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Jimmy Hoffa (People)

"A couple months in, he disappears like Jimmy Hoffa."

Jimmy Hoffa was President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Now, ever since Magneto put together the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, we're pretty suspicious of any organization with the word "Brotherhood" in the name. And, sure enough, the IBT had Mafia ties like nobody's business. Except, of course, the family business. Har, har. Hoffa was finally convicted for attempted bribery of a grand juror and served time in prison. On July 30, 1975, on his way to meet two Mafia leaders, however, he disappeared as few people had disappeared before. No one has any clue what happened to him or even whether he's alive or dead.

2.11 "Donut Run"

"God! What's with all the questions? What's next? Do you want to know where I buried Jimmy Hoffman?"
"Dustin's brother?"

James "Jimmy" Riddle Hoffa was a noted American labor leader with ties to the Mafia. He mysteriously disappeared in 1975 and is presumed by many to be dead. Hallie compares Veronica's incessant questions with an investigation into Hoffa's death, but when she mispronounces his last name, she makes Veronica think about the 5-foot-5 American actor who dressed up like a woman for one of his most famous movie roles. If Hallie had said "Jimmy Huffy," would Veronica have made a joke about a bike? Or "Jimmy Heifer" — would she have joked about a cow? Or "Jimmy Heizel" — a joke about a Jewish whorehouse? Let's hope Hallie learns something useful at Hearst besides sunbathing.

3.08 "Lord of the Pi's"
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