ronnies?...Marsians?...nutters?, the Mystery of the Week with the two con men may be throwaway, but the flashbacks are gold dust.

1.04 "The Wrath of Con"

"You're like Kirk in Wrath of Khan; you refuse to believe in the no-win scenario."

"Kha-a-a-a-a-a-a-n!" Perhaps one of the best sci-fi one-liners ever to grace the silver screen. Definitely one of the best uttered by William Shatner. Maybe 'cause it was just the one word. Anyway, it's from the second movie in the Star Trek series, The Wrath of Khan. The beginning of the film sees our hero, Admiral James Tiberius Kirk, training a young Starfleet Lieutenant, played by an equally young Kirstie Alley. The particular training exercise is the no-win scenario, something that Kirk refuses to believe in. There's always a way out. And, like most heroes, including Veronica, he's right. Ka-a-a-a-ne!

3.20 "The Bitch Is Back"
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