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The Maltese Falcon (Literature)

"So, a-are you working on any interesting cases with your father?"
"Well, that Maltese Falcon is still eluding us, but…"

When Meg asks Veronica if she's working on any interesting cases with her father, Veronica falls back on that old stand-by, The Maltese Falcon. In Dashiell Hammett's complex novel, the original hard-boiled detective, Sam Spade, hunts for the Maltese Falcon, a gold-encrusted life-size statue of a bird of prey. The book's been filmed multiple times, most notably in 1941 with Humphrey Bogart in the leading role. Spoiler alert! In the original story, the falcon is never found, lending some credibility to Veronica's tale.

1.18 "Weapons of Class Destruction"

"I personally have never been hired to locate a Maltese falcon per se, but there was the case of the Maltese dog."

The Maltese Falcon that they're likely talking about is the 1941 movie version of a novel by Dashiell Hammett, starring Humphrey Bogart as the hard-boiled detective Sam Spade. He's hired to find the Maltese Falcon, a priceless sculpture. As with all good detective stories, it doesn't come easy, and Spade must contend with all sorts of sketchy characters. Keith would empathize, although probably a Maltese dog, small, white, and furry, would not fetch nearly as high a fee.

3.06 "Hi, Infidelity"
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