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Jerry Maguire (Movies)

"You had me at 'ice cold.'"

One of the most famous lines from this 1996 movie, along with "Show me the money," is Jerry's declaration of love to Dorothy: "You had me at hello." Logan declares his intentions of buying a slushie from Veronica's booth at the school carnival. Admit it, Logan — you luuuvvvv Veronica. Stop lying to everyone, including yourself! She pulls on your heart strings and won't let go, so quit fighting it...Uh, sorry. Just fantasizing a bit.

2.13 "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough"

"You had me at 'secret room.'"

Before he was a couch-jumping, Matt Lauer-attacking, Kat(i)e-Holmes-brainwashing social pariah, Tom Cruise played the titular character in 1996's romantic-comedy-slash-feel-good sports flick Jerry Maguire. Cruise earned an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of the sports agent with a heart newly made of gold. At the climax of the film's romantic arc, Maguire tries to win back the affection of his estranged wife, Dorothy (Renée Zellweger), with an empassioned speech. Jerry is successful with the first word out of his lips, apparently, as she famously and breathlessly affirms "You had me at 'hello'!" The phrase, in all its variations, has been in the lexicon ever since. Veronica uses it here, immediately snapping up the chance to covertly investigate Zeta Theta Beta.

3.02 "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week"

Episode title: "Show Me the Monkey"

"Show me the money!" cried Cuba Gooding, Jr., in his Oscar-winning role as a professional football player who felt underappreciated in the movie Jerry Maguire. Gooding parlayed his Oscar into such classic films as Snow Dogs, a rescue-dog caper, and Boat Trip, in which he pretended to be gay to pick up chicks. Those movies may have shown him the money, but not so much with the respect.

3.10 "Show Me the Monkey"
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