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Cliffs Notes (Literature)

"He even started working for the literary magazine. I mean, this is the same guy who's been downloading every writing assignment since the seventh grade. He used to think CliffsNotes were for the intellectual posers."

Study guides or cheat sheets? This is the long-standing debate on the value of CliffsNotes which have been getting students through Literature courses since the '50s. The pamphlets detailing plots, characters, and points of critique are often used to avoid reading the subject of the notes at all. Casey Gant's ex-girlfriend indicates that even CliffsNotes were beyond her former beau.

1.09 "Drinking the Kool-Aid"

"Which reminds me, can I borrow your copy of 101 Brooding Comments?"
"I only have the Cliff Notes."

A cramming student's best friend, a high school English teacher's worst nightmare, and the scribe of a dope love poem in Clueless (as if!), CliffsNotes are a new definition for little…yellow…better! Designed as study guides to provide outlines, character descriptions, significant quotes, and analysis of classic books, they are frequently used as an outright substitute for the real thing. We'd imagine Logan and Dick's shared hotel pad is replete with several hundred volumes.

3.03 "Wichita Linebacker"
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