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MySpace (Places)

"I'm on MySpace, and I used to have like a thousand friends, and suddenly for some reason now I only have nine hundred something."

Rupert Murdoch will be thrilled to know that Gia Goodman is on MySpace — it's another penny in his abundant pocket. MySpace, owned by News Corporation, is described as a place of social networking by some, as a place where independent musicians and other artists can expose their work by others, and as a mess of poorly designed, pointless pap by yet others. There is no doubting its success. It is one of the world's top ten sites and, according to Business Week, a sign of the growing power of the MySpace generation who live online, buy online, and play online. As ever in the world of social interactions, quantity wins over quality and worth is often judged by popularity. Losing friends understandably causes Gia anxiety.

2.21 "Happy Go Lucky"

"Check it out! Two hot chicks I met on MySpace."

Known to savvy Internet users as the embarrassing cousin of Facebook, is a place for social networking, photo posting, blogging, and some truly awful embedded .midi files. The meeting and seducing of video-happy young sluts, however, takes on new and horrific meaning for Dick when he commits a fatal faux pas — neglecting to cross-reference the friends lists of potential hotties.

3.16 "Un-American Graffiti"
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