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Awkward (Words, Sayings, and Slogans)

"Seriously, though, I was reading 'Third Wheel: A Beginner's Guide,' and we should come up with, like, some kind of code word for when you guys are feeling frisky and, uh, don't want to be disturbed."
"Like scram?"
"I was thinking awkward. But scram's good. Or amscray."

In his recap of "Credit Where Credit's Due," Television Without Pity recapper Couch Baron wrote "You know, Wing Chun has a great response in situations like this. You look at the floor, cut your voice to an almost inaudible level, and whisper, 'Awkward.'" It became a running joke in his recaps — fitting for a show which features many awkward moments. Knowing that show creator Rob Thomas reads the recaps, guest recapper Jacob claimed this quote as a shout-out to Television Without Pity. You decide.

2.07 "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner"

"I say it sounds awkward and uncomfortable, but we need those tapes."

Television Without Pity's Couch Baron, the regular Veronica Mars recapper, frequently uses "awkward" and "uncomfortable" in describing "Whoops!" moments that occur on the show. Creator Rob Thomas is a fan and reader of the recaps, and Keith's reaction to investigating the sheriff's department is a shout out to the recaps. At least, so claims the duke of the davenport. If he's wrong — AWKWARD!

2.10 "One Angry Veronica"
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