Alicia Fennel

"Apparently you've never spent time in a black woman's house. Be glad you're still walking."

Having just moved to Neptune, single mom Alicia Fennel really didn't have a lot of reasons to like the Mars family. After all, Keith Mars was constantly badmouthed by her new colleagues at Kane Software, and Veronica flashing Wallace her sports bra certainly didn't make her seem the respectable girl Alicia wanted her son to befriend.

However, her relationship with Keith changed dramatically when he forcibly removed the Fennels' skeevy tenant from their home. They grew closer and recently admitted to dating each other, unsettling both Veronica and Wallace. Veronica is especially less than happy with the relationship, since she still hopes that her parents will reconcile; Alicia, though, seems determined to keep Keith, the first person who made her feel at home in Neptune.

When Clarence Wiedman, Jr. told her that Wallace delivered a bugged plant to his office, Alicia confronted Keith about Veronica using her son and questioned his educational methods. Veronica's heartfelt apologies helped to mollify Alicia a bit, but now her relationship with Keith has to withstand its greatest challenge: the return of Lianne Mars.

Bio as of 1.21 "A Trip to the Dentist"
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Erica Gimpel plays Alicia Fennel.

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