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"Good Ship Lollipop" (Music)

"Don't you dare cry for him. After all the things he said he did to you? You were his whore! He did not care about you! You were just the dumb blonde piece o' tail he shot his mouth off about to all his buddies. How he plugged the good ship Molly-pop."

Liam Fitzpatrick is a cruel, cruel man. Who else could use Shirley Temple's signature tune as an insult? Danny is no doubt laughing at the lyrics the curly-haired moppet never sang:

On the good ship, Mollypop.
It's a sweet trip 'til the final stop
Where lovers play
Having secret romps and rolls in the hay.

Truckin' brains out everywhere
Dreams of rugrats fill the air
And there they are
Bright and fleeting as a plummeting star.

Then the good ship, Mollypop
Hit an iceberg with a flick knife chop
The dream betrayed
And poor Felix from Molly lopped.

2.17 "Plan B"

Cultural References