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Girls Gone Wild (TV)

"You know who you should talk to? The Worm."
"The Worm?"
"Yeah, this guy who shoots videotapes of all the girls, then sells them to Girls Gone Bad."

The bartender from Body Shots, in between insulting women in general and talking dirty about Veronica, suggests Keith and Lamb investigate the Worm, who supposedly sells videos he makes to the Girls Gone Wild-like series Girls Gone Bad (not to be confused with Girls With Low Self-Esteem). This fine example of American culture shows drunk young women showing off their bodies and doing lewd things in order to be on camera (and get a hat).

1.11 "Silence of the Lamb"

"She's hardly the Girls Gone Wild type."

Girls Gone Wild is the sleazy, disgusting, gross, voyeuristic, evidence-of-our-society's-imminent-destruction straight-to-video semi-porn series that shows, well, girls going wild. Pretty self-explanatory actually. And, um, forget all that editorializing above. I was just trying to appeal to our more conservative readers.

2.06 "Rat Saw God"

"Guess who I saw on campus today."
"Some girl going wild? As I understand it, it happens all the time at college."

Girls Gone Wild is the name of a series of exploitative films of girls showing off their bodies in exchange for being on TV (and, one hopes, a hat). The DVDs are advertised on late-night TV, and do indeed make it seem like girls take off their tops on a regular basis in college and bars and things of that nature. Whether this might be a sign of some unresolved need for attention is not for us to say.

3.01 "Welcome Wagon"
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