Celeste Kane

"Does she ever thaw out, Duncan?"

The Ice Queen of the 09ers, Celeste Kane projects a frosty aura of wealth, sophistication, and contempt for anyone below her station. Wife of billionaire Jake Kane and mother of Duncan and the late, lamented (unless you are Celeste) Lilly, she is a bit of an enigma.

Still battling the forces of justice for her part in the cover-up that followed Lilly's murder, done to protect her son, she has fled the publicity and pressure of life in Neptune for Napa, leaving her barely legal son alone, living in a hotel. She's proved she cares for him, risking jail and all, but the relationship is a little on the cool side. She'll do have the maid do his laundry, but she's not warmed up enough for him to make her privy to his life. Celeste's reaction to his secret girlfriend indicates that she's still positively polar towards her son's dating her husband's ex-girlfriend's daughter. She last torpedoed their affair by telling Duncan that Veronica was his sister. What iceberg will she create now to sink the voyage of the USS VDship? That she will try is beyond doubt, given her arctic glare at the Robotic Baby they share. How in the world would she react to a breathing, living grandchild? Hell would freeze over before she'd allow that. Hell, hell will freeze over the day she gets there.

Much though Veronica attempted to humiliate her for it, Celeste was not the mother of the 1980 Prom Baby. But she did spend her senior year at Pan High, humiliation enough for a snob from Neptune. While there she plotted to split Jake from Lianne, a plan that succeeded. Who would have guessed she had enough passion for sabotage! Certainly not Lilly, whose impression of Celeste having sex cemented our view of this cold-hearted mama.

Bio as of 2.09 "My Mother, the Fiend"
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Lisa Thornhill plays Celeste Kane.

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