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Cholo (Words, Sayings, and Slogans)

"Logan, let me remind you, the prosecution has witnesses, the good kind, eye-witnesses."
"Cholo lowlives and a lying, cokehead plastic surgeon."

In the great tradition of tongue-twisters, it is surprising that "Cholo lowlifes" does not rank with "toy boat" and "red leather, yellow leather." Try it. Now. Say "Cholo lowlifes" over and over very fast. See? Can't get to the second one, can you? Fortunately for Jason Dohring, Logan only has to insult the PCH bikers once and we don't get to watch that adorable potty mouth struggle. The word "Cholo" has a long and rich history, having been used, always demeaningly, for both those of mixed Spanish or European/Amerindian blood or, by Americans, for Mexicans generally. Of couse, Logan's slightly off, as although cholos are commonly associated with the criminal classes these days, they usually come with a specific wardrobe — chinos, wifebeaters, and flannel shirts buttoned only at the top. And bandanas or hairnets. I don't think Hector wears a hairnet.

2.15 "The Quick and the Wed"

"Hey! You think I'm paying you to harass the ladies? Screw off again, and you're out on your ass, cholo. You got me?"

The boss of Jumbo's Clown Wash is clearly jealous of Weevil's animal magnetism when he throws this racist slur at our favorite bad boy ex-biker. Despite the extra pounds and the rough look — neither a surprise after months in the joint, for prison changes a man — Weevil is no cholo. Where are the chinos? Where's the wifebeater? Where's the hairnet, for goodness sake? Unless they are under those overalls, the man who elected to name his business for one who plays the fool can't even get his insults right. Yes, Weevil's Mexican. Yes, Weevil's an ex-con. But he ain't no gangsta, man.

3.03 "Wichita Linebacker"
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