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Sadie Hawkins dance (Events)

"You came up all deliberate-like, I figured you wanted to be first in line to ask me to the Sadie Hawkins dance... "

An event introduced in 1937 in Dogpatch, USA, by Hekzebiah Hawkins for the sole purpose of getting his unattractive daughter Sadie a man who would take her off his hands. Every year in November, as set out in the L'il Abner comic strip, the unmarried ladies of the Arkansas hillbilly town would chase down the lazy bachelors, getting to wed the ones they caught. The idea of there being an opportunity for girls to take the initiative and ask guys out on dates proved popular in pre-feminist American colleges, and within two years of the story's first appearance, Sadie Hawkins dances became a well-established tradition. At Neptune High, it's an FBLA money-making opportunity.

2.17 "Plan B"
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