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Access Hollywood (TV)

"I couldn't sleep. What with the phone ringing every five minutes. Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, E! Any guesses what they wanted to talk about? My charity work? No. My latest Christmas movie? No. They wanted to talk about my son's latest opus. Skid Row Boxing."

It's tough being a movie star with a wayward son. Aaron complains bitterly of the attention that Logan's antics have drawn from the entertainment media. Entertainment Tonight, which started in 1981, is the longest running daily entertainment news show, facing stiff competition from upstart Access Hollywood since its inception by a former ET producer in 1996. Both shows run in syndication. If it wasn't enough to have vapid presenters present vapid "news" daily, in 1990 the E! Entertainment Television network was launched broadcasting around the clock and giving the world such gems as the E! True Hollywood Story (tabloid exposés), Fashion Police (armchair fashion gurus - okay, no, Joan Rivers and daughter before they got a better offer), and The Simple Life (Paris Hilton pretends to work for a living). Aren't we lucky?

1.06 "Return of the Kane"

"Oh, I'm the stupid one? Well, now you can just watch the tapes on Access Hollywood along with the rest of America."

Who's canoodling with who? When does the new Franz Ferdinand CD drop? And why was Lindsey Lohan admitted to the hospital this week? Tune in to nationally syndicated Access Hollywood, which kicked off its 10th season in 2006, for the answer to all of your pop-culture curiosities, as well as possible leaks of illicit tapes showing America's favorite action hero in the throes of passion with an underage pom-pom girl.

1.22 "Leave It to Beaver"

Cultural References