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Happy Days (TV)

"I'm kinda-I'm kind of tired of this song."
On the table is a mini-jukebox. Troy bangs his fist on it, to no effect.
"I would have expected sex had that worked."
"Had that worked, you would have gotten it. Try it again."

It always worked for the Fonz.

1.03 "Meet John Smith"

"Okay, all I'm saying is I'm not the only one. There's a bookie that set up camp at Rest Stop 15…"
"What's Rest Stop 15?"
"It's halfway between here and Neptune. It's like a cross between Inspiration Point and Tijuana. It overlooks the ocean, people go there to park. Plus guys sell stuff out of their trunks. You can get your hands on anything — beer, weed, porn, car stereos. That's what I'm told."

Inspiration Point, as seen on ABC's long-running television program Happy Days, was the name of the off-road location where teenagers sat in parked cars and made out. Tijuana is a decadent city in Baja, California, known for its free-flowing alcohol, women, and drugs. And stolen goods. Richie informs Veronica that Rest Stop 15 has the best of both worlds, which means stoned teenagers sit in their cars making out, drinking alcohol, and buying stolen merchandise. Their parents must be proud.

1.16 "Betty and Veronica"

"I can't decide if my life is going to be easier or more difficult with you gone. Anything I should know in case I get another one like you someday?"
"Don't keep all your passwords taped on the bottom of your stapler. And stay cool, Mr. C."

Happy Days centered on a middle-class '50s American family, the Cunninghams, and their son's friend, the super-cool Fonzie. The long-running TV show has contributed more to popular culture then most, primarily for its weak plot of having Fonzie jump over a shark swimming in a pool on his moterbike has become the standard by which shows are said to have run out of creativity. Fonzie often said to the bemused father of the family, "Stay cool, Mr. C." Veronica graduates Neptune High and says a fond farewell to her Mr C., fans hope there is no jumping of sharks in her future.

2.22 "Not Pictured"
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